Crushing On An Introvert? 11 Signs They Are Crushing On You Too

The classic introvert watches and listens.

Introverted people are not as talkative as extroverts and also value spending time on their own. 

That means you simply won't see them as often as extroverted people who want frequent social stimulation.

If you've got a crush on an introverted person, how are you supposed to tell if that person likes you back?

How do introverts flirt if they are quiet and absent half the time? 

You're going to have to pay close attention to figure out if your stars are aligning with the object of your desire.

Introvert Signs of Attraction

Subtlety is the lifeblood of an introvert, as this personality is not naturally attention-seeking. But spontaneity is not their strong suit, so introverts tend to plot their moves carefully

A strong desire to come up with a good plan can impede the introvert’s ability to communicate. They will try to gauge your reaction before taking action more than other personality types.

Even so, the urges of the heart will reveal themselves in any person's behavior, introverts included.

An introvert who is attracted to you may:

  • Start appearing around you more often.
  • Make eye contact frequently.
  • Gradually reveal more and more personal thoughts and feelings.

Introverts tend to guard information about who they are attracted to. They may not speak about their romantic interests to their friends. 

Only a very trusted friend may hear this news, but the introvert will not talk about it openly.

So, don't expect the person's friends to clue you in.

11 Signs An Introvert Likes You

How do you know if an introvert likes you? The clues can be similar to the behaviors any type of person would exhibit.

The main difference is the intensity. Introverts are not apt to show off to impress you.

An introvert will slowly reveal romantic feelings as long as you appear receptive to the attention.

1. Looks for Opportunities to Speak With You Alone

An introverted person always values a one-on-one conversation over a group discussion. If you're alone and not distracted, an introvert might approach. 

This move could be a big clue when figuring out how to tell if an introverted girl likes you. She'll be watching for a chance to have your full attention.

2. Makes Thoughtful Gestures

By their nature, introverts are less likely to try to dive into a long conversation with you. They play the slow game and strategize how to increase interactions with you. 

A relatively low-risk way to do this is to show you extra courtesy.

If you're wondering how to tell if an introverted guy likes you, compare how he treats you compared to others. 

  • Does he position himself to hold the door for you? 
  • Does he make sure to insert “please” and “thank you” while talking to you? 
  • Does he notice right away when you have a problem and offer to help?

3. Likes and Comments on Your Social Media

Social media attracts introverts because it's the perfect venue for carefully (or stealthily) gathering information about the object of affection. 

Remember, introverts crave information because they want to make informed decisions. If you're connected with this person on a social media platform, you should notice an increase in interaction. 

His or her comments may not be overtly flirty — they could just be friendly. But if likes and comments occur regularly, you can assume this person has an interest in you.

4. Conversations Become More Meaningful

An introvert who's crushing on you will want to know more about you. Questions may cover subjects like your hobbies, views on the world, information about your background, and so forth. 

Because an introvert generally avoids unnecessary conversation, his or her growing interest in what makes you tick presents evidence that he or she is attracted to you.

5. Opens Up More

Introverts rarely overshare. That's the territory of extroverts. If your crush starts to mention more feelings, opinions, hopes, fears, or aspirations, then that person wants to build a deeper connection. 

Due to their intense self-awareness and thoughtfulness, introverts do not open up for just anyone unless they can think of why the person might be interested in the information.

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6. Touching Starts or Increases

Do introverts like to be touched? They want to be touched by people they care about. Their reserved personalities may make them dislike random touching. 

Touching indicates an introvert's interest. They may take a while to do it, but they would not touch someone without contemplating the meaning of the action. 

Hello and goodbye hugs will increase, and you might get invited to high five when something cool happens. An introvert may brush against your sleeve or touch you when showing you how to do something.

7. Exhibits Nervous or Awkward Behavior

The person you have a crush on seems calm and collected when interacting with others but gets a bit goofy around you. 

Nervous laughter and distracted responses to your questions indicate that your presence is stimulating his or her nervous system more than others. 

Your crush longs to impress you but wants to avoid messing things up with you.

8. Responds Quickly to Your Communications

If you send this person a text or email, a prompt reply is clear proof of interest. These days when everyone screens their calls, an introvert with a crush on you will answer. 

Introverts don’t often answer their phones without good reason.

9. Shows Up at Social Functions Involving You

Although introverts do go to noisy clubs and parties, these are not their primary social scenes. However, an introvert who knows that you will be at a group event will summon the energy to attend. 

An introverted person who increasingly appears within your social circle is there for a reason, and it could be you.

10. Wants to Include You in Activities

This inclusion may or may not take the form of a date, but introverts will ask people out directly if they feel that you'll be responsive. 

Even if it's not quite a date, you could get asked to join an activity that the introvert likes. This invite could very well happen after the introvert opened up to you, and your responses revealed some mutual interests.

11. Invites You Into Personal Space

Because introverts worship their alone time, their homes are genuinely their temples of tranquility. They do not want outsiders in their happy places unless they like that person. 

An introvert who says, “Come on by my place,” has flashed a big sign that you now have a privileged status.

Have You Noticed These Introvert Signs of Attraction?

People of all personality types struggle to interpret signals from the people they are crushing on. No one wants to make a mistake by putting their feelings out there too much. 

Introversion and extroversion exist on a spectrum. A somewhat introverted person will be easier to connect with than an extreme introvert.

However, introverts generally need a bit of a nudge to move into outright dating due to their caution. 

Try to give your crush a steady supply of positive feedback to reinforce your interest and give your introvert crush the freedom to show theirs.