67 Warm And Caring Words Of Encouragement After Surgery

Going through surgery can be a significant life event. 

Post-surgery, people need the support of friends and family, whether bringing a meal, pet sitting, or simply offering encouraging words. 

But finding the right words to express your care can be a challenge. 

If you’re looking for words of encouragement for surgery but can’t come up with a heartfelt message, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. 

Our ideas here are perfect for a card, a phone call, a text, or sharing in person.

What to Say to Someone After Surgery 

Sometimes, what to say to someone who just had surgery isn’t just about your words but also how you deliver them. 

Some people feel extremely self-conscious about being the center of attention. Some people might still face a long road to recovery or long-term complications from the surgery. 

Here are a few other considerations when you’re deciding what to say:

  • How they’re feeling — Some people feel mostly okay after major surgery; others feel exhausted, in pain, or discouraged
  • Their diagnosis — Having a routine knee surgery differs from undergoing major, scary surgery, such as removing a malignant tumor. 
  • Their prognosis — Was the surgery successful, or was it the first part of a long, more frightening treatment?
  • Their personality — Some people like to get well wishes after surgery, but others feel self-conscious or unnerved by the attention. A quick text or card might be the best choice for people like this.

How to Best Express Your Encouraging Words After Surgery

Now you know what to consider when choosing your words, but what is the best way to share them? 

Some people enjoy talking on the phone, while others find it awkward and tiring. 

Younger people often rely on social media for most communication, while older people don’t feel comfortable with it or find it impersonal. 

Here are a few ways to reach out to someone after their surgery.

  • In-person — Some people enjoy hospital visits and feel comforted by the presence of friends and loved ones. Consider how your friend might react and confirm ahead of time.
  • A Card — A get-well-soon card is a classic way to let someone know you’re thinking of them without monopolizing their time. Sending it with flowers is a nice touch.
  • Phone Call — Older people often enjoy calls, while younger ones may not.
  • Text or IM — Depending on the person, they might find this acceptable or too impersonal.

67 Caring And Warm Words Of Encouragement After Surgery 

If you’re wondering what to say after surgery – worry not.

Use our ideas as inspiration for your own. Or heck, just use them as is. We won’t tell.

1. We are all missing you and sending you good thoughts. Can’t wait to see you when you are feeling up to it!

2. I know this has been a difficult time. I’m sending you all my best wishes for a quick and easy recovery.

3. It sounds like you’ve been a real trooper. With a spirit like yours, you’ll get through this in no time.

4. I hope you’re getting the quality care you deserve. Rest up and feel better soon. 

5. I’m so glad the operation went well. I was thinking about you the whole time.

6. It’s been great to hear about your progress! Sending you wishes for a quick recovery.

7. Things aren’t as fun around here without you. I hope you’re back home with the gang soon, but take your time recovering. 

