How To Follow Through On Your Plans Right Now

Note: This is a guest post by Roman Soluk.

At the beginning of every new year, we make a promise to change something in our lives.

We think about how to succeed in the coming year and have high hopes for becoming better people, for meeting the best expectations we have for ourselves.

Unfortunately, we don’t always follow through on our plans during the year. So many of them fall through the cracks, never to materialize. We start with a bang but end with a whimper.

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The Crippling Lies You May Be Telling Yourself

This post may sound harsh.

I don’t mean it to.

But this topic is something I feel so passionate about that my intensity may come across as harshness.

Please don’t take it that way. My heart is actually full of love and compassion.

For each and every one of you.

For myself.

For the ways we’ve been holding ourselves back and living small, fearful, and contained lives.

Every single day — as a coach, as a friend, as a mother, as a business associate — I hear people telling lies.

They may not know they are telling lies. But they are doing it nonetheless. Maybe “lies” is a harsh word (there’s that harshness I was talking about). Maybe telling stories is a gentler way of saying it. We tell ourselves stories. We tell others stories.

We say things like . . .

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10 Universal Personal Growth Strategies That Actually Work

woman on dock, Personal Growth

If you are reading this post, you are probably a lot like me — a seeker.

You are deeply committed to personal growth and desire to understand yourself and others better. You want to learn how to live a joyful, fulfilled, and purposeful life.

And maybe, like me, you’ve tried it all over the years.

You’ve read hundreds of self-help books, taken courses, explored metaphysical or alternative options, practiced the “law of attraction,” and followed the guaranteed-for-success formula of the newest self-help guru du jour.

I’m not putting this down at all — we need to explore, experiment, and separate the personal growth wheat from the chaff.

We each must experience our own journey of self-discovery to discern what is truly life-changing and what is merely fluff and magical thinking.

What Is Personal Growth?

Your true inner growth and development as a person occurs whether or not you actively seek it. Life often forces it upon us.

But by being intentional about growing and life-long learning, you’ll reach your potential much more quickly — and without as much strife.

Personal growth involves a wide array of actions and internal changes, including:

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The Zen Of Losing Control

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” ~Hermann Hesse

Over the past few months, something bad has been happening here at Live Bold and Bloom.

Some kind of virus infected my site. (Don’t worry. All is well now.) A message in Portuguese would pop up when you’d click on a post directing you to a nasty download, and it wouldn’t allow you to read the post or navigate away.

It was just annoying at first, as it happened occasionally and required a quick fix from my tech support person. But then it started happening more and more regularly.

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How To Easily Get Unstuck From Your Rut And Make Positive Change

If I had a penny for all the times I’ve promised myself to make positive change but never followed through, I’d be a wealthy woman.

Over the years, I’ve wanted to start running daily, learn French, paint, meditate regularly, and many other endeavors I can’t remember.

I’d start them with a bang, with great intentions of commitment and follow-through, only to quit a few days or weeks later.

Then, of course, I felt like an undisciplined loser.

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25 Ways To Create Your Personal New Year’s Revolution

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Socrates

Most New Year’s resolutions fail.

You probably know this if you’ve ever made one and attempted to keep it.

You start out strong with great determination and enthusiasm. But after a few weeks, your resolve fades away, and you are back to your old routine and habits.

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