27 Hobbies For Introverts And People Who Like To Be Alone

You know what introverts do for fun (because you are one), and you know your brain needs fun in order to function as it should. 

You also know you need to conserve energy, so hobbies for loners are your best bet for finding a creative way to get your head back in the game. 

Welcome to 27 of the best hobbies for introverts! Read on to find a new favorite. 

27 Hobbies for Introverts and People Who Like to Be Alone

Look carefully through this list of hobbies for introverts and imagine yourself doing each of these things. Think, too, of what you’d most like to create for yourself or someone else. 

Some of these could actually qualify as social hobbies for introverts since the end result is something you can share with others.

And if two or more introverts enjoy the same hobby, they can (remotely) keep each other posted on their progress with each new project. 

1. Writing

Writing is a good way for an introvert to get their thoughts out. Some things are harder to express through spoken words.

writing a letter hobbies for introverts

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good story, journal entry, or article. 

2. Drawing

Drawing is a great grounding skill when it feels like the world is spinning around you. It can be relaxing, entertaining, and very rewarding.

No one is perfect when they first start out, but drawing isn’t just about the final result. Anyone can enjoy it.

3. Learning Languages

Learning a new language is not only a great hobby, but a very useful life skill. While it may be frustrating at times, there are many different ways to learn.

Many people will post helpful videos on youtube, and others have free websites for learning.

There are also many language-learning apps that will cost you little to nothing.

4. Making Friendship Bracelets

Being an introvert doesn’t mean not having friends. In fact, introverts often like to surprise their closest friends with gifts or signs of affection.

You can find dozens of bracelet patterns online for free. Making friendship bracelets is very time-consuming, but the result is a beautiful, vibrantly colored gift.

5. Knitting or Crocheting

Pick up knitting or crocheting, and you can enjoy making  hats, scarves, blankets, etc. for yourself or for loved ones.

You can even open an Esty store and sell some of your finished pieces — if only to pay for new yarn and crafting supplies. 

6. Sewing

If you’ve ever looked at someone’s finished sewing project and thought, “Wow! I wish I could do that,” you can make a start just by learning some simple sewing projects — like a small purse or a keychain holder for your lip balm. 

7. Baking

If you love baked goods (or you know someone who does), learn how to bake bread, cakes, and other goodies with a few basic baking tools and supplies. YouTube has tutorials on baking and cake decorating, so you can learn helpful tips from experienced bakers. 

8. Doing Puzzles

If you love crossword puzzles or Sudoku, you can either download an app or buy some printed puzzle books to work on. If you’re more into jigsaw puzzles, you narrow down the (overwhelming) options by choosing a particular theme for each week or month.

9. Yoga

If you need more calm in your life right now, yoga gives you a variety of options to choose from — Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra, Bikram (hot) yoga, Kundalini, etc — depending on what you need from it most right now. 

10. Reading

You might already have a stack of books waiting for you on a shelf or on the Cloud, but if you don’t, do some browsing and find some new reads. Then schedule some reading time for each day. Or if you’d rather listen to someone else read, choose audiobooks

11. Going on a Nature Walk

Even when you’re social distancing (or physical distancing), you can take nature walks to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine (if there is any), and scenery. Get out there and find places that inspire you for mindful movement and quiet reflection.

12. Pottery

What would you make for yourself (or someone else) if you knew how to work with clay  — a large fruit bowl, a tall vase, a set of mugs?

man doing pottery hobbies for introverts

You can always start with something simple like a tray for your keys and loose change or a small candy dish.

13. Watching Movies/TV shows

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a hobby, but watching movies or TV shows can strengthen your connection with family and friends with similar tastes — as well as fellow fandom members you meet and follow online (I recommend Tumblr for this). 

14. Online Games

Any internet search for “online games” will take you to sites full of games you might enjoy playing during your time alone. Narrow your search with words like “mystery,” “fantasy,” or “solitaire” if you’re looking for games of a particular type or genre.

