53 Nice Things To Say Or Write To Your Mom To Make Her Day

Remember how your grade school teachers had you make a Mother's Day gift for your mom? 

At the time, you may not have realized how much those cut-and-paste crafts and potted marigolds meant to her. 

Now that you're older, you may want to know how you tell your mom you appreciate her? 

Mother's Day, her birthday, or any occasion are perfect times to express your love and appreciation.

Let's take a closer look at ways to make her feel rewarded for raising you. 

How Do You Make Your Mom Feel Special?

Selfless is a word that gets used about parents quite a bit, but selfless does not mean never needing positive feedback. 

Some days your mom had to dig deep for the motivation to keep doing what you needed to thrive as a child.

Kind words from you have the power to affirm her hard work and personal sacrifices

When you express your love and appreciation, your mom gets to KNOW that she is making a difference instead of just believing that she is. 

Her daily efforts to promote your well-being could leave her feeling taken for granted. Say something nice and PROVE to her that she matters. 

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53 Nice Things to Say to Your Mom

Putting feelings into words does not always come easily.

These lists of things to say to your mom to make her happy will inspire you when you're unsure where to start. 

Nice Things to Say to Your Mom on Mother's Day

 1. “Thanks for loving me even when I was a pain. Only a mom could do that and see the best in me!”

Your mom has a special ability to see past your moods and love you always. 

 2. “You're the best mom ever. I'm so lucky that I get to be your son/daughter.”

 She wanted to be the best for you, so let her hear it.

 3. “You showed me how to be a good person by your example every day.”

 Letting her know that her example made a difference will help her feel fulfilled. 

 4. “I'll love you always, and you are in my heart every day.”

 Tell your mom that she's on the top shelf of your heart.

 5. “Thank you for providing for me and taking care of all of my needs.”

Whether she was spooning baby food into your mouth or paying your car insurance, she devoted energy to making sure that you had what you needed. 

women hugging and posing Nice Things to Say to Your Mom

 6. “Thank you for being patient with me.”

This praise is a sweet thing to say to your mom because the hope that her patience would pay off helped her maintain patience. 

 7. “You're the smartest person I know, and I have learned so much from you.”

 She'd like to know that you can recognize her brilliance.

 8. “Thanks for teaching me how to take care of myself.”

 You have her to thank for those life skills. 

 9. “Thank you for taking care of me when I was sick.”

 She soothed you through your times of suffering and rinsed out the puke bucket. 

 10. “Thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.”

 She showed you how to embrace your inner value.

 11. “I want your dreams to come true because you always focused on making mine come true.”

Your mom might have put her life on hold while you grew up. Encourage her to pursue new ambitions.

 12. “You taught me the power of kindness.”

She'll be glad to know that she succeeded in nurturing a good person who is kind to others.

 13. “You always make me feel safe.”

daughter kissing mom Nice Things to Say to Your Mom

Take a moment to recognize how she provides a refuge from your problems. 

 14. “If you need me, I will be there to take care of you when you're old.”

You can reassure her that you will be there for the rest of her life as much as you're able. 

 15. “I respect your opinion, even when we don't always agree.”

 You might have to ask her to sit down before you say this one. 

 16. “You were right to be tough on me when I needed it.”

Your mom had to play the long game and endure your anger for the sake of your future. 

 17. “I'm glad you're my mom.”

It's a simple statement but still a sweet thing to say to your mom. The words communicate the unique bond between only the two of you. 

 18. “I see you in myself more every day.”

 A mother can be comforted by the knowledge that she will live on in her child.

Nice Things to Say to Your Mom on Her Birthday

 19. “You're beautiful today. You never age to me.”

 Celebrate her beauty before giving her a present. 

 20. “Dinner is on me tonight.”

 Any parent will get misty-eyed at these words. 

 21. “I'm glad I'm here with you. I can't think of a better place to be right now.”

