125 Positive Affirmations For Kids To Help Them Grow Up Happy and Confident

Positive affirmations foster optimism and confidence.

In fact, research has proven that regularly practicing affirmations has many mental and physical benefits, including decreasing stress and rumination, boosting feelings of optimism, and strengthening resilience.

They can even help improve performance in sports, academics, and career endeavors.

What are positive affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements or mantras that you repeat to yourself, either silently or out loud.

They are intended to help you reach a goal, change a mindset, improve self-esteem, boost your confidence, or improve your health.

When they are repeated consistently, positive affirmations can help “rewire” your brain to support the changes you are hoping to achieve by using them.

In fact, you can use affirmations in any situation in your life where you want to improve or make a positive change.

Positive Affirmations for Kids

But affirmations aren't just for adults — children can benefit from using positive affirmations too to foster a mindset of optimism and success.

Kids affirmations instill creative thinking, strengthen the little ones’ self-esteem and allow them to become adults with a growth mindset and positive habits.

But how can you seamlessly integrate affirmations into their everyday life?

 As a parent or a teacher, teaching children to think positively and use positive mantras is a gift that will serve them throughout their lives.

By practicing affirmations, children will learn to use their inner mental resources when they are met with challenges and difficulties.

As an adult, you can encourage children to remember positive beliefs and goals every day by creating an affirmation board or affirmation cards they can use whenever they need a boost.

Affirmations for children should be as compelling and straightforward as they are for adults.

positive affirmations for kids

If you don’t know where to start with affirmations for kids, or you’re just looking for some inspiration, we've got you covered.

We have curated a list of 125 empowering positive affirmations for kids to help them feel great about themselves and reach their goals.

I am smart, amazing, and powerful.

I don’t need to worry. I can try again.

I can do more than I believe.

My dreams will come true.

I am great today, and I will be even greater tomorrow.

My heart is full of kindness and courage.

Every day my life is better and better.

I am worthy.

I love myself.

I create my life just the way I want it.

I am creative and bright.

I am happy.

My family and friends are always there for me.

Everyone makes mistakes, and I learn from mine.

I overcome challenges easily.

Learning is fun!

I am unique.

I love the world around me.

Everything I do matters.

I am extraordinary.

I am deserving of happiness and love.

I will succeed.

The sun will shine again tomorrow.

I bring joy to everyone around me.

positive affirmations for kids

I do my best every day.

I am responsible.

My memory is fantastic.

I am a fast learner.

I always offer others a big smile.

Failure is my teacher, and I learn from it.

No one knows everything, but I learn as much as I can every day.

Words can hurt others so I only think and say good things.

I am free to choose who I want to be.

It will all pass. Happiness is around the corner.

I always find the bright side of anything.

I trust myself.

Whatever it is, I can do it.

Today is a beautiful day.

There is beauty in everything around me.

I discover new things everywhere I go.

I am gentle with everyone, including myself.

I love to try new things.

The person I am today makes me proud.

My decisions and thoughts are positive.

It’s okay to ask others for help.

Every moment is special.

I am patient and calm.

I am free to express my ideas.

Every corner of the world is full of wonderful things.

Everyone is different and that’s amazing!

I am happy to help others.

Nature is my friend.

I can solve any problem.

I have wonderful friends.

I am thankful for everything I am and have.

I am optimistic every day.

I am powerful and courageous.

I have confidence in me.

I am talented.

A lot of great things are still to come.

I respect others and they respect me.

I can always start again.

I believe.

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It’s okay to cry.

Everything will work out.

Everything I do creates a happier and healthier life.

I like my differences, and I like the differences in others.

I have the courage I need to face my fears.

I forgive myself, and I know I can always improve.

I always choose compassion over anger.

I let my heart guide me.

Life is full of miracles and wonders.

Even if people are rude to me, I choose to be nice and polite.

My family is proud of me.

I love my family and friends very much and they love me too.

I am honest and open-hearted.

I am dedicated and persistent.

The world is full of infinite possibilities.

I am cheerful and energetic.

I look forward to what is to come.

I transform any day into a fantastic day.

I am patient with myself.

I am a hero.

My body, heart, and mind are beautiful!

I am a great listener.

My imagination and knowledge are always growing.

I forgive others because everyone has their own difficulties.

I’m thankful for receiving, and I am glad to give.

Challenges help me grow.

I freely share my thoughts and emotions with my family.

I enjoy being myself.

Who I am is more than enough.

I can change anything.

I am fun and friendly.

My attitude brings positivity to everyone around me.

I am good at anything I set my mind on.

I am full of dreams and ingenious ideas.

Every day is a new opportunity.

I learn something new every day.

If I keep on trying, I will make it next time.

I am growing strong and tall like a big oak tree!

Practice and effort make anything possible.

I choose to think and feel only good, positive things.

I make a difference in this world.

Everything I say is meaningful.

positive affirmations for kids

I deserve to be heard and respected.

If I can’t do this yet, I will learn it and do it tomorrow.

I embrace myself just the way I am.

Life is beautiful.

My positive attitude creates a better world.

My own choices determine where I’m going next.

I am bigger and stronger than my fears and mistakes.

Step by step, I get closer to my dreams and goals.

I am becoming a better person every day.

I am an attentive student.

I enjoy going to school and learning new things with my teachers.

I love helping my teachers and classmates create a better school for all of us.

If I look hard, I can always find a solution to any problem.

I conquer difficulties and keep moving forward.

I overcome bad days with hope and optimism.

I am excited to explore the unknown.

I take my time learning and improving myself.

I believe life always brings me wonderful things.

I love and embrace people just the way they are.

I have faith in myself.

How to Use These Positive Affirmations for Kids

There are so many creative ways for children to use positive affirmations.

Click on the image below to download the full list of positive affirmations for kids (PDF).

positive affirmations for kids pdf

The most important part of using affirmations is consistency.

Ask your child or students to choose one affirmation each week to focus on.

Then you can use a variety of activities to reinforce the positive statement so the child won't get bored by simply repeating the words every day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have the child look in the mirror while saying the affirmation out loud.
  • Create affirmation cards by asking the child to write positive statements on index cards.
  • Print coloring pages or printables with positive affirmations for children to color.
  • Try a rock painting activity where kids paint their favorite affirmations on smooth river rocks.
  • Have your child write the affirmation on sticky notes and put them around the house (or classroom).
  • Create an affirmation jar filled with small slips of paper with different affirmations related to the main mantra.
  • Ask children to sing their affirmations, making the activity fun and memorable.
  • Design a weekly affirmation log and checklist to help remind kids to repeat affirmations.

Since kids have short attention spans, try to keep the affirmation activities short and fun.

You might choose a specific time of day to practice affirmations so that you cement a regular habit with your child or students of practicing them daily.

What are your favorite positive affirmations for children?

You can do it.

And so can your children.

Explore and create your own list of positive affirmations alongside your kids, and show them how you put your own self-talk into practice.

Remember to establish and constantly maintain a line of open communication to find out how their affirmations influence them.

Kids affirmations are the tools your children need to enjoy a more positive life and grow into kinder, braver, more creative, and emotionally intelligent adults.

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if all children could grow up like this, believing in their potential and knowing that they matter? So why not spread the word?

Reach out to other parents and teachers by sharing this article on Facebook or Twitter, pinning it to your Pinterest or adding it to your Pocket.

May your optimism and confidence influence everything you — and your children — do today.

Help your children or students have a growth mindset, have more confidence, and reduced stress with these 125 positive affirmations for kids.