How To Become A Life Coach + 56 Coaching Niches

How to Become a Life Coach

So you want to become a life coach?

Not too many years ago, the term “coach” referred to the person encouraging you to run faster or throw further on a sports field.

Today if someone says, “I’m working with a coach,” they’ve likely hired someone to help them facilitate change and reach their goals. As a certified life coach myself and someone who has had a coach, I can attest to the powerful benefits of coaching.

Whatever you want to achieve, coaching helps you real your goals faster, with more clarity and confidence.

If you have toyed with the idea of becoming a life coach, you’re considering a profession that truly changes lives for the better.

Whether you work with individuals or in a business setting, you’ll help people become more capable and resourceful and enjoy more satisfaction in all areas of their lives.

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The 20 Most Life-Altering Concepts I’ve Ever Embraced

Do you have one life lesson or philosophy that has changed the course of your life?

Sometimes you can read something or have a life experience that hits you over the head with its brilliance and perfection. A huge mind shift takes place, and your life is forever altered for the better.

These can be years in the making or overnight sensations. I’ve had my share of both, and even the overnight sensations can take years to fully assimilate in my psyche.

But the important thing is the discovery of these concepts and how you apply them to your life. Once you realize these great truths are out there, it becomes a lifelong quest to discover more of them.

That’s what personal development is all about — the ongoing search for the truths that will set us free to be who we are and to live our best possible lives.

Through my adult years, there have been many of these concepts that I’ve discovered (or that have hit me over the head) along the way. I’ve chosen 20 to share with you that have impacted me most profoundly. And I’ve suggested a resource for further reading on the topic.

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Are You Coachable? How to Know If You’re Ready For A Coach

Have you considered hiring a life coach?

Maybe you feel stuck in some aspect of your life and can’t figure out a way forward.

You might be trying to change careers, start a new business, find the love of your life, or decide whether or not to move.

Or perhaps you’re a manager seeking to motivate your employees or move ahead within your organization.

You might even be an athlete who wants to improve his or her game and help the team get more wins.

Whether you need a personal coach, executive coach, or an athletic coach, working with this professional can make a dramatic difference in your life and overall success.

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How To Get Certified As A Life Coach The Right Way

coach and client, life coach certification

Have you considered getting a life coach certification but don’t know how to go about it?

If coaching is a profession that interests you, getting certified is an important step you need to consider.

As a coach myself, I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to get certified by an accredited coach training program.

More and more people are willing to invest money in their own personal development and success, and life coaches can help them reach their goals. It’s a career that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

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Life Coach Salary: What You Can Earn As A Life Coach?

Do you want to be in a giving or a healing profession where you are positioned to help other people with their lives?

If you believe you are empathetic and a good problem solver, establishing a career as a life coach might be right for you.

But . . . you might be wondering about a life coach salary and what a life coach does exactly.

These are important questions to ask before you decide to become a certified coach.

You may not become wealthy based on the current life coach salary range, but you will enjoy a rewarding job that has the potential for changing and improving lives. 

And based on your own expertise in this industry, you’ll have the ability to motivate yourself to increase your life coach salary and build your business. 

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What Is A Life Coach And Do You Need One?

Woman talking, what is a life coach

Many successful people have utilized the services of a life coach to partner with them as they work toward a big goal or life change.

However, others are hesitant to hire a life coach because they aren’t sure exactly what a coach can do and how coaching can help them accomplish big, bold things.

If you haven’t considered working with a life coach, right now is a great time to learn how coaching can make a positive difference in your life and accelerate your dreams and goals.

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The Life Coaching Business And Why It Could Be For You

The Life Coaching Business

Several years ago when I was searching for my life passion, I kept bumping into two careers that intrigued me — counseling and life coaching.

Before I began my passion search, I’d never heard of life coaching. But once it landed in my field of awareness, I started reading about coaching everywhere, hearing coaches (like Martha Beck) on television, and seeing ads for life coaches in local magazines.

I even had a session with a career coach as I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, although I didn’t know that’s what she was called at the time.

In speaking with my friends and family, I got a lot of encouragement to become a counselor or licensed clinical social worker. That certainly fit my personality type, and I’d talked for years about going back to school to get my graduate degree.

But the more I explored both career options, the more convinced I became that having a life coaching business (or personal coach) was the best path for me. It ultimately turned out to be my career passion.

First, as an English major in college, I didn’t have enough psychology credits to begin a master’s program, which is required to become a counselor. And as a mom of three kids all living at home at the time, I knew it would take several years to complete the undergraduate and graduate work required just to begin a practice.

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