The 51 Most Fun And Romantic Things For Couples To Do At Home

It's one of those days.

You and your partner are at home, bored, and looking for something to do.

Neither of you is keen to mingle with the public today.

Instead, you're searching for projects for couples to do at home together.

Well, you're in luck!

We've curated a list of things couples can do at home. 

Here's hoping you find an idea that works for you and brightens your boring day.

What Can Couples Do When Bored at Home? 

Are you and your partner sitting at home, bored out of your collective wits? It happens.

And sometimes, a day at home is just what the doctor ordered. 

But what should you do to break the suffocating boredom? You can go one of five ways:

  1. Lazy: You have zero interest in being productive in the strict sense. Your goal for the day is to lounge hard.
  2. Practical: For those couples who can't sit still for more than 20 minutes without getting antsy.
  3. Creative: Stretching your creative muscles is a great way to spend a day at home.
  4. Romantic: Lean into your sensual side and get those hormones raging.
  5. Meditative: For those days when you want to be in the moment, calm, and come out refreshed.

51 Romantic and Fun Things for Couples To Do at Home 

We've looked at the five categories of at-home activities. Now, let's dive into some examples of each.

Lazy Things To Do

The following ideas are for when the thought of being productive takes your energy away.

1. At-Home Streaming Marathon

If doing absolutely nothing sounds about right, plan an at-home movie marathon. Curate a program or dive into a film or television series (i.e., watch five James Bond movies or the first season of Lost).

2. Stay in Bed for Hours

If it doesn't happen regularly, people rarely look back on super lazy days negatively. It's a luxurious treat that everyone should indulge in at least four times a year. Watch stuff, play video games, rub each others' backs — and rarely leave the bed. 

3. Sunbathe

Do you have a yard or balcony? Is the sun shining? Throw on a bathing suit and bask in the rays for a little while. But slather yourself with sunscreen! Make sure you get it everywhere.

4. Curate a Gourmet Delivery Day

Don't feel like sweating in the kitchen? Take advantage of food delivery services in your area and order breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mix it up with different cuisines. If you're feeling frisky, get something you've never tried before.

5. Read Together

Reading is fundamental, and spending a quiet day doing it with your partner is next-level relaxing.

Read the same thing and discuss it, or go your own way. Pop on lo-fi, classical, or instrumental music to enhance the experience. (Music with lyrics is distracting when reading.)

6. Complete a Puzzle

You don't have to spend tons of money. Head to the dollar store, pick out a 500- or 1,000-piece puzzle, then spend the day — or seven — putting it together. Jigsaw puzzles are great for your brain, so even though it's a lazy at-home activity, it's not a total waste of time.

7. Play With the Pets

Playing with pets doesn't qualify as lazy if you have an athletic dog, but for everyone else, a fun session with your pet can be chill and highly fulfilling. Flick the feather stick or let your hamster run around the house. Watching them is a lot of fun and doesn't take much energy on your part. 

8. Call / Facetime Family Members

How long has it been since you had a long, fun talk with your parents? Grandparents? Your great Aunt Fanny?

Your family loves you and would love to catch up. So why not do that today? No need to put on your face and get dressed up. They just want to chat. 

9. Plan Your Post-Lottery Life

Dreaming can be a powerful stress reliever. It takes us out of our minds, allowing them to decompress. Treat your brain to a break by spending the day fantasizing about what your life would be like if you won the lottery.

What would be the first thing you did? Would you continue working? Where would you live? 

10. Do Absolutely Nothing

Lean into it. Don't plan anything. Don't expect your partner to either. Instead, do exactly what you want at any given moment. Want to nap? Nap. Want to watch a Lifetime movie that's halfway over?

Have at it. Want to stuff your face with cheese and ice cream? Indulge.

Practical and Productive Things To Do

You've been putting it off. But today's the day you can approach that looming task and transform it into a fun activity with your loved one.

11. Clean Out That Closet

You're not proud. For months, maybe years, you've been throwing things that didn't have a home in that closet. Truth be told, you're unsure if it's birthed its own ecosystem. Take a jog down Nostalgia Lane while you attack the mess with your loved one.  

12. Change Your Car's Oil

Do you know how to change your car's oil? It's super easy for most vehicles. If you're looking for something to do, watch an instructional video, then give it a shot. Learning this skill will save you money in the long run, and doing it together will make it more fun.

