28 Vision Board Templates To Inspire Your Dreams And Goals

Vision boards can be a lot of fun to make once you’ve got all the materials gathered up and you know exactly what to focus on — whether that’s your best life, your goals for the year, or your lifetime bucket list. 

That said, you’re not alone if you could use a little help knowing where to begin.

The variety of vision boards keeps growing.

That’s where the vision board templates in this post come in. 

What's in this post:

What is a Vision Board Template? 

A vision board template — or dream board template — is an artful arrangement of words and images representing some aspect of the life you want to live. 

It can also provide a visible tribute to that life in its totality. It’s up to you how complex or how focused you want your vision board to be. 

The point is to get clear on what you want and to create something you can put on display. Because keeping your dreams visible is part of what makes these boards so effective. 

Why Use a Dream Board Template? 

Here are just a few benefits to using a template for your physical or digital vision board: 

  • Questions and prompts are often included. 
  • With some, the design and colors are already in place. 
  • Many have options for customization of text, colors, and design. 

You know better than anyone what you want to see on your finished dream board. 

Vision Board Template: 28 Unique Ideas to Consider 

Whether you’re looking for a free online vision board template or a vision board maker (physical or digital), you’ll find plenty of compelling options in the list below. Make a note of those that stand out for you. 

1. Free Canva Vision Board Template (via Best Self Mom)

vision board template by best mom

Your vision board is your own creation, but using a template like this free downloadable one from BestSelfMom.com can get you started more quickly. In any case, there’s no harm in checking it out to see whether it fits your preferred approach to vision boards. 

2. Free Vision Board Templates (via Life with Rach)

vision board templates by Life with Rach

Choose from four themed styles and fill in the spaces with images that correspond to the category for each. There’s also a link to download a digital vision board template, which takes you right to Canva so you can easily edit the text and add images.

3. Printable Vision Board Template (via Carrie Elle)

printable vision board template

Here’s another free download from a blogger with a passion for vision boards. Print a copy of the empty template and assemble it offline to hang on the wall or add to your planner. The same post also has a link to downloadable vision board quote cards. 

4. Mood Board Template (via Laurel Harrison)

mood board by laurel harrison

Editable and customizable, these four free templates take the stress out of designing the perfect mood board. Follow the instructions provided to create something you can print and display. The links take you right to Canva, so you can add your own images and customize the fonts and colors. 

5. Three-Panel Layout (via Eisenhower)

Three-Panel Layout (via Eisenhower)

This one splits the vision board into three main categories of your choice. Here’s an example of three popular categories: 

  • Self — Fitness, Food & Lifestyle
  • Social — Family, Friends & Community
  • Security — Career, Freedom & Financial 

6. Vision Board Kit (via Making Life Blissful)

Vision Board Kit (via Making Life Blissful)

This board kit ivides your goals into six categories: self-care, talents, relationships, just-for-fun, education, and health. The kit comes with supplies for creating a vision board, making this project as easy to begin and as enjoyable to work on as possible. 

7. Canva’s “Adventure Awaits” Template (via A Subtle Revelry)

Canva’s “Adventure Awaits” Template (via A Subtle Revelry)

Download the free PDF template and print it to add your own words and images. Or use it as a guide for designing your own on a separate background. If you don’t like the color scheme, you can choose your own and create something similar on Canva. 

8. Vision Board Template (via Kapwing)

Vision Board Template (via Kapwing)

Click on the link to access the free template and edit the images and placement right in your browser using the Kapwing studio editor. Edit the text, fonts, and colors. Click on “Images” to do a search using online photo libraries like Pexel, Unsplash, and Pixabay. 

9. “The Best Year” Printable Worksheet (via Moritz Fine Designs)

The Best Year” Printable Worksheet (via Moritz Fine Designs)

Presented as the “best year reflection and goal setting worksheet for kids and adults,” this download makes it easier to assess where you are and visualize where you want to be and what you want to accomplish this year. 

10. “This Year I Will” Template (via Sage Grayson)

“This Year I Will” Template (via Sage Grayson)

This is a printable template with overlapping circles — each focused on something you want to add to or remove from your life this year. The blog post explains how to make the best use of it, outlining five steps of a Life Editing Process

11. Big Dreams + Goal Inspiration (via Busy Blog Life)

Big Dreams + Goal Inspiration (via Busy Blog Life)

This one is designed to be filled and modified online using PicMonkey. Access the templates using the downloadable vision board ebook. Once finished, you can download and publish it on your own website or blog or share it on social media. 

12. Feng Shui Layout Template (via La Pulia

The creator of this template has included a helpful FAQ section to address common questions. At the bottom, you’ll see the link to the free template with the Feng Shui grid. Use it to guide you in your selection of images and words for your vision board. 

