41 Sunday Things To Do That Are Fun, Relaxing, And Productive

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow described Sunday as “the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week” — and we agree that it’s a fitting description.

Ultimately, a Sunday can set a tone for the week.

So in honor of the special day, today we’re breaking down 41 fun Sunday activities. 

41 Fun, Relaxing, and Productive Things to Do on a Sunday

You’ve probably landed here because you’re trying to come up with ideas for fun things to do on a Sunday.

taking a walk in the park things to do on a Sunday

Well, you’re in luck — because we made the ultimate list of what to do on a Sunday.

1. Go Hiking

Strap on your boots, pack your rucksack and head out for a day of hiking. Don’t forget to bring some nutritious snacks and water to stay hydrated. Please be safe.

2. Go for a Scenic Walk

Not every outdoor adventure needs to be a strenuous hike. A lovely stroll around the neighborhood or a nearby park can be just as satisfying on a beautiful Sunday.

3. Make a Fancy Breakfast

If you're like most folks, your weekday breakfasts aren't anything to write “Bon Appetit” about.

But on Sunday, you have all the time in the world to make a fancy morning meal. Break out the waffle maker! Use the juicer that's been sitting unopened for 18 months.

4. Go Out for Breakfast or Brunch

If cooking isn't your thing, head out to breakfast or brunch at the hot new spot in town. Or, pick a place where you won't have to wait an hour for a table. The choice is yours.

5. Take a Nap

Naps are great. According to WebMD, studies show that they may improve your memory, creativity, and analytical cognitive function — plus reduce stress and help your heart.

6. Go to a Boutique Store

Maybe you’re a bookworm; perhaps antiques rev your engine, or perhaps you love to bargain hunt at flea markets. Whichever your retail poison, Sunday is perfect for a spree. Even if you’re on a tight budget, why not enjoy a day of browsing?

7. Bake Something

Baking smells delicious. Use the weekend to try out some new recipes. Do it alone or invite a friend over to join in. And don’t be afraid to make up recipes.

8. Go to a Beach or Park

Get out of the house and enjoy Mother Nature. If you live near the coast, head to the beach. Or maybe it’s a lake, river, or park where you live.

Pack supplies for the day: blankets, towels, snacks, drinks, and a good book. Or bring a set of headphones and listen to your favorite podcast while soaking in the sun somewhere.

9. Do a Streaming Marathon

Have you been saving a show to binge? Or maybe you’re an armchair cineast who programs your own at-home movie festivals. Whichever the case, Sundays are a superb day to sit back and dive into hours of shows and films.

10. Play With Your Pets

They’re your babies, confidants, and favorite “people” on the planet. So why not use Sunday to spend time with your pet?

going for a drive things to do on a Sunday

Pamper them at home with playtime and treats, or take your four-paw out for a day in the sun. You know what they like best.

11. Watch Sports

Are you a sports fanatic? Join millions of other fans by making Sunday your sports day. Stay in your sweats and order in or invite the gang and play host.

12. Host a Garden Campfire

Is the weather finally getting nice? Why not have an official “opening” for the backyard season? Get a fire pit and make smores. Keep it to the family or invite friends.

13. Host a BBQ

Wouldn’t you love a grilled hotdog, hamburger, chicken, or steak right about now? Or what about some corn on the cob cooked over flames?

Load up the cooler, slip into some casual, comfortable clothes, and invite friends over for a few laughs and summer food.

14. Read Whatever You Want

If your literary taste aligns with the critics, then take suggestions from your preferred arbiters of prose.

But if romance or mass-market mystery novels are more your speed, have at it. Heck, you may even be a gossip connoisseur who sticks to online outlets.

Whatever the case, on Sundays, read whatever you enjoy instead of what you’re supposed to.

Reading is fundamental — in all its forms.

15. Clean

It may sound outrageous to some, but many people on this planet enjoy cleaning and keeping things organized.

If you fall into that category, why not tackle the windows or finally hit the closet that’s gotten out of control. Think about how good you’ll feel when it’s all done, clean, and organized.

16. Do Some Gardening and Mow the Lawn

Gardening and mowing are good for the body, soul, and neighborly relations. Not only does it get you outside breathing fresh air, but it’s also a form of exercise.

Plus, your neighbors will appreciate your curb-appeal efforts — and you’ll feel a sense of pride about how great your place looks.

17. Organize Your Stuff

Does organizing make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Why not use this upcoming Sunday to clean out your inbox or polish up your social media accounts? Start the work week coordinated and ready to rock and roll.

18. Write in a Journal

Journaling is a phenomenal way to maintain good mental health. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be excellent therapy, and Sundays are a great, lazy day to do it.

chilling in the bedroom things to do on a Sunday

19. Make Homemade Pizza

Have you ever made homemade pizza? It’s delicious — especially if you use fresh ingredients, like good mozzarella and fresh basil. Be sure to pick up the right yeast if you make the crust from scratch.

20. Play Video Games

Some people look down on video gaming, but it’s one of the most popular pastimes worldwide. Plus, research shows that gaming is good for us.

21. Paint Something

Break out the paints. If you don’t have a canvas, use a piece of old wood lying around — or paint a stool or table to give it some new life.

