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The power of good habits


31 Fun Things To Do By Yourself

Do you ever feel compelled by social media and cultural pressures to be more social and outgoing? Or do you take the time to find fun things to do alone? Sometimes it appears the only way to be happy and fulfilled is to cram your schedule with social events and spend most of your waking […]

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101 Things To Be Grateful For Today

If you’re looking to create a habit that will make you a happier person, choose the habit of thinking about what you’re grateful for – every day. Gratitude makes you happier. This is not news, but it’s easy to forget when you’re faced with a stack of responsibilities that seems impossible to meet – or […]

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40 Of The Best Hobbies Of All Time For Men

Hey guys, are you setting aside time for your unique interests and hobbies? When you were a kid, spending time making model airplanes, playing sports, or listening to music were no-brainers. These days, as a busy parent and professional, you might feel pursuing a hobby is indulgent when you have so many other responsibilities. It’s easy to get into […]

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