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15. Painting

Painting tools and supplies are easy to get online, and YouTube is full of painting tutorials for when you’re staring at that fresh, white canvas and wondering how to begin. You can also paint rocks and tiles for use as gifts or decorations. 

16. Biking

If you’ve got a bicycle and somewhere to ride it, biking is not only a great way to get some fresh air and exercise; it also gives you another way to get from one place to another. Save gas and cycle to the nearest store. Or go for a ride on a nearby bike trail. 

17. Gardening

Even if all you have room for are a few containers, choose your plants from a local nursery or grow your own from seeds. Learn what you can from experienced gardeners via their books or YouTube channels and enjoy growing and harvesting food and flowers.. 

18. Watching Documentaries

Find a list of documentaries worth checking out and make watching them a regular daily or weekly thing. You can even choose a theme for each week or month and choose your documentaries accordingly. Or just go with whatever appeals to you most on a given day. 

19. Coloring

Buy yourself some adult coloring books and a set of color pencils or fine-tipped markers and get started on a soothing hobby that helps you get into a meditative state.

coloring using crayons hobbies for introverts

You can even laminate your favorite finished pages to create placemats or decorative bookmarks.

20. Origami

Remember that stack of patterned scrapbooking paper you never used — or that someone gave you thinking, “Well, now, she’ll finally make use of those albums I gave her.” (Nervous laugh). Origami is an excellent use for that — and YouTube is a great place to learn it.

21. Calligraphy

Learn calligraphy, and you can create beautiful gifts and wall art with your favorite quotes, poetry, or song lyrics. Use high-quality paper to prevent bleed-through, and use your new skill to write more heartfelt notes to the people you care about. 

22. Learning a Musical Instrument

Take up an affordable instrument like the tin whistle or invest in the instrument you’ve always wanted to play and learn from a local teacher or from online videos. Make time every day for practice and work on one tune at a time until you master it. 

23. Learning Computer Programming

If you’ve always wanted to develop a new app or write code for a website with your own design ideas, learn computer programming. Learn from online videos and courses to build and sharpen your coding skills for frontend, backend, or full stack web development.

24.  Whittling

If you’d rather work with wood, get yourself a whittling knife and start by turning random twigs or small blocks of wood into figures or kitchen utensils (a new wooden spoon for your favorite baker, perhaps — or a carved wooden pendant for a friend). 

25. Listening to Podcasts

With all the podcasts available now (and the number keeps growing), you’re bound to find some that interest you. If you find it easier to listen to audiobooks than to sit down and read a book, a whole world of learning and inspiration awaits. 

26. Singing 

If you love singing but want to improve your singing voice, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas online from talented and experienced singers who’ve been where you are now.

woman singing hobbies for introverts

Learn from them and practice every day to hone your vocal skills and learn new songs. 

27. Photography  

Photography as a hobby doesn’t require you to be social, though it does give you plenty to share online with fellow photography enthusiasts — as well as people you care about who love to see what you’re up to.

What hobbies for introverts interest you?

Now that you’ve looked over this list of hobbies for introverts, which of them appealed to you most? Did any make you think, “I’ve always wanted to try that,” or “Well, now I have time…”? 

Maybe you already have the tools you need to start one of the hobbies on this list. Or maybe you’re excited about buying what you need to get started on something new.

Whatever your plans, may your newest hobby bring you hours of enjoyment — either of the relaxing variety or the more stimulating kind. We need both. 

Explore your world with a new hobby you can enjoy during your ‘lone time. Then show the world what introverts can do when they get some time to themselves. 

Expect great things!

You know what introverts do for fun (because you are one), and you know your brain needs fun in order to function as it should.   You also know you need to conserve energy, so hobbies for loners are your best bet for finding a creative way to get your head back in the game. #mentalhealth #behavior #psychology #hobbies #alone
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