99 Essential Things To Love About Yourself

When was the last time you took inventory of all the things to like about yourself?

If you’ve never done that, now’s the time to try.

Or why else would you be here? 

After all, real humility is impossible without self-love.

You can appreciate all there is to love about you without being arrogant or blind to your weaknesses. 

So, what are positive things about yourself?

And how long a list can you make?

99 of the Best Things to Love About Yourself 

Once you’ve looked through the following list, make one of your own titled, “What I like about me” or “My favorite things about myself.”

See if you can come up with at least as many as you see here. 

1. Your Ability to Love

Loving others and being loved makes life worth living. And we start early. 

2. Your Personality

No one else has your unique personality. It’s a work in progress but one worth celebrating. 

3. Your Creativity

Even if you don’t pride yourself on being innovative or artistic, your mind is inherently creative. 

4. Your Relationships

Loving relationships are at the top of your list of the best things in life. 

5. Your Family 

You’d do anything for them. It’s not a perfect family, but it’s yours. 

6. Your Perspective 

It changes as you learn more and grow. And you’re not ashamed to share it. 

7. Your Sense of Humor

Not everyone understands or appreciates it. But you do. 

8. Your Smile

One genuine smile changes the way you think about something or someone. It’s magic.

9. Your Laugh

When you laugh, it has an immediate positive effect on your body and mind. It’s therapy.

main painting at home Things To Love About Yourself

10. Your Sense of Direction

You’re learning how to rely on your internal guidance system.  

11. Your Eyes

They don’t have to be perfect. What do you love most about them? 

12. Your Hair

There’s something to love about every kind of hair out there. 

13. Your Teeth

If you have them, and they work as intended, that’s reason enough to celebrate. 

14. Your Skin

Think of what your skin does for you on a daily basis. Show it some love today. 

15. Your Body

Your body is exactly the one you need to become the person you were born to be. 

16. Your Nose

It’s easy to take nasal breathing for granted until you get a head cold. 

17. Your Ears 

It’s not just about what they do for you. What do you like about your ears?

18. Your Shoulders 

Consider the weight they can carry (literally as well as figuratively). 

woman hugging herself Things To Love About Yourself

19. Your Stomach

When your gut isn’t working as it should, you feel it on every level. 

20. Your Heart

Take a moment to appreciate your heartbeat and all that it means to you. 

21. Your Lungs

Why do we feel calmer when we focus on our breathing? 

22. Your Kidneys

Those hard-working little beans work around the clock to keep your blood clean.

23. Your Liver

Thank your liver for everything it does—from energy metabolism to immune support to detoxification. 

24. Your Bones

It’s not just what they do but what’s inside them (much like you). 

25. Your Pancreas

This little workhorse helps stabilize your blood sugar levels, which affect everything. 

26. Your Thyroid Gland

A dysfunctional thyroid affects your metabolism, bowel function, heart rate, temperature sense, and menstrual regularity. 

27. Your Interests

Your interests are many and varied. And you easily make connections between them. 

28. Your Education

Be grateful for what you’ve learned up to this point, wherever and however you learned it.

29. Your Financial Savviness 

If you’re good with money, you can make a little go farther than most. 

30. Your Tech Savviness

You know your way around technology. And you’re always learning. 

31. Your Patience

Patience is something you learn by practicing it—with others and with yourself. 

32. Your Senses

Be grateful for the senses you have and for what they allow you to experience. 

33. Your Intuition

You’ve come to rely on that inner voice. It’s a lot faster than your thinking mind. 

34. Your Sensitivity

Challenging as it can be, your sensitivity gives you an edge when connecting with others. 

35. Your Open-Mindedness

You welcome perspectives different from your own—and what you can learn from them.

36. Your Sense of Style

The better you know your true self, the more your style reflects it.

37. Your Taste in Music

Not everyone shares your taste in music, but you know what you like.

38. Your Love of Reading

Your TBR (“to be read”) list is a long one. If only you could read for a living. 

39. Your Taste in Books

You have a built-in radar for the kinds of books that keep you up at night (reading). 

40. Your Taste in Movies/Entertainment

You remember the ones you’ve enjoyed the most. And you don’t hesitate to defend them.

41. Your Ability to See the Good in Other People

You believe everyone has good in them, whatever choices they’ve made. 

42. Your Passion

When you believe in something or someone, your passion is palpable. 

43. Your Confidence

You know your value, and you don’t shy away from advocating for yourself. 

44. Your Ability to Trust

You’ve learned that love is worth the risk. And your trust inspires others to do better.

45. Your Self-Control

You rule your appetites, not the other way around. 

46. Your Determination

You don’t give up without giving your all, especially when the outcome affects others. 

47. Your Intelligence

Your mind is open, agile, and adaptable. Even when you’re playing, you’re learning. 

48. Your Compassion

When you see suffering, you want to ease it. You don’t take pleasure in anyone’s pain. 

49. Your Hugs

You give a great hug. And you appreciate the same from others. 

50. Your Affectionate Nature. 

You’re quick to offer one of your world-class hugs, though you don’t force them on anyone.

