139 Of The Best Compliments You Can Offer Someone

Giving a good compliment is one of the quickest ways to make someone else feel good and to feel better yourself.

If you offer friendly and sincere compliments to people around you, you will brighten their day and spread a little bit of joy in the world.

It doesn't take much to offer a positive compliment.

Here are some examples of how to compliment a friend, co-worker, student, teacher, or parents:

  • Offer a compliment when you notice something attractive about another person.
  • Compliment someone who has been helpful or kind to others.
  • Tell a friend how much you respect and like them.
  • Offer a random (but sincere) compliment to a complete stranger.
  • Tell someone they have a nice smile or a warm demeanor.
  • Let a co-worker know they are doing a good job.
  • Tell your spouse or partner every day how much you appreciate him or her and why.
  • Compliment your children and tell them why you are so proud of them.
  • Let your parents know why they were such great role models.

Why We Love Compliments

Compliments are like surprise gifts that make others feel motivated, happy, and special.

In work settings, receiving a compliment can improve performance as much as receiving a cash reward can, according to research.  A compliment activates the striatum, which is the same part of the brain that money activates.

The same study suggests that compliments improve social interactions, positivity in relationships and increase general happiness.

Compliments are also a hallmark of good marriages, according to marriage expert John Gottman. He found that compliments outnumber criticisms by more than five to one in healthy, happy marriages.

Scientists have also suggested that having nice things to say in a classroom environment or even a rehabilitation center could become an effective strategy to use to encourage people to work harder toward their goals.

Giving positive compliments is the most effective thing you can do when you are helping someone else reach a goal.

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People who are beginners are most concerned with evaluating their commitment to a task and knowing that they can do it. They interpret a compliment as a sign that they are on the right track and can stick with whatever they are doing.

Research also shows that kindness is contagious, so when you give someone a compliment, they will probably do the same to someone else.

Start a chain reaction of encouraging words, and you will spread a ripple of joy throughout the world.

Tips on How to Compliment Friends, Co-workers, Students, Teachers, Parents and Strangers

Compliments can do a great deal of good, but they can also go wrong if you don't offer them the right way.

Be sincere.

It is important to be sincere when giving a compliment so it doesn't get interpreted as being sarcastic or in an otherwise incorrect way.

Be confident.

When you compliment someone, you want that person to feel good about themselves, so it is important to speak with confidence and enthusiasm.

Be sure the compliment fits the situation.

People can see through a compliment that is not genuine, so make sure that the content of your compliment is also fitting to the situation. For example, if someone just gave a great presentation at work, don't tell them how great they look in their outfit.

Be specific and unique.

When giving a compliment, don't offer vague, ambiguous, or stock remarks. Offer a more detailed compliment that is special and unique.

For example, if someone just came up with a great idea at work, you could just tell them they did a good job or say something generic like most people say.

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Or, you can stand out and make your compliment memorable by saying something like, “It's clear that you put a lot of thought into that idea! I think implementing it will be especially helpful because XYZ.”

This type of compliment sounds more genuine than a blanket statement.

So, what are some effective ways you can give sincere compliments?

Here is a list of compliments you can offer to those whom you admire.

139 Of The Best Compliments You Can Offer Someone

Personality Compliments

1. I wish I knew more people like you, you really have the ability to make people around you happy.

2. You are such a joy to be around because you always make me laugh and look at things from a different perspective.

3. You always make my day better when I am feeling down.

4. You make everyone feel so welcome, I don't think you have ever met a stranger.

personality compliment list of compliments
5. You are so easy to be around and you always have something interesting to talk about.

6. Your confidence is refreshing, and there is no question as to why you are so self-assured.

7. You have such charisma that is clearly inspiring to the people with whom you interact.

8. You are a loyal friend and I know I can come to you with any issues that I have without facing any judgment.

9. It is always refreshing to be around you because of your authenticity and dedication to your values.

10. Your positive attitude and healthy lifestyle are an inspiration.

personality compliment list of compliments
11. You bring out the best in people and show people how to live with courage.

