15 Magnetic Personality Traits To Attract Others To You

What does it mean to have charisma?

And is that something you can cultivate in yourself?

You’ve asked these questions before, and you’re ready for answers. 

Because who wouldn’t like to know how to have a magnetic personality? 

Turns out, you can definitely build magnetic personality traits to attract more of the people you want in your life.

Keep reading to learn more about the qualities of magnetic personalities and how you can develop those in yourself. 

It won’t be long before you reap the benefits. 

With a magnetic personality, you can:

  • Easily expand your social circle and develop friendships.
  • Build your influence in your personal and professional endeavors.
  • More quickly rise to leadership positions.
  • Win the trust and loyalty of others.
  • More easily influence others to adopt your ideas.

What Is a Magnetic Personality?

A magnet attracts, and so does a magnetic personality. If you have this personality, there's something about you that captures the attention of others.

People with this charismatic appeal make friends easily because they have a warmth and a compelling demeanor that others find undeniably attractive.

Some of us are born with it, but most of us have to develop this personality trait to become more charismatic.

If you’re reading this, you probably have some magnetic personality traits. Your challenge, then, is to cultivate other essential qualities.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Magnetic?

Have you ever found yourself drawn to someone, but you're not sure why? We're not talking about romantic attraction but rather the appeal for someone who's a new acquaintance, a friend, or work associate.

There's something about them that's so appealing and almost irresistible. You feel better when you're around them, and they inspire you to be better. You've noticed others feel the same way.

It isn't always about attractiveness or sociability (although those can be part of it). Often, it's that the person is kind, genuine, endearing, funny, and giving.

You may not want to break it down too much because that can spoil the magic of this wonderful person. But if you're trying to emulate them, pay close attention and try to define what it is that captivates you.

How Do You Get a Magnetic Personality?

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t see all of the personality traits in yourself.

It’s not like they teach this in schools. You’re learning it now, and that’s what’s important.

Ultimately, building a magnetic personality is about becoming the kind of person others need. It’s becoming the kind of friend you’d love for everyone to have.

Having a charismatic personality is about being the kind of person who makes the world better. And it’s never too late to cultivate those qualities in yourself. At the end of the article, we offer some ideas on doing just that.

15 Magnetic Personality Traits to Develop

Chances are, as you go through the following list, you’ll recognize some of the signs you have a magnetic personality — or at least some of its traits.

You’ll also have a better idea of what you need to work on.

1. Authentic and Real

Magnetic personalities are never fake. They don’t pretend to be interested in you just to get something they want or to get closer to someone else. They don’t fake anything. 

They don’t have to. And they know it. They see no advantage in presenting a false front.

Because of this authenticity, this person’s friends and family members know where they stand.

Magnetic personalities let themselves be seen as they are. And they encourage others to do the same. 

2. Strong Self-Confidence

Charismatic personalities have no illusions about themselves. They know their worth, and they don’t waste time with those who don’t see it. 

They don’t hide from scrutiny. They know their strengths and weaknesses and aren’t afraid of people pointing out the latter. They turn it to their advantage. 

They don’t let fear of rejection or failure stand in their way, either. They assess the situation, make a plan, and carry it out. 

3. Sense of Humor

What puts people more at ease than a great sense of humor? And by that, I mean humor at no one’s expense. These larger-than-life personalities don’t have to sacrifice others at the altar of their ego. 

Their humor is genuine and selfless. It doesn’t hurt others to score points. 

The point of their humor is to put others at ease and cultivate a feeling of fellowship. Their humor serves others — not themselves or any cult of personality

It’s also free of pointless self-deprecation. 

4. Free Imagination

Thinking “outside the box” is a regular thing for this personality type. They’re always considering new perspectives and trying different approaches to the same problems. 

They let their imaginations run free to brainstorm ideas, without censoring them or feeling ashamed of the ones that sound less impressive.

Their uncritical acceptance of their own stream of consciousness enables them to see unusual and creative solutions. 

They also glean ideas from other minds and make new connections, giving credit where it’s due. They don’t need to be the center of attention. They just need room to play. 

5. Healthy Optimism

The magnetic personality exemplifies healthy positivity. They’re optimistic without being saccharin or dismissive. They see the good in a situation without denying the rights of others to feel what they feel. 

It’s not so much about how full the glass is but how drinking from it makes them feel and what they or someone else gains by drinking it. 

That said, they’re never annoyingly positive just to stand out or to seem “above it all.” Just as with their humor, their optimism is about serving others. 

6. Full Of Energy

Charismatic personalities are buzzing with energy. And it’s the kind of energy you want more of in your life. 

