29 Fun Things To Do At Home To Banish Boredom

Are you stuck on auto-pilot?

Do you cook the same dinners each night and watch the same Netflix shows over and over? Is it becoming kind of rote and boring?

If so, it's time for a change.

The same routine day in and day out can lead to boredom at best, or at worst, leave you worn out, drained and unfulfilled.

While certain aspects of a routine (like good hygiene and showing up to work on time) are important, there's no reason for your evenings and weekends to be uneventful and humdrum.

Trying new things can make you happier.

Even research bears this out, finding that novelty-seekers are generally healthier and more satisfied in life.

What do you have to lose? Take a break from the same old, same old and spice up your life.

List of 29 Fun Things To Do At Home

While splurging on new experiences and adventures can come with a daunting price tag, it doesn't have to.

There are many fun and affordable activities you can do without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Fun Things to Do at Home with Friends and Family

1. Try a New Recipe

Browse the internet to find a few new recipes you think your family or significant other might enjoy. Decide on one together and start cooking.

Try to choose a recipe that uses produce that’s in season to help keep your costs down.

2. Start a Garden

Pick out several types of vegetables, flowers or herbs and start them indoors before growing season.

When they’re ready and the weather permits, move them outside and plant a full garden.

Rather than vegging out in front of TV, go outside every evening to tend to your garden. Then enjoy the fruits of your labor once your plants have fully matured.

3. Read a Book Together

Reading takes a backseat in today’s busy lifestyles. Reconnect with your family by taking turns reading aloud from an interesting book or listen to an audiobook together.

Take time to discuss what’s happening and share your opinions.

4. Play a Board Game

Dive into a game of Yahtzee, Apples to Apples or any other game that your family likes. Find a board game that's age appropriate so everyone can participate.

The family that plays games together stays together — or at least they have a lot more fun!

5. Try Yoga Classes

Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and clear your mind.

Grab your friend or significant other and hit your mats for an evening session to de-stress after a long day.

YouTube offers many free beginner yoga classes which walk you through poses and proper postures.

6. Make Homemade Greeting Cards

Clear off the kitchen table and break out the construction paper, pens, and glue.

Handmade cards are a unique way for your family to connect and do something creative together. Have each family member write a personal message, long or short, to the recipients.

7. Host a Bar-B-Que

Who doesn’t love a good bar-b-que? Pick a warm weekend to break out the grill and invite some friends and neighbors.

Have everyone bring a dish to share potluck style.

8. Put Together a Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way for your family to connect and practice teamwork.

Empty the pieces on the living room coffee table and work through the image together. Glue a backing onto your finished product and display your hard work.

Fun Things to Do at Home Alone

9. Knit or Crochet a Scarf

Sit down on the living room sofa with a few skeins of yarn, and try that new pattern you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. Teach your children or partner how to knit, and you can work together on new projects.

10. Treat Yourself to a Spa Night

Feeling overwhelmed at home, work or with life in general?

Decompress with a spa night. Paint your toe-nails, try a new face mask and draw a warm bubble bath. You’ll wake up feeling re-energized and refreshed the next morning.

11. Create a Scrapbook

Remember those old family photos tucked away in shoeboxes in the closet?

Take them out on a rainy day, and create a scrapbook that's worthy of being displayed. You'll get some good laughs sharing old memories and creating new ones.

Fun Things to Do at Home with a Friend

12. Host a Girls Night In

Call your girlfriend (or guy friend) and have them over for a night in of cocktails, cards, or a low-key dinner. Conversation and company will help you decompress from daily stressors.

13. Arrange an Indoor Picnic

Lay out a blanket and eat dinner picnic-style in a new setting. Put on an old movie or your favorite Netflix drama and enjoy an evening with your bestie eating in front of the TV.

14. Have a Self-Care Evening

You and your best friend can paint your nails together, try out new facial products, and enjoy some aromatherapy.

Once you're done with some self-care, put on some music, mix your favorite cocktails, and dance the night away to release your stress from the day.

15. Enjoy a Baking Night

Select different pastry or dessert recipes and gather in the kitchen to try your hand at recreating them. Take turns deciding on which masterpiece to create.

Then enjoy the results together with a big glass of milk or hot tea.

16. Try a New Craft

Rummage through your art supplies and try to make something new, like a dream catcher, wind chime, or watercolor painting.

Need ideas? Check out these cool and popular crafts. 

