73 Thoughtful Good Morning Messages For Friends

Our busy lives can make it hard to spend time together, but you can keep your friendships flourishing by texting a few thoughtful words of support.

Morning is an especially great time to send an encouraging message.

A few kind words when the world is rushing around and everything feels like work can brighten someone's whole day.

Find inspiration in these good morning messages for friends with pictures and then get out your phone and nurture that friendship.

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Friends

Thought of you as soon as I got up today because I know you've got a challenging day ahead of you. Here's a virtual hug from a friend whose love for you is everlasting and true.

This morning I give you permission to believe in yourself because I believe in you every day. May this day bring you many blessings because no one deserves good things to happen as much as you.

I want you wake up today knowing that all of the kindness and patience that you've shown me has made all the difference in my life. Even if it's cloudy, I want you to know that my love and friendship are shining down on you.

We haven't seen each other in a while, but I think about you every day. If everyone had a true friend like you, the world would be a better place.

I'm taking a moment to say good morning my friend because I can't wait until we can see each other again. Your joy for life teaches me what happiness really is, and I thank you for caring about me.

A true friend is more valuable than the greatest treasure, and being your friend makes me wealthier every day.

As spring always follows winter, your sense of humor makes bad days melt away like they never happened. Thanks for making me laugh and being my sunshine!

I've learned to tell people how much they mean to me whenever I get the chance. I didn't want to let this morning slip by without letting you know that you are a true friend. May only peace and happiness come your way today.

I heard the birds singing this morning, and their natural zest for life made me think about how your friendship makes my life better. Keep singing, sweet birdie, because you ARE making a difference in the world.

Wake up my friend and sweeten your coffee with my love for you because you're even better than sugar and caffeine in a gourmet brew.

Every morning is a new beginning. The past is gone. The future isn't here yet, and you make right now the sweetest time of day.

My wonderful friend, you might not know how much the compassion you've shown me recently has helped me get through a difficult situation. To show my gratitude, I'm sending you positive energy and light this morning.

I want you to start your day with the knowledge that I think you're the best. You're helpful and kind and know how to make everyone around you feel special. I can only hope this little good morning message makes you feel special too.

Good morning! Don’t forget to show the world how awesome you are. I see it in how you treat people, and you inspire me to be better. 

You always know how to help me calm down. Today will be challenging for me, but thanks to you, I know I can get through it. Thank you! 

Good morning. Let me know when we can meet for tea next. I’d really love to hear your thoughts on something. I trust your instincts.

Good morning! Just writing to see how you’re doing today and ask if you’d be able to meet for lunch. I miss talking to you and hearing your ideas.

Hey, you. Thanks for being there for me on one of the toughest days of the year. I didn’t know I needed company until you showed up.

Just a random good morning to someone who brings out the best in me. Take care of yourself today.

Good morning to the best friend I’ve got. I’m thankful for you, and I’ll do my best to be as good a friend to you as you are to me.

It’s morning again. And while I can’t guarantee today will be awesome, it’ll be better for me, now that you’re in it. See you soon!

Even the roughest mornings are made better when I can look forward to spending time with my best friend. Thank you!

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Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good morning and thank God it's Friday. Just kidding, dear friend. It's actually Monday, but I wanted you to feel excited at the start of the day, if only for a moment.

How's that amazing new early morning routine recommended by a productivity guru working out for you? You can thank me later for waking you up for work. Love, your Bestie.

I know that your job has been stressing you out, and you need motivation to attack your day in the mines. Stay focused on the money that you're making because my life plan depends on having rich friends.

Science has proven that a positive attitude protects you from disease and depression. As your friend, I want you to stay healthy, so I'm telling you to smile first thing this morning, even it's only to brush your teeth.

Now that the alarm clock has gotten you out of bed, I wanted to interrupt you with a text message notification while you're rushing around trying to get out the door. Aren't you glad it's me instead of your boss?

Thank you for being my friend even though I'm a morning person and you're not. Our friendship is so strong that I'm sure my text at 6 a.m. thrilled you.

Best friends think of each other even when they don't need to borrow money or ask for help moving. Here's wishing you a good morning from someone who wants nothing more in return than your friendship.

Good friends are like mismatched socks. They emerge from a hot tumbling in the dryer of life, accept their imperfections, and get on with the business of the day.

You know how you say that you keep me out of trouble? That proved so true after I dropped you off last night. Can you come by the jail and get me? Just kidding. Have a good morning!

I'm sending this message to soothe the nasty sting that the alarm clock left in your ears. To help you get through your long day, I want you to know that I'm going to go take a nap in your honor.

We're good friends like garlic and butter. But neither of us can say who's sane and who's the nutter. Have a great morning.

Primitive people slept late because they did not want to venture out before the lions had retired from their nocturnal hunts. You would have been a success in prehistoric times, but, speaking as a friend, you need to get your butt in gear this morning.

Dear friend, you're going to crush it today, and I'm not just saying that because you work at an auto junkyard.

Here are my morning wishes for you: May you not spill coffee in your lap or squirt ketchup on your shirt. If you do, don't worry. You won't have to change your clothes to hang out with me.

They need you at work this morning. No one writes emails that don't get read the way you do. Get going! This is what you borrowed money to go to school for.

