29 Unique Traits Of The Intuitive Empath

Have you ever walked into a room and had a wave of negative energy wash over you?

Have you had a conversation with a stranger and could tell, without them saying a word about it, that they were deeply troubled or sad?

Do you ever feel so profoundly moved by something beautiful that you start to cry?

If any of these ring true for you, you might be an empath — an unusually sensitive person who has a more heightened awareness to subtle stimuli.

If you are an empath, you've likely known for some time you are different from most people around you.

You've probably been accused of being too sensitive or overly emotional your whole life.

You might find the tragedies and world suffering you see on the news almost unbearable and feel compelled to share in the pain of complete strangers.

As a child, you may have had a hard time adjusting to new situations. You may have cried easily, had unusually deep thoughts, or asked out-of-the-ordinary questions.

You may even believe there's something wrong with you or that you have some kind of emotional disorder.

Fortunately, that isn't the case. Being an empath isn't something shameful or even very unusual.

What Is An Empath?

According to research conducted by Elaine Aron, Ph.D., a psychologist at Stony Brook University in New York, 20% of the population are genetically predisposed to be more aware and empathic.

She and her research team have found physical evidence in the brain that empaths respond especially strongly to certain situations that trigger emotions.

Says Dr. Aron, “We found that areas of the brain involved with awareness and emotion, particularly those areas connected with empathetic feelings, in the highly sensitive people showed substantially greater blood flow to relevant brain areas than was seen in individuals with low sensitivity during the 12-second period when they viewed the photos [of happy and sad faces].”

What Powers Does an Empath Have?

Being an empath is not a disorder — it is an innate quality you should never feel shameful about. Some view being an empath as a powerful strength.

Although some of the empath traits make it more difficult to operate in a world dominated by less sensitive people, there are many positive aspects of being an empath.

Says Dr. Judith Orloff in her New York Times bestseller, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life,”Empaths are naturally giving, spiritually attuned, and good listeners. If you want heart, empaths have got it.

Through thick and thin, they’re there for you, world-class nurturers.”Empaths feel positive, loving emotions deeply and appreciate the subtitles of beauty, art, and music.

They flourish in calm, loving, and peaceful environments. On the flip side, however, empaths feel all emotions keenly — even negative emotions.

Says Dr. Orloff, they are so in-tune to others' negative feelings they become “angst-sucking sponges.”

As a result, they are vulnerable to emotional abusers who want to use and manipulate them. Stressful situations and people overwhelm them and often trigger serious issues like depression, anxiety, weight gain, and addictions.

29 Relatable Intuitive Empath Traits You Might Recognize

The characteristics of an empath can differ from person to person, but you'll find many that are common with the empath personality type. You're sure to recognize yourself in many of these descriptions.

1. People Point Out That You're Highly Sensitive

You've been told all your life you are too sensitive, overly emotional, or wear your heart on your sleeve. People tell you that you pick up on cues or feelings they don't even notice.

You may have been the peacemaker in your family — the one who tried to keep everyone happy and calm because discord was so upsetting and painful for you.

woman thinking, empath traits

You might also notice that friends gravitate to you whenever they have a problem or they are dealing with an emotional challenge because you can intuit their emotions and help them feel better.

2. You Feel Other's Feelings

You've noticed how sensitive you are to the emotions of others.

Even before they tell you how they are feeling, you already know. You can enter a room and have a sense of the general mood of the environment.

Sometimes this can be overwhelming because it's hard to just relax and enjoy a social occasion. You feel too many emotional vibes to be able to tune out and just have fun.

3. Negativity Overwhelms You

Where others can tolerate raised voices, conflict, or anger, it sends you over the edge.

You almost feel physically sick or in pain as a result of the negative energy around you. You crave peace and calm.

You might find yourself being a “people pleaser” with your spouse and family in order to keep things calm.

But even an undercurrent of negative energy in your home is enough to make you anxious and disconcerted.

