Set The Intention For Your Week With These 75 Monday Affirmations

Do you feel a sense of dread on Monday mornings?

Maybe you’re anxious about the week ahead, and all you want to do is crawl back into bed. 

By creating more positive thought patterns about the start of the week, you can transform your attitude about those early Monday mornings. 

You’ll be able to start your week feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

This is where affirmations come in!

75 Monday Affirmations to Prepare for the Week Ahead

Maybe you’re wondering: What are affirmations anyway?

Affirmations are statements you repeat to yourself often. They work by becoming ingrained in your mind, helping you feel more positive and motivated!

The following Monday affirmation examples will help you set an intention for the week ahead.

Monday Morning Affirmations

1. Monday is just another weekday; it has no negative impact on my energy.

2. I feel energized and ready to start the day with confidence.

3. I am overflowing with renewed energy to get the day started.

4. I release any anxiety and dread about the week ahead.

5. I am choosing happiness this morning.

6. I am looking forward to seeing what today has in store.

7. Even though I am tired, I’m ready to tackle the day with vigor and enthusiasm.

8. I’m grateful I woke up to see another day!

9. I’m choosing to have a fantastic Monday morning.

woman drinking coffee Monday affirmations

10. I am manifesting a calm and peaceful morning.

11. I start my day knowing I have the strength to face any obstacles that come my way.

12. I’m grateful to Mondays for giving me a chance to start fresh each week.

13. I choose to have a positive attitude this morning.

14. When I start Monday morning off right, I know I have a great week ahead.

15. This week is a gift, and I am grateful I get the opportunity to experience it.

16. I am looking forward to the new experiences this week will offer.

17. I am lucky to be living this life I live.

18. I am starting the day with gratitude and joy.

19. This week, I chose positivity.

Positive Monday Affirmations

20. I am approaching the day ahead with an open mind and heart.

21. I take advantage of the fresh slate a new week offers.

22. Today, I will make the best of whatever comes my way.

23. I am in charge of my emotions, and I choose to be happy today.

24. I let go of any negative thoughts to make way for positivity.

25. I will remain positive even if I feel frustrated or tired.

26. I am harnessing positive energy to do great things today.

27. I am speaking positive and kind words to myself.

28. I believe in myself and know that I can achieve great things this week.

29. I will not allow anything to dim my sparkle this week!

30. There are great things in store for me this week.

31. I can do anything I set my mind to.

32. I am capable of overcoming any challenge with a positive attitude.

33. I am dedicated to being a ray of sunshine to lift up others!

34. I can always see the silver lining no matter how difficult the situation.

35. There is always a reason to smile.

36. Today is a great day to have a great day.

37. I will make amazing progress towards my goals this week.

38. I am strong and determined and always maintain a positive mindset.

Powerful Monday Affirmations

39. I will not stress over things that are out of my control.

40. Mondays are for fresh starts, and I am taking advantage of it!

41. I cannot control others, but I can control myself.

42. I am confident that I can and will achieve greatness.

43. I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.

44. I am the writer of my life story, and I get to choose what happens to me.

45. I have limitless potential, and there is nothing I can’t accomplish.

46. Difficult emotions are temporary, and I will always come out on the other side.

man buttoning shirt Monday affirmations

47. This week, I will set boundaries to protect my energy and peace.

48. Every day, I take steps to create my dream life.

49. I know that I can be, do, and have anything my heart desires.

50. I am in charge of my thoughts and feelings.

51. I am giving myself permission to be bold and speak my true thoughts.

52. I will not hold back to keep other people comfortable.

53. I trust my intuition and know that I hold all the answers in my life.

54. I will not set myself on fire to keep others warm.

55. This week, I will only do things that light me up.

56. I have all the skills and the right attitude to achieve success this week.

Monday Affirmations for Work

57. I am grateful for my job and the opportunities it gives me.

58. I enjoy being with my coworkers in an uplifting environment.

59. I love having my dream job.

60. I am a valued and irreplaceable employee at my company.

61. My boss and coworkers appreciate the work that I do.

62. I am attracting a promotion and pay raise for the hard work I do.

63. Every day, I wake up ready to work and excited to make an impact.

64. I am making a difference in the world through my job.

65. My boss values my contributions to the company.

66. I am grateful for another day to make a positive impact.

67. Even when things don’t go smoothly at work, I know I have the ability to make it work.

68. I am highly skilled and proud of what I have accomplished in my role.

69. I am overwhelmed with pride for myself and my coworkers.

70. I choose to put in 110 percent effort today.

71. I always meet deadlines and exceed everyone’s expectations.

72. I am thankful for my job because it allows me to live a beautiful life.

73. I am grateful for my career because it allows me to provide for my family.

74. This week, I will make an effort to connect with my colleagues.

75. My job gives me financial abundance.

How to Use These Monday Affirmations

Utilizing affirmations might feel strange or awkward at first, but you’ll get more comfortable with it over time. The more you use them, the easier it gets!

The following are some simple ways to start incorporating these affirmations for Monday into your weekly routine.

1. Personalize these affirmations.

We gave you plenty of affirmation examples to work from, but they’ll be more helpful if you personalize them to your unique situation.

For example, if you are usually an anxious person, consider focusing on affirmations that will boost your confidence. If you’re shy, utilize affirmations that will push you out of your comfort zone socially.

2. Write your affirmations down.

Make sure you write your affirmations down somewhere where you’ll see them often! This can be on something as simple as a sticky note or even a reminder on your phone.

woman looking in mirror Monday affirmations

You might also choose to start a manifestation journal for keeping track of different affirmations for each day of the week!

3. Use the present tense.

When you are writing or speaking your affirmations, you should use present tense rather than past tense.

By speaking your affirmation as if they are happening in the present, you will be more inclined to accept them as true and genuine. Affirmations work best when you truly believe what you are saying.

4. Read the affirmations daily.

Repetition is key! Make sure you are reading your affirmations regularly, preferably daily.

A simple and easy way to do this is to incorporate it into your morning routine. Make it something you do as soon as you wake up each day or pair it with another habit like brushing your teeth, so you don’t forget.

5. Speak the affirmations out loud.

Reading affirmations in your head is one thing – speaking them out loud takes a whole new level of confidence!

Try standing in front of the mirror and repeating your affirmations out loud to yourself. Keep doing this until it stops feeling uncomfortable, and you start to truly believe the words that are coming out of your mouth.

Don’t let those Monday blues get you down! If you feel dread about the upcoming week, consider shifting your mindset and transforming your attitude.

By using these new week affirmations, you’ll be able to start your Monday off on a positive note!