What is Self-Esteem And How Much Of It Do You Need?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, pride, dignity — all of these terms look at your confidence in your own worth.

But, what is self-esteem and how do you know if you have enough (or too much) of it?

Possessing too little self-esteem can lead to depression and cause you to fall short of your potential.

It can also be a factor in staying in an abusive relationship or being a people pleaser.

On the other hand, having too much pride can result in a sense of entitlement that is off-putting to other people.

People with an abundance of self-confidence may not be able to learn from their mistakes or show humility.

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The 10 Best Standing Desk Converters For A Healthier Work Day

The human body does not respond kindly to chair sitting for long periods of time. Sitting eight hours a day weakens the muscles in your legs and hips.

Your gluts stretch out from lack of use, and your hip flexors get tighter because they get shorter. This might be the time to do some research on a standing desk converter.

Sitting can be as dangerous as smoking, but in our television and computer-oriented culture, we tend to sit far more than our ancestors. But there is hope because Millennials and other wellness-conscious generations are getting the message that the body needs to be active.

There is a large segment of the working public that wants to stand and work to counter-balance the effects of so much sitting. But too much standing has its own set of problems, like putting more stress on the heart to circulate blood.

So what's the answer?

According to Dr. Peter Smith, a senior scientist at the Institute for Work & Health, a combination of standing, sitting and moving around when you work has the greatest health benefits.

Dr. Smith is not alone in his theory, and hat’s why desk converters are so popular. Rather than replacing an office desk with a standing desk, people are turning to desk converters so they can sit as well as stand while they work.

Standing burns calories, and your legs muscles are working and flexible. Your gluts are back in action and your back is too. Plus, your core is getting some action, especially if you have a chance to do a little stretching.

Anyone who is serious about developing a complete wellness routine is standing more while working at the office.

Once you decide to give your body the attention it deserves at work, your next task is to find a standing desk converter that fits your situation.

There are five basic categories of converters; the Z-lift, Post and Base, Hover, Electric and Desk Top Riser. Here’s what they do:

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15 Reasons Highly Sensitive People Are Highly Valuable

woman thinking, empath

Have you ever heard these words before?

“Don't be such a crybaby!”

“I was just kidding — don't take things so seriously.”

“You are way too sensitive. Get over it.”

If you're a highly sensitive person (HSP) like me, you've probably felt “different” all of your life.

While friends and family could let things roll off their backs, you suffered internally for hours or days.

When others seemed to revel in loud environments with lots of activity and people, you wanted to run away and hide in a quiet place.

You could walk in a room and immediately notice if the vibe was all wrong, but everyone else seemed oblivious.

In Western culture, toughness and emotional control are revered while hypersensitivity is viewed as a character flaw or weakness.

This is particularly true for men who are socialized from birth to hide their emotions and “buck up” in the face of emotional or physical pain.

Many highly sensitive men stuff their feelings for years, too afraid to show the world they wear their heart on their sleeve.

Sensitive men and women alike often feel alienated, embarrassed or shamed about their particular behaviors and needs.

High sensitivity is one of the most misunderstood and undervalued traits in the world. Yet it is a perfectly normal, scientifically documented personality trait held by 15-20% of all people (an equal number of men and women).

It is also an essential trait for societies at large, as it reflects a type of survival strategy that benefits everyone — being observant and thoughtful before acting.

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Are You In A Healthy Relationship? Get Your Answer With The Couples Quiz

Couples Quiz

Do you ever think about how the health of your relationship impacts the rest of your life?

When you are more intentional about your relationship, it becomes the learning laboratory for your personal evolution.

You learn relationship habits and skills that help you heal the past and move forward with more self-awareness, emotional maturity, and confidence.

As you both grow as individuals, your relationship will evolve past the heady intoxication of your early love to a more mature and satisfying intimacy.

But how do couples evolve past conflict, boredom, and disengagement to build a healthy relationship that stands the test of time?

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The Best Essential Oils For Colds, Viruses, And The Flu

The Best Essential Oils for Colds

Are you one of the millions of people who have come down with a nasty virus or even the flu this season?

If so, I hope you're feeling better.

But whether you've already been ill this season, or you're one of the lucky ones who hasn't been infected, it's always good to be prepared by boosting your immune system and knowing how to reduce the symptoms when you do get sick.

Flu shots and over-the-counter medications that claim to help control the symptoms of the flu do little to stop the annoying nasal congestion, headache, or the virus-infected stomach issues that make you miserable.

