75 Rainy Day Date Ideas To Salvage Your Plans For Fun

You and your partner are thinking about where to go for a date when it suddenly starts raining.

Ah, rain… Romantics everywhere agree: A rainy day date is quite dreamy, isn’t it?

Well, it may be in The Notebook or Breakfast at Tiffany’s but, in real life, we paint a completely different picture.

When you think about a date, a rainy day definitely isn’t your go-to setting.

After all, shivering in the cold with wet feet and ruined hair totally kills the mood.

Should you call off the date?

Not at all!

There are a million rainy day date ideas for couples that are romantic and super entertaining — and you can still be warm and dry.

In addition to an umbrella, all you need is a bit of creativity and openness to find all the fun things hiding beyond any drizzle or storm.

What's In This Article:

Can Rainy Day Dates Really Be Fun?

If you've planned an outdoor picnic or a day by the pool together, you have every right to feel bummed.

couple sitting on park bench with umbrella rainy day date ideas

The rain is washing away your excitement and motivation to do anything except sit inside and mope.

But remember, you have your most special person to spend the day with, and the two of you can create fun wherever you are. So can a rainy day date really be fun? Consider these things about rainy days:

  • They are a perfect excuse to stay inside and get into mischief.
  • If you go out, it will be much less crowded as you walk about.
  • Also, statistics show crime goes down on rainy days. So you won't have to fend off muggers walking through the city!
  • Rain is life-giving, so it's great for a his and hers gratitude moment.
  • Rain is romantic. It just is. And it smells good too. So lean into it.

75 Fun Rainy Day Date Ideas

Are you ready to transform rain into an opportunity to spend some quality time together?

Let yourself be inspired by these 75 ideas and make the most out of your rainy day date!

Romantic Rainy Day Dates

1. Plan a romantic dinner in for your partner.

Cook, light some candles, grab some wine, and have romantic music playing in the background. Then build a fire to sit next to and watch a romantic movie that you will both love.

2. Have a game day at home.

Play some of the board game classics like Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, and Sorry! Keep score of who wins the most!

3. Bake some homemade cookies together.

With the intentions of distributing them to your neighbors. Whether or not that actually happens is up to you!

4. Teach each other how to do something new.

Pick something that each person has never tried, like playing an instrument, a new card game, baking a pie, or juggling.

5. Learn a new dance together.

Try a new dance after watching YouTube videos together. Master it so you can do it together next time you go out. You can try the Salsa, the Waltz, or even breakdancing– have fun with it!

couple laughing in rain forest rainy day date ideas

6. Watch TED talks together.

Discover new lectures on TED and then discuss what you learned. There are some really funny ones and really enlightening ones as well — just find what interests you.

7. Build a giant, adult fort and watch a movie together.

Gather all of the sheets and pillows in your house and get creative with your fort building. Plan a romantic picnic dinner for a cozy meal in your fort while you watch.

8. Binge watch a new Netflix series.

Find a series that you have been interested in for a while but haven't had the time to catch.

9. Create an at-home spa and relax all day together.

Take out the bubble baths and the massage oils and pamper one another while you let the stress of the week melt away.

10. Why not a trip… down memory lane?

Explore your old family photos and even your dreaded high school yearbooks. There’s nothing like sharing old memories to bring you two closer (or you can just laugh at the funny photos of you as kids and those awful high school haircuts).

11. Try the famous 36 questions that lead to love.

Researchers affirm that answering these 36 questions and looking into each other’s eyes for four minutes can make anyone fall (even deeper) in love.

12. Get outside and play in the rain.

You have to make the best of it together and you will likely end up turning to each other once you get cold.

13. Get a couples' massage or facial at a spa.

Together you can even go to the spa for the mani and pedi — which is popular with the guys, by the way.

Fun Places to Go for Rainy Day Dates

14. Play some video games at your closest arcade.

This will help you reminisce to the good old days when you played video games and foosball from the '80s and '90s.

15. Find out your futures by going to see a psychic.

Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, it will give you a lot to talk about when you're finished.

16. Go bowling together.

Who doesn’t like bowling? Talk about a fun activity to do on a rainy day! Not to mention that a bit of friendly competition can surely spice up your relationship.

17. Go to a museum.

If possible, go to an interactive art or science museum to really enjoy the day.

18. Go to the jump park.

Sure, you will probably be among many people who are much younger than you, but you will have a blast and you will definitely get some good exercise in.

19. Visit a pool hall.

Its a fun, old-school rainy day activity for adults.  Maybe by the time you finish your game, the rain will have stopped.

20. Go to the theater.

When was the last time you saw a play? Movies are great, but live theater on a stage is a higher cultural activity that helps you access your emotions and share them together.

