Do You Recognize Yourself In Any Of These 7 Common Dysfunctional Family Roles?

young woman sitting with knees up dysfunctional family roles

Despite regularly being bombarded by rosy media images, family dysfunction is the norm, not the exception.

As a result, researchers have loads of data to analyze.

Over the decades, they’ve developed a framework into which many dysfunctional families fit, and that’s what we’re exploring today. 

We’ll look at what it means to fulfill the family hero role, the characteristics of the family scapegoat, and other archetypical dynamics. 

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List Of 600 Personality Traits

eggs with faces, list of personality traits

If someone asked you to describe your own personality, could you do it?

It’s hard to have a true perspective on your own personality traits and how you express them in the world.

If you’ve never taken a personality test or read much about your personality type, you probably rely on the feedback you’ve heard about yourself from others about your personality traits.

“He’s really outgoing.”

“She can be argumentative.”

“He’s always uptight.”

“She has such a calm demeanor.”

We take these descriptions and use them to help us craft what we believe to be our “personality.”

Also, over time we learn things about ourselves — our preferences, how we behave in certain situations, and how we interact with others.

If we pay attention to our words and actions, we can assimilate and recognize more traits that make up our personalities.

In general, personality consists of the recurring patterns of thoughts, emotions, characteristics, and behaviors that make a person unique.

It arises from within each individual and remains fairly consistent and permanent throughout life.

Research suggests that personality types are also influenced by biological processes and needs.

Want to know the difference between personality vs character, go to this post.

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Keeping Track Of Your Moods? Try These 19 Free Mood Tracker Printables

Mood tracker printables

A big part of living more mindfully is practicing awareness of your moods.

It might seem like extra work, but a printable mood tracker can make a huge difference. 

Being mindful of your moods and how they affect you is essential to living the life you want.

And it’s about so much more than checking items off a daily to-do list.

That said, finding the best mood tracker printable for you can be a challenge. 

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101 Enlightening Journal Prompts For Personal Growth And Self-Knowledge

woman in her pajamas writing in her journal personal growth journal prompts

Journaling is a powerful tool for self-growth and self-knowledge. 

When you freely write in a journal, you allow yourself to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Writing down your feelings can be incredibly helpful when working through personal issues or trying to grow as a person.

Many people need help thinking of probing and engaging topics and questions for a self-development journal. 

That’s where our journal prompts for self-growth come in – to help you on your journey of self-discovery.

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Wondering Why You Don’t Like People? 23 Reasons You Find People Irritating

woman alone in the bus I don't like people

There’s an old “Peanuts” cartoon where Linus famously retorts to Lucy, “I love mankind…It’s people I can’t stand!!”

Can you relate?

Have you ever come home from a long day and thought to yourself: “Why don’t I like people? Why do I find them so irritating? Is something wrong with me?”

If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone. 

Most of us feel the same way; we’re just too afraid or shy to admit it.

And it’s not necessarily because we are introverts or don’t know how to socialize.

There could be various reasons you don’t like people, some of which may not immediately be apparent. 

Let’s look at 23 possible explanations of why you find people irritating, what it means, and how to deal with it.

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Great Philosophical Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

Man thinking, philosophical questions

For those moments when you want to discuss life, the universe, and everything, we bring you this list of philosophical questions.

May they lead to countless deep, engaging, and enjoyable conversations.

Whether you’re feeling pensive, flirty, mischievous, or just bored with your daily routine, you’ll find philosophical questions in this list that are perfect for the occasion.

And once you start asking them and thoughtfully considering the answers you receive, your life will never be the same.

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7 Ways Your Choices Have Consequences

choices have consequences

How do bad decisions affect your life?

Do you look back to a time before a particular decision and wish you could go back and choose differently?

While not all of your choices have negatively impacted your life, you sometimes wonder why a single ill-advised choice should hold so much power. 

Some choices affect more of your life than others.

But every time you face two very different options, your choice is likely to impact one area of your life more than others. 

How does that work? Read on to find out. 

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15 Deeply Moving Poems About Letting Go

silhouette of someone releasing birds poems about letting go

Sometimes, poetry hits the spot.

It moves us verbally and emotionally and has the power to lay bare the complexities of life’s ups and downs from different vantage points.

Letting go of the past is a challenging charge, but poetry about moving on in life is a balm to help you navigate rough waters.

As such, today, we’re celebrating 15 moving poems about letting go and walking forward with confidence. 

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