31 Ways To Be More Feminine And Attractive

Various reasons may motivate you to embrace your femininity.

Perhaps you work in a competitive environment and spend too much time in an aggressive state of mind.

Maybe you've noticed that your active lifestyle has let you slide into a masculine manner of dress.

This realization can leave you wanting to cultivate a more feminine look.

Starting a romantic relationship is another common reason that women choose to look more feminine.

They want to look attractive alongside their men.

It's healthy to take an interest in your appearance, so let's explore how to be more feminine and soft.

31 Ways On How To Be More Feminine and Attractive

Femininity is more than just wearing a dress, although that's a good start. Your feminine aura results from a combination of appearance, actions, and emotions.

Your inner woman wants to complement masculine power so that you express both forces fully.

Femininity is a constant and cyclical force that guides, nurtures, supports, and inspires.

It's about both appreciating your body and releasing its inherent power to brighten the world.

How to Look More Feminine

1. Grow Longer Hair

You don't have to give up on being more feminine if you prefer short hair, but long hair is widely considered quite feminine. Various research studies show a male tendency to view long hair as a sign of female health.

2. Wear Some Makeup

Makeup enhances the contrast between your eyes, lips, and skin. This builds upon the fact that women generally exhibit more contrast in their facial features anyway. By accentuating a natural female trait, you connect with our shared biological perception of femininity.

3. Wear Clothing That Flatters Your Female Shape

Choose clothing that draws attention to your best features. The male eye naturally evaluates the ratio of breasts, waist, and hips on women.

Any woman can improve her feminine appearance through artful wardrobe selections. Essentially, don't hide your body in baggy clothes.

4. Choose Feminine Fabrics

Women throughout the world often gravitate to floral prints, silky textures, and airy cottons. Replace a dull, drab wardrobe with lively fabrics that flutter and float like butterflies over a spring meadow.

5. Use Scarves or Boas

Adding a scarf or boa to an outfit immediately makes a feminine splash. These accessories inject another layer of mystery to your appearance and bring the focus to your face.

6. Wear Jewelry

Femininity arises from a combination of details. Jewelry sends a message of beauty and elegance that transfers to the wearer.

7. Choose Red

The color red, whether it's on a blouse, dress, or lipstick, advertises your feminine qualities. Our minds associate red with vibrancy and passion, and your femininity will soar when you allow yourself to express your inner power with color.

8. Style Your Hair

A messy bun is great when you're doing the laundry, but when you want to look good, take some time to fuss over your hair. Explore tactics like creating spiraling lovelocks with a curling iron or arranging your hair with hair clips.

9. Moisturize Your Skin

Soft skin that glows with health is basic to femininity. Choose creams and lotions that prevent and repair skin damage so that others feel enticed by your smooth skin.

10. Wear Pretty Shoes

The stereotypical female passion for shoes comes from women's knowledge that no outfit is complete without the right shoes. High heels in particular, create a feminine effect that excites men because the tall shoes alter the angle of your back.

11. Have Good Posture

A straight posture with well-aligned shoulders looks good on everybody. By maintaining good posture, you will automatically look better.

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How to Act More Feminine

12. Limit Swearing and Vulgarity

Cuss words and vulgar jokes are overtly masculine because they represent the provocative use of language. True ladies are more clever and creative with their words. Their superiority elevates them beyond crude words.

13. Embrace a Confident Attitude

Acting from a place of confidence and self-esteem is highly attractive. Women don't have to “toot their own horns” but can show they feel good about themselves in their demeanor and words. Graciously accept compliments, and don't put yourself down with self-deprecation.

14. Be Quick to Show Empathy

Recognizing other people’s feelings is an important feminine trait. You’ll highlight your feminine attributes when you tell people that you care. A willingness to be kind and supportive is an example of how to act feminine in a relationship.

15. Limit Masculine Behavior

It can be tempting to act “like one of the boys,” but behavior like giving high fives, booing, shouting, or showing off undermines your femininity. You should want to be intriguing instead of in your face.