13. Big Ideas Template (PicMonkey)

Like Canva, PicMonkey has a selection of editable, ready-made templates you can use to create a digital vision board. Follow the link to see a helpful guide on how to use PicMonkey to create a digital vision board with one of its pre-made templates.

14. Kid’s Vision Board Template (via With Love From Freddie)

Kid’s Vision Board Template (via With Love From Freddie)

Use the downloadable PDFto give your kids a visual guide to creating their first (or latest) vision boards. You don’t have to know “who you want to be when you grow up.” Better to start just where they are than to wait for inspiration.

15. Goal Digger Template (via House Mix)

Goal Digger Template (via House Mix)

This one works well for New Year’s Resolutions or for any time you want to get clear on your goals for every area of your life. Click on the worksheet to download a high-resolution JPEG image. 

16. “Your Best Self” Template (via The Happiness Planner)

 “Your Best Self” Template (via The Happiness Planner)

For only $1.50, you can download “30 Days of Self-Awareness” — a printable best self worksheet from TheHappinessPlanner.com. For the next 30 days, you’ll write one word that describes you or is related to you. Then give it a score based on how strongly it resonates with you.

17. “I Promise Myself” (via Amazer)

 “I Promise Myself” (via Amazer)

This one comes already decorated. Fill in the empty shapes with the images of your choice to complete the board. For more options, Amazer.com has a digital vision board tool that allows you to create a polished, high-resolution board. You can then pay to download it or order a printed version — either on photo paper or as a premium canvas print or painting. 

18. The “Nomadic Dream” Template (via Desygner)

The “Nomadic Dream” Template (via Desygner)

Desynger creates a variety of vision board templates with different themes. Click on “Use Template” to share it on social media and gain access to it. Once you share it, Desynger invites you to create an account before taking you to its own studio editor. There you’ll modify the design and download it for online publication or for printing. 

19. Growth Mindset Vision Board (via Desygner)

Growth Mindset Vision Board (via Desygner)

Here’s another template by Desygner.com, this one using the color green to symbolize growth and refreshment. If you’re already a member, all you need to do to gain access is to share a link, sign in, and make your edits in the Desygner editor. 

20. What Is and What Could Be (via Christie Zimmer)

What Is and What Could Be (via Christie Zimmer)

With this template, you’ll take stock of where you are now and get clear on where you want to be. For only one Canadian dollar, you can download the journal page and get started filling it in. 

Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you start writing about it. 

21. Financial Vision Board (via Making Your Money Matter)

Financial Vision Board (via Making Your Money Matter)

Put your financial goals into words with this colorful template by MakingYourMoneyMatter.com. Support them with images representing the life you’ll be living as you work toward them and when you reach them. 

While you’re at it, encourage your older kids to do the same and create their own.

22. Free Vision Board Worksheet / Template by HeyAlexi.com (Download)

Sign up to get the free download, which includes a filled-out example to get you thinking of how you picture your best self and the life you want to live. The blogger responsible for its design created it on Canva (free) and is happy to share the result of her labors. 

23. Etsy Vision Board Templates 

Etsy Vision Board Templates

Check out various options — from planners to printable vision board kids to quotes, clip-art, and other materials for your DIY vision board.

Etsy creators are motivated to stand out with top-notch quality and customer service (the competition on this platform is fierce), so it isn’t hard to find products you’ll enjoy using. 

24. PicMonkey Vision Board Maker Templates

PicMonkey has its own guide to creating vision boards, using its own templates and online editor.

Choose a color palette or design that appeals to you, add images and customizable text, and download a digital copy for printing or posting online. 

25. PowerSlides Vision Board Templates 

If one page just isn’t enough to contain and organize all your ideas, why not create a PowerPoint slideshow. Or, if you prefer using Google Suite, use any of the pre-made templates on Google Slides — like the “Big Idea,” “Photo Album,” or “Lookbook.”  Check out the template gallery for either option and start with one that appeals to you. 

26. Vision Board Templates for Students (MoneyProdigy.com)

Get your students hooked on creating their own dream boards for their present and future. Encourage them to dream big, visualize the life they want, and find the words and images to support it. Choose from seven downloadable PDF worksheets to jumpstart their creativity and get them thinking about their future selves. 

27. Free Printable Vision Board Template (via Healthy Happy Impactful)

Free Printable Vision Board Template (via Healthy Happy Impactful)

Here’s another free downloadable vision board template you can print and fill out with words, stickers, and image clippings. Click on the link to download and save the template. You can even add text using a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC if you’d rather fill it out before printing it. 

28. Barely Keeping It Together Templates 

Barely Keeping It Together Templates

Sign up, and they’ll send you six free Canva vision board templates to work with. Add the images of your choice and edit the text to make it more personal. One link gives you templates for your phone’s lock screen and home screen. The other link gives you a template for your desktop wallpaper. 

Now that you have 28 thoughtfully designed vision board templates to choose from, which one will you try first?