You Love Him And Want To Tell Him: 57 Endearing Ways To Let Him Know

Deep down, we are all insecure bowls of jelly, riddled with indecision and self-doubt regarding relationships. 

And once in a relationship, people tend to assume that their partner knows their innermost thoughts and feelings. 

Even if one establishes a deep bond with someone, there are still things we do not know for sure until we hear them.

And the words, I love you, are at the top of that list.

But there are simple, everyday acts of kindness that communicate love and respect and tell him how much you love him.

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Should I Tell Him I'm in Love with Him? 

There are many confusing dos and don'ts in relationships. 

Probably one of the biggest is, don't say I love you if you feel obligated to do so. 

If your partner declares his feelings, but you do not feel the same way, be kind, but if you don't feel it, you shouldn't say it.

Also, timing is everything.

Many people plan their lives with a predetermined dating, love, and marriage timeline.

Even if you know it is 100% true love, there are several situations where it is best to wait before declaring your undying passion.

Here are just a few situations when you shouldn't tell your partner for the first time:

  • Just after having sex
  • If you're feeling insecure
  • If you're feeling possessive
  • At a friend's wedding
  • On the first or second date

Consider how long you have been formally dating. While everyone and every relationship are different, most people are on their best behavior for the first few dates. 

As we feel more comfortable, the personal gremlins emerge, and we see all aspects of their disposition. Many believe that if you haven't argued, it is not time to declare true love.

Time can also work against a relationship. Dating someone for years when no one has declared a romantic, I love you, could signify that the relationship is non-romantic.

Can I Tell Him I Love Him First?

There are no written rules on how to tell a man you love him or who can say it first. But men usually say it first. 

According to researchers, men think about saying I love you six weeks earlier than women. Men actually fall in love faster and declare their feelings earlier. 

But while men profess their love earlier, several studies confirm they are interested in securing a physical rather than a romantic relationship.

Equal Partners

At the end of the day, love makes us vulnerable. Ask any couple who has been together for decades. They will tell you about their evolving roles in the relationship. And you will hear phrases such as:

  • It's a give and a take
  • It's complicated
  • Everything is 50/50
  • It takes a compromise

Almost all couples affirm that any partnership is rarely of equal parts, all the time.

In fact, sociologist Willard Waller, in 1932, proposed that emotional investment is rarely equal. Called the “principle of least interest,” he stated that the person who cares less has more power. 

While this may sound sinister, it can also allow partners to step back or compromise when they are not as invested in the outcome — adding to a partner's happiness.

When Should You Tell a Guy You Love Him? 

There is no actual rulebook about love, which is why everyone makes up so many crazy rules about love and relationships.

You should tell him you love him when you feel that love. 

On average, researchers found that men wait about three months to say “I love you” for the first time. Women usually wait five months before declaring their feelings.

While it's important not to force or rush the declaration, keeping it hidden can harm the relationship. So, if that overwhelming feeling of joy and belonging exists when he is in the room, shout it to the rooftops.

But there are situations you want to avoid when declaring your love for the first time.

  • Avoid telling him around his buddies.
  • Avoid telling him in the bathroom or other embarrassing places.
  • Avoid telling him at work.

Wait for a moment when you are alone, and you have his undivided attention. 

Making your feelings known is scary and puts one in a vulnerable place. So, you can always send a text or leave a little note.

But honestly, if you can't face telling someone in person that you love and adore them, that should set off some warning bells.

Now that you have determined where and how to tell your boyfriend you love him. The next step is to continue communicating your love and admiration without repeating I Love You one hundred times a day. 

With a little effort, you will discover numerous ways to tell your boyfriend you love him.

How to Tell Him You Love Him: 57 Endearing Ways to Let Him Know 

Some men need you to tell them you’re in love with them, while others prefer you reassure them through thoughtful actions. 

Telling your boyfriend you love him is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship, but consider these ideas to show him you care, too.

1. Give him your undivided attention. 

Women multi-task. Men don't. When you focus on your man, it says that he is a priority and that you love him. 

2. Wear something he gave you.

Men are visual. Dressing up creates a response. A University of Rochester study found the color red is an aphrodisiac to men.

3. Make him his favorite meal. 

Smell and taste arouse men more than aroma, according to research.

4. Take care of yourself. 

Reducing stress levels and eating right communicates that you want to live a long life with him. 

5. Suggest some personal time.

Show you care by suggesting a day to relax with friends or take a nap. 

6. Compliment his looks. 

Authentic compliments on his looks affirm your admiration and love. 

7. Ask for his advice. 

Seeing his opinion makes him feel needed and a part of your world.

8. Thank him for the little things. 

Expressing gratitude translates to recognizing and appreciating someone's effort.

9. Give him a 7-second hug.

Men connect more through touch. And a hug lasting seven seconds shows you care. It's a magical number.

10. Get in a quick round of sex. 

Making love has feel-good benefits.

Men experience a dopamine increase, stimulating the mental pleasure center.