Treating the flu is a monumental task. The medicine available through drugstores may initially help a symptom or two.

But viruses have a way of ignoring what the doctors prescribe because most medications don’t have enough of the right antibodies that help the body’s immune system conquer these cell-invading villains.

Flu shots may help some people, but viruses have a way of ignoring those shots and firmly planting themselves in the middle of your body’s life support system. They do their dirty work until they become dormant, or the body finally finds a way of destroying these invisible body snatchers.

Even though the medical profession is on top of hundreds of illnesses, treating the flu, colds, and viruses is still a challenge.

But the best essential oils for colds come from the plants that give us the strength we need to fight these masters of dis-ease. Essential oils are still the best way to get rid of these nasty body invaders. That may sound a little naïve, but the facts don’t lie.

Essential oils have the right antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial ingredients to stop the symptoms of one of the worst health villains in recent history faster, and they keep us protected longer than any modern remedy on the market.

Scientific studies prove there are anti-viral properties in essential oils. Inhaling essential oils gives the body the tools it needs to recover from a viral infection, and to keep us healthy all year long.

We think it’s time to give essential oils the credit they deserve in the fight against the flu, colds and invading virus symptoms. We put important facts together about these plant-based oils so you can be the judge.

Once you understand the science behind these essential oils, you’ll have another natural tool in your arsenal of preventative treatments and symptom relievers for those days when you aren't feeling your best.

What Are Essential Oils?

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Best Weighted Blankets For Adults With Anxiety And Insomnia

Best Weighted Blankets for Adults

How has your sleep been lately?

If you're anything like me, not only do you have a hard time quieting your mind after a busy day to fall asleep, but you also find yourself getting up several times throughout the night.

Perhaps daytime stress or an anxiety disorder makes it more difficult to get the sleep you need, leaving you even more anxious during the day when you aren't well-rested.

This creates a cycle that can turn into debilitating long-term bought of insomnia.

If you can relate to this, which most people can, your anxiety, insomnia, or sleep disorder is likely affecting your daytime productivity and your overall health.

Sleep disturbances create a long list of minor issues that can quickly turn into primary health concerns if your sleep troubles continue to go untreated.

Not getting sufficient sleep, whether it is related to anxiety or insomnia, can negatively impact your normal functioning during the day.

You may have tried guided sleep meditations, over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids, and anti-anxiety medications to help you with your insomnia. But these aren't long-term solutions.

You might be surprised to discover one very effective strategy you can use to help improve the sleep that you may not have tried — a weighted blanket.

Although weighted blankets are often used to help children who deal with various emotional and mental health conditions, this post focuses on weighted blankets for adults.

Weighted Blankets for Adults With Anxiety

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10 Must-Know Signs Of Relationship Compatibility

When you're in a new relationship, everything about the person you are seeing seems perfect.

You put your best foot forward, and so do they.

Finally, you've found your soul mate — someone who meets all of your criteria for the perfect man or woman.

But as the bloom fades from the new romance, you realize that some of your criteria boxes haven't been checked.

Your perfect partner has pulled a bait and switch or maybe never had the desirable qualities to begin with.

According to University of Maryland professor, Ty Tashiro, 88 percent of people believe soul mates are real.

However, this fairy tale view of romance negatively impacts the likelihood that couples will stay together in the long term.

“All this wishing has led to a case of wanting everything and getting nothing,” says Tashiro his book, The Science of Happily Ever After: What Really Matters in the Quest for Enduring Love.

Though 90 percent of people will get hitched in their lifetimes, only three in ten stay together — factoring in a 50 percent divorce and separation rate.

People want everything in a partner and are therefore more likely to end up with nada.

However, Tashiro offers a more positive directive for dating hopefuls seeking to find somebody to love:  don't lose hope — lose the idealism.

Take a closer look at yourself, where you are, what your needs are, and what real compatibility means.

Bitten by the love bug but wondering if Mr. or Ms. Right might not be right for you?

These 10 signs of relationship compatibility can help you figure it out:

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The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution Idea List And Success Plan

Do you feel excited or intimidated when you think about making New Year's resolutions?

Maybe you feel a little bit of both — excited at the possibility of success and intimidated about the potential for failure.

Most of us do give up on our resolutions within weeks of setting them. We begin with bang and end with a whimper, once again feeling like we don't have the “right stuff” to follow through on our new year's resolutions.

If it makes you feel better, you aren't alone. Setting goals and developing new habits is hard if you don't know what you're doing. Most of us don't know how to approach goal-setting and habit creation in a way that fosters success.

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