13. Plot a Garden

You've been threatening to grow your own produce. Make today the day you get started. Figure out where you'll plant. Don't count this activity out if you live in an apartment. Window-sill gardening is a thing.

14. Do the Laundry

Is it piled up to a daunting degree? Tackle it one loud at a time, and before you know it, you'll be done. Have you washed your curtains in a while? Consider throwing them in too. It'll make your whole house smell better.

15. Paint the Thing

Maybe it's the guest bedroom, stool, door, or accent wall you've wanted to spruce up in the den. Whichever the case, you've been putting it off. Bite the brush and finally get it done today — or, at least, started.

Get some beers, order a pizza, turn up the tunes, and make it a two-person painting party.

16. Organize the Junk Drawer

Every so often, organizing the junk drawer is a necessity. And truth be told, it can be hugely satisfying. Make it a joint effort. Debate what stays and what goes. But most importantly, laugh at all the useless things you once felt compelled to keep.

17. Organize Your Bills / Budget

You've been putting it off because it's daunting. You're scared. But getting organized will make you feel in control.

Even if you must put yourself on a strict budget, you'll enjoy immense satisfaction for finally tackling the financial monkey that's been going wild on your back.

18. Wash the Windows

You may quickly wipe the windows every so often, but when's the last time you did a stellar job and got into every nook and cranny?

Set aside the day to make your windows shine. Do it together, then marvel over your work with a cold drink when done. 

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19. Reorganize the Kitchen

Reorganizing is a low-key form of renovating. You get all the satisfaction with only a fraction of the stress. Are the utensils in the right spot?

How about the dishes and mugs? Is it time to cull your collection? Tackle the job as a team and high-five each other when you've devised the most efficient kitchen system. 

20. Clean the Porch or Deck

Does your porch or deck need sprucing up? Nothing structural; just a good cleaning and some furniture shifting. If so, turn it into a team effort. When you're done, you can enjoy the refreshed space you created for yourselves.

21. Get Out the Tool and Vacuum the Edges

A clean place is mana for your mental health, and when you're firing on all cylinders, there's more time to recognize and appreciate the romance all around.

So it follows that a thorough vacuuming session will get you one step closer to bliss. (Hey, it's all about framing.) Besides, how much do you love when your place is sparkling clean? Give yourself that gift.

22. Deep Clean Your Shelves

Cleaning shelves can be fun and romantic! How? You can talk about each of the items you remove to clean. When did you get it? Why do you keep it?

Walks down Memory Lane bond couples. So if you want to grow closer, deep clean your shelves together, item by item. 

Creative Things To Do

Are you and your partner creative types? If yes, check out these ideas for bored couples who don't necessarily want to go out. Some may require running to the store for a few cheap supplies; otherwise, they're at-home activities.

23. Make That Collage

Every time you move, a crate of magazines schleps along. You swear you'll one day use them to make a giant collage. Your wall-art masterpiece. Why not make today the day you do it? Include your partner and make it a bonding experience.

24. Take Photos of Your Place

You needn't travel far and wide to get great pictures. A treasure trove of “quality shots” is hiding right in front of your face. Watch videos on the topic. Get creative, and see what happens. 

25. Create a Game

Whether it involves drinking, card playing, or exercising, make up a game for the two of you to play. It's amusing for couples who enjoy a bit of healthy competition, plus making up the rules is a deceptively great way to stretch your brain. 

26. Paint Together

Finding painting supplies is relatively easy and inexpensive these days (if you don't care about the quality and just want to have a bit of fun).

Use a piece of wood in the closet as your canvas and go wild. Pretend you're the second coming of Jackson Pollock and make an abstract masterpiece together.

27. Make a Website 

Though hiring professionals for business websites is always wise, getting a personal online platform up and running is easy. So why not create a website together for a project you've been considering?

28. Learn To Knit

To some, knitting sounds like an activity for old crones with multiple cats. But those in the know understand that knitting is an excellent hobby for people of all ages and genders.

It's highly relaxing while also being great exercise for your gray matter.

29. Do Some Adult Coloring

Studies show that adult coloring is an effective remedy for quickly reducing stress. It also has the power to transport us to a headspace of childlike innocence, allowing us to be more vulnerable with our partners — and that's romantic.

30. Search for Tattoo Ideas

Express your love for each other with matching tattoos. We're not suggesting you get dressed and head out to the parlor. You're way too comfy in your PJs to do that. Instead, comb the web for ideas. Or, gather ideas and design one yourself.