12. I strive to be as outgoing as you are and display the amount of independence that you do every day.

13. You can always find the right words to say, even when everything is going wrong.

14. People who meet you instantly respect you because of your ability to be authoritative yet gentle, and self-confident yet modest.

15. You carry yourself with a lot of maturity during times where others revert to youthful behavior.

16. Your presence commands attention and respect, no matter how large the crowd is.

17. You are always so interesting to talk to. Your ideas and perceptions of things are unlike anything that would occur to me on my own.

18. You set the right example for those coming after you and it is clear to see that you take responsibility for your position of a role model.

19. You are so helpful to those who are in need, even when you feel like you have very little to offer.

20. I admire your patience and ability to remain calm during times of distress.

21. I appreciate how much you show you care about other people.

22. You always lift my mood with your positive energy and willingness to look for the silver lining in situations that are less than ideal.

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23. You have a heart of gold that benefits so many people in your life.

Talents Compliments

24. Your thoughts and ideas are so creative, which has allowed you to refine your talent into something unique from others.

25. You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

26. I admire your ability to ___________.

27. Everything you do is with excellence.

28. You are such a talented leader whom many want to follow and emulate.

29. You are a muse for me and so many others.

30. Other people, including myself, aspire to be like you one day.

31. All of your practice really shows in your work.

32. Your expertise in your craft resonates with me, and I want to learn from you.

33. Your years of hard work are truly paying off.

34. You do ________ so effortlessly.

35. Your dedication to your craft is inspiring.

36. You are incomparable to other people with similar goals. You blow the competition out of the water.

37. You should be proud of yourself for refining your craft as much as you have. It is truly inspirational.

38. You may ______ like no one's watching, but everyone's watching because you're an amazing ______!

39. You have the best new ideas that make your specific craft a step above your competition.

40. You are the most incredible when you're not afraid to be yourself.

41. You're more amazing than you will ever realize.

42. You are one of a kind and it continues to impress me.

43. You know that we are friends, but I want you to know that I’m also a huge fan of your work.

44. You are unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what you will be coming up with this time next year.

45. The confidence that you have in your craft if motivating,

44. You were born a natural.

45. You set a great example for people who want to be as successful as you are in ______.

46. Your work is inspiring both to those who have come before you and to people who will be following in your footsteps.

Appearance Compliments

47. You are astoundingly gorgeous when you wake up in the morning.

48. Your eyes are so warm and welcoming.

49. You look like you spend all of your time in the gym!

50. You're not wearing any makeup? Wow, you are flawless.

51. You light up a room when you walk in, and people definitely notice.

52. Your hairstyle frames your face perfectly.

53. Your face brightens up when you laugh and it spreads joy to those around you.

54. Your style is impeccable.

55. That color is perfect on you.

56. You make that outfit look amazing, not many people could pull that off like you do!

57. You have a spring in your step today that is brightening up my day.

58. Can you teach me how to do my ________ like you do?

59. You look very happy and your energy is contagious.

60. You weren’t kidding when you said you were hitting the gym!

61. I always get lost in your eyes.

62. Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.

