15 Reasons Women Tend to Prefer Tall Men (Even Though Less Tall Guys Are Awesome Too)

Finding the perfect guy can be a tall order, but research shows it might start with the man's height.

Why do girls like tall guys?

Why NOT? 

There is a slew of benefits when it comes to a tall man.

It's not just primal nature. 

There are practical benefits as well. 

Tall men even seem to have that certain je ne sais quoi we can't always explain, but we'll help you understand why tall men get more attention from female admirers.

Do Women Prefer Tall Men?

Repeated studies show that women not only prefer tall men, but men prefer women who are shorter than them.

Now, don't get disappointed no matter what height you are flat-footed. Height is relative to how tall the woman is, as a 5'2 woman will have taller options than a 5'9 woman. 

Several studies have explored the height relationship in relationships. 

  • Men prefer a woman who is 3″ shorter than them
  • Women prefer a man who is 8″ taller than them
  • 55% of women will only date men taller than they are. 

Why Do Women Like Tall Men?

The same studies help answer why tall guys are hotter or at least perceived to be more attractive.

1. It's Statistically True

The average American man is 5'9 while the average American woman is 5'4. However, in the Netherlands, men are, on average, taller than any other nation, standing 6′ tall. Women in the Netherlands are 5'5 on average. 

There is no country or continent where the average woman is taller than a man. That means when you look at the playing field; women are – on average – going to find taller men to date.

2. It's Survival of the Fittest

This coined phrase could also be survival of the tallest. Tall men are assumed to be strong and good protectors of their homes and family. 

young couple being affectionate in the woods why do women like tall men

Even if they lack muscle, the sheer dominance of their stature could be intimidating. This makes women, who certainly can fight their own battles, feel safer letting the man be the protector.

3. It's Fun To Cuddle with Tall Men

Cuddling and hugging are two ways to lower blood pressure and calm the stress hormones in your body. 

When a woman cuddles up to a man taller than her, she can bury her head into his chest and feel safe and comfortable. This also helps feed the desire to be protected. 

4. It's Financially Beneficial

If it seems like tall men make more money, it's not a myth. Studies have shown a man makes $1000 more per year for every extra inch of height. 

In an interesting twist from another study, it's not just the height that brings the earning potential. It's the confidence the height brings that helps. Men who were tall as teenagers have adapted to the power position of being tall and thus have more confidence. 

The only circle this doesn't hold true is in Hollywood. Actors like Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Junior are much closer to the average height of the American male, but they seem larger than life on screen.

It’s done through trick camera angles, elevator shoes, and boxes to raise the height during romantic scenes.

5. It's Helpful for Planning Future Families 

Women look to potential partners for safety, security, and procreation. If a woman sees a tall man as being able to help create taller, thus more powerful, children, she might have a hormonal urge to choose a taller man over a shorter man. 

It can also be fueled by a woman’s height insecurities and wanting to even out height levels for future generations of her family. 

6. It's Just Evolution

The simple fact is we don't always have a scientific reason why something happens. We just know that time, survival, and evolution have taken us to a point where women love tall men.

We also know on the opposite side of the aisle, men like curves on a woman. 

Studies have shown that men prefer women with a lower hip-to-waist ratio. Various factors have fed these desires for generations, and who can argue with evolution? 

7. It's Also True the Other Way Around

It also helps women who like tall women that those same men seek out women shorter than them. This means that shorter women will have more opportunities to meet taller men. 

The more people you meet, the sooner you'll likely find a mate. With men preferring shorter women and the average man being taller than the average woman, it's a fertile feed of potential partners for shorter women. 

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8. It's All About Masculinity 

In an age when gender is fluid, it's almost a socially unacceptable phase, but “manliness” is seen as a desirable trait for heterosexual women. This also allows the woman to feel more feminine, balancing out the relationship. 

Studies have shown that a man's height and weight are defining factors for assumed masculinity, even more than facial features. 

9. It's Confidence Boosting

When a woman dates a taller man, there is a societal nod of agreement with their appearance as a couple. The woman can be stylish and wear heels as tall as she wants, and she'll be on the arm of a tall man who is confident with his partner. 

Smaller women can also be lifted, spun around, and carried across the threshold. A woman who is taller than her man might feel insecure about heels or piggyback rides in the park. 

10. It's A Whole New World Up There

He can see things far above a concert crowd or reach the top shelf at the store with ease. Using his height to the couple's advantage helps with knowledge, insight, and security. 

You can also feel just as tall when you sit on his shoulders at a festival. 

11. It's Likely Tall Men are Well Endowed

Let's just say it. Tall men have big bodies, hands, heads, and other body parts. One would assume that means the private areas also come in a larger size, which can fuel female hormones and the desire for intimacy. 

While big things can come in small packages, tall packages seem to bring less or a surprise when it's game time. 

12. It's Sporty

Tall men will get more opportunities to experience competitive sports based on their stature. Women are attracted to a man's competitive spirit and like watching their man play a game. 

They prefer to watch their man dominate the game. This feeds into the security and protective nature of a taller man. 

13. It's a Media Stereotype Influence

Have you ever heard of someone looking for “Short, Pale, and Meager?” NO! We go after “Tall, Dark, and Handsome.” He's a “tall drink of water,” and you “walk tall” to show confidence. We see football players scoop up their wives during the victory lap on the field. Swoon. 

How do we know it's a stereotype if someone says, “I only like tall guys”? Because studies done on blind people have shown the biological connection is strongly connected to sight.

Blind people found no direct preference for tall men in a 2021 study, suggesting that the visual evolution and media exposure back up the belief that tall men are better. 

14. It's Socially Acceptable

Women also might prefer tall men because of the flack they'll get for dating a shorter man. You know that you've heard somewhere in your circle of friends, “He's so nice if only he were taller.” 

Like it or not, we need the acceptance of our friends and family to foster healthy relationships. Tall men with short women are unilaterally accepted. Tall women and short men have a tougher road ahead. 

15. It's Seen as More Successful

Studies have shown that men working in blue-collar jobs are at least an inch shorter than their white-collar counterparts. 

This also holds true for women in the working world. Taller men statistically have more education or higher levels of education. 

More Questions Answered About Why Women Like Tall Men

Before you get lost in dreamy thoughts of a 6'6 man snuggling up to you in bed, we wanted to address some frequently asked questions. 

What advantages do tall guys have?

Tall guys seem to have science on their side, but it starts in the teenage years when people learn confidence and develop personalities based on their social acceptance.

If you are a confident teenager, that will carry on with you through higher education, the workforce, and relationships.

It leads to making more money and being seen as a more masculine guy with a better ability to protect and offer security to those they love. 

Is height most attractive for a man?

Men's Health magazine says the perfect height for a man is 6′ tall, with the perfect weight being 187. Studies also show that tall men have more attractive partners, which thus makes them even more desirable.

While women might initially be attracted to tall men and even put up with a little more drama than they'd like, being tall won't save a relationship if the man isn't a good guy. 

Is it better to be tall or short?

It's better to be comfortable with your height and have self-awareness, confidence, and self-love. Tall people can also have higher health risks, including heart arrhythmias, varicose veins, and nerve damage.

Tall people have a lower risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol, which is also largely dependent on diet and exercise habits. 

Final Thoughts

Most women will admit they prefer a man that is 6′ or taller but being tall can also be a fantasy.

Women might dream of that tall man, but when it comes down to it, they'll date the person who makes them feel loved and cherished, no matter the height. 

Those tall guys just get a better chance at getting the girl in the first place. That doesn't mean they'll get to keep them.