47 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Make It A Great Day

If you’re ready to experience the power of positive affirmations, there’s no better time of day to start using them than the morning. 

The best morning affirmations can change your mindset for the whole day.

From just going through the motions, you’ll be the kind of person who can handle whatever life throws at you.

You’ll radiate confidence, joy, and strength. 

This is one habit you’ll wish you’d cultivated years ago. Good thing you still have the present to get started.

47 Morning Affirmations to Kickstart Your Day

With all the affirmations available on the internet, choosing the right ones for each day can be overwhelming.

To make it easier, we’ve chosen a short, powerful affirmation for each day of the week. You’ll see those under the next subheading. 

Beyond that, you’ll see a carefully chosen selection of other affirmations, grouped by their overall focus: success, self-love, happiness, and personal power. 

Choose those that speak to you and add them to your morning affirmations. Or put them somewhere you’ll see them later in the day to refresh your mindset and put things in perspective. 

7 Daily Morning Affirmations

From Monday morning affirmations to motivating weekend affirmations, the following can help you make the best of each day and all that it brings you. 

Affirmation for Monday

I have everything I need to make this a great day. 

Affirmation for Tuesday

I greet today with calmness and confidence.  

Affirmation for Wednesday

I am beautiful, strong, and powerful. 

Affirmation for Thursday

I inhale confidence and exhale doubt. 

Affirmation for Friday

I will trust my inner voice and make good choices today. 

Affirmation for Saturday

I am learning and becoming better every day. 

Affirmation for Sunday

Good things will flow into my life today. 

10 Morning Affirmations for Success

The meaning of success is subjective. It depends on what you want to accomplish, as well as the meaning behind those accomplishments — your “why.” 

Success isn’t about doing everything right. It’s about the willingness to take risks in order to learn what you need to become the person you need to be — for the good of as many as possible. 

I feel refreshed, excited, and ready to achieve my goals for today. 

As I take on today’s challenges, I feel calm, strong, and confident.

I’m confident of my ability to achieve success as I define it.

I never stop creating and finding ways to make powerful contributions.

Every obstacle today is an opportunity to make my success more meaningful. 

I welcome the kind of abundance that comes with a success worth achieving. 

I use my wealth to change the world for the better. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

I am the master of my own resources, and I use them for the good of all. 

I can do more with abundance than with scarcity. I can help others succeed. 

Every failure that I learn from is a step toward real success.

I let go of the need to be perfect. I will risk failure today in order to succeed in the long run. 

10 Morning Affirmations for Self-love

You need to recognize and appreciate the good in yourself before you can make the most of it. And you need to see your own worth before you can see it in others. 

I let go of “shoulds” and focus on being grateful for who and what I am. 

I define who I am. My identity and self-worth do not depend on others’ opinions. 

I deserve to be loved wholeheartedly by someone who sees the best in me. 

I love the person I am — inside and out. I’m here to make the world better.

I’m only beginning to learn what I’m capable of, but I’m proud of who I am. 

I am — and always will be — enough. 

I deserve to thrive — not just survive. And I want that for everyone. 

The more I love myself, the more love I receive love from others. 

I’m good with who I am. I’m proud of who I’m becoming. 

The only person I want to be is a better, happier, and wiser version of myself. 

10 Morning Affirmations for Happiness

What does happiness mean to you? To be happy, you also need to respect your need for self-care, to stop torturing yourself with “shoulds,” and to see imperfection as a gift rather than an obstacle. 

I have everything I need to be happy right now. 

I give myself permission to let go and be at peace. 

I am grateful for all the good things in my life and all that I can do today. 

I choose to be happy, grateful, and confident today.  

I don’t need today to be perfect to be grateful for it. 

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I spread and attract love everywhere I go today. 

My happiness doesn’t depend on someone else. It’s up to me. 

My heart is always open to giving and receiving love

It’s okay to admit that having more than enough to survive would make me happier. 

I’m free to be the person I want to be and to fight for what matters to me. 

10 Powerful Morning Affirmations

Your personal power, like happiness, . Recognize your power and use it for good by starting and ending each day with one of these affirmations. 

I have everything I need to face every challenge that comes. 

I let go of negative, limiting beliefs that have held me back. 

I trust my intuition to help me make wise decisions and take decisive action.

I have the power to create all the success and abundance I desire. 

I learn from every mistake and failure, so I can do better as I move forward.

I feel calm, confident, and powerful as I face new challenges.

I celebrate every win with gratitude and joy. 

My actions are intentional, and they lead me closer to my goals. 

Confidence is second nature to me. I know I have what it takes to succeed.

Today, I abandon my old habits and adopt new, more empowering ones. 

How to Start Daily Affirmations

Once you start making positive affirmations part of your morning routine, you’ll see a change in how you handle challenges throughout the day.

The more you internalize the affirmations, the stronger their impact will be. 

But how do you create a habit of using affirmations in the morning? 

  • Keep a list of morning affirmations in your bathroom, so you’ll see it when you go in there first thing. 
  • Keep a list posted in your kitchen, so you’ll see it before you have your first cup of coffee/tea — or before you make breakfast. 
  • Download an app that sends you positive affirmations every morning or at chosen times of the day.

Use whatever is most likely to help you make positive affirmations part of every morning until it becomes a habit. And if anyone asks why you’ve been more upbeat lately, you can share what has helped you. 

Make these morning affirmations part of your daily routine.

Some of these affirmations will feel more personal than others; your path and your challenges are unique to you. 

And choose others (from the affirmation groups) that you most identify with, based on the person you want to be or the person you feel you’ve always been. 

Be proud of yourself for taking the time to make affirmations a regular part of your life. May they lighten your load and propel you forward. 

And may each day that begins with an affirmation help you grow.