16. Be Coy on Occasion

Don't be too quick to give out information. The feminine aspect is somewhat reserved and private. You might increase your appeal to men by being reluctant to divulge too much about yourself right away.

If you're tempted to answer a question but uncertain that it would be appropriate, enhance your feminine mystique by holding back for a while.

17. Connect with Your Intuition

All people have the ability to collect information beyond rational facts and figures. Many cultures assign greater intuitive powers to the feminine. This means that you should listen to your gut and not limit yourself to only rational conclusions.

18. Walk with Sexy Confidence

Your female body can saunter and sway. A conscious effort to move with greater grace and fluidity will transform your body into a vessel of feminine expression. When you add some sensuality to your movements, others will view you as attractive.

19. Speak Beautifully

Most workplaces encourage men and women to speak directly, which is appropriate on the job. However, this more powerful way of speaking doesn't melt hearts in your personal life. Reveal your femininity in your words by choosing to speak more authentically. Add a seductive purr to your voice or inject a playful laugh when appropriate (not at work).

20. Practice Flirty Body Language

A glance over your shoulder or the tilt of your head can draw someone closer. Feminine body language can produce a stunning effect with a mix of flirtatiousness and shyness.

21. Show Vulnerability

Too many women confuse feminine strength with refusing to rely on others for anything. You should be willing to admit when you can’t do something or need help in some way. Your romantic partner will love the opportunity to play the hero.

How to Feel More Feminine

22. Take Bubble Baths

Water is a traditionally feminine element. Immersing yourself in a soothing bath with abundant bubbles clinging to your body literally lets you celebrate your physical form.

23. Grow Plants

Femininity is about nurturing life all around you. When you take care of house plants, rose bushes, or vegetable gardens, you are creating fertility and abundance. Your feminine spirit will flourish alongside lovingly tended plants.

24. Arrange Flowers

You don’t need to wait for someone to buy you a bouquet of flowers. Purchase a bundle of flowers at the market and arrange them artfully in a beautiful vase.

Making your surroundings beautiful will deepen your connection to your femininity.

25. Get a Facial

Female faces have inspired great works of art for centuries. Tap into the beauty of your own face by taking care of it. The deep cleansing of your facial skin along with a gentle facial massage, will make you feel amazing.

26. Dance

Moving your body to music helps you maintain a connection between body and spirit. Simply feeling your female body in motion heightens your ability to summon your feminine power.

27. Go Swimming

Similar to taking a bubble bath, your movement in water while swimming teaches you about the full spectrum of relaxation and motion. You can move fluidly in a watery medium. You can float in stillness or kick your feet and propel your body.

28. Reflect on Life

Take time to think about your feelings, hopes, and dreams. Society places many demands on you, and you won’t get time to discover your true self if you don’t make a conscious effort. As you gain a greater understanding or your motivations and aspirations, you’ll align your femininity with a sense of purpose.

29. Help Others Understand Their Emotions

Many people lack the skills to recognize or process their emotions. You'll feel an increased sense of feminine energy if you can guide a friend or family member through a tough time. Through gentle conversation, you can help other access emotional healing.

30. Appreciate Your Romantic Partner

Your husband, boyfriend, or partner wants to hear you say how much you appreciate what he does for you. This is an often-overlooked method when you want to know how to act feminine in a relationship.

By showing appreciation, you make your partner feel valued and communicate that you need him.

31. Wear Perfume

Femininity is all about pleasing the senses, and the sense of smell triggers many feelings and even sensual urges. Select a scent that is subtle yet still thrilling to you. The right scent keeps you in tune with your body and will potentially excite interest in others.

Final Thoughts

Get in touch with your feminine energy.

Your desire to learn how to be more feminine and soft comes from not fully integrating your feminine energy with your life.

You need to find the best way to embrace your femininity in a way that meets your goals for life satisfaction and perhaps romance. It’s not that there is anything wrong with you, but you could express your true feminine self by paying more attention to it.

Start to experiment with new ways to feel feminine and discover how to leverage your natural creative forces.