63. You exude confidence which really makes you beautiful.

64. You are radiant.

65. There’s a beautiful softness behind your eyes.

66. Has anyone ever told you that you have outstanding posture?

67. You are glowing.

68. You always make ordinary things look great.

69. Your smile is infectious.

Intelligence Compliments

70. You have a good head on your shoulders and you never forget to use it.

71. Your intelligence and curiosity inspire me.

72. Your brain works in incredible ways.

73. I always learn so many interesting and thought-provoking things from you.

74. You seem to really know who you are.

75. I truly respect and value your thoughts and ideas.

76. You always come up with the best solutions in a short amount of time.

77. Your way of thinking is so much different from other people's, and it is refreshing.

78. I can’t get over how wise you are — your wisdom in everything amazes me.

79. You seem to figure things out right away without struggling to find the right answer.

80. I could not have come up with the answer without you.

81. I feel like you know something about everything.

82. You always provide valuable insight into other people.

83. You have a knack for kindly challenging people's opinions with another point of view.

84. You are so resourceful.

85. I like being on a team with someone who is as perceptive as you.

86. People find your innovative thinking so inspiring.

87. You are such a great teacher.

88. I wish I could figure things out as quickly and accurately as you do.

89. Your company is so lucky to have you as an employee. I'm sure they value you far more than you realize.

90. You have a lot of knowledge to offer other people.

91. I appreciate your ability to see both the big picture and the small details.

92. When you are given a complex problem, you have the rare ability to find a simple solution.

93. I know I will learn a lot from you, both personally and professionally.

94. Your capabilities seem endless.

95. You are a really good problem-solver.

96. Your intelligence motivates others to learn.

97. That was a tough problem to solve. I like how you experimented with a few approaches before settling on one.

98. You are the most reflective learner I know.

99. You should share that idea with the boss. He would appreciate learning from you.

100. I wouldn’t have thought of that approach. You are great at thinking outside of the box.

101. I always turn to you when I'm unsure about something and you always have great insight or advice to help me through.

102. Your understanding and philosophical pursuit of the bigger picture is fascinating.

103. You’re my constant reminder of how just how clever some people can be.

Achievement Compliments

104. I am proud of how far you have come in your journey.

105. Look at how much your time and dedication paid off.

106. You should be so proud that you have achieved something that very few people are ever able to do.

107. You worked really hard on that and it certainly was worth the time and energy in the end.

108. You impress me every single day with your ability to go the extra mile.

109. How did you learn to be so good? I've never seen someone make something look so easy.

110. Your parents must be so proud that you have come this far. They did an amazing job of instilling the power of hard work in you.

111. You're accomplishing so much. Every day you evolve into a better person than who you were the day before.

112. When you have a goal, you allow nothing to stand in your way. Your dedication and ability to see things through to the end is inspiring.

113. I hope to be where you are in five years.

114. Your commitment to your work has really paid off. Your achievements are commendable.

115. Congratulations, very few people are able to do what you have done, especially with such ease and poise.

116. You’re an expert at what you do, and people trust you because of it. I’m so impressed.

117. There should be a monument of you considering everything that you have accomplished.

118. When you make up your mind about something, nothing stands in your way. I admire your ability to see obstacles as learning experiences.

119. You never cease to amaze me. Every time I think you have done it all, you do something else outstanding.

Compliments for Your Spouse

120. Honey, thank you for all you do to care for our family. You are our rock!

121. You are as beautiful/handsome as the day we met. I still get tingles when I see you.

122. I am so awed by your work ethic and how you are such an inspiration to your team. I am so proud to be your husband/wife.

124. Thank you for handling our conflict with such grace and maturity. You are a role model for me.

125. Wow! I walked into a sparkling, clean kitchen this morning. You are the best, my love!

126. Have I told you lately how grateful I am to have you as my life partner? You make every day exciting and memorable.

127. You were so charming and funny with our guests last night. I was proud to be at your side.

128. Attaboy, babe! You have stuck to your workout and look like a sexy hunk!

129. Thank you for listening to me last night. You are the best listener ever and always make me feel better.

130. Thank you for not saying, “I told you so.” You never try to make me feel bad, and I really appreciate that.

134. No one deserves this promotion more than you, babe. You are the smartest, most accomplished person I know.

135. I love the tender way you speak to our kids. You are the best parent ever, and that makes me love you even more.

136. I know it's not easy being around my family, but you are always kind and patient. Thank you, sweetie.

137. You put a lot of effort into that beautiful dinner, and I want you to know I noticed and appreciate it so much.

138. Thank you for being you. I wouldn't want you to be anyone else.

139. I love how you make exciting and fun plans for us, babe. Life is an adventure with you!

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