51. Your Generosity

You’re quick to share your resources with others, especially those in need. 

52. Your Talents

You appreciate your talents and strive to make the most of them. 

53. Your Skills

You’re proud of the skills you’ve learned and enjoy putting them to good use. 

54. Your Strength

You’re grateful for the strength you have—in your body or your mind (or both). 

55. Your Tenacity

You hold onto your goals and keep moving toward them, even when things get rough.

56. Your Resilience

Whatever life throws at you, you adapt and keep going. 

57. Your Weaknesses

Everyone has them, and you’re not ashamed of yours. You embrace your imperfection.

58. The Way Your Mind Works 

You love your mind and the way it approaches new problems and new people.

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59. Your Ability to Learn from Your Mistakes

For you, every mistake is a learning opportunity. You don’t dwell on the negatives.

60. Your Ability to Feel Joy and to Celebrate

You connect to other people’s joy and feel it with them. And you share your own. 

61. Your Ability to Feel Sadness and to Grieve

You grieve with those who suffer. And you don’t allow your sadness to isolate you.

62. Your Ability to Heal

You choose healing for yourself, just as you want it for others. 

63. Your Ability to Help Others Heal

Your thoughtfulness toward others reminds them they are loved and speeds their healing.

64. Your Love of Justice

You have a low tolerance for injustice. And you’re not afraid to call it out and take action. 

65. Your Zest for Life 

Sure, some days are rough, but life is beautiful. You don’t want to miss a thing. 

66. Your Love of Beauty

You see beauty and magic everywhere you are. How did you get so lucky?

67. Your Readiness to Embrace Inconvenience for a Greater Good

You don’t mind sacrificing your convenience to gain something better, even if it’s not for you. 

68. Your Tender Heart

You’re a certified “bleeding heart” and proud of it. 

69. Your Sense of Adventure

You crave excitement—at least some of the time. And you’re not afraid to take risks. 

70. Your Sense of Fun

You need your daily dose of fun. And you love bringing joy to others even more.

71. Your Ability to Think Outside the Box. 

Your openness to different perspectives makes your thinking more flexible and creative.

woman standing with tablet Things To Love About Yourself

72. Your Empathy

You empathize readily with others, feeling some of what they feel. 

73. Your Readiness to Help Others

You’re always ready to lend a hand to someone who needs it. You see yourself in others. 

74. Your Ability to Benefit from Good Counsel

You pay attention, reflect on the counsel, and then apply it. 

75. Your Thoughtfulness Toward Others

You anticipate the needs of others and do what you can to meet them and bring comfort. 

76. Your Ability to Say “No” 

You don’t let people take advantage of you. You’re nobody’s doormat. 

77. Your Resourcefulness

You have a knack for finding new and creative uses for things. 

78. Your Ingenuity

You combine intelligence and resourcefulness to find creative solutions. 

79. Your Poise 

You move and carry yourself with grace and friendly ease. 

80. Your Commanding Presence

Something about you commands attention when you walk into a room. 

81. Your Quiet Behind-the-Scenes Effectiveness

You move like a ghost, but you have a knack for getting the right things done well. 

82. Your Ability to Reinvent Yourself

You know it’s never too late to become the person you want to be. And you’re all in. 

83. Your Tendency to Focus on the Positives

You look for the silver lining in every situation and choose to focus on that. 

84. Your Quirks or Quirkiness

Everyone has quirks, but not everyone is described as “quirky.” Your weirdness is legendary. 

85. Your Ability to Hyperfocus

You work with laser-like focus, tuning out everything else. It’s a superpower.

86. Your Ability to Be a Good Listener

You prioritize active listening, so all who confide in you feel heard and respected. 

87. Your Ability to Create Beauty

You are a creator. And you take pleasure in creating beautiful things. 

88. Your Ability to See Both Sides of an Issue

You make an effort to understand different viewpoints out of respect for the people who hold them.

89. Your Thirst for Knowledge

Your curiosity drives you to learn as much as you can about the things that interest you. 

90. Your Reliability and Trustworthiness

With you, every secret is safe. And the people in your life know they can count on you.

91. Your Readiness to Do Things that Scare You

A life spent in your comfort zone is no life at all. You stretch yourself and push your limits.

92. Your Ability to Put Others at Ease

 You have a gift for helping others feel calmer and more focused. 

93. Your Ability to Improvise

You’re good at improvising when you don’t have time to prepare. 

94. Your Private Nature

You prefer to keep your personal business private, and that has served you well. 

95. Your Sense of Romance

You’re full of ideas for keeping the romance alive and celebrating the love of your life. 

96. Your Sense of Timing

You have an uncanny ability to say (or do) just the right thing at the right time. 

97. Your Memory

It’s almost scary how well you remember specific details from moments in your past. 

98. Your Readiness to Have Your Friend’s Back

You’ve got your friend’s back when the world turns against them. And they’ve got yours.

99. Your Readiness to Forgive

You want to forgive all those who have hurt you. You’d rather reconcile and be at peace than punish yourself with a grudge. 

Now that you’ve looked through this list of things to love about yourself, which ones resonated with you? And what else comes to mind?