Good Morning Text Messages for Friends

Get out of bed, sleepyhead, because a great day is out there waiting for you. Have a good morning!

When it feels like the world is against you, remember that I'm always rooting for you to succeed. And, if today doesn't work out so well, so what? At least you still have me for a friend.

It's a beautiful morning, and I'm glad that you're in my world to make the sun shine even brighter. We may not be together at this moment, but I value your true friendship every minute of the day.

You should love getting up in the morning because the world needs more wonderful people like you to get out there and spread good cheer. I know this because you improve my attitude every time we're together.

Everyone needs to hear that they are appreciated, and I didn't want to wait until I saw you again to tell you how great you are. Have a good morning and make the most of your day.

Even if I can't see you every day, know that I keep you in my thoughts all of the time. You're an inspiration to me with the way you tackle your problems head on and stand up for others. Keep being a superstar!

I know things have been tough lately, but things won't always be this hard. If you need anything today, message me back. I'm listening and I care about you.

Good morning my friend. I treasure the memories of our good times together and will be here for you if things ever get hard. Don't think that you are alone. You can lean on me when you need to.

Open the curtains and let the morning sun shine in. When those warm rays embrace you, you'll know how our friendship makes me feel.

Today is going to be your day, my friend because I'm sending as much positive energy your way as I can. Once you're plugged into my good vibrations, you'll be ready to seize any opportunity that comes along.

To the best friend who has gotten me through some rough patches in my life: Have a blessed morning and great day full of pleasant surprises.

I know how hard you've been working lately and just wanted to encourage you to keep pushing toward your goals. It's all going to be worth it someday, and, when it pays off, I'll be the first one to help you celebrate.

It’s become clear to me that, while parenthood has brought me unimaginable joy, I need a close friend outside my family circle. I’m glad it’s you. 

Thanks to your help picking out today’s outfit, I feel more confident and powerful than ever this morning. I should take you shopping more often. Thank you!

Be your unashamedly awesome self today. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re anything less than that. If they don’t see it, that’s their poverty — not yours.

Good morning and thank you for showing me what real friendship looks like. I owe you a good dinner and plenty more. 

Just remembering this morning how you’re like that perfect cup of tea after a rough day. Wishing you plenty of moments like that today. I’m always here.

Good morning to you. No need to “rise and shine” (as if you could help doing the latter). Just be yourself today. And know that I’m grateful for you.

Good Morning Wishes for Friends

Every small act of kindness makes the world a little better. When you befriended me, my world got better, and today I'm returning the favor. Have an amazing day filled with goodness and compassion.

I'm sure you're nervous about your first day at the new job this morning, but don't worry. All successful people were newbies once. You're going to do great.

Everyone needs positive feedback sometimes, and I want you to know that you're an awesome friend. You make me feel valued, and I'm grateful to have you in my life.

I know you're not a morning person, but I can still wish for you to wake up today with happiness in your heart. You're going to do great things today even if you'd rather be snoozing.

Your generous heart makes me believe that everything is going to be OK. An amazing friend like you sets an example for the rest of the world. Get out there this morning and work your magic.

I want to reward a true and faithful friend like you with a good morning message filled with blessings. I wish for today to bring you success and happiness. Have an awesome morning.

This beautiful morning reminded me to be grateful for the beautiful things in life. So, I'm wishing you good morning, my lovely friend, because you deserve to know how much you matter to me.

Good morning! May your day be drama-free and filled with harmony.

I know you're going through a lot right now, and I went to bed thinking about you. From the bottom of my heart, I made a wish this morning for you to be happy.

Time to get up and pursue your dreams. You're way too talented to let any problems keep you down because your best friend believes in you. Have a super day.

Here are my good wishes for a great friend: May you get a promotion and raise. May your rent never go up. May it be sunny on your days off. But you have to get out of the bed to make it all happen.

You don't have to wait for your birthday to blow out candles and make a wish because I just made a wish for you. I wish for this morning to be the start of a great day for a great friend because I love you.

Good morning! You just woke up so that means it's been hours since someone told you what a truly wonderful friend you are.

Enjoy this morning and breathe in the crisp air. The storm has passed, and the morning sky is bright and clear. New opportunities await you, and I'm confident that you will succeed.

Today, no obstacle will stand in your way — or not for long. I have no doubt you can make this day all you want it to be.

Good morning. May God protect you today wherever you go and whomever you meet along the way. Come home safely to me. 

Hey, friend. I know this will be a challenging day for you, and I hope it’s off to a good start. If you want company or a fresh coffee/tea, I’ll be there. 

I hope you know that I expect you to light a fire (a good one) in everyone you meet today. If I learn anything from you, I hope it’s that.

No candle could light up the room as well as you do, but I light a candle for you every day in gratitude for your friendship and to ask good things for you.

Share the Love with Your Friends

Sending a quick message of appreciation or encouragement takes only a minute, but such an action can reward you with closer relationships.

Everyone needs to know that they are held dear by their friends. A good morning message for a friend can lift someone's spirits.

Your friend might need something positive to happen today, and your message could be it. So many messages these days want something from you.

A thoughtful good morning text to a friend is the exact opposite. It only seeks to give. Invite more love into the universe and send a message to a friend today.