4. Being in Crowded Places Overwhelms You

One of the most common empath characteristics is disliking crowds. You don't like being in malls, sporting events, airports, or other public places with groups of people. You feel suffocated and overly excited. You can't wait to leave.

Being in these crowded spaces is like being in a vortex of emotional chum. It takes real effort to find your center and remain calm.

5. You Possess A Strong Intuition

You seem to know things without being told. You sense what needs to be done or what's about to happen. Your gut feelings nearly always prove to be correct.

Often the phone will ring, and you'll know who it is before you pick up. Or you'll be thinking about a friend or family member, and they will call you within minutes.

Walking into an elevator or down the street, you know who to approach or avoid simply by sensing the energy of the person.

6. You Have a Low Threshold for Pain 

More than others you know, you have a lower threshold for pain tolerance. You can't stand getting shots, feeling nauseated, or dealing with a minor injury.

You may even have had a doctor tell you to stop complaining so much or act surprised that you feel pain with a procedure others find innocuous.

In fact, the entire vibe of a doctor's office can send you reeling because you pick up on the discomfort and fear in the other people around you.

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7. You Have Strong Physical Awareness

You are deeply in tune with your own body and the changes that occur. You might notice you're getting ill before most people would.

You might also have physical responses to the emotions you feel so keenly — a headache, muscle pains, burning sensations, and gastrointestinal disorders.

You pay more attention than most to the signals your body is sending you. Sometimes this can make you appear to be a hypochondriac — but more often than not, your concerns have merit.

8. You Avoid Negative Media Images

You find it extremely disturbing to watch or read about tragic news events or see unpleasant images. It bothers you so much, you avoid looking at these images at all costs.

On the other hand, you may feel compelled to watch tragic events unfold because you feel such a deep sense of connection with those who are suffering.

You feel responsible for the suffering of others, and in your mind, it doesn't seem right that you should be happy if people in the world are dealing with such tragic events.

9. You Can Easily Tell When Someone Is Lying

All you need to do is look at their faces or listen to their tone of voice, and you know instantly whether or not they are telling the truth.

This can be a very useful trait, especially when it comes to parenting your children. But other times, you can find yourself deeply disappointed in people whom you considered honest and ethical.

10. You Are More Sensitive to Stimulants/Medications

Caffeine, in particular, makes you more anxious and agitated than the average person. You can never drink caffeine in the evening if you want to sleep.

You often have reactions or side effects to medications. Other people can take the normally prescribed amount of a medication, but you can only tolerate a fraction of it.

friends walking, empath traits

11. You Often Show Up with the Symptoms of Those Around You

If someone close to you is sick or depressed, you will develop the same ailments. You aren't trying to “out-do” them with your own pity party.

You just feel so close to this person and so sympathetic about their ailment that you develop it as well.

12. You Can Attract Narcissists

Because of your sensitive, compassionate, and empathic nature, you may find yourself in the company of insensitive, selfish, and even narcissistic people.

These type of people often troll for empath types who will serve them freely without having to give them back anything in return.

A kind and loving empath feels compelled to give more and more in the hopes that he or she will eventually be rewarded with love and kindness.

With all of the empath's intuition, it can take a long time for them to figure out that these narcissists are only out for themselves.

13. You Are the Dumping Ground for the Problems of Others

People around you seem to gravitate toward you and unload all of their pain and problems on you. Because you are an empath, you feel compelled to help, even to your own detriment.

It's not until you feel exhausted and even used that you recognize what's going on.

Your friends and family may not mean to take advantage of you, but because you are so intuitive, it just feels natural for them to come to you.

And it feels natural for you to help them. You have to be careful to protect your sensibilities and create boundaries to manage your energy.

14. You Often Feel Fatigued

Speaking of energy, because others take so much from you, you often feel drained of energy and extremely tired. You might even have chronic fatigue syndrome.

With all of the demands on your psyche, it's no wonder that you're tired. Your brain is on overdrive processing everything that is filtering through to your inner world.

That's why alone time is so important for you. It gives you the opportunity to recharge and nourish yourself.

