Your Ex Likely Misses You If You See These 17 Spiritual Signs

The aftermath of a breakup is nothing short of miserable. 

Your heart and mind are a roller coaster of mixed feelings that leave you twisting, turning, and gasping for air.

You might find yourself thinking the breakup was a huge mistake and wonder if your ex feels the same way.

Believe it or not, there are spiritual signs all around you after a significant life change like a breakup.

There may be spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you and wants you back.

How Do You Know if Your Ex Secretly Misses You?

You may be able to sense how your ex is feeling if the two of you have a powerful emotional connection.

It is possible to sense another person's energy by having such a unique bond.

Your ex's feelings may manifest in you through the following:

  • You find yourself daydreaming about your ex
  • You think of your time together fondly
  • You smile for no reason
  • You can sometimes still feel your ex's touch
  • You have a general sense of calm when thinking about your ex

How Do You Tell if Your Ex is Thinking About You?

It is challenging to know if your ex misses you without having a conversation.

You may have a general sense that they are thinking of you and may want you back.

woman thinking hard spiritual signs your ex misses you

There is a possibility that your gut is telling you something about what your ex thinks.

While it is possible that those feelings are simply you missing your ex, it is also possible that your psychic energy is reaching out to the person who was closest to you.

The two of you shared something special and unique. Your auras may be linked so well that you can feel what your ex is feeling.

17 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You and Wants You Back

The best way to tell if your ex misses you is to pick up the phone, send a text and wait.

However, you may want to ensure you have a sense of the answer before asking the questions.

Look for these 17 psychic signs your ex misses you.

1. Happy Accidents

Have you found yourself running into your ex in unexpected places? Did you just happen to be at the supermarket, library, or a coffee shop at the same time?

These happy accidents can sometimes be fate telling you both to give your relationship another try. Providence often brings couples together in unexpected ways.

These coincidental meetings might be less mystical than a case of serendipity.

You and your ex might subconsciously try to see each other and make these chance encounters happen.

Either way, these meetings may prove you and your ex want to get back together.

2. Out of the Blue Impulse

Imagine this: You are at home doing something mundane like folding laundry. Suddenly, you have an impulse to go to a movie.

Maybe you're at work, and you have a desire to stop for ice cream on the way home, which is unlike you. Do you give in to the impulse, or do you continue with your regular path?

Out of the blue impulses can be our minds telling us that we need to change things up. You might also be absorbing energy from elsewhere.

Maybe your ex is thinking about watching that same movie at that time. Your ex might be craving ice cream. When you are that connected, you can sometimes feel the other's urges.

3. The Phone Rings

You find yourself thinking about your ex, and suddenly the phone rings. They might be calling about something mundane. Maybe they left a favorite shirt at your house, or they're just tying up some loose ends.

However, the fact that they called when you were thinking about them is an example of psychic signs your ex misses you that you should not ignore.

man looking outside spiritual signs your ex misses you

Getting a text from your ex just at the moment you're thinking of them is a sure psychic sign.

The more often it happens, the stronger the desire is to work out your differences and patch things up. Don't be afraid of these strange coincidences!

4. Seeing Numbers

The number two is a love number. The more often you see this number, the more likely you are to be experiencing spiritual signs that a rekindling of romance is in your future. The number two may appear in places you wouldn't expect. 

Perhaps you go out to eat, and your meal is $22.22. Maybe you wake up at two o'clock in the morning. It's also possible that you begin seeing pairs of things around you that hadn't been there before.

It is true that the number two is a love number. It could be that your ex is thinking about you. It could also signify a new love is on the way. Either way, seeing the number two is a positive romantic signal.

5. Scent-sational Signs

Scent is the most potent memory receptor we have. Do you occasionally smell your ex's cologne even when you know it couldn't possibly be near? That might be your memory of your ex lingering. It could also be one of the spiritual signs he will come back.

If you are genuinely in touch with your personal energy, you can reach out with your mind and feel what your ex is feeling. That might sometimes manifest itself in smelling them near you.

This probably happens most often when your ex is actively thinking about how to get back together with you.

6. Strong Intuition

Do you ever think, “I can feel my ex thinking about me?” Is there something inside of you that simply tells you that you are on your ex's mind? Don't ignore that feeling. Intuition is very real and not as uncommon as you might think.

Have you ever felt like taking an alternate route to work only to find out later there was an accident on your regular drive?

Have you ever convinced yourself not to buy those adorable shoes you wanted and then later find them on sale? Intuition happens to all of us. If you feel your ex thinking about you, it's probably because it's true.

7. A Voice in Your Head

You hear your ex talking to you when you know you are alone. Are you crazy, or are you experiencing a spiritual signal? You can rest assured that there is nothing wrong with your mind.

If you and your ex were very spiritually connected, there might be times when you can actually hear his thoughts.

This type of thing happens with couples all of the time. They can know what the other is thinking and feeling without asking. The adage of being able to finish each other's sentences exists for a reason.

Just because you have broken up doesn't mean that connection goes away. You can likely hear him when he thinks about you.