21. Find a brewery tour nearby.

Even if you don’t know much about craft beer and wine, isn’t rain a good excuse to go for a tasting together? Better yet, find one in a nearby town. Who knows, maybe it isn’t raining there!

22. Indoor rock climbing.

Nowadays, many gyms offer this adventurous activity with trainers and equipment available on site. You may not be good at it at first but you’ll certainly laugh a lot.

23. What about some live music?

Go to a jazz bar for a romantic jazzy experience or find a fun concert in your area. You might just find your new favorite artist.

24. Give rain photography a shot.

If you’re not afraid of getting wet. Grab a cover for your camera and find the most beautiful sides of this rainy day together.

25. Try going for a scenic drive.

Sometimes we assume that the rain has to keep us indoors, and we miss much of the allure of the beauty and atmosphere of our surroundings. Go for a ride and discover a new way of looking at the places that surround us.

Cozy Ideas for a Rainy Day

26. Snuggle up with some tea/coffee and books. 

Get your mugs ready with your favorite teas or fresh coffee, and settle in together with your books. Enjoy some quiet reading time together.

couple laughing in the rain rainy day date ideas

27. Start your own book club for two. 

Take turns reading a book to each other and take time out to discuss each chapter (or a few chapters). Or discuss a book you’ve both already read.

28. Hit the skating rink. 

Whether you prefer rollerblading or ice-skating, if the rink of your choice is open, why not see how crowded it is (or isn’t). 

29. Do some Christmas shopping together on Etsy. 

It’s the stay-at-home version of Christmas bazaar shopping. You can each make a list of things to look for and take turns searching for them.

30. Spend some time at the library. 

The library is a great place to hang out together and browse the stacks. Check out some books or movies to enjoy together at home.

31. Compete in a cook-off or bake-off (and enjoy the results). 

You can each prepare the same thing and compare recipes and results or cook foods that complement each other so that you can enjoy them both. 

32. Paint a room together. 

Choose a paint color and give one of your rooms a makeover while you talk about other plans — for future dates, trips, or other shared goals.

33. Get crafty together. 

If you’re both planning to make handmade gifts for Christmas, make a crafty date of it and get started on your gift lists. 

34. Whip up a batch of homemade hot chocolate and just talk. 

Mix up your own special hot cocoa recipe or try a new one. Fill your mugs and top them however you like, and just enjoy each other’s company.

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35. Create scavenger hunts for each other and race to the finish.

Each of you creates an indoor scavenger hunt for the other and see who can finish first. When you’re done, enjoy looking through your finds.

36. Pretend you’re in a Paris hotel. 

Get some crusty French bread, cheese, strong coffee, or wine, and enjoy them while playing romantic music and learning French. 

Unique Ideas for Rainy Day Dates

37. Go swimming in the rain. 

If just walking in the rain is too basic for you, find an accommodating lake or ocean beach and go for a swim together. 

38. Go to a cat or dog café 

Look up cat or dog cafes in your area (like the Cafe Meow in Minneapolis) and check one out. Visit with friendly rescues while you enjoy food and drink.  

39. Karaoke. 

You can go to a karaoke bar (if any are open) or use your own karaoke machine and serenade each other or sing as a duet. 

40. Go for a walk in the rain. 

Bring an umbrella big enough for you both — or one for each. You can always do the huddling thing when you’re stopping for a kiss. 

41. Go coffee tasting to see which local shops make the best espresso or drip brews.                                                                       

Stop at three different coffee places and taste their brews to see which you like best. Find a way to support or reward your favorite. 

42. Go to an indoor pool. 

Find a heated indoor pool close to home and spend some time swimming together before going someplace for a meal or coffee/tea and dessert. 

43. Get your nails done. 

Go to a local nail salon and get manicures or pedicures (or both) done. Pick up some nail-related self-care gifts while you’re there.

44. Get your hair done. 

If this is an option, you can both go to a hairdresser/salon in your area, and each get a fresh cut-and-style, eye-brow waxing, or other treatment.

couple in matching raincoats in the rain rainy day date ideas

45. Play indoor mini-golf.

Set up a mini-golf course at your place and enjoy a game of indoor golf while the rain falls. Mix it up with some made-up rules. 

46. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or shelter. 

Make a date of working together to serve those who have less than you — not to pity them but to remember and honor your shared humanity. 

47. Go to a virtual concert. 

Find a concert online and either dress up for it or come as you are. Invite your date to dance or just enjoy the music over drinks. 

48. Watch Hamilton on DisneyPlus

Everyone should see Hamilton at least once. If you have already, whip up some of your favorite movie snacks and drinks and watch it again. 

49. Visit a tarot card reader. 

Or get a tarot card reading online. If you’re both acquainted with the tarot, you could also do readings for each other. 

