22 Steps On The Path To Spiritual Bliss

The word “bliss” is such a soothing word.

It feels both soothing and joyful, like a soak in a warm tub.

I think it's an onomatopoeia — the sound of the word echos its meaning.

The dictionary defines it as “supreme happiness; utter joy and contentment.” There is also a spiritual meaning to the word. To reach spiritual bliss would be dwelling in paradise or attaining nirvana — a place free from pain, worry, and suffering.

Is it possible to attain spiritual bliss right now?

Can you live a life of supreme contentment, free from suffering?

Perhaps it's not possible to experience that in every moment of every day. But I think it is quite possible to configure your life in such a way that you can be on the path to spiritual bliss.

And while you are on the path, you can encounter ever-expanding pools of bliss as you learn what constitutes a life of joy and contentment, free from worry and suffering.

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