19 Of The Best Ways To Avoid Answering Personal Questions

friends talk in a restaurant how to avoid answering personal questions

How do you respond when someone asks you a personal question?

If you’re like most of us, you hesitate, thinking, “Why on earth would you ask me that?”

Then maybe you rack your brain for an appropriate response.

Whether they come from friends, family, or someone you barely know, nosy questions don’t obligate you to answer in the way the questioner intends.

To help you navigate these situations, we’ve found 19 of the best ways to dodge personal questions without starting a war.

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11 Self-Awareness And Self-Discovery Worksheets To Better Understand Yourself

woman writing in a notebook self awareness worksheets for adults

Self-discovery is a fundamental part of a thriving, balanced life, and it’s not an exaggeration to say it’s impossible to live your best life without it.


Because when you don’t have a self-discovery journey, you’re less aware of triggers and other self-assessment deficiencies. 

When that’s the case, your professional output and relationships suffer.

You’re not at your best, and your mind frequently wanders to destructive places. 

But there’s a solution: self-discovery worksheets for adults.

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Become More Self-Aware With These 26 Self-Awareness Activities

woman thinking of herself self-awareness activities

If you have landed on this article, chances are you’re doing serious work on yourself and would like to become more self-aware. 

Why do people need self-awareness activities?

Because it’s nearly impossible to progress in most areas of your life without becoming more self-aware.

For most individuals, self-awareness doesn’t come naturally. 

Self-awareness takes practice and hard work, and that’s where self-awareness activities and self-awareness worksheets come into play. 

Are you ready to take the journey to greater self-awareness?

Read on.

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Never Underestimate A Woman’s Intuition: What It Is And 17 Signs It’s Speaking To You

girl bothered about something women’s intuition

Women are intuitive creatures.

We have a strong sense of knowing when something just doesn’t feel right, even if we can’t explain it logically.

This is our intuition at work.

While this innate ability can be a powerful tool, some people dismiss it as being “just a feeling” or “irrational.”

But the truth is, our intuition is based on years of experience and instincts that have evolved over time.

And more often than not, it’s spot-on.

Read on to learn the 17 signs your woman’s intuition is trying to speak to you.

By following your intuition, you’ll be opening yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities.

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The Ultimate List Of 145 Life Lessons You Must Learn

Life Lessons

Do you ever look back on your life and think, “Gosh, I wish I’d learned that lesson a long time ago?”

You think you have a handle on how life works only to discover after a few failed relationships, difficult challenges, and misguided assumptions that you’ve been missing something valuable.

As a result, much of life is wasted on worry, regret, pain, and heartache. Of course, some of this is inevitable and necessary.

But we end up spending too much time sweating over things unnecessarily instead of focusing on what is important in life.

It seems “life lessons” are called that for a reason.

The lessons learned in life are a byproduct of life itself.

But you can learn some of these lessons before life forces them on you in a painful way.

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If You Tend To Be Manipulative, Here Are 11 Ways To Stop This Destructive Behavior

girls arguing how to stop being manipulative

Manipulation is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s hard to define.

People often use manipulative behavior with the intent to gain power or control over others.

If you tend to ask yourself, “Am I manipulative?” you probably are.

Sometimes it’s accidental, and other times you’re fully aware of it.

The better question is, “Why am I manipulative?” 

You may need to get people to agree with your opinions or do things your way.

Manipulative people often get away with their behavior because they are good at making people feel sorry for them or make their victims feel bad about themselves.

The manipulator uses guilt trips to make others believe that they are responsible for the manipulator’s problems.

They may also play on your sympathy by talking about how hard their life is or how much they have been through to get you to do things for them.

Clearly, manipulative behavior can disrupt close relationships and negatively impact your mental health.

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All About Intuitive Empaths + An Intuitive Empath Test To Discover If You Could Be One

girl dreamy by nature intuitive empath test

Could you be an empath?

Or even an intuitive empath

Maybe you’ve heard about empaths and wondered, “Am I an empath?”

If you’ve asked, there’s a good chance you are.

After all, your senses are keener than those of most people.

But is it possible your empathic powers (which can be a mixed bag) are more perceptive than the average empathic abilities?

If so, you could be an intuitive or psychic empath.

Whether you call yourself a highly intuitive empath, an empathic, or just a “very empathetic person,” you know by now that other people’s moods tend to influence your own.

But how much do you know about being an empath with heightened intuitive and psychic qualities?

And are you ready to take the intuitive empath test below to learn just how strong your empathic abilities are?

Your test score might clarify just how tuned in and perceptive you might be.

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15 Wise And Timeless Words To Live By For Throughout The Year

group sitting around fire words to live by

You probably know someone who has chosen a word or words to live by for the new year. These positive words become their mantra for the year.

  • “This year is all about _____.”
  • “My power word for the year is _____.”
  • “Every day this year will begin and end with ____.”

The inspiring words resonate so strongly with those who have chosen them that a whole year feels like hardly enough time to focus on them.

Words have so much power to inspire motivation and actions for a better life.

But the key is choosing the right words that ignite your dreams and remind you of the bigger reasons for your actions.

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