What Is A Bubbly Personality? And Is It A Good Thing?

Has anyone ever described you as a bubbly person?

And what does that even mean?

Maybe specific characteristics come to mind when you think of bubbly people, but you’re not 100% sure you understand this personality, even if you have it. 

Whether you have a bubbly character or you know someone who does, you want to know once and for all:  

Is it good to be bubbly?

And what aspects of this personality are worth emulating?

11 Signs Of A Bubbly Personality

Has anyone asked you, “How often are you bubbly?” as if your personality needs downtime from bubbliness? After all, for many introverts, being bubbly looks exhausting. 

But if you’re an outgoing person, you know some compensations keep you going. So, which of the following bubbly personality traits sound most familiar to you?

1. You’re friendly with everyone.  

You can find something to like in everyone you meet, and you’re at ease in social situations. Depending on their mood, introverts might both envy and appreciate this about you. 

If you and an introverted friend or partner are attending a party together, though, they’ll probably want to leave long before you do. Probably best to take separate cars. 

2. You’ve been told you get “too excited” about things. 

Mostly they might wonder how you have enough energy to get so excited about things — especially little things. And to introverts, your excitement seems over the top or even obnoxious — at least sometimes. 

happy kid laughing what is a bubbly personality

To someone who’s not used to getting excited — or as excited — your jump-up-and-down bubbliness can rub them the wrong way. They might wonder if it’s all an act. 

If they bother to get to know you, though, they’ll figure it out: it’s just who you are. 

3. You love to make friends — and you’re good at it. 

It doesn’t take long for people to like you because you’re not only friendly, but you’re quick to put your authentic self out there and express appreciation for others. Even some who don’t really want to like you find your openness and warmth hard to resist. 

You make friends easily, and that’s something introverts are likely to envy about you. They might even ask you, “What’s your secret?” But there’s nothing secret about it. 

4. You’ve been told you’re “too happy.” 

Maybe they think you’re repressing something. Or perhaps they just don’t get how you can be “so happy all the time.” It’s not so much that you have an inexhaustible source of joy inside you, though sometimes that’s how it feels. 

But sometimes, it’s just the only way you know how to get yourself back up after a disappointment. If you chose instead to dwell on the pain, you might never find your way out. 

And being happy, even if you’re aware of your inner darkness, is how you cope. 

5. You go after your goals. 

Boundless energy isn’t just for partying and making friends. When you want to accomplish something, you go after it. And if you stumble along the way, you’re quick to get back up, reassess the situation, and try again. 

You have to believe there’s a way to make your dreams become reality, so you keep looking for even the smallest cracks in the walls you run into. 

And you generally find your way to what you want. 

6. People mistake your bubbly personality for a lack of intelligence. 

You’re allowed to hate that. You know the assumption is based on personal bias and ignorance. And it’s frustrating because you know you’re smarter than they think you are. There’s more going on in your mind than most people realize. 

On the other hand, you don’t let other people’s narrow perspectives get you down — at least not for long. 

7. You make people laugh. 

Whether it’s something that comes out of your mouth or one of your crazy, high-energy antics, you have a knack for making people laugh and adding levity to an otherwise heavy atmosphere. 

Maybe they’re laughing at your clumsiness or at something you’ve said that struck them as funny or ridiculously out-of-place. 

woman laughing happily what is a bubbly personality

But if anyone can appreciate humor in otherwise unfunny circumstances, you can. 

8. You love to bring smiles to people’s faces. 

You love to lift people up when they’re down — especially if those people are friends or family. The distinction between those two is blurred anyway. 

If you can help someone you care about to perk up and see something to be happy about, it warms you to your core. You like to feel needed and helpful. And it lights you up inside when others appreciate the light you bring to them. 

9. You embarrass yourself on a regular basis. 

You’re often clumsy, tripping through life because looking down for tripwires or random pieces of furniture only slows you down. 

You’re used to people thinking you blunder your way through life, making a spectacle of yourself. You’re impulsive and often act before you think. But you also tend to learn from your mistakes and try to avoid repeating them. 

Embarrassment is something you can live with; hurting others is not. 

10. You wish you could share your energy with others. 

Sure, this desire might be partly selfish: you don’t want the fun to end, and when other people get tired, they want to leave before you do. 

Sometimes, though, you just want to share some of your energy to help those you love to get through a painful time more easily — or bounce back after a disappointment. 

11. You look for the positive in everything and everyone. 

You want to see the good in everyone and every situation, however painful. You want to believe all the people you’ve welcomed wholeheartedly into your life are just as motivated to see the good in you, whatever mistakes you make along the way. 

woman holding a glass of wine what is a bubbly personality

And it hurts deeply when any of them focus on what they don’t like about you — your tendency to embarrass yourself (and them), for example. You don’t understand why they can’t simply accept you with love, whatever your differences. 

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FAQ About a Bubbly Personality 

Before we wrap things up, let’s tackle some of the biggest questions that come up when we talk about bubbly personalities. 

You might be misunderstood by those who equate your positivity with shallowness or below-average intelligence, but their limited perception is about them, not you.

Is a bubbly personality a good thing?

For the most part, yes, it is.

While introverts can find it difficult to relate to (much less share) your social energy, they also tend to miss your positive outlook. 

What are bubbly people like?

They’re high-energy spirits who see no reason to hide who they are or to dim their light to get others’ approval. 

That bubbliness comes with a measure of resilience because, by the time a bubbly person grows up, they’ve been dismissed and underestimated by plenty of their peers. But they keep going, anyway. 

Do guys like bubbly personalities?

Guys, like women, appreciate plenty of what they see in this personality type. 

Introverted guys might find it harder to live with than more extroverted ones. They’re also more likely to appreciate the differences between their more reserved personalities and that of their bubbly partners. 

How do be a bubbly personality?

If you’d like to be more bubbly, here are few ideas:
-Spend more time around extroverts. 
-Play with animals. 
-Make plans with people who love to have fun. 
-Try things you wouldn’t normally do. 
-Listen to happy music. 
-Get out there and meet new people. 
-Look for something good in every person you meet. 

Do You Have a Bubbly Personality?

Now that you have a better understanding of what it means to be a bubbly person, which of the traits described were most familiar to you? 

And if you’d like to be more bubbly than you are, what will you differently this week? 

Even introverts can practice adopting some of these lively traits without burning up their social energy and putting their well-being at risk. 

There’s plenty to love about the bubbly personality type. What do you admire the most?