Want To Make A Vision Board? Try These 29 Unique Ideas

You might think vision boards are sort of like the poster equivalent of a scrapbook.

They do look a bit like that, don't they?

But instead of using them to remember something you've already done, you use them to inspire you to work toward the goals and dreams you have now.

There are so many ways to create a dream board — because you have so many things you want for your life.

When it comes to what to put on a vision board, all depends on your purpose for it and what you want to achieve.

The best vision board ideas for you are those that help you reach your goals and make your visions reality by inspiring action.

Before we delve into all of the various types of boards, here's a reminder of why you're making the effort to create one.

How Does A Vision Board Work?

The whole idea of a vision board is to create a visual reminder of your goals and desires:

  • Your dream job
  • Your soulmate
  • Your dream home
  • Travel destinations
  • Your magnum opus
  • The life you want to live
  • The growth you want to see

But too many people — including die-hard adherents of the vision board — treat it as a tool for conjuring their best life without any real effort on their part. It doesn't end well.

When we focus on how we'll feel when we already have the things shown on our vision board, we put ourselves in a state of satisfaction or gratitude.

And while gratitude itself is powerful, it doesn't necessarily motivate us to take action.

The best way to use a vision board is as a visual reminder of the actions you need to take to reach your goal.

In related studies, students who visualized themselves studying did better on tests than those who visualized getting a good grade.

Check out this post if you want to learn more details about what is a vision board and why you need a vision board.

Let's look at some ideas for boards you can use for various aspects of your life to help make your dreams come true.

29 Unique Vision Board Ideas

1. Life Passion Vision Board

The goal of this board is to represent a life you would consider worth living.

With that in mind, what you add to it will depend on what you most want in your life, as well as your unique purpose and personal gifts.

Add value words, meaningful phrases and quotes, and other visuals that represent your passions and the life you want to create.

2. Find Your Soulmate Vision Board

If you have some idea of the kind of person you'd want to spend the rest of your life with, you can add the following to create a soulmate vision board:

  • You can start with words that represent personal values you'd want to share with your soulmate, and go from there.
  • You can use images to reflect the personality, talents, and appearance of your future mate.
  • You can also add images of places and activities where you might meet your soulmate.

What can you do to make that meeting more likely? That's where taking action comes in after you create your board.

3. Dream Job Vision Board

If you know what your dream job is, why not create a vision board for it? Add anything that will motivate you to take daily action toward the job you want.

Instead of imagining yourself already in that job, imagine yourself doing all you can to get closer to it. List the qualities you want to display as you work toward landing that job.

In doing so, you'll become the kind of person your dream job employer will be thrilled to find.

4. Teacher Vision Board

A vision board can help you stay motivated by reminding you of why you became a teacher, what you love about the job, and what you've accomplished so far.

Consider adding encouraging notes from students and mentors, inspiring quotes, and images of people who inspire you.

5. Travel Vision Board

Create one of these if you dream of traveling and want to remind yourself to keep working toward the goal of making travel an annual priority.

To that end, consider adding names and images of places you'd like to visit, as well as images of your modes of transportation, and scenes from your best traveling memories.

6. Self-Confidence Vision Board

With this vision board, you'll include confidence-boosting visuals like lists of accomplishments, visuals that remind you of moments when you felt proud of yourself, and encouraging notes from those who see the best in you.

Looking at this board should lift you up and inspire you to do more and feel more accomplished.

7. Inspiration Vision Board

An inspiration vision board is exactly what it sounds like. You should design your board to reflect anything that inspires you to become the person you want to be, living the life of your dreams.

This could be one massive board with everything you can find that inspires you or a set of smaller boards for specific inspirational purposes.

8. Fashion Vision Board

Just knowing what you like and what looks good on you — as well as what you can afford — can help you avoid overspending and accumulating pieces you'll never wear.

Pinterest boards are a great place to create your own digital vision boards.

But if you want something you can hang on your wall at home, find magazines and catalogs that have the looks you want and start snipping.

9. Great Relationships Vision Board

A relationship vision board should highlight the values and experiences you want to share with the people closest to you.

How do you want to spend the time you have with each of them? And what can you do to strengthen those relationships?

10. Daily Affirmations Vision Board

If you've been collecting daily affirmations that keep you on track, why not create a vision board with your favorites?

Illustrate them with visuals that amplify those affirmations and get you thinking of what you'll do today to make it worth talking about at day's end.

11. New Year's Resolution Vision Board

Why settle for just writing down your New Year's resolutions when you create a vision board for them?

You can create a board for each resolution or a larger one that includes all of them. Use visuals that remind you of the actions you need to take to reach them.

12. Creating Wealth Vision Board

You can add images of money, if that inspires you. But don't forget to add visuals that motivate you to take action.

Use visuals (images, words, infographics, etc.) that help you see what you could accomplish in a year from now with the actions you take every day.

13. Weight Loss Vision Board

For this, you'll want a vision board that reminds you not only of the actions you need to take but of the reasons behind them: better health, looking the way you want, higher energy levels, or all of these.