Fun Things to Do at Home on a Rainy Day

17. Take an Online Class

Take an online course to hone or develop a new skill. You can find a wide variety of courses online, from language learning to learning how to write code. You'll find hundreds of courses to suit your interests on learning platforms like Teachable, Udemy, and Coursera.

Take a look at Barrie's self-improvement courses on various topics.

18. Catch Up on The News

Get cozy with your laptop or television network of choice and get informed about the latest happenings around the world.

Look for more in-depth news outlets that offer a balanced perspective and more thorough reporting.

19. Call an Old Friend or Family Member

Forget texting or social media. Pick up the phone and reach out to a friend or family member you haven't chatted with in a while.

They might be surprised to hear from you, but it is an excellent way to keep connections and relationships strong.

20. Make a Family Video

Grab your smartphone and take turns filming with your spouse as you share the top reasons why you fell in love with one another.

Or let your children use the phone to interview every family member to create a “documentary” of your family life together.

Check out Splice, a free video editing software you can download for free to help you create your own Academy Award-winning production.

Fun Things to Do at Home with Your Boyfriend

21. Carve Pumpkins

Fall is pumpkin season, and whether or not you participate in Halloween festivities, pumpkin carving can be lots of fun.

Jump on the bandwagon and carve a few pumpkins to put out on your front porch as decorations. Save the pumpkin seeds to roast for a delicious and healthy snack.

22. Build a Snowman

Don’t hide from winter, embrace it. Bundle up and head out into the snow. Bring a camera with you, and take a few shots to remember the occasion. Bonus points for a snowball fight. Afterward, warm up with hot cocoa or tea.

Don't live in a snowy climate? Build an outdoor stick fort or tepee with your guy instead.

23. Play Badminton

Don’t hide away in the air conditioning all day. Get outside with a badminton set and challenge your boyfriend to a match.

You can play singles or doubles, improving your agility, reflexes, and overall fitness, all while having a great time.

24. Watch Old Classic Movies

Remember those classic movies your parents watched years ago? Make a batch of popcorn, and find the Academy Award winners from the decades past. You might be surprised how exciting and romantic these old classics can be.

25. Have a Dance Party for Two

Throw together a playlist with great beats and start moving. Have your boyfriend add their favorite dance party songs too. Put on some strobe lights, and soon you’ll be tearing up the kitchen dance floor.

Fun Things to Do at Home at Night

26. Play Dress-Up

Dig through your closet for old Halloween costumes, dress clothes or what-was-I-thinking purchases and play dress-up with your kids.

Encourage them to think of different scenarios centered around their costumes to come up with an in-home Broadway production.

27. Have a Bonfire

Break out the marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and head to the great outdoors of your backyard for an evening fire under the stars.

Share your favorite camping memories and teach your children how to build a fire in the wilderness.

28. Clean Out Your Closet

Gather your family and start going through the things you no longer use or wear. Rather than throw them in the trash, donate them to the Salvation Army or wrap them as holiday gift donations for families in need.

29. Christmas Shop Online

Start browsing sales on winter gear in the spring or early summer to get the best deals for Christmas presents.

When November rolls around, you can rest easy knowing all that’s left to do is the wrapping.

You don't have to pay a fortune or even leave the house to switch up your routine. You can find plenty of fun, affordable entertainment under your own roof. There are so many great Christmas ideas here for the next holiday season.

Which of these fun things to do at home will you choose?

It's fun to go out on the town with friends and family on occasion, but home is where the heart is. And it's your own personal space where you can let your hair down, relax, and plan your good times on your own terms.

Choose a couple of these fun things to do at your home and give them a try this week. Read the list to your family and friends, and come up with a plan for an amazing staycation afternoon or evening that brings joy to all of you.

Staying at home doesn't have to be solitary, lonely, or boring. With a little creative thinking and pre-planning, you'll be longing to spend more time at home with the people you love.

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    I am alone also and I wrote down tons of these to do by myself.


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Read the Bible from cover to cover. It is amazing what you will learn and how it will change your life.
Find a child overseas to sponsor and write letters on a regular basis.
Go for a walk, compliment someone on their garden, and start up a conversation. Great way to get to know your neighbours.
Find an interesting home decor item at a thrift store and when you get home, paint it and find somewhere to put it or give it away as a gift.
Write articles for newspapers, periodicals, magazines, etc. Good way to make some money or just contribute to your community.
Try propagating either outdoor or indoor plants. It’s very easy to do.
Make a list of all the ways you have been blessed. It will give you a positive attitude.


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