50. Take a bubbly soak for two. 

This requires a jacuzzi/spa tub. Crank up the bubbles and take a long, hot soak while talking about whatever is on your minds. 

51. Spend the day in bed. 

Light some candles and play some relaxing music. One of you could serve the other breakfast in bed, and the other could do lunch. 

52. Go to high tea. 

Spend time learning about the details and prepare a high tea for the two of you to enjoy while talking about whatever comes to mind. 

53. Play laser tag. 

If you’re both competitive and you’ve put the breakables out of harm’s way, enjoy some lighthearted target practice.

54. Read poetry to each other. 

Pick out some poetry books and take turns reading each other a poem. Get a box of chocolates (or other treats) to share while you read and listen. 

55. Hit the (home) gym. 

Play some workout music or a workout video and do some strength-training, yoga, or dance together. Learn something new or stick with something you both like.

56. Get out the adult coloring books and colored pencils. 

Get out an assortment of adult coloring books and coloring pencils and spend a few hours coloring while you catch up with each other.

57. Take a nap together. 

Sometimes, you just want to curl up together and take a nap while the rain patters on the roof. Call it a self-care date for both of you.

58. Watch a documentary together. 

You can find plenty of fun and interesting documentaries on YouTube. What you learn can give you more to talk about afterward.

59. Make a bucket list (or lists). 

Get some good quality paper or a set of new journals, and brainstorm bucket lists for both of you. Pick the one thing you could each do first.

Interesting and Educational Rain Date Ideas

60. Take turns telling each other jokes. 

Take turns choosing jokes or riddles from a book. They can be as corny or as dirty as you like, as long as you’re both enjoying them.

61. Find a jigsaw puzzle and put it together. 

Get some snacks and drinks ready, pick out a puzzle that appeals to you both, and put it together while talking or listening to music. 

62. Tour a local factory. 

If any food or drink factories in your area are open and giving tours, arrange for a visit and enjoy the samples. 

63. Meditate together. 

Use the app of your choice or play some soothing background music, sit in comfortable positions, and meditate in comfortable silence. 

64. Watch a movie with a romantic rain scene. 

Think Singing in the Rain, The Notebook, or Four Weddings and a Funeral. Or watch any romantic movie that justifies snuggling up together. 

65. Play Words with Friends (app). 

This is a game app similar to Scrabble, and it allows other app users to join in. Sign up and enjoy some friendly competition. 

66. Try a virtual escape room. 

Search your phone’s app store for the words “escape room,” and either play together on your phone or have your date join in with theirs. 

67. Settle in for some Marquee TV

This streaming service shows dance, opera, music, documentaries, and theater from the Royal Ballet Company, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and Opera Zurich. 

68. Plant something together. 

Plant an indoor herb garden (if you both love fresh herbs), or prepare an indoor growing bed for sprouts, cat grass, salad greens, etc.   

69. Learn a hip-hop dance routine. 

Use an app or YouTube video to take a challenging and fun hip-hop dance lesson, and enjoy the awkward learning process together. 

70. Have a smoothie-making contest. 

Taste and rate each smoothie by texture, taste, and color. Keep track of the ingredients and amounts you use in each one.

71. Create a vision board together. 

Choose a theme for one vision board — or for two, if you’d each like to make one. Use poster board, a corkboard, or a cardboard folder.

72. Make music together. 

If you’re both musical, why not write and play a song together. Or choose songs you both know and perform with your voices or instruments. 

73. Have a Marie Kondo date. 

Choose a room and invite your date to help you sort out your possessions into three piles — keep, donate, or toss.

74. Browse an Arts and Crafts Market. 

Find something close enough to home and support local artists and crafters while picking up thoughtful, handmade gifts. 

75. Check out a new coffee shop together. 

Go inside to enjoy the ambiance and maybe pick up a souvenir as a memento or thank you gift for your date. 

Final Thoughts

What rainy day date ideas do you have?

We're sure you can find a rainy day activity for couples on our list that is perfect for you. But maybe you have an idea to share in the comments below.

Regular dates keep your relationship fresh, your romance alive, and they boost your communication skills and closeness with each other.

Don't let the rain stop you from relishing all the benefits of dating. The most important part is just being together — and enjoying yourselves!

With a bit of inspiration and a loved one beside you, there’s much you can do to nurture your bond and have a ton of fun together on a rainy day.

Let rain spark your creativity and encourage you and your partner to have the best date ever!

May your mutual love and ingenuity influence your rainy day date and everything else you do today!

Finally, if you’d like to learn how to have deeper intimacy and enhance your relationship, then I invite you to grab this book, which has 201 powerful questions to build a deeper connection with your loved one.

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