Want To Know How To Make A Narcissist Miserable? Try These 11 Tactics

how to make a narcissist miserable

If you’ve been in a relationship with one, you know it’s not exactly hard to trigger a narcissist to lash out. 

So, our goal here isn’t to show you how to piss off a narcissist for no reason other than revenge but to highlight the actions that trigger their worst behavior

You have a right to live your own life as you see fit.

And if doing so will make a narcissist miserable, that’s not on you. 

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Yep, Your Husband Is Controlling: 13 Signs To Prove It

signs of controlling husband

Your inner voice is raging: “My husband controls everything in my life! When did I surrender my autonomy?” 

You know it’s not normal.

Not every wife you know is in a situation like yours.

Their husbands don’t demand access to their phones, their social media, their finances, or even their thoughts.

Where does it end?

And what can you do to get your life back and possibly even have a chance at a happy marriage?

Controlling husbands aren’t all the same.

But they do have some behaviors in common

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Is Your Wife Controlling? 7 Signs She Is And How To Address It

signs of controlling wife

It’s official: Your wife is a control freak.

She needs to control everything — and she becomes near impossible to live with when she can’t. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help your controlling wife address the fears behind her behavior.

She needs you to love and accept her as she is while also helping her become the person she wants to be. 

If you’re both willing to do the work, there’s reason to hope for better days ahead. 

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13 Painful Signs Of An Emotionally Manipulative Mother-In-Law

emotionally manipulative mother-in-law

If you have a toxic mother-in-law, you’ve probably noticed some telltale signs.

When you’re around her, you feel worse about yourself.

She refuses to see things from your perspective.

You’re always in the wrong — and she’s always the victim

If you find yourself thinking, “My mother-in-law manipulates my husband and kids,” it’s not really about you.

She has to get her way, whatever it takes. 

So, what are the signs she’s emotionally manipulative?

And what can you do about it?

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Is Your Daughter With A Controlling Boyfriend? 11 Ways To Get Her Away

how to get your daughter away from a controlling boyfriend

It’s come to this.

You’re here Googling, “How to get rid of daughter’s controlling boyfriend.”

Because you’ve had it with that loser.

You know, the more time she spends with him, the tighter his grip.

You also know she won’t respond well to an ultimatum from you.

If your daughter’s boyfriend is controlling, chances are he’s already been undermining her attachment to her family and friends.

So, yes, time is an issue. 

What can you do?

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55 Spot-On Toxic Relationship Quotes For Your Own Self-Protection

toxic relationship quotes

Some people are better than others at spotting toxic relationships.

And often, that insight comes at a price: they’ve had one themselves, or they know someone who has. 

The toxic relationship quotes in this list come from people with hard-earned wisdom.

And if you read some wise words from these people, you’re less likely to stay in a destructive relationship

Think of the following quotes as the words of a friend who loves you too much to keep silent.

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11 Essential Stages Of Emotional Healing And Next Steps To Take

stages of emotional healing

Everyone, at some point, has to go through an emotional healing process

Once you decide you’re done pretending everything is good enough in your world, you’re ready to move past the first stage of emotional healing. 

No one would consciously choose to stay in stage one.

It’s meant to draw your attention to something you’d rather forget.

As resourceful as it is at finding distractions, your brain keeps reminding your that your pain is real. 

It’s up to you to commit to the healing process — even though it exacerbates the pain for a while. 

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29 Powerful Quotes About Emotional Abuse That Speak Truth To Power

emotional abuse quotes

If you’re still healing from psychological abuse — or you’ve yet to begin the healing process — an emotional abuse quote from an expert or thought leader on relationships can trigger a profound realization. 

It can inspire you to see something you hadn’t seen before and stop making excuses for the abuse you’ve suffered.

It can also help you stop blaming yourself. 

We’ve collected 29 powerful quotes about emotional abuse to facilitate your healing and inner strength.

Take note of the ones that feel most meaningful for you. 

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