Extraverted Intuition: 8 Signs That You Are A NE Personality Type

Do you know who you are?

This seemingly simple question may not be as simple as it sounds.

Psychologists, philosophers and some of the world’s greatest minds have been pondering this question for centuries.

Carl Gustav Jung, a renowned Swiss psychiatrist believed that all human beings are guided by four main psychological functions: sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking.

Some years later, a mother and daughter duo, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers developed what is now known as the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a predictive questionnaire designed to determine which primary psychological functions guide people to explore and understand the world around them.

“Intuition gives outlook and insight; it revels in the garden of magical possibilities as if they were real.” – Jung

One of the most underestimated and widely misunderstood personality types is the Extraverted Intuitive (NE) and today, shed light on some of the main signs that may indicate that you fall into this rare group.

What is Extraverted Intuition?

Extraverted intuition is a psychological function based on perceiving and collecting information from one’s general surroundings.

Those who fall into this personality group use their intuitive senses to identify patterns and data in order to make decisions, form relationships and discover potential opportunities.

Of course, there’s more to extraverted intuition than meets the eye.

This personality type is particularly interesting because those who have it are able to recognize abstract concepts and therefore draw conclusions that other personality types may not be able to.

“The representation of the extravert refers completely to the object and is, therefore, in complete agreement with outer reality, while his thinking is in agreement with his own inner reality.”  – Jung

A person with this extraverted Myers Briggs function strives to understand ideas that are hidden from plain sight.

Introverted Intuition vs. Extraverted Intuition

When it comes to introverted intuition versus extraverted intuition, the main difference between the two relates to how one collects and interprets data.

Introverted intuitives are more prone to derive information from within themselves rather than from the outside world.

Here are some key differences between the introverted and extraverted intuition (IN vs EN):

  • INs tend to focus on finding solutions; ENs prefer coming up with ideas.
  • INs understand many perspectives on an idea; ENs understand how different ideas are connected.
  • INs enjoy exploring concepts in their inner world; ENs explore possibilities in the outer world.
  • INs dive deeply into new concepts; ENs want to see how a new concept relates to other concepts.
  • INs are good at predicting future outcomes; ENs are good at seeing connections in unrelated things.
  • INs learn best by immersing themselves in an idea; ENs learn best by experimenting with ideas in the outside world.
  • INs need uninterrupted focus to come up with solutions; ENs need to brainstorm out loud.
  • INs feel that great ideas come out of nowhere; ENs have a multitude of ideas ready.

Do you feel like your personality type uses heightened senses to understand the world around you? These 8 signs of Extroverted Intuition may show you that you are a part of a bigger whole.

8 Signs of Extraverted Intuition

Do you identify with the following statements?

1. I Value a Theoretical Approach

Extraverted intuitives are often mistaken for dreamers who spend days fantasizing about future events that may never occur.

They do live in a dream world of their own making, but their dreams are very much attainable.

People with this personality function value theory more than empirical evidence, as they strive to envision solutions rather than search for clues or evidence in order to solve potential problems.

They are visionary learners with colorful mindsets who often get distracted and lost in thought and theory

2. I Find No Obstacles Insurmountable

In a world of an extraverted intuitive, there are no such things as obstacles. When faced with an issue, these creative minds see only one thing – potential.

Unlike other personality types who often spend time contemplating how to resolve problems and developing strategic plans to overcome obstacles, NE types generate ideas and use clues to connect the dots and form a bigger picture.

For extraverted intuitives, it’s all about creating something new, exciting and most importantly – different.

3. I Am Driven by Future Events

Have you ever found yourself so focused on the future that you forget what you are doing in the present moment? Those with extraverted intuition as a primary function feel this way all the time.

This is because, in the mind of an NE, the real opportunities and potential for success and happiness are always ahead of them. NE personality types don’t see the future as something unpredictable or unnerving.

For them, it’s the place which that holds the possibility for betterment.

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This future focus is not always a good thing though.  While so engrossed in exploring the never-ending possibilities for the future, extraverted intuitives may neglect current events, tasks, and responsibilities.

As a result, NEs have a group of friends with various personality traits which helps the NE maintain focus on the here and now.

4. I Believe Innovation is Key

NE types are generally transformative by nature and are always looking for ways to change, evolve and grow as individuals.

They possess this unquenchable thirst for adventure that can only be extinguished by creating new ideas, plans, and future prospects.

NE types rarely rely on traditional and long-established methods when working. Instead, they prefer innovative and distinctive techniques to tackle the task before them.

5. I Appreciate an Unbiased View

Not many people are able to keep an open mind and respect others’ opinions and beliefs, regardless of how much they differ from their own.

But your extraverted intuition allows you to appreciate people and their points of view without inflicting your judgment upon them.

This non-judgmental quality is unique and found only in certain personality types.

This is the reason NE personalities are known as advocates, as they strive to maintain an unbiased outlook regardless of the situation.

It’s a noteworthy trait of great leaders with strong values, confidence, and integrity.

6. I Find Group Projects Inspirational

Many people find working on group projects difficult or unpleasant, both in work and academic situations.

In fact, group projects are often described as the 10th circle of hell by some. They prefer solitary work or working with just one or two other people.

But guess who disagrees?

That’s right, extraverted intuitives thrive when surrounded by people, particularly people with personality traits different than their own.

This group dynamic allows NE types to brainstorm ideas and analyze them from different perspectives.

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While introverts are primarily drawn to problem-solving on their own terms and often don’t enjoy consulting others, extraverts perform best in bustling and busy environments.

This gives NE types a huge learning potential, as they generate new ideas by taking the most valuable parts of other people’s thoughts.

This allows them to observe things from a completely different and unique perspective.

7. I Love a New Challenge

Routine? Schedule? 9-5? These are unknown concepts for the NE. While they’re passionate learners and always dedicated to their goals, NE’s don’t care for structured environments.

This type of structure only limits their potential and doesn’t give them restricts the space they need to grow.

The extraverted intuitive requires constant challenges in order to stay engaged. NE personality types are hard-working and indomitable, but their approach to work can be eccentric and even disorganized.

If you have ever encountered someone who is a “mad genius” or a “crazy scientist,” it’s quite possible that he or she belonged to this rare personality group.

8. My Possibilities Are Endless

One of the biggest challenges for NE types is focusing on a single task.

Extraverted intuitives see potential and new possibilities wherever they turn, so picking just one challenge and working towards a single goal is almost impossible for them.

This behavior makes NE’s seem indecisive and even scatterbrained at times, but it’s in this creative disorganization that they’re able to grow the most.

Having a multifaceted mindset allows them to be great multitaskers and work well in pressure-induced environments.

This is certainly one of the perks of extraverted intuition, seeing how many other personality types, including introverted intuitives, don’t perform well in stressful situations.

Self-driven, passionate, motivated, and a born leader. Does this sound like someone you know?

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However, those who fall into this group can be characterized as having high and unattainable standards. Extraverted intuition is quite a unique personality type that is often misunderstood. 

It’s important to realize that each of the 16 personality types (8 according to Jung) are distinctive in their own way, and it’s the subtle nuances and differences that make us who we are.

No type is better or worse than another. They all have positive and negative traits.  What’s most important is to recognize our dominant and auxiliary traits and allow them to subtly guide us through life.

As Jung says: “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.”