The Best (and Worst) Things To Write To Someone On The Anniversary Of A Death

What do you say to someone on the anniversary of a death? You want them to know you’re thinking of them.

You want to offer them some comfort on this painful first death anniversary. You’re just not exactly sure what words to use.

We’ve been there.

So, we’re glad you’re here.

This post is all about helping you honor a death anniversary with words that bring real comfort to those who are grieving. 

It’s also about helping you steer clear of words that do the opposite. 

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29 Of The Most Interesting Questions To Ask People To Draw Them Out

two women talking, questions to ask people

Do you ever have trouble connecting with people and engaging with them on a deeper level? 

One of the best ways to draw someone out and get to know them is by asking interesting questions.

Asking the right questions can stimulate more exciting and fun conversations.

It can set the stage for discovering common interests, developing a more authentic connection, and fostering mutual empathy and understanding.

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109 Of The Best Appreciation Messages To Show Your Gratitude

pen and paper, words of appreciation message

In a time when manners are teetering on the edge of extinction and anxiety is on the rise, it is increasingly important to spend time expressing gratitude.

Focusing on gratitude can negate feelings of resentment and entitlement and foster feelings of positivity.

Studies show that even months after writing a simple appreciation quote or journaling feelings of gratitude, people’s brains are still wired to feel especially thankful.

This is because gratitude habits have a self-perpetuating nature.

The more you practice gratitude, the more you can enjoy its many benefits, such as an overall feeling of well-being and happiness.

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13 Proven Actions To Get Out of Your Head

woman thinking, how to get out of your head

Do you get stuck in your head — re-running old conversations, thinking up better responses, and ruminating on someone’s hurtful remarks?

Do you worry about how to get out of your head?

There’s so much going on in there, anyway.

And your brain keeps piping up with invitations to dwell on familiar, self-defeating thoughts and the memories that back them up.

If your mind wanders, it tends to default to negative thoughts.

We are wired for a negativity bias, an evolutionary adaptive way of thinking meant to protect us from threats.

Even knowing you tend to think more negative thoughts than positive, you’re still addicted to your thoughts.

You might believe, “It’s not so bad being stuck in my head. Never a dull moment in there.”

But at some point, you need a break from the same, stultifying thoughts.

You need to get some distance from them and refresh yourself.

And you know that the solution isn’t just to learn how to get something off your mind.

It’s not the something that’s the problem; it’s the attention you keep giving it.

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Is Positive Thinking Just Wishful Thinking? 11 Facts To Know

man thinking, positive thinking is basically wishful thinking

Do you ever wonder if positive thinking is basically wishful thinking?

Maybe you’ve tried to be one of those positive thinkers, but it doesn’t seem to change your life in any significant way.

Or does it?

You may not know the impact of positive thinking and how making slight tweaks in your thinking habits can benefit you profoundly.

You also may not know how hard it is to maintain positive thinking.

Your seeming lack of success with it may have made you question it or wonder if there are disadvantages of positive thinking.

Are there days when your thoughts are so constantly positive, self-affirming, and confident that you feel upbeat and happy all day?

Probably not. But let’s explore why it’s much more than wishful thinking.

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Best List Of 41 Negative Thoughts Undermining Your Happiness

woman thinking, list of negative thoughs

Have you ever considered the exhaustive list of negative thoughts running through your mind on a daily basis?

If not, try this: put a rubber band around your wrist.

Throughout your day, when you notice the rubber band, stop for a moment and examine the thoughts you were just thinking.

Were they positive, neutral, or negative?

As you examine your thoughts, also pay attention to how you feel.

Are you calm? Agitated? Anxious? Irritated? Energized?

Take a moment to jot down your thoughts and feelings when you do this.

For a full week, keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings when you stop to examine them. It will be eye-opening.

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101 Of The Best Ever Questions To Ponder

questions to ponder

Our busy lives force us into an endless cycle of reacting to stimuli.

You might agree that this state can be quite exhausting.

A way to renew yourself and your mental health is to spend some time alone with your thoughts.

If a long time has passed since you let your mind wander through an intellectual playground, then these questions to ponder about life will light up your brain in good ways.

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47 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Make It A Great Day

woman waking up, morning affirmations

If you’re ready to experience the power of positive affirmations, there’s no better time of day to start using them than the morning

The best morning affirmations can change your mindset for the whole day.

From just going through the motions, you’ll be the kind of person who can handle whatever life throws at you.

You’ll radiate confidence, joy, and strength. 

This is one habit you’ll wish you’d cultivated years ago. Good thing you still have the present to get started.

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