However they restore it, magnetic people invest their energy in helping others, in learning new things, and in pursuing more of what makes life better. 

Everything they keep has a reason for being there. Open space is as important to them as the tangible things they hold onto. Everything has purpose. 

And all of it relates to energy. 

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7. Active Listening Skills

Magnetic personalities are committed to active listening. It’s how they communicate with a genuine interest in what their conversation partner is saying. 

They listen to understand — not just to wait their turn or to win an argument. 

As active listeners, they attract people who need more of that kind of listening in their lives. And as they model active listening, they helps others become better listeners. 

They also grow in understanding and compassion, which draws more people to them. 

8. Full Of Empathy

If they’re not necessarily empaths, those with magnetic personalities at least find it easier to empathize with others and treat them with compassion. 

Their growing and sincere empathy makes them generous with their time and energy. They listen to understand and to be of greater service.

They validate the feelings of others and gain insights into what they need. 

They care about “being there” for others and helping them through difficult times. They commiserate with those in pain and do what they can to bring comfort. 

9. Well-spoken and Articulate

Charming personalities know what to say and how to say it. 

It doesn’t mean they never struggle with speech. It’s possible to have a speech impediment and have a magnetic personality.

If anything, their struggle with that impediment makes them more relatable and approachable. 

It doesn’t detract from their magnetism, any more than it detracts from their character. 

Their eloquence comes from the heart — not from being a practiced orator. 

10. Well-versed and Knowledgeable

The captivating personality is educated and always learning. And much of the learning they value is people-oriented.

Because why bother learning if you can’t apply that to make lives better — and to make the world better? 

The magnetic personality is always learning something new about themselves, about someone else, or about something that interests them.

If something captures their imagination, they go for a deep dive and learn all they can about it. 

Then they find ways to make good use of what they’ve learned. 

11. Thoughtful and Considerate

Magnetic personalities think of the good of others. They’re unfailingly thoughtful in their conversations and in their behavior toward other people. 

Because how they affect others with their words and actions is important to them. 

If they become aware of any unkindness in their treatment of others, they’re quick to apologize and make amends.

The magnetic person would not tolerate a toxic work environment. They’d do everything possible to make it nurturing instead. 

They do the same for their friends and family. Everyone matters to them. 

12. Inspires Others

The magnetic person inspires others to do more good. They see the best in other people and inspire them to make the most of it.

As they model healthy, positive behavior, they inspire others to model the same. 

Wherever they go, the world around them smiles more and does more good. 

They don’t force their personality on others. They work on themselves for the benefit of those they care about.

 And when people see that and feel its effects, they want to do the same.

13. Natural Curiosity

Someone with a magnetic personality can make you feel like the most interesting person in the room. They don’t do this by tricking you or faking interest.

They show genuine interest in what you’re saying, because they are genuinely interested. 

Charismatic people are curious about others. They have an insatiable interest in other people’s stories, knowledge, and experience. 

They can work a room and not only learn but retain fascinating details about every person they talked to. And they make a point of remembering people’s names. 

14. Sincere and Honest

The magnetic personality has no use for lies. They know the value of sincerity in any relationship, however long it lasts. As authentic people, they see only harm in being deceitful or dissembling. 

So, they’re always honest about their intentions, their values, and their beliefs. 

They don’t pretend to feel something they don’t. Nor do they hide what they’re feeling to protect their own ego. Ask them what they’re thinking, and you can expect a sincere reply. 

Doesn’t mean they’ll tell you everything. But they won’t lie.

15. Committed to Personal Growth

Someone with a magnetic personality is always looking for ways to become better people and to do more good in the world. 

In every growth opportunity, they see not only how it can help them but how it helps others. Because they value others’ learning and growth along with their own. 

If you’ve met an old soul, you were probably drawn to them for this reason above all. They know what’s at stake and what’s truly important. 

And they never stop seeking the true, the beautiful, and the good. 

Start developing your magnetic personality.

Personal magnetism is soul-deep. It doesn’t stop at appearances. It’s not about gaining followers or winning an election. 

According to Parmahansa Yogananda, spiritual magnetism is “the power of the soul to attract or create whatever it needs for all-around happiness and wellbeing.”

So, what can you start doing today to cultivate a magnetic personality?

  • Get real about your gifts and talents. No false humility. 
  • Get in touch with your authentic soul. Visualization can help with this.
  • Practice meditation regularly. Get comfortable with your lone self. 
  • Find a mentor or counselor who can help you as you grow.

Choose one of the traits in this post to work on today. And have an honest conversation with yourself about what matters to you.