22. Do Crafts

Crafts are a super way to stretch your creativity and pass the time. If you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money yet, pick up supplies at the dollar store.

23. Watch Prestige Television

Are you looking for things to do on a Sunday night? Consider consulting the TV listings. Sunday nights are when networks air their prestige dramas. Who knows, you may stumble across your new favorite show.

24. Go Out To Eat at a Local Restaurant

It’s not easy keeping a local restaurant open, so why not support the local mom-and-pop joint this Sunday?

There are so many upsides. You won’t have to cook, plus you’ll probably have a good time and may even bump into people you genuinely want to see.

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25. Go To an Arcade

Most people have a mobile, PC, or console gaming option at home. But why not kick it old-school and head to an arcade on Sunday? Places like Dave and Busters or laser tag are also fun options.

26. Play Mini Golf

It only takes an hour or two, and when was the last time you played mini-golf without cracking up at some point? It’s a blast! Plus, it’s another way to soak in some fresh air while also having fun.

27. Go to the Driving Range / 18-Hole Golf

Or how about 18 holes? Try to book a choice tee time on Sunday morning. Meet up with friends, take the family, or be zen about the whole thing and go by yourself. Meditative golf is a good way to kick off the week.

28. Get Sweaty

Exercise is excellent, and it makes you feel good. Sure, getting motivated may be a chore, but focus on how great you’ll feel afterward.

Go for a jog, work out at home, go to the gym, take a class, or hop on your Peloton. As long as you get the heart pumping, those feel-good chemicals will flood your body.

29. Move Your Furniture Around

Are you getting bored with your place? Spice things up by switching the furniture around. Read up on feng shui and make some adjustments. Or try a new layout you’ve been contemplating.

30. Look for a Job

Do you hate your job a little more with each passing day? Why not start looking for something new? Sunday is a great time to set aside an hour or two to comb through employment boards and send introductions to head hunters.

31. Read the Actual Paper

When’s the last time you picked up an actual paper instead of reading it on an electronic device?

Consider getting a Sunday subscription to your favorite newspaper of record. Make a coffee or tea, sit somewhere peaceful, and crack open the paper. It’s a different experience than staring at a screen.

32. Do the Laundry

It’s been piling up all week, it’s not going anywhere on its own, and Sunday is as good a day as any to wash your clothes. Laundry can be a pleasant experience, especially if you enhance the experience with aromatic products.

33. Go Out for Ice Cream

Ice cream isn’t that bad for you. And even if it is, you’re supposed to have a weekly cheat day. So grab a sundae at the local parlor. Don’t they always have the best flavors at an actual ice cream shop?

34. Go for a Sunday Drive

Who cares if you don’t have a convertible — hop in the car and roll down the windows. The best Sunday drives usually occur on bucolic backroads.

Or perhaps you can take a spin around a neighborhood to which you’re considering moving.

35. Go Food Shopping

Yes, the supermarket may be crowded on Sunday, but sometimes that’s fun. You bump into acquaintances and get to people-watch. Who knows, maybe you’ll lock eyes with the partner of your dreams across the produce aisle.

36. Prep Your Meals for the Week

Are you a busy bee Monday through Friday? Make life easier by prepping food on Sunday. Some people cook all their meals, freeze them, and defrost them during the week.

Other folks gather the ingredients they need and do all the chopping and measuring for the week’s dishes.

37. Play Cards / Board Games

We all spend an exorbitant amount of time in front of screens. On Sundays, consider stepping away for some AFK entertainment. Invite the gang over for board games or host a poker night.

38. Volunteer Your Time

Giving back is great. So why not put aside a couple of Sundays each month to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or charity? Don’t forget that nursing homes often need volunteer help if that’s more your speed.

39. Do Pottery

On Sunday, think about seeking out a pottery place near you. Usually, they have pre-made ceramics to paint. Some, however, let you get on the wheels and try your hand at molding clay.

40. Wash the Car

Do kids write “clean me” in your car’s dust? Maybe they have a point, and it’s time to clean the vehicle. Do it at home or head to a car wash.

If you have young kids, pick a drive-through one and queue up the Star Wars soundtrack for the adventure. Press play just as you’re entering the cleaning chamber. They’ll love it.

41. Go to a Farmers’ Market

Instead of going to the supermarket, why not head to your local farmers’ market? Pick up super-fresh produce — and treat yourself to a piece of jewelry from the artist who makes necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

What to do on boring Sundays?

What should you do on a boring Sunday? It depends on what kind of person you are.

If you don’t like to waste a single minute, pick one of our Sunday ideas above. If you appreciate the value of restorative laziness, loafing around is also an option and a great way to start the week.

What are common things people do on Sundays?

Many people have Sunday traditions. For some, it involves attending a worship service.

For many parents, it’s a day of shuttling the kids to soccer games and such. And for foodies, it’s a popular day for brunch.

What is the best thing to do on a Sunday morning?

The best Sundays are the ones where you needn’t answer to anyone else and do exactly what you want.

But try to carve out time to reflect on gratitude and the week to come. It will energetically align you for the days ahead.

Whatever you do this upcoming Sunday, we hope you have a super time.