11. Let him vent.

Give him time to open up. 

12. Give him a heartfelt kiss.

Like a hug, a lingering kiss is a great way to show him you care.

13. Hold his hand.

A welcome touch, holding hands is a public display of your love.

14. Snuggle up to him.

Believe it or not, men like to snuggle too. It is a way to interact with no pressure or expectations.

15. Play his favorite video game.

He will be surprised at the effort. 

16. Tell him how much he is appreciated.

Conveying appreciation is a great way to tell a man how much you love him.

17. Suggest doing something you know he likes.

Whether watching birds or football, taking an interest in his likes will show him you care.

18. Tell him he is smart.

Complimenting his intelligence points out his worth to you and the relationship.

19. Check in with him.

Don't just ask “how are you?” out of habit or politeness. Ask and show interest in the answer.

20. Give him some physical affection.

Physical touch is an essential love language. Whether a kiss or a quick shoulder massage, it shows you care.

21. Choose a special gift.

Find something he wants -something big or a keepsake for his wallet.

22. Help him out. 

Offer to help with a project or job. 

23. Give him the remote.

No, really. Let him have the remote, and don't complain about his choices. You will be amazed at the reaction.

24. Give him a buffer zone.

Don't hit him with everything all at once. Men need a buffer zone – time to change from work male to home male.

25. Anticipate his needs.

Little acts of thoughtfulness relay that we care. These are often called “Actions that touch his soul,” saying I love You.

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26. Give him your admiration.

A man's self-esteem depends on his success as a man. Compliment that success by focusing on the positives.

27. Don't laugh at him in public.

This is a big one. It shows you neither respect him nor care about his feelings. Don't laugh at or criticize him in public.

28. Learn about his favorite sport.

If you love him, then taking an interest in his favorite sport will show you are trying. 

29. Let him be his own man.

Stop mothering him or trying to control his behavior. 

30. Support his dreams.

Everyone has dreams. The proverbial ‘what if.' Supporting those dreams will show how much you care.

31. Give him the gift of silence.

Sometimes a companionable silence communicates, ‘I love you.' Men need to decompress too.

32. Encourage time with the guys.

Men recharge when they are with The Guys. Maintaining separate identities is a healthy way to rediscover all the ways you love each other. 

33. Keep your promises.

Keeping your promise will emphasize how important he is to you.

34. Laugh at his jokes.

Men love to make a girl laugh. Laughing at his jokes shows how happy he makes you. 

35. Be on time.

Being on time is as vital with those we love as at work.

It shows affection and respect.

36. Smile at him.

Smiling affirms that he makes you happy in your life.

37. Make him a priority.

Make him a priority whenever you can. Rearrange your schedule, and remember dates or conversations.

38. Brag on him.

Tell everyone how proud you are of him and his accomplishments. This will communicate to him that you are happy with him in your life.

39. Communicate your contentment.

If he makes you happy, tell him.

40. Make eye contact.

Eye contact is vital for developing a deeper bond. Making and holding eye contact lets him know you see him.

41. Make an effort with his friends. 

Acknowledging his friends affirms that you want to be in his world.

42. Say thank you.

Saying thank you shows gratitude. Even if you think he should have done something, acknowledge his efforts and say Thank You.

43. Never compare him to others.

No one likes this. It conveys a lack of feeling or respect.

44. Flirt with him.

You are never too old to flirt. Smiling, touching, and innuendo conveys he's still attractive.

45. Tell him you miss him.

Telling him you miss him will let him know that you are thinking about him, even when you two are not together.

46. Do chores together.

This bonding time will strengthen your relationship and reinforce you enjoy being with him, whatever the reason.

47. Focus on the positive.

Concentrate on the positive, not the negative 

48. Ask for support.

Men enjoy being protective. Asking for his support will let him know you feel safe with him and his actions.

49. Make the first move.

Men walk a fine line when initiating a relationship, sex, or dinner invitation.

Making the first move or letting him know you are receptive may relieve the pressure.

50. Make time for him.

Canceling that extra yoga class or rearranging your schedule “just because” will show him how much you love him.

51. Do not criticize his family.

Criticizing his family can be interpreted as blaming him. Wait until he brings up the subject and then comments diplomatically. It will show your respect and love for him.

52. Don't interrupt him.

Interrupting someone is rude. It is even worse if you care about someone. Even if you disagree with what is being said, count to 10 before responding. 

53. Apologize when wrong.

He will appreciate it above all. It shows you love him enough to be vulnerable.

54. Trust in him.

Trust him. It shows how much you care. And because of that, he will do the right thing.

55. Show pride in him.

Whether at a work party or on social media, show and tell him you are proud to be with him.

56. Remember his likes and dislikes.

Nothing conveys his importance, like remembering how he takes his coffee.

57. Remember his birthday.

Sounds silly, but you don't like it when he forgets. Write it down, but don't forget.

When we love someone, we value them. Learning how to tell a man that you love him requires time, effort, and the constant creation of new ways to connect.