How To Host And Plan A Memorable Vision Board Party

Ever since you learned how to create a vision board of your own, you feel more like you're headed in a better direction.

Every time you look at your vision board, you feel inspired to take action.

Why not invite others to a group vision board party where they can make their own?

How different could their lives be a year or three down the road because they attended your vision board party?

This could be a game-changer for them — and for you.

Maybe throwing parties isn't usually your thing.

But this is well worth the challenge.

And you're ready to learn the agenda for planning and hosting a vision board party? Let's get started.

What is a Vision Board Party?

So, what exactly do you do at a vision board party — aside from making vision boards while chatting over snacks and drinks?

You'll learn more about vision board party supplies and ideas soon. But for now, let's nail down exactly what this party is and what it isn't.

In a nutshell, a vision board party is a group activity where participants each use the materials supplied to them (or which they bring themselves) to create a vision board of their own to take home and use every day.

What it isn't (or shouldn't be) is a chance for the host to sell their MLM merchandise, even if it relates to their vision board theme (e.g., Pampered Chef for a kitchen-themed vision board party).

This is not a party for selling stuff. This party is about giving your guests a chance to create something that could change their lives for the better — at no cost to them.

The investment you make is all about creating fun and transformation for everyone involved.

It's also about inspiring your guests to purposeful action to reach their desired goals.

How to Host a Vision Board Party

Invite a small group — as many as you can seat at your most accommodating table. Your group might include:

  • Family members and friends
  • A women's group from your place of worship
  • Your book club members
  • A non-profit group
  • Any group of people who recognize the power of visualizing goals

Try to invite people from various backgrounds and of different ages who can share unique ideas and different perspectives. This can help stimulate the creative juices of everyone who participates.

You might even consider having a guest speaker to motivate the group before the actual board creation begins.

Hosting a vision board party means you are responsible for the overall tone and energy of the party atmosphere. You want everything at this party to support each of your guests in creating a life-changing vision board.

To that end, invite only those who are likely to enjoy creating a vision board and encouraging others at the table.

And to make the invitation process as low-stress as possible, no need to individually craft Pinterest-worthy printed invitations. Just send your invitees an email and ask them to R.S.V.P.

Ask them to each bring a stack of magazines (though it can't hurt to have a generous supply of your own, in case someone forgets or doesn't have any) and their own scissors. You'll provide the poster boards, the drinks, and the snacks or dessert for them to enjoy.

You can also provide music and aromatherapy — candles, incense, or a diffuser — as well as plenty of fresh water to keep your guests hydrated.

Look over your party materials with the eyes of each of your guests and try to imagine what might make them feel more welcome. Guests who feel welcome are more likely to enjoy making their vision boards while enjoying the company around them.

Don't forget your own self-care needs, either.

If you're an introvert, you probably have some idea of how much socialization you can handle before you need alone time to recharge. Respect that.

After all, there's a good chance some of your guests are introverts, too.

Vision Board Party Flyer

If you'd like to send a vision board party invitation that looks more official and enticing than a regular email, you can create a flyer for your party and send a copy (digital or printed) to each of your invitees.

vision board party invitation
Vision Board Party Invitation by Aurora Graphic Studio

Be sure you include:

  • The date
  • The address
  • The time of the event (beginning to end)
  • What to bring (their own magazines for example)
  • Whether or not food is included

You might want to have a pot luck meal for the event, so be sure to put that on the invitation and ask guests to bring a dish.

If you use Canva to design your flyer, you can either order printed copies of it or download PDF copies to print out yourself. You can also attach those PDF copies to an email and send them to those you're inviting.

With Canva, you can also design postcards and order printed copies to mail out. But if you don't have time to do this, emailed copies will do just fine. And they're less likely to get lost.

Vision Board Party Ideas

At this point, you may be wondering how you can make this party unique or more appealing to the people you're inviting.

Looking back, what made you want to create your first vision board?
Did you make one on your own, or did you attend someone else's vision board party?
What helped you immerse yourself in the project?
Was it a particular theme?
Or did the atmosphere itself remind you of something you want more of in your life?


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What Is A Vision Board And Why You Should Make One

Whatever happened to set your ideas in motion, one overriding idea can lead you in a direction you hadn't considered before — which can become the seed for a powerful vision board.