15. You Have a Very Vibrant Inner Life

You are highly creative, imaginative, and loving. You might spend a lot of time in your head pondering important things, like the meaning of life.

You also spend a lot of time thinking about the plethora of emotions that you are processing constantly. You need to figure out how to make sense of a world that often feels overwhelming and intense.

You may be involved in the arts or other creative pursuits as an outlet for your active inner world.

You feel a close kinship with animals, as they share your intuitive nature. You more than most especially enjoy your relationship with your pets.

16. You Are Sensitive to Sounds and Sensations

Loud noises or sudden dramatic movements startle you.

Restaurants with lots of ambient noise are distracting and irritating. Going to movies that are action-oriented, loud, and fast-moving are not your cup of tea.

You feel overwhelmed by bright lights, rough fabrics, and strong smells. You may notice very delicate smells, touch, and sounds.

You are the one who can't stand the tag in the back of your shirt, the subtle perfume worn by your seatmate on the airplane, or weird aftertaste of something you eat.

17. You Don't Like Too Many Things at Once

When you have to multi-task or have too much coming at you at once, you feel rattled and overwhelmed.

You are already trying to manage the sensory overload of everyday life, so adding in more tasks than your brain can handle at any one time is like torture for you.

Once task at a time with plenty of time to complete it is your ideal. You like to process, ponder, and feel your way through your work without feeling rushed.

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18. You Manage Your Environment

You try to create your living and working environment to accommodate your sensitivities.

You arrange your schedule and commitments to avoid unpleasant, chaotic, or overly stimulating situations.

Most empaths recognize their “special needs” and work to harmonize their environments to support these needs.

You especially need time every day with no sensory input. You want to withdraw to your room or another quiet place to recharge.

19. You Don't Like Showboats and Selfish People

You are particularly bothered by those who put themselves first all the time and aren't sensitive to the feelings of others.

Because you are so sensitive, you find it deeply upsetting that others can be so cavalier about the pain or feelings of people around them.

Show-offs and ego-driven people who have low emotional intelligence are not your favorite people to be around, as you have little patience for their lack of empathy.

20. You Can Almost Feel the Days of the Week and Months of the Year

Each day of the week has a specific “feel” to it. You may notice when a Wednesday feels like a Saturday.

You might feel particularly heavy at the start of the workweek or discombobulated when you're asked to do a Friday project on a Tuesday.

Even months and seasons have a particular feel and certain emotions attached to them — beyond any seasonal event or holiday that falls in a month.

It's almost as if days, months, and seasons have a distinct personality that you tune in to.

21. You Are a Great Listener

People tell you this all the time. You listen consciously and know the right questions and comments to draw people out and make them feel heard.

You don't just listen to what's being said. You pay attention to the emotions behind the words. You notice body language and subtle signals that communicate volumes.

You have an intuitive sense of how to respond so that the speaker feels truly heard.

22. You Get Bored Easily

As an empath, you need to focus on work and activities that stimulate your creativity and passion.

You need an outlet for all of the emotion you have stored up inside of you, and your work is often a reflection of your values.

If you get bored, you resort to daydreaming, doodling, and sometimes letting your active mind ruminate about your deep and sometimes painful feelings.

However, you are still very conscientious and try hard to avoid making mistakes. Doing a good job and performing your best is part of your value system.

23. You Tend to Be An Introvert

Empaths tend to be introverted personality types. Because you easily get overwhelmed in crowds, you prefer small group interactions and being by yourself.

Since being around people and their draining energies can be exhausting, you tend to reenergize by being by yourself.

Even extraverted empaths need time to themselves to recharge and protect their sensitive natures.

24. You Might Avoid Intimate Relationships

As an empath, you might fear being engulfed by another person who is a romantic partner.

Fear of losing your identity is big for you because you can so easily become enmeshed in your partner's needs and problems.

For an intimate relationship to work for you, you must be clear on your boundaries with your partner, and your partner needs to have a clear understanding of your empath traits.

25. You Are Replenished by Being in Nature

One of the best ways for you to regain your energy is by spending time in nature.