31. Write a Song

Are you the type of couple that signs duets together while longingly staring into each other's eyes? Good for you.

By all means, do you! And if you're bored, lean into your internal theater-kid energy and write a song together. Who knows, it may be the next track with which TikTok falls in love. 

32. Make a YouTube Video

Could you and your significant other find new careers as content creators? Why not give it a shot and record a reaction video to a movie or tv show? If you have fun, keep going and see where it leads.

33. Try Tie-Dying (Again)

It's been a while since the pandemic lockdowns, and your at-home crafts are collecting dust in a closet. Why not pull out the tie-dye stuff you impulsively bought two years ago and give it another go?

Romantic Things To Do

Feeling amorous but don't want to venture far from home? We've got some ideas. 

34. Cook a Meal Together

Food can be sensual — and preparing a meal with your partner a connecting experience. Interestingly, picking a recipe neither of you has tried before will trigger more bonding hormones. It's science! 

35. Take a Bath Together

Do you have a tub? Fill it up with oils and bubbles, then climb in together. If you're feeling especially romantic, light candles and fill a pair of wine glasses.

Pro tip: Put your towels and robes in the dryer for 20 minutes ahead of time so they're nice and toasty when you get out.

36. Make a Video Montage of Your Best Moments

Both of your phones are filled with pictures of happy moments together. Relive them by making a video montage of them. Don't have editing software? No problem. Use Canva, the free online editing suite.

37. Have a Wine and Cheese Picnic at Home

Who says you must go to a designated park to have a picnic? Get some wine and cheese delivered and set up a picnic in your yard, porch, or living room floor.

38. Enjoy a Day of Sex

You're in a committed relationship. You're consenting. No rule says you can't spend all day being intimate. Can you think of a better way to burn some calories?

39. Find a Dance Class on YouTube and Take It

You want to learn how to dance but would rather avoid doing it in front of other people. Scour YouTube for free waltz, samba, and tango lessons.

40. Plant a Tree Together

Planting seeds with the goal of watching them grow is a bonding experience. For a couple in love, it can be romantic. To be Freudian, it's a simulacrum of “creating life.”

41. Hire a Mobile Masseuse

Massages feel great. Treat yourself to an at-home couples rub down. Not only will it lower your blood pressure and loosen your muscles, but a massage will put you in a relaxed and open mood.

42. Plan Your Future

Are both of you feeling optimistic about your relationship's trajectory? Spend the day plotting out a five-year plan. As they say: A couple that sets goals together stays together.

43. Make a Couples Playlist

Do you have a playlist together on Spotify or Apple Music? If not, why not put one together? Pop open a bottle of champagne and make an afternoon out of it.

Meditative and Mindful Things To Do

Research proves that meditation and mindfulness do the mind and body good. Check out these ideas for boredom-breaking activities that fall under the umbrella. 

44. Try Yoga Together

You don't have to find workout clothes without holes and travel to a class. Flick on YouTube instead. Millions of yoga classes await. Choose one at your level to avoid injury.

45. Try Trataka Meditation

Trataka is a form of open-eye meditation. Typically, practitioners stare at a candle for the duration of the session.

It's an interesting experience to try with your partner. Afterward, compare how it made you feel.

46. Have a Deep Conversation

When was the last time you and your honey had a deep conversation about philosophy, your families, or your professional aspirations?

47. Do a Guided Meditation

The internet is filled with millions of guided meditations. Try a few if you're hanging out at home with your honey. Don't know where to start? Check out Ram Dass's library of recordings

48. Forget Yoga – Just Stretch

Not into yoga? Try stretching instead. It has very similar benefits, and stretching feels gooooood. Find a guided routine online to formalize the activity.

49. Do a Body Scan Meditation

Have you ever tried a body scan meditation? Studies show they're highly effective for first-time practitioners. Clear out space on the floor, find a 30-minute session, and give it a shot.

50. Create a Gratitude List Together

Taking time to stop, smell the roses, and think about all the wonderful things in your life does wonders for your mood, outlook, and mental health. Making one with your partner is also a great way to build a deeper connection.

51. Take a Walk (Around Your Place)

Granted, you'll have to leave your four walls for this one, but you needn't go far. Take a stroll around your complex or neighborhood. The fresh air will feel great.

Final Thought

That's our list of couple activities at home. We hope one or more of the ideas struck your fancy. Have a great day, and always remember how lucky you are to have each other.