11 Self-Awareness And Self-Discovery Worksheets To Better Understand Yourself

Self-discovery is a fundamental part of a thriving, balanced life, and it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s impossible to live your best life without it.


Because when you don’t have a self-discovery journey, you’re less aware of triggers and other self-assessment deficiencies. 

When that’s the case, your professional output and relationships suffer.

You’re not at your best, and your mind frequently wanders to destructive places. 

But there’s a solution: self-discovery worksheets for adults.

What Are the Benefits of Using Self-Discovery Worksheets? 

Self-discovery worksheets help pinpoint your talents, values, and good qualities. You can also use them to unsheath the faults lurking around your personality.

Reflection and honesty are the paths to self-awareness, and working on those things is beneficial. These worksheets can help you:

  • Improved Self-Awareness: Self-awareness is the backbone of self-discovery. 
  • Increased Compassion: When we know ourselves, we’re more compassionate to others.
  • Road to Better Relationships: When you’re mentally aligned, you have the tools to develop better friendships.
  • Figure Out Goals: Pinpointing your goals is a much better way to go through life than by the seat of your pants.
  • In-the-Moment Self-Assessment: We all have seasons. Worksheets help you determine where you are now.

11 Self-Awareness Worksheets for Adults To Better Know Yourself 

Self-awareness is an emotional management tool. It helps you uncover your motivations, how you think, and what triggers you — in addition to sussing out your goals and values.

Essentially, self-discovery worksheets can help you determine what you really want in life.

1. Cognitive Heights First Instinct Worksheet

cognitive heights self awareness worksheets for adults

The Cognitive Heights program aims to help people rediscover their passions.

You’ll get the most out of this by just writing and not overthinking each question. Doing so will help you tap into your intuition, which can be very useful on the road to self-discovery.

2. Personal Strengths Coaching Tool

personal strength self awareness worksheets for adults

We’d bet that every person reading these words is more capable than they think. We also bet that every person reading this feels like they’re “less than” at certain points in their lives. 

Set up like a bingo card, the choices on this worksheet include personal strengths you may frequently forget about, like:

  • I’m articulate 
  • I’m organized 
  • I’m fun 
  • I’m a good cook 
  • I’m level-headed and logical 
  • I’m stylish 
  • I’m a supportive friend

If you have friends who also feel a bit icky, invite them over and play together.

3. Getting To Know Myself

getting to know myself self awareness worksheets for adults

The Getting To Know Myself self-discovery worksheet is a short, freeform, two-question exercise:

  • Am I truly happy?
  • How would you describe your higher self?

Let the words flow. You may be surprised at what comes out. 

4. The Wellness Wheel

the wellness wheel self awareness worksheets for adults

The wellness wheel is a crowd favorite. It helps you outline a holistic well-being plan that includes eight sections:

  • Spiritual
  • Personal growth
  • Relationships
  • Fun//rec
  • Physical and mental health
  • Financial
  • Career
  • Environment

Essentially, it’s a snapshot of where you are at a specific moment in time and helps you map the journey. Many people do wellness wheels on a weekly or monthly basis to keep track of their progress.

5. Happier Mind Journal

happier mind self awareness worksheets for adults

This self-reflection worksheet from the Happier Mind Journal encourages you to be concise about how you’re doing on your self-development path.

It includes questions like:

  • What type of person are you today?
  • What three verbs would you use to describe yourself?

This work focuses on in-the-moment happiness, allowing you to assess exactly how you’re vibing at the time you’re doing it.

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6. Personal Growth Worksheet

personal growth worksheet self awareness worksheets for adults

This one-week challenge helps you keep track of:

  • Daily journaling 
  • Sleep 
  • Fruit and veggie consumption 
  • Water consumption
  • Exercise
  • Meditation

At the bottom are four boxes for brainstorming what did and didn’t work and why. 

This option is excellent for people who like tracking their progress and posting thoughts on the page.

7. How To Make a Killer Personal Development Plan

how to make a killer development plan self awareness worksheets for adults

The key to personal development is having a plan of action. This worksheet asks you to answer questions like:

  • What is my goal?
  • What’s the timeframe?
  • What are the success milestones you must overcome to meet your goal?

Do one worksheet for each goal you have.

8. Self-Awareness Checksheet

self awareness worksheets for adults

This self-awareness checklist helps you evaluate the current state of your physical and mental health.

It lists many questions about your well-being and uses a never-rarely-sometimes-often scale. Questions range from standing up for yourself and eating well.

Like the wheel, this type of worksheet helps track progress.

9. Self-Care Assessment Therapist Aid

self-care assessment therapy aid self awareness worksheets for adults

The Self-Care Assessment Therapist Aid uses a four-star rating system and encourages you to evaluate how much you exercise, eat healthily, go to preventative medical care appointments, have fun, and get restorative sleep.

This worksheet is similar to what therapists may use when assessing a new client.

10. Self-Awareness Interactive Worksheet

self awareness worksheets for adults

This simple self-awareness worksheet is a confidence booster. There’s a simple statement in the middle: I am awesome because…

Conversation bubbles surround the statement. Complete it by filling out the bubbles with positive comments about yourself.

This may be uncomfortable initially because we’re trained not to boast about ourselves. But push yourself; you deserve to bask in your own glory.

11. Window of Tolerance Worksheet

window of tolerance self awareness worksheets for adults

Hyperarousal and hypoarousal are similar sounding words with opposite meanings. When we’re hyperaroused, you blow your top. Hypoarousal, however, is a chilling effect that makes you feel detached, shut off, and restricted. 

This worksheet challenges you to pinpoint what triggers these two extremes in your life.

Getting to know yourself worksheets can be a source of pride and lead to self-satisfaction. Using them can open doors of self-awareness to improve your well-being, relationships, and career. 

Know yourself better as you engage in doing these self-awareness worksheets for adults. With these, discover what you can do as a person.