23 Couple-Approved Steamy And Fun Sex Games For Couples

Look up “erotic games for couples,” and you’ll probably find quite a few things you wouldn’t want to see popping up on your screen at work (let alone on your kids’ screens). 

No worries, though.

We’ll keep it classy while still leading you right to the best options out there.

Dip your toe with some sexy adult games for date night, or dive right in with online sex games for couples. 

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something worth trying in the list below.

23 Sex Games for Couples 

Enjoy our raunch-free descriptions of couple-approved steamy sexual games. As for the more intimate details, use your imagination (we know you have one).

Of course, the best sex games on this list are the ones you and your partner enjoy the most. 

1. Adult Truth or Dare

The PG-13 version of this game is still popular with teens. But this version is strictly for consenting adults. 

Couple using laptop while sitting in bed sex games for couples

If you’re a bit foggy on the rules, here are the basics: 

  1. The one whose turn it is asks the other, “Truth or Dare?”
  2. If the other chooses “Truth,” you can ask any question (within respectful limits) and expect a truthful answer. 
  3. If the other chooses “Dare,” you can then dare them to perform whatever stunt or service you have in mind (again, while showing respect for the other’s preferences).

2. Blindman’s Bluff

True to the name, one of the participants should wear a blindfold while the other touches them in any number of ways to get them interested in more.

How far it goes, and whether the blindfold stays on or not, depends on mutual consent.

Each time you play this game, you can either flip a coin or take turns as the “bluffer” while the other wears the blindfold. 

3. Body Painting

Using washable, organic paints, you’ll take turns painting each other’s bodies (with or without intimate apparel); however you like. Consider the possibilities: 

  • Paint on clothes (if you’re not wearing any)
  • Paint like Picasso (from the neck down only, please)
  • Paint pretend tattoos on each other. 

When you’re done, you can both hop into the shower to clean off. 

4. Download the Kindu App

You’ll both need to download the app and pair it with each other to get started. Then you can both swipe through over 100 erotic suggestions that you can respond to with “like,” “dislike,” or “maybe.” If you both say “yes” to something, it’s a go. 

5. Fantasy Jar (or Box)

Both of you can start filling a jar with folded pieces of paper (keep a notepad nearby), each of which bears the description of one of your (more or less) secret sex fantasies. 

The more you both participate in filling the jar and drawing from it, the more likely you will draw something you’re both open to trying. 

6. Literotica Reading

Take turns reading an erotic novel to each other (one both of you find entertaining). During the spicy bits, you can take cues from the characters involved and live out the scene together. 

If you’re having trouble finding something you both enjoy, try asking around an erotic fiction reading group on social media. 

7. Massage with a Happy Ending

This is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll take turns giving each other massages that end with… well, you know where this is going.

man sitting on the floor while woman is massaging her shoulders sex games for couples

Don’t rush the massage, though. Take your time kneading the aches and tightness out of each other’s muscles, and save the best for last. 

Then switch places, so your partner can do the same for you. 

8. Nookii: The Grown-Up Game for Playful Couples

This board game has three levels of intensity: “Mmm,” “Ooh,” and “Aah.” The first is all about light teasing.

The second takes it a step further with mini role-play scenarios, and the last involves a blindfold. Check it out to learn more.

9. Play Dress Up

Another game that is exactly what it sounds like, this one has you both dressing up to the nines for a hot (and fancy) date. You can go all out with what you have on hand, or you can go extra and buy an outfit just for the occasion to surprise your partner. 

Just make sure you’re both on the same page about the dress code. It might be best to set a clothing budget for this one. 

10. Reprising a Sexy Movie Scene

Pick a sexy movie scene you’d both like to recreate. If anything, you’ll discover just how awkward it must have been for the actors involved. Don’t be afraid to modify it a bit to make it your own. 

You can either play the characters’ roles in the scene or pretend you’ve both ended up in a similar situation after a dodgy first date. Take a popular romantic fiction trope, and run with it. 

11. Role-Playing: Blind Date

Redefine the blind date by turning it into a chance to spice up your time together. Each of you will arrive at the designated dating scene playing the role of a stranger to the other. 

At some point, one of you will invite the other over to their place for a “nightcap” (Do people still use that word?), which will, if you’re both game, lead to something better. 