A walk in the woods, a long hike, relaxing by the ocean, or just sitting in your backyard under the stars can bring you back to center.

By getting away from the high stimulation of crowds, city noise, traffic, and technology, you can soothe your frayed emotions and reconnect with inner peace and equanimity.

26. You Have A Huge Heart 

You are compassionate, attentive to the needs of others, caring and giving. You will go out of your way to help others.

You might take home stray animals, find a shelter for a homeless person, or become a foster parent. You may be the first one to volunteer to give your time and energy to someone in need.

But this big heart of yours can drain you of energy because you have a hard time saying, “No.” You also feel the pain of these people and animals you help, which takes a toll on you.

girl walking, empath traits

27. You Are a Truth Seeker and Knowledge Seeker

Empaths feel a strong affinity for the truth. That's why liars are so abhorrent to you.

Anything that feels inauthentic, false, or untruthful gets under your skin and even makes you angry.

Even half-truths and white lies that are innocent seem wrong to you.

In your quest for truth, you are always seeking to expand your knowledge.

You want answers to your big and small questions, and you may spend a lot of time researching and reading to learn more.

You don't accept ideas and information at face value. You need proof and clarity to confirm or dispel your opinions and beliefs.

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28. You May Be Prone to Mood Swings

This isn't a surprise, is it? With all of the emotions and stimulation coming at you, and with all that you give to others, it's not possible for your own moods to remain stable 24/7.

Too much negative energy can make you withdraw into your cocoon, leaving others to wonder what's wrong with you.

It's nearly impossible for you to pretend to feel happy and upbeat when you are in this state of mind.

Being in social situations can be tricky for you if the mood of the room is off. You just want to go in a corner by yourself and nurse a drink. Or better yet, just go home.

But just as soon as an emotional storm blows in, it can blow away with proper self-care and solitude.

29. You Tend to Tell It Like It Is

You care about other people and their feelings — that's the compassionate side of you. But you also hate pretending or telling lies because it's more expedient or socially acceptable.

People come to you when they want the truth about a situation, and you aren't afraid to be honest in your own sensitive way.

For some people you encounter, this is a blessing, but for others, it might be offensive.

Not everyone can handle the truth, so you need to use that strong intuition of yours to discern when to keep your mouth shut.

So You're An Empath — Now What?

If you are an empath, know that you have an ability to use your sensitivity for your own good and the good of others.

To protect yourself, mindfully manage your environment and screen out people who drain you or take advantage of your sensitive nature.

Acknowledge that you have the benefit of feeling positive experiences more profoundly, and accept that your reactions to pain, anger, stimulation are normal — but not universally understood.

You are certainly not alone as an empath. A fifth of the population understands you completely and appreciates your special characteristics.

People who aren't as sensitive and empathic can appreciate your unique qualities if you share this information with them.

If you are reading this, and you aren't an empath, perhaps you recognize these traits in someone you know and love.

It is through understanding and awareness that empaths and non-empaths can live and work together in mutually supportive and thoughtful ways.

200 thoughts on “29 Unique Traits Of The Intuitive Empath”

    • I am pretty sure I am an empath. One day I woke up and started to feel really sick. I had really bad chest pains it felt like I was having trouble breathing. Also I developed headache and what felt like a clammy fever. This went on for a couple of hours. Anyway I ended up getting a phone call and it was my aunt, she called to tell me my dad had died of a heart attack. She said he was complaining about having chest pains, having trouble breathing, clammy fever and a really bad pounding headache. So she brought him to the hospital but he ended up dying shortly after he arrive. When I found out what time he had died I was shocked because that was around the same time all my pain and symptoms went away.

    • So sorry Mandy. You were definitely feel your dad’s symptoms at the same time he was suffering the heart attack. I send my blessings and healing prayers to you.

    • There are some good FB supports groups for empaths. Try empath support community. You will learn how to deal with it. If anyone in a specific is negative, get out. The admin doesn’t control the group well. Good luck.