But nothing says you can't use one of the following vision board party themes to build some extra buzz for this event.

Getaway theme — Decorate for a friends' retreat. Provide their favorite drinks and an array of special snacks or a dessert. Let the music and decor help set the tone.
Cocktails — Set up a mini bar to create cocktails for each of your guests to enjoy with some tapas or other treats.
Ladies luncheon — Encourage your guests to wear their favorite classy but comfortable outfits. Provide a small luncheon with coffee and/or tea.
Fandom theme — If you know your invitees all belong to a particular fandom, use that. Serve a favorite character's stand-by drinks and treats (like “Jelly Babies” and “Jammy Dodgers” for a Doctor Who-themed party).
Self-care theme — Provide some self-care treats for your guests in a small gift bag, drawstring pouch, or basket. Use calming music and aromatherapy, and encourage your guests to design a vision board that represents their perfect day.


Vision Board Party Supplies

Your main vision board supplies will be the following:

  • Posterboard or other sturdy, portable background
  • Magazines, newspapers, catalogs, old travel guides, etc.
  • Scissors — plain or with decorative edges (for scrapbooking)
  • Pens — Color markers, Sharpies, etc.

Depending on how artful you and your guests want to get with their vision boards, you can also provide extra adornments like stickers, glitter or glitter glue, sequins, drawing pencils, and paint.

It's likely one or more of your guests won't find the words they want to put on their vision boards no matter how many magazines they look through.

Knowing that, why not have some letter stickers handy? You can stick with a simple letter style in a bold, black font or choose different color and style options.

Otherwise, you can provide brush pens or calligraphy pens for those who prefer to write the words on the boards themselves.

What to Do at Your Vision Board Workshop

To start things off, tell your guests what you're about to make and why. Give them a little history of the vision board, and show them what you've created.

At this point, all your guests should have full glasses or mugs of something they can enjoy sipping while you talk. If you have snacks, set them along the center line of the table everyone is seated around.

Feel free to share what vision boards have done for you so far. If someone they know has gotten good results from a vision board, they're more likely to take it seriously and give the project their best effort.

Once you've introduced them to vision boards and shown them some examples of finished work, let them see the materials you have on hand.

If you've asked them to bring their own magazines or other printed materials, you can invite them to use sources from your supplier if they don't find what they need with their own.

Let them know they're free to make their vision boards as elaborate or as simple as they like.

No one is competing with Pinterest (though they're welcome to consult it for ideas).

If you like, you can even provide some 3M wall-hanging strips to send home with your guests, so they can easily attach them to their own walls at home, without damaging the paint.

You can enclose four strip sets (one for each corner of the vision board) in a small gift bag with a few extra treats — some chocolates and a small scented lotion or a small bottle of essential oil.

Vision Board Party Agenda

The agenda for this vision board party is to make your guest's lives as full of blessings as they possibly can be. You want them thinking about the possibilities — to know that if they feel stuck right now, it is possible to get unstuck.

Beyond that, you might consider the following order of activities:

  • Socializing, mingling, and snacking for 10-15 minutes.
  • Self-introductions by everyone in the room.
  • Explanation of vision boards, how to make them, how to use them, and the theme for the day.
  • A 5-10 minute motivational talk by a guest speaker (if you have one).
  • Vision board creation time.
  • Either a break to eat or a planned meal at the end of creating the vision boards.
  • A few minutes at the end of the event for everyone to share their vision boards and what they mean.

Guests don't necessarily have to complete their vision boards at the party. Some people may take more time than others. The goal is to get them started so they have clarity about what they want to create in the end.

Are you ready to host a vision board party?

May your own intentions radiate from your invitations and draw together everyone who needs to be at this party.

You may not know exactly what they need more of in their lives, but something in your invitation will make them think, “I need this.”

And if all goes according to plan (and sometimes, even if it doesn't), they'll be grateful for this party for years to come.

Don't forget to do some planning for the vision board you will create for this party. You'll be leading the charge, after all, and showing the newbies among your guests how to get started, how they might arrange their clippings, etc.

Make it a party to remember — and (hopefully) repeat!

Want to host a vision board party yet don't know how? Discover how to host a successful vision board party. Use our planning list to know what to buy beyond glue sticks, poster board, and scissors.