8. This part is rough, but it will get better. Keep hanging in there, and don’t get discouraged.

9. I hope you’re getting some rest. You’ll be back on your feet in no time!

10. Give yourself time to rest and recover. You deserve to take it easy right now after being such a trooper.

11. You’ve been on my mind the last few days. Sending you good thoughts during this. 

12. So glad that you are on the mend. You are in my thoughts every day. 

13. You’ll be doing all your favorite things again before you know it. Don’t let this get you down. 

14. We are all thinking of you and hope that you feel better soon. All your friends are cheering you on. 

15. Feel better, friend. Sending you love and prayers as you recover from your surgery.

16. Hope you are starting to feel better and getting some rest. You’re in my prayers.

17. I’m no doctor, but I’m sending get-well-soon vibes. Feel better and come home soon.

18. As soon as you feel up to it, I’d love to meet up for lunch. Tell me when and where and it’ll be my treat. 

19. I miss your happy face. I hope I can see it again soon — when you’re feeling better, of course.

20. You made it through surgery! I know you’ll make it through this next part, too.

21. Hope the doctors are treating you well. We’re keeping things together at home for you. Don’t worry about a thing.

22. Sending you tons of air hugs to make you feel better and bring you home as quickly as possible. 

23. I know you feel lousy right now, but you’ll feel better a little bit at a time. Hang in there, friend.

24. Take time to rest and recover. We’re here to take care of everything you need.

25. I’m sure you’re tired, and I don’t want to take up your time. I just want to say I wish you a swift recovery.

26. The worst part is behind you. Focus on the good things to come.

27. We’re all cheering for you. Don’t worry about anything but resting and getting better.

28. It might take a while to feel normal again. Don’t let that discourage you. I know you’ll be back to your fantastic self soon.

29. The hardest part is behind you. We’re all rooting for you here at the office and can’t wait to have you back.

30. I heard that you’re doing amazing. Keep up the good work, one day at a time.

31. Every small step is a reason to celebrate. You’ve got this. Know that we’re all cheering for you.

32. I’m so glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. Take it easy and focus on feeling better. 

33. I’m hoping that you feel comfortable and encouraged today. We’re all thinking of you.

34. You deserve to take it easy. Enjoy the bedrest, pain meds, and room service. The food? Well…not so much. 

35. Everyone is rooting for you. We can’t wait to have you back with us.

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36. I’m sending you all the good vibes as you start on the road to recovery.

37. Focus on getting rest as you recover. Your friends are here to handle everything else.

38. This disease made a mistake messing with you. You’re doing amazing, and every day will get easier.

39. Life isn’t as fun without you. Even though you’re not here, I feel better knowing you’re on the mend and will be home soon.

40. I know recovery can feel overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

41. Hoping you feel surrounded by love and support today. Sending you my love as well.

42. I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me. Wishing you love and comfort until we see each other again.

43. You are so incredibly tough. You’re doing great, so keep up the good work.

44. Hang in there and stay positive. There are good things to come for you.

45. Sending you good thoughts from afar. Please let me know how I can support you.

46. I’m no cook, but I’d love to order food for you. How do tacos sound?

47. Praying that you feel the presence and comfort of God in this time of recovery. 

48. I have no doubt you’ll be back to your wonderful self in no time.

49. Here’s hoping the hospital food is tasty. Kick back, relax, and focus on getting better.

50. I wish I could give you a hug, but I don’t want to squeeze you too tight. I’m sending you one from afar.

51. I’m thinking about you today. Hope everything is going well and you’re getting some rest.

52. We miss you. Keep fighting, get some rest, and come home when you’re ready.

53. You’ll be back on your feet in no time. We can’t wait to see you.

54. Wishing you comfort and peace as you go through recovery. We’re all here for you.

55. Your only job right now is to rest, heal, and let your friends support you. Please let us know what we can do to help.

56. I never doubted you’d come through surgery. I know you’ll conquer this next part too.

57. Let me know if you’d like some company to pass the time. I’d love to visit.

58. Take it one day at a time, and don’t give up hope. You’re not alone.

59. Work isn’t the same without you. Hope to see you back in the office soon.

60. Hoping to see you back to your old self again soon, friend. I miss you!

61. You are the toughest person I know. I have confidence that you’ll kick recovery’s butt.

62. You’re on my mind. Please let me know how I can support you right now.

63. I prayed for you before your surgery, and I’m continuing to keep you in prayer.

64. I’m thinking about you every day and hoping for a quick and easy recovery.

65. I know this time is difficult. Know that your friends are here to support you.

66. You are in my prayers as you tackle this time in recovery. Sending you strength!

67. Things are all going to be better from here. Focus on resting and getting better. 

Final Thoughts

Though knowing what to say to someone who has just undergone surgery can be difficult, it shouldn’t prevent you from making an effort. 

All it takes is expressing help and support in a way your friend will appreciate.

Whether you send a card, a text, or visit in person, they’ll appreciate that you took the time to show you care about them.