    • I was supposed to call and talk to my family Chritmas Eve day at 1:00pm on 12/24 1994. My Dad had congestive heart problems. I knew he was dieing! I am a very prompt person! But I felt sad all day. I was with my future fiancé I had every reason to be excited for the evening, cooking dinner at the time, I could not make that call, I started crying. My boyfriend was Christmas shopping. I was crazy with fear, but what for, him getting hurt driving, not getting engaged No I knew it was my Dad!
      I called at 1:30 he was dead from a massive heart attach and brain hemmorage! He died eating Christmas Eve dinner his most relished holiday! I have premanisons like that ever so often I hate it, I cry when others say goodbye at airports, I raise horses and love them and labs, elaphants are especially sensitive social animals and cry, I am hurt very easily, I have 4 brothers who could care less to communicate even thou I’ve lived 1,000 miles away for 40 years they never once visited me! Now my mother is dieing but no one calls me about her health. If I did not have my husband and some resilance I would have beat robin W to the beat.

    • Hello Rita,
      You are a mirror of me. I thought that when I was growing up that I was some sort of freak. People picked on me for being ‘sensitive’. My family will not call or talk to me, unless I confront them in person. I am in a job that I come across a lot of people – I really do feel their pain, but I can’t show them that I know and can’t give comfort, they see it as public displays of affection. In my line of work it is a complete dereliction of duty.
      Yet, I sense issues and have a really hard time to say the right words. I now keep my mouth shut. There really isn’t anyone out here to talk to to sense this to feel this to comfort our souls. Just us, we can keep the light bright and show our strengths in people like us. Our immediate family is one of those strengths. Thank goodness that you can open up to your husband.
      Keep thinking and looking for ‘good’ out there. Look around you – see peace and relax.
      I wish you the best and heart felt sorrow for the loss of your dad and wish your mom peace.
      Take care.

    • One night I felt really emotional out if the blue and just stood up and went to bed and just sat there feeling as though I was holding back tears and had a horrible feeling in my gut. Shortly after I got a phone call to say my dad had a heart attack and passed away

    • I agree. From reading the comments, i think there are different levels of sensitivity, possibly not yet properly defined. We are beginning this journey and talking about it. Most of us know we connect to energy in a deeper way than most people. This is my observation from reading the posts… there is a mix of people and sensitivity posting here. Some don’t seem to be empaths, just searching. Some seem to be psychic. Others are empaths or hsps which I believe is the same thing.
      I am an hsp. For sure!
      I have much to understand, and i have some things to share.
      First: stay connected to light…good, healthy things.
      Next: find ways to clear or rid yourself of negativity.
      One way I’ve learned is go to green! Just as plants and trees process our carbon dioxide, they will take your negative energy if you ask them with love, touch them and thank them. It really works!

    • Thank you for sharing your post Elli. I like your suggestion to go green. I wondered why I have all these house plants. Maybe that’s why a walk in the woods always feels therapeutic to me. I definitely need to find ways to release all of the energy that I absorb. At 48, I think I am much too tired all the time and everyone’s energy is weighing me down. Funny story….many years ago my husband also HSP with a sprinkle of OCD decided that my Spider plant needed to be cleaned up and trimmed the two baby spiders that I had waited so long for. He didn’t understand that is the goal of a Spider plant. I think I need to go buy a new Spider plant today!

    • Look up “types of empaths” psychic is one type. People probably think of the emotional type of empaths because of the “sympathy” of empaths.

    • Bless you and your father and I’m sorry that you were not able to be there when he was suffering to let him know you felt his pain and to re-assure him in his passing. Bless you and your father in the after-life. I’m sure he will remain there for you in spirit. Blessings for all your family.