 Stating how much it means to be together deepens your connection with your mom.

 22. “I cherish you and am so grateful for having you as my mom.”

 Three words that will make mom feel warm and fuzzy.

 23. “You are my hero.”

 She deserves credit for all of the times that she came to your rescue. 

 24. “I like to hear you laugh. Seeing you happy makes me happy.”

 When mom is happy, everybody is happy, right?

 25. “You deserve your birthday wishes to come true.”

She's been rooting for you since the day you were born. Now cheer for her. 

 26. “I appreciate you every day, even if I don't always say it.”

 Tell her that you notice how much she does for you. 

older woman and younger woman talking outdoors Nice Things to Say to Your Mom

 27. “You are amazing. I always brag about you to my friends.”

She may be amazed that she succeeded in raising you. Now it's time to compliment her.

 28. “I want to be as good as you. You are such a positive example to me.”

 Your mom will be pleased to learn that you hold her in such high esteem. 

 29. “You can handle anything. I'm amazed at your strength.”

 We all need a vote of confidence sometimes. 

 30. “I'm always here for you.”

 Knowing that you can rely on someone brings peace of mind. 

 31. “You are so wise. I'm so glad I can turn to you for advice.”

 Who wouldn't like to hear that?

 32. “I want to celebrate how awesome you are.”

 Her birthday is the perfect time to make her feel special. 

 33. “I admire you so much.”

 Let her know that you have noticed all of the great things she has done. 

 34. “I'll clean up after the party. You relax and enjoy your special day.”

 For once, don't stick your mom with the dirty dishes. 

 35. “I think about you every day.”

 This statement tells her that you care about her. 

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Nice Things to Say to Your Mom in a Card

 36. “You gave me the strength to get through hard times.”

 These words tell her that she succeeded as a mother. 

 37. “You inspire me to a better parent to my children.”

 She'll be happy to know that her parenting style is worth emulating in your eyes. 

 38. “Thank you for putting up with me when I was a teenager.”

 She may really need to hear this. 

 39. “Thank you for always watching my games/recitals/etc. Seeing you there made me feel loved.”

 Your mom saw this as her duty and pleasure, but your gratitude still means so much to her.

 40. “Thank you for making me feel listened to.”

Every mom wants her child to know she was present and attentive in parenting.

 41. “You make the world better. I love how giving you are to others.”

 It's a lovely thing to say to anyone, moms included. 

 42. “Thank you for giving birth to me.”

 Your words are a bit overdue, but it's never too late to say them. 

 43. “When I need to make a decision, I think about what you would do.”

 She'll be glad to know that she became the wise voice in your head.

 44. “You light up the room when you arrive.”

 This statement is an excellent way to boost her self-esteem. 

 45. “I understand now how much pressure you were under.”

Now that you're mature, words like these will deepen your bond with your mother. 

 46. “Have a beautiful day. You deserve it!”

 Let her know how much you want her to enjoy life. 

 47. “There's always more that I could learn from you.”

 Her perspective and knowledge are genuinely things for you to treasure.

 48. “I'm proud of you.”

 Moms secretly want their kids to be proud of them too. 

 49. “You made motherhood look easy.”

 Recognize her competence and grace under pressure. 

 50. “I owe my success to you.”

 She might say you earned it on your own, but on the inside, she's glowing with pride.

 51. “Tell me how I can help to make your life better.”

 Perhaps the time has come for you to nurture her in some way.

 52. “You showed me the meaning of true love.”

 Unforgettable beauty comes from the purity of a mother's love for a child. 

 53. “Your love is the source of my confidence.”

 Her encouragement and devotion gave you the gift of self-worth. 

A Precious Gift to Make Your Mom Feel Special

Kind words of appreciation and love can outshine the fanciest gifts. You don't need to invest much time to make your mom's day special. 

A single sentence has the power to bring tears to her eyes. Don't let opportunities slip by when you could compliment her in a beautiful way