8. Pink Feathers

Feathers are spiritual signs. If you start to see feathers more frequently, you can assume that your innermost questions are being answered. Keep in mind that these feathers may not be actual feathers.

They can be drawings, paintings, photographs, or even videos with feathers in them.

Each color of feather has its own meaning. If you see red feathers, your current needs are being met, and you probably should not get back together with your ex.

Orange feathers mean that you will soon heal from heartbreak. Purple feathers mean you need to delve more deeply into your spiritualism.

Pink feathers mean that your ex is still in love with you and wants to get back together.

9. What's That Name?

If your ex has a common or unique name, and you start to see it more often than you usually would, it could be a sign that the two of you should try to work things out.

You might hear their name, see it written, or even come across some version of their first name, last name, middle name, or initials.

Names sometimes appear in forms we don't realize. Is your ex's name Peter? You might start seeing rocks in more places as the name Peter is derived from the Greek “petros,” meaning “stone.”

Are you suddenly seeing images of farmers or kings? That could be because your ex is named George or Ryan, respectively.

10. Music in the Air

You turn on the radio, and the song you and your ex first danced to is playing. You open up your playlist, and it automatically goes to a song that makes you think of your ex.

Everywhere you turn, it feels like someone chose music just to remind you of your recent breakup.

It is possible that your ex is thinking about you, which is causing your energy to flow toward the music that makes you think about your ex.

Music could suggest your ex is thinking of you, especially when the music appears in an odd situation. For instance, you hear a stranger humming your song, or it suddenly comes on the loudspeaker while you're shopping.

11. Items Keep Showing Up

You've cleared all of your things from your ex's home. All of your ex's things are out of yours. Yet somehow, you both keep finding each other's belongings in your house.

It might be something small like an earring or a toothbrush, but the more this happens, the more you can assume it is a sign.

Don't feel shy about reaching out to your ex to let them know you have found something of theirs. The odds are pretty good that they've found something of yours as well.

Likewise, if you are missing a favorite necklace or a book you have been reading, call your ex. They might find it at their place. These situations could be the universe's way of getting the two of you to talk again.

12. Something Feels Off

It is not uncommon to feel like the world is topsy-turvy after a breakup. After all, your life is thrown amok by suddenly not being with someone you cared about so much.

Still, something in the air just doesn't feel right to you. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but nonetheless, you know something is off.

The feeling that something is not quite right could be your spiritual energy giving you a signal. It could also be that you're feeding off of your ex's spiritual energy even when they're not around.

13. Sudden Hiccups

It's strange but true: Many people believe that hiccups are a sign that your ex is thinking about you. If you haven't recently eaten or drank anything but hiccups appear, you can assume your ex is somewhere thinking about you right at that moment.

The best way to get rid of naturally occurring hiccups is to drink water or hold your breath. If neither of these methods works, it could be that your ex is thinking about you.

Give them a call or text, and the hiccups may suddenly go away once you're back in touch.

14. Psychic Readings

Seeing a psychic can be fun, especially when you're getting over a breakup. Unfortunately, many psychics are untrained and are only looking for your money while offering little or nothing in return.

If you want to see a psychic, make sure you do your research. Look for someone who is legitimate and has good reviews about their psychic abilities.

The psychic can tell you if your ex is thinking about you. They may use several methods like tarot cards, palmistry, or reading tea leaves.

Listen to the psychic but use your judgment to decide whether or not to heed any words of advice.

15. Profound Dreams

Dreams are often your mind's way of working through some issues you are dealing with. It is not uncommon to have dreams about an ex soon after a breakup.

If your ex keeps popping up in your dreams, even those unrelated to romance, it could be a sign that your ex is also dreaming about you.

Pay attention to how you feel in your dreams. Are you happy with your ex? Are you in love once again? Those dreams are good indicators that your ex wants to get back together.

If you are sad or angry in your dreams, it might be a spiritual sign that it's time for you to move on.

16. Itching Nose and Ringing Ears

Folklore states that if your nose itches, someone is thinking about you. It doesn't necessarily mean it is your ex, but if an itching nose occurs with one of the other spiritual signs your ex is thinking about you, you can assume it is.

Ringing ears means that someone is talking about you. Once again, if some of the other signs accompany this signal, your ex may be talking about you with someone else.

17. Sparks Fly

The spiritual meaning of running into an ex, especially in a location neither of you has previously frequented together, is strong.

Fate may put you together from time to time so that you can meet and rekindle those flames. That is even stronger if you feel undeniable chemistry the moment you see each other.

If sparks suddenly fly, you can be almost certain that your ex wants to get back together. Strong chemistry is rarely one-sided.

Meeting and clicking again, just as you once did, is a good indicator of your relationship beginning again.

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Final Thoughts

Have you experienced any of these spiritual signs? If so, you have a lot to consider. Maybe you want to get back together or perhaps the reason you broke up is enough to keep you apart.

Spend a lot of time thinking about it, be patient, and look for a support system that can be your rock during the challenging post-breakup days.