    • Mandy, so sorry for your loss! I had a similar situation happen – I was feeling like something icky was gonna happens so asked my parents if my daughter and I could stay the night. So my daughter and I went to have a little sleep-over at grandma and papas…that next morning I was getting dressed for work and started feeling like I was having a heart attack, I couldn’t breath and my face was pounding like I had ran ten miles, I felt terrified! I went towards the kitchen to ask my mom what to do and there stood my dad, he was leaning over the kitchen table to prevent himself from hitting the floor, grabbing his chest and he couldn’t speak… in that moment I forgot what was happening to me and just had a complete knowing of what was happening to my dad, I got my dad over to a chair, got his medication, (it was sitting on a table next to the chair), I put the nitroglycerin under his tongue and then called 911, I couldn’t tell you how I knew, but I heard a voice that said “put the nitroglycerin under his tongue” so I saw it sitting there – it felt like a lightning flash of info, so I just did it. My mom was frozen with fear, she couldn’t even speak or move…it was clear that I was there for a reason, my symptoms that morning allowed me to know what was happening to my dad…the ER doc asked me how I knew about the medication, I said that I was just following my gut…the doc said that if I hadn’t given him the medicine when I did that there was a good chance he was have passed away as the heart attack was a major one. He ended up having a triple bypass that next day.
      I had another experience about three weeks ago, I had an Aunt who I was very close to, we spoke every Sunday on the phone, she lived in WI and I in CA, we spoke that Sunday and that Tuesday I woke up at midnight with a really really bad migraine, out of nowhere, I started thinking of my Aunt, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I felt like I was having an out of body experience, I couldn’t get her out of my mind, nor could I get the pain in my head to stop. At about 4am the pain just suddenly stopped. I started feeling like I was jumping out of my own skin. I had a bad feeling…6am I got a call from my cousin, he said she passed during the night, she had a stroke, he said that she likely passed around 5am, (4am my time). She used to get up early and go feed her mini’s (mini-horses) she wasn’t outside that morning so the neighbor called her to make sure she was alright, after no answer he went to check on her… Strange how things happen…

    • I have all those above traits, similar with introverted people. Ever since I have these behaviors and feelings and the sad truth is people around me can’t understand the way I act. But since I to started liking reading articles about human relations, behaviors and personalities, psycho matters and so on I now understand myself. I am just an ordinary girl, I am not that rich but not consider as an indigent. Im just in middle yet sometimes have problems financially. Not ugly and not that beautiful…I love painting and arts, and I often write how I feel as a caption on my artworks. This maybe the page where I can voice out what I really feel inside. from being so sensitive to the sad point that I was a rape victim at the age of 15. Without speaking it to the public and reporting it to the authorities for my own good. A nightmare that I cant hardly accept is that I dreamed about it during my childhood and for what so ever reason I really don’t know. My nightmares repeated again and again it was what Sept 8, 2008 I dreamed of my Godfather that he died and I’d never thought it would come true. It was Sept 12, 2008 during my PE class in college I have received a phone call from his wife informing me the very heartbreaking news that he already passed away. I was so drained and felt so weak that time without even seeing him before he’s gone. Everytime I hug someone at his/her back that someone would gone or simply say goodbye. Everytime I can’t breath one of my family member or friends is suffering chest pain. I always have that lowerback and upper stomach pain as I always feeling sick that cause me to feel nausea and vomiting. I always find sending myself in the hospital. I also have the problem of my sleeping time it is all because of lot of things running in my head. I am a God fearing woman and tend to heal people, but everytime I do that I am the one suffer the pain. And it just last May 16 I woke up feeling so homesick and lonely since I am an ofw. My sister emailed me that my father is all alone in our house because my mom had extend her sympathy to our bereave relatives. And just today I never went to work as usual I have lack of sleep last night because my friend out there is ill and I feel the same too.

    • I have known pretty much my whole life. I can feel others feelings. My father passed but for two days I had heart attack symptoms. I knew it wasn’t me just that it was a parent. I woke up could not remember my dream but I immediately called & begged my mom to have my brother who lived closer to go check on my grandmother. I got a phone call later that afternoon to hear she passed that morning. I held a newborn who appeared healthy & at risk of sounding crazy I had to tell the parents something felt very wrong. I was correct the baby had emergency surgery. I’ve just looked at people and told them they were with child.. Many more things like that. But now I don’t feel so alone. Ty everyone for sharing.