Knowing your why as well as your end goal helps you stay motivated. It keeps you on track when you want to to choose a healthy snack over a favorite indulgence.

14. Get Healthy Vision Board

As with the weight loss vision board, it helps to keep in mind why you want to be healthier than you are now. Has your doctor warned you of the risk of not taking corrective action?

Are you neglecting to exercise or get regular check-ups?

Whatever your reasons, use visuals that remind you of your why as well as how you see yourself enjoying your improved health.

15. Mindfulness Vision Board

Do you imagine yourself savoring a cup of your favorite tea, one swallow at a time? Or do images of your kids playing remind you to take it slow, so you can be fully present for them?

Use visuals to remind you to practice daily mindfulness and to be present for the people in your life — family and friends, as well as others you spend time with.

16. Enlightening Vision Board

Search for content and images that foster self-awareness and positive change, and add them to an enlightening vision board.

This board doesn't have to inspire you to reach a specific goal. It could just be something to help you in your personal growth and emotional maturity. Then you can use these internal skills and do something with them.

17. Spiritual Vision Board

Do you have spiritual goals you want to keep front and center every day? What visuals and sacred words keep you moving in the direction you want to go?

Your spiritual vision board should remind you why your spiritual development and growth are worth your time and energy. It should also celebrate how far you've come.

18. Kid's Vision Board

A kid's vision board can inspire them to either celebrate their interests and accomplishments or encourage them to explore new ones.

In either case, they should remind their young creators of what they're capable of and what they've learned so far. It should lift them up and lead them higher.

19. Family Vision Board

A family vision board can be a team effort or something you begin and leave unfinished so others in the family can add to it.

Or you can each create your own boards to show what you most value about your family. Use visuals that remind you all of good moments and inspire you to create new ones.

20. Strong Woman Vision Board

What visuals make you think of the qualities you expect to see in a strong woman? What comes to mind when you visualize yourself as one?

If this is the theme for your vision board, choose whatever words, images, or other content will inspire you to cultivate those qualities in yourself and to celebrate the strength you already have.

21. Build Your Business Vision Board

via Micro Business Hub

What visuals represent the kind of business you want to run? I don't just mean what you want to sell or what service you want to provide.

I mean what values do you want your business to communicate to your customers or client base?

What words and visuals do you want them to associate with you and your brand?

22. Creativity Vision Board

Use this to brainstorm new creative projects or to remind yourself to stay on track with current ones. What do you love to create, and why?

Use visuals that show what you've created in the past, as well as creative projects on your bucket list. Celebrate your creativity and that of those who inspire you.

23. Your Best Life Vision Board

via Amazer

What comes to mind when someone asks you, “How do you envision your best life?” What visuals motivate you to take action toward making that dream a reality?

The life you work for is more meaningful than a life given to you by someone else. So, what kind of life would you consider worth sweating for? What is it worth to you?

24. Personal Values Vision Board

This board is all about the core values behind your character and your daily actions. Those words should have everything to do with how you spend your time.

Choose the words and phrases that have the most meaning for you, and surround them with visuals that bring them to life.

25. Vision Board for Moms

Whether you're an expectant mother, a new mother, or an experienced one, this vision board is about the kind of mother you want to be. Because we never stop learning.

Make room for visuals that celebrate your best moments as a mother — as well as those that taught you something nothing else could have.

26. Vision Board for Men

Whatever kind of man you want to be — for yourself, your partner, your kids, your friends, etc. — make this board about that guy.

And don't forget to celebrate the values and traits you've admired in others and have worked to cultivate in yourself.

27. Artful Vision Board

If you thrive on artistic expression, use a vision board to celebrate it.

Use visuals that show off your artistic style, finished works you're proud of, artistic influences who've inspired you, and what you'd like to accomplish next as an artist.

28. Life Goals Vision Board

By “life goals,” I mean the big ones — the ones that define you.

These are the goals that stand out, more than all the others, as the goals that represent what's most important to you. Use visuals that represent action steps you can take.

29. House and Home Vision Board

If you're looking for your dream home or planning to renovate the home you have, a vision board can help you focus on the results that are most important to you.

It's too easy to spend more than necessary when you try to renovate every single detail you come across. Use your vision board to see the bigger picture and save money.

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Which vision board ideas will you choose?

Did you think of any vision board ideas that we missed? Or which of these ideas are you most excited about trying?

Maybe you'd rather start with a digital vision board on Pinterest. You'll find plenty of inspiration there for any type of vision board you can dream up.

And if you'd like to see more options for the specific vision board you'd like to create, use Pinterest's search feature. Or try an image search with your browser using “vision board + .”

Your mission is to make yours look exactly the way you want it — with your vision, your ideas, and your unique flair.

Make it what you need it to be.

There are so many ways to create a dream board — because you have so many things you want for your life.  When it comes to what to put on a vision board, all depends on your purpose for it and what you want to achieve. #passion #goals #vision #visionboards #personaldevelopment