12. Role-Playing: Cosplay or Fantasy

This is similar to “Blind Date,” but it goes the extra mile by using actual costumes, allowing each of you to commit to the role of your choice. Where you meet and how long you stay in those outfits is up to you both. 

You can either surprise each other with your get-ups or agree to specific costumes or costume ideas. The important thing is that you both have fun with your roles. 

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13. Secret Admirer

For this one, you’ll take turns being each other’s secret admirer, leaving thoughtful gifts and notes where the other will find them, along with clues leading them to a private rendezvous somewhere. 

When you meet up later, you can thank each other properly for the thoughtful tokens of affection (and attraction) and go from there. 

14. Strip Jenga

You can buy a set that already has erotic dares written on each log, or you can make your own with a regular Jenga set. The latter option gives you both the chance to custom-make your own “Date Night Jenga.” 

Every time you remove a log, you complete the dare written on it with your partner. The spicier the dares, the more likely you’ll hit the floor together before the tower does. 

15. Strip Poker 

This game starts as a standard poker game but with a different understanding of the stakes. 

Lose a hand, and you lose an article of clothing. Play until there’s nothing left to lose or until you both agree to settle things differently. 

16. Strip Twister

You play this just like the real game (which you can get for $20 here), with one key difference: if you fall down, you have to remove an article of clothing. 

If one of you cheats and pushes your partner to the floor (to speed up the clothing removal), that person, too, has to remove something. Fair is fair. 

You’ll find each other in all sorts of ridiculous and potentially erotic positions. But no touching until you both agree the game is over. 

17. Talk, Flirt, or Dare! 

This is a board game with over 6,000 reviews and a 4.4 average rating. It gives you three levels of closeness to choose from. Pick a card and either answer the question or complete the dare with your willing partner. 

While this can also work as a party game, the spicier dares are best kept between you two. 

18. The iKamasutra App

This game is pretty much what it sounds like — an app that shows you the different sex positions illustrated in the Kamasutra. 

Access over 100 for free (or over 200 with in-app purchases) in nine categories. You can even search the options based on intimacy, complexity, and strength. 

Mark the ones you’ve tried to track your progress from “novice” to “Grand Master.” 

19. The Kissing Game

This one follows the same rules as a drinking game, with one notable difference. Every time you hear your chosen word (from whatever you’re watching together), instead of taking a drink, you’ll kiss. 

mature couple kissing sex games for couples

Depending on your chosen word, you might spend more time kissing than watching. And the more you kiss, the more likely those kisses will lead to something else. 

20. The Ohmibod App 

This app connects to a variety of vibrators, which is perfect for couples connecting over long distances. You can choose from five different modes — rhythm, touch, tap, wave, and voice — to reach out and touch each other while paying attention to each other’s cues.

21. Ticking Time Bomb

Pick a time interval of 10 to 15 minutes (give or take) and spend that time doing whatever foreplay you both enjoy — short of the aforementioned “happy ending.” 

You can tease each other and do whatever gets you both riled up. But save the thing for after the ticking of the timer gives way to the alarm. By then, both of you should be more than ready for it. 

22. What’s Your Fantasy Pictionary

In this couples-only play of the original Pictionary game, you create drawings that are all about sexual fantasies you have about the other.

When you’re drawing, it’s your partner’s job to guess what fantasy you want to enact with them. And when it’s their turn to draw, it’s up to you to interpret. 

If you’re both on the same page, you can each make each other’s fantasies come true. If you’re still foggy on the details, you’re allowed to ask for clarification after your time is up. 

23. Yes/No/Maybe

Each of you will write a list with three separate categories:

  • Yes — for things you’re definitely willing (and hoping) to do
  • No — for things you’re definitely NOT willing to do
  • Maybe — for things you might be open to trying

No means no for both of you, and mutual respect is critical to this game’s success (and of your relationship). And “maybe” can go either way. 

Did you find some sex games for couples you’re ready to try?

So, now that you’ve perused 23 of the best couples’ sex games the internet has to offer, which ones stood out for you (in a good way)? 

You don’t need a special occasion to try one of these fun sex games with your partner. But if a birthday or other holiday is just around the corner, try to work some couple time into your schedule. 

Or save it for a moment (soon) when you’ll have all the time you need. 

Add spice to your date nights with this list of steamy and fun sex games for couples.