31 Romantic And Sweet Good Morning Poems For Her

Here you are, racking your brain for some good morning poems that will melt the heart of the woman you love.

And greeting card sentiments just don’t cut it. 

The good news?

You don’t have to be a poetry genius to write something she’ll treasure for years to come.

You’ve already got an edge just by being you. 

Putting in the effort is what counts. 

31 Good Morning Poems for Her 

Read through the following “Good morning beautiful” poems and make a note of the ones that echo your thoughts or give you an idea of what to write.

We won’t be offended if you use these more as writing prompts than as finished poems. 

You know the right words for your wife or girlfriend better than we do. 

Good Morning Love Poems

1. This morning I woke up to your lovely face and realized
That despite all the pain and sorrow life can bring,
Gazing at you makes my heart swell, and my soul sing.
Can I awaken to your sleepy smile for all our lives?

2. If you were to wake up next to me every day,
I’m not sure I’d need the light or sunrise rays.
Let’s just forget the time and stay in bed awhile.
You’ve got all the light and heat I need to make me smile. 

3. Good morning to my favorite night-owl.
I know you won’t wake up for a while, 
but I hope you know,
You’re as beautiful asleep 
As in the daylight’s sunny glow.

4. You’re my favorite part of each new day.
I wake up beside you, and you’re always here,
And that’s all you have to be to make it clear, 
How much I love you and hope you’ll always stay.

5. This isn’t the first time
I woke up and saw you watching me
With sweet eyes of passion. I could not foresee
Anything more blissful or sublime 
Than knowing I love you, and you’re in love with me. 

6. I wasn’t so sure about this bedroom-sharing thing,
But you made me curious enough to try it,
And now I can’t go back to sleeping alone.
What have you done to me to make me buy it? 

7. No one can see me 
Or know me the way you do.
I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know
That the one who truly gets me is always you,
And that each day our love together seems to grow.

8. It’s a small thing, waking up with you.
But you have no idea, my dear
What the smallest thing can make you want to do. Oh dear.

9. The sun was trying
To sneak in through the window and stare at you,
But I closed the curtain to shut it out
So you could lie here in the dark with me
a while longer.

Romantic Good Morning Poetry

10. I think you know where my mind goes
The moment I see you in the morning.
Put us in a room alone together, and we know what happens
To our clothes.
It comes upon us with no warning.

11. The night is so calm when you’re here with me.
Even as the sun rises in the morning skies,
You leave me with the taste of fireflies and stardust 
In my eyes

12. Good morning to the love of my life.
I wonder if you know just what something as innocent
As a hug from you does to me
—every time. 

13. For a long time, I thought that was it.
That was all you felt for me—innocent love and trust.
If I’d known my heart wasn’t the only one at risk,
I would have told you sooner. 

14. I never thought I was good at being romantic
But you make it so much easier to say, that
Even though this poem is not iambic
I’ll love you more tomorrow than today.

15. I wanted to get some reading in this morning,
But lying next to you is too distracting. So, now I'm
Watching you and jotting down my thoughts,
Not all of which are poetic -- but all completely true.
When you wake up, I’ll read them out to you.
Or instead I'll show you, if you think I ought.

16. Dreaming about you every night, every morning, 
And throughout the day
Is something I do anyway—and I’m not likely to stop.
But it’s so much more fun
When we’re together. 

17. You deserve the best of everything.
So you being here with me this morning
Will never not surprise me.
But for as long as you love me,
I’ll shut up about that—and savor every moment.

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Good Morning Poem for Wife 

18. Good morning my cherished, darling wife.
Please, come and curl up on your favorite chair.
While I kiss your neck and place some flowers in your hair,
And maybe more before we start the day,
To show you you're the canvas in my life.

19. The bathroom is yours,
Don’t mind me if I step inside while you’re showering.
I’ve always been efficient.

20. Good morning sweet wife.
I can’t seem to get untangled from you 
And out of bed this morning.
So, I’ve decided not to. 

21. Every morning, I think I couldn’t possibly
Love you more—and then
You wake up and prove me wrong again. 

22. I wake up remembering
How lucky I am to be loved by you.
Not everyone gets to live with the person
They love most in the world.
You’re my favorite miracle. 

23. I blame you completely and with fair warning
For the inviting smile upon my face this morning.
You put it there and lit the fire behind it, it’s true.
And it burns even hotter when I think of you. 

24. I wonder if you know
Just how much I love introducing you
As my wife.
Or the pride I feel to be with you.
I feel it more when I see your face in the morning.
You’ve changed everything for better in my life.

Good Morning Poem for Girlfriend 

25. I could get used to this—waking up to you.
But on the other hand,
It’s so much harder, now, to get out of bed.
So, here I am, writing this…
until you awaken
And give me something better with my time to do. 

26. Marriage wasn’t for me with all the confines it can bring.
But with you, I choose it freely — but not because it’s the 'right thing.'
And not because we crave or need it.
But because our hearts have spoken and decreed it.

27. I’m all yours
This morning and always.
You’ve got my full attention whenever you want it. 

28. God, how I love you!
You’re everything I want in this world.
And every morning, I when wake up to you,
It sets me up for the day, my dearest girl. 

29. You have no idea
How hard it is to look at you and
Not want to kiss you. 

30. Before you,
I always thought the words, “Good morning”
Were more an obligation than a wish.
But with you, it’s effortless.
Because every morning with you is bliss.

31. I’ll use any excuse
To see you, to write to you, to call you up.
It’s not that I don’t want you to have a life
Apart from me;
But every time we connect—from morning to nighttime again—
I feel more alive and more myself than ever. 

Now that you’ve looked through all Good Morning love poems, which ones stood out? And what would you add to make them your own?

good morning poems for her