33 Easy Things To Draw To Banish Boredom And Boost Your Mood

person drawing, easy things to draw

Is your brain crying out for something fun to do?

And do you happen to have a writing tool handy, along with something to write on?

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not completely hopeless at drawing, but I’m no expert, either. So, what are some really easy things to draw?”

Or you might wonder where can you find ideas for easy things to draw that look hard (so that if anyone happens to notice, they’ll say things like, “How are you so good at drawing that?” Bonus!)

If you know what you want to draw but aren’t sure how to begin, YouTube is full of tutorials on stuff to draw — as well as more complicated drawing projects.

Go ahead and Google “easy things to draw when bored,” and see what comes up. You'll find some really cool things to draw that you never expected.

You won’t have to scroll down too far to see the related YouTube videos, along with pictures of easy things to draw step by step.

If you’re thinking, “But I can’t draw faces,” or “I don’t draw animals, because I always get the legs wrong (and the shape of the head, the nose, etc.),” YouTube has videos created by people who make it look easy.

Be sure to grab some inexpensive art supplies including a drawing pad and colored pencils so you're ready when inspiration strikes.

Whether you’re decorating a folder or doodling in a notebook or sketching a temporary tattoo on your hand, think of this article as a varied and fun sampling of your options.

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The Ultimate List Of 100 Life Goals To Achieve Before You Die

woman standing with arms outstretched beside ocean life goals

Living without a vision is similar to living without a purpose — it is essentially a waste of time.

If you don’t wake up energized every morning to make your day an amazing one, you probably don’t have a life goals list to achieve.

It is never too early (or too late) to make a list of things that you want to do in your lifetime.

So, what are your goals in life?

Let's look at some good personal goals and life goal ideas to help you get started on setting goals for yourself.

Knowing the benefits that setting good long-term goals can bring to your life might give you the kick in the pants you need to clarify what you want to aim for.

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How To Make Good Habits Stick: 11 Secrets From Research

woman running, how to develop good habits

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get so much done and know how to develop good habits?

When they say, ”I’m going to…” start exercising, eat healthily, get organized, read more, etc., they make it happen.

But when you try to go after similar goals, it’s a different story.

You might be able to stick to them for a while, but then, somewhere along the way, you always lose your motivation and quit.

When that happens enough times, it's easy to get frustrated and discouraged.

But creating and sustaining good habits doesn’t have to be so difficult and painful.

In fact, it can be quite easy. And even a lot of fun.

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61 Of The Best Hobbies Of All Time For Men

men playing pickleball, hobbies for men

Hey guys, are you setting aside time for your unique interests and hobbies?

When you were a kid, spending time making model airplanes, playing sports, or listening to music were no-brainers.

These days, as a busy parent and professional, you might feel pursuing a hobby is indulgent when you have so many other responsibilities.

But research shows that active leisure promotes the state of flow, helps you structure your time, fosters new social connections, helps you better cope with stress, and makes you a more interesting person.

Whether you've already explored hobby ideas for men, or you want to try something new, you'll find plenty in our list to motivate you to take action.

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50 Of The Most Interesting Hobbies To Try This Year

interesting hobbies

When someone asks you what you do for fun, do you have any interesting hobbies to talk about?

If not, it's well worth your time to pick up a cool hobby and commit regular time to it.

You may think you're too busy for a leisure activity or that it's indulgent to spend your time in a way that isn't considered productive.

However, having a hobby isn't just for fun and enjoyment.

There are many benefits to trying unique hobbies that can improve your life and career.

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9 Bad Behaviors That Are Off-Putting To Everyone

Bad Behavior

Here's a tough question for you.

Are you likable?

Do people find it easy, energizing, and refreshing to be around you?

People will unknowingly carry around bad behaviors — behaviors that hold them back from loving relationships, career growth, and simple life happiness.

They don't realize they have infected themselves with negative behaviors that offend or even push people away.

Most of us do a few things to annoy people, especially in our close relationships.

It's impossible to be human and not drift into occasional bad moods, childish reactions, or selfishness.

But sometimes these behaviors become habitual.

We adopt them as part of our daily interactions and personal operating systems.

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12 Surprising Hacks To Stay Awake in Class When You’re Tired and Bored

tired man, how to stay awake in class

You were up late last night — either plugging away at your homework or trying to make the day feel longer.

Maybe you just wanted the day to end with something other than work or school.

But now you’re wondering how to stay awake in class when all you want to do is sleep.

Because you have to stay awake — no matter how dull the class might be, and no matter how tired you are.

So, what can you do?

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Keystone Habits: 10 Small Changes That Create Big Results

woman making bed, keystone habits

If you could accomplish one big goal or create one new habit in the next year, what would it be?

What important aspirations do you have to improve your life, your career, or your health?

You may not realize it, but there are certain habits that may be unrelated to your goal that help ensure you succeed at reaching it.

These are called keystone habits, and they can be life-changing.

As you know, big goals can feel overwhelming, especially when they're physically or mentally taxing and require a lot of time to complete.

If you think about losing 20 pounds, for example, you know you have weeks or months of dieting and exercise ahead of you.

Just beginning the goal drains your energy when you think about the sacrifices and hard work ahead of you.

However, if you can break these big goals into small, manageable habits and begin with very small increments of time, your goals won't feel so daunting.

By starting small and increasing your time slowly, your odds of creating a sustainable habit are dramatically improved.

But there's another tool you can use to support your goals and make it easier to create any habit you want to. That tool is a keystone habit.

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