67 Long-Distance Relationship Questions to Ask Your Significant Other

You’re getting to know someone long-distance. And you’re both determined to stay connected and to deepen the relationship. 

But sometimes it’s harder to think of what to talk about. 

You call each other, text each other, and maybe you video chat a few times each week.

So, having something to talk about is essential. 

That’s why we’ve made this list of 67 fun long-distance relationship questions to ask each other.

Keep these handy, and you’ll never be at a loss for words. 

67 Long-Distance Relationship Questions to Ask Your Significant Other 

Try any of these fun questions to ask your significant other the next time you meet online or over the phone. Share the whole list of questions with him or her, so you can take turns prompting the other. 

1. How will we know it’s time to close the distance between us?

2. What can we do to prepare for living in the same city in the near future?

3. What more can we do to stay close while living apart?

4. How often do we commit to seeing each other?

5. What is the best way to handle the costs of traveling to see each other?

6. How should we handle it if one of us feels jealous or insecure?

7. Where will we be in this relationship five years from now?

8. What will ruin our relationship?

9. What will keep us happily together for years to come?

10. What will be the early warning signs that our relationship is in trouble?

11. What about my voice or communication style makes you want to spend less time with me?

12. What are your deepest dreams and desires for yourself and for us?

13. What is the best way to share difficult or upsetting information with you?

14. How can we put our relationship first so that it stays healthy and happy?

15. What personal goals do you have that you’d like me to help you achieve?

16. How can we help each other be the people we want to be?

17. What do you think our biggest potential area of conflict might be?

18. How can we proactively address this area of conflict?

19. How do you feel about me being friends with someone of the opposite sex?

20. What makes you feel jealous?

21. What topics of conversation trigger angry or bad feelings for you?

22. When do you feel the most vulnerable?

23. Do you feel safe sharing your vulnerabilities with me? If not, why?

24. How can we have more fun together?

25. Is there anything making you unhappy in our relationship right now? If so, how can we address it?

26. What makes you laugh the most?

27. What is your idea of the perfect date night with me?

28. If we could both be in a movie together, which movie would you want to be in?

29. What’s the last book you read and really enjoyed? 

30. If we could both have the same superpower, what would you want it to be?

31. If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to?

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32. How important is it to you that we both agree on whether we want kids?

33. What is one song that can always improve your mood? 

34. What color do you most identify with right now? 

35. What song or songs remind you of me? 

36. Is there a game you’d like to play that we haven’t tried before? 

37. What would you want for breakfast in bed if money were no object? 

38. What’s your spirit animal? 

39. Describe your ideal vacation. 

40. What foods did you love as a child that you can’t stomach now? 

41. What foods did you hate as a child that you’d eat now? 

42. Describe your ideal sandwich and the beverage to go with it. 

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43. Do you have a favorite flower or favorite plant?

44. What kind of pet would you love to have someday? 

45. Would you get a tattoo — or matching tattoos? 

46. What do you do to reduce stress or destress? 

47. If you had to spend a $5,000 giftcard at only one store, where would you go?

48. Which country would you love to visit together?

49. What goes on your favorite ice cream sundae?

50. What’s your favorite social media platform and why?

51. If we went to an amusement park together, what ride would you head for first?

52. Name one commonly-held belief that you disagree with. 

53. What would you do if you won the lottery jackpot?

54. What’s one skill you’d like to learn or develop further?

55. What are your top five snack foods?

56. What one beverage — besides water — would you not want to live without?

57. What TV or movie couple reminds you the most of us? 

58. Would you rather cook a meal together or read a book together? 

59. If we were reading the same book, would it annoy you if I read ahead? 

61. If we had a whole day to spend together, what would you want to do?

62. What scents or aromas make you feel most at home? 

63. What time of the day are you most productive — and least tolerant of interruptions?

64. What do you most like to see me wearing when we’re together?

65. Do you prefer city life or living in the country, and why?

66. Which holiday is your favorite? Which would you rather ignore? 

67. What’s your favorite kind of story to tell, to hear, or to read?

Download (PDF) 67 Long-Distance Relationship Questions

How will you use these long-distance relationship questions?

Now that you’ve looked through all 67 of these long-distance relationship questions (or LDR questions), which ones stood out for you the most? 

Can you picture the two of you enjoying long conversations involving some of these questions? Who knew getting to know someone long-distance could be this much fun?

Remind yourself that the distance between you is temporary. Hard as it is to be apart, if you make time to get to know each other even better and your relationship deepens, the reunion will be all the sweeter. 

And whatever the outcome, you’re worth the risk. 

You call each other, text each other, and maybe you video chat a few times each week.  So, having something to talk about is essential.   That’s why we’ve made this list of 67 fun long-distance relationship questions to ask each other. long distance relationship questions fun | long distance relationship questions conversation starters | long distance relationship questions to ask