    • Mandy,

      After reading your message, I had chills. Wow. You are definitely a fellow empath. Not sure how long ago you wrote this, but I would like to know what other empathic experiences you’ve had.

      I’ve been very intuitive and emphatic for at least 3 years. Seems to be getting stronger as I age.


    • I have been told my whole life I was too emotional or sensitive. As a child &as I’ve gotten older I sometimes have (this is going to make me sound like a crazy person ), dead people give me messages for others. Example…last year my husband and I were sitting with as gentleman talking about time shares for vacation and out of the blue this lady tells me that was her son & insisted I let him know she was there. I don’t like to do this cause who wants to look like they need to be put on meds? the problem is when spirit wants to speak they will not leave you alone until you give their message. so I tell the man I know his mother has passed, what she looks like, and even how she would pinch his cheek and say look how handsome my boy is. needless to say he was a little freaked out as was I to be truthful, (it freaks me out when it happens )! But it made him very happy to know she was there watching over him. I’m not saying I talk to ghosts everyday because I don’t. I can’t predict when it will happen or how often. I’ve finally decided to not worry about what my family and friends or anyone else thinks anymore and it’s been a HUGE RELIEF! 🙂

    • For me, its dreams. I have dreams that come true. I dreamt my brother clawing at his chest, three days later he was from a gun shot to his chest. Now I see him in my dreams, as well as my grandmother. He usually means death, and my grandma means there’s an illness within the family or some very close to me. I keep a dream book by my bed and write down the dreams that show like in HD; they’re easier to remember. I have all the Traits listed with the exception of two. I have a high tolerance for pain and negative images don’t bother me. In fact, I like horror movies.

    • Same here! I love horror movies but show me a commercial of an emaciated neglected dog and I’ll cry like a baby!!!!

    • Oh yeah, and the pain tolerance thing too! I lived with my gallstones for 4 years before having the surgery. Most people don’t make it 6 months.

    • Brenda — thanks for sharing. That was a very moving story. I’m sure gift has (and will continue) to be a blessing to many who are mourning the deaths of their loved ones. God bless you.

    • Know what Sept 8, 2008 I dreamed of my Godfather that he died and I’d never thought it would come true. It was Sept 12, 2008 during my PE class in college I have received a phone call from his wife informing me the very heartbreaking news that he already passed away. I was so drained and felt so weak that time without even seeing him before he’s gone.

    • Brenda, this is exactly the same for me. I am not always in contact with spirits of people who have passed on, but when they want you to deliver a message, you’d best do it! To me, I imagine that from their place on the other side, they are staying near the people they loved and are watching out for. When one of us who is a medium is nearby, they “see” our light and zoom in to tap us on the shoulder to go talk to that person. One time, I was eating in KFC, and this woman told me (a bunch of times, cuz, like you I didn’t want to do it) to ask this guy who was eating with a woman if someone he knew had passed recently. I figured the one who had passed recently was the woman telling me to talk to him. But I went up and asked him the exact question. He said “NO”, kinda hard and suspicious. I was really embarrassed and wanted to get out of there quick, but the woman told me to walk slow to my car. Just when I got to my car, the man came out of the KFC, alone, and hurried over. He told me his best friend had just committed suicide. So I told him that he wasn’t to do the same, that it wasn’t his time. He started to cry and said that’s what he’d been thinking because they had talked about it together. I think it was his Mom who was telling me to give him that message. That was it. Message delivered. Hope I made an impression on the guy and he didn’t commit suicide, you know? It’s not crazy. It’s a gift to be able to let people who are still alive know what their loved ones who have died want them to know. Keep telling it like it is!

    • Oddly not all the traits fit me… but I feel what I call nervous energy like anxiety all the time… I call it vibrations… I pick up on how ppl feel emotion wise…sometimes in family situations I absorb ones symptoms of a illness..
      I may meet a person once for a few minutes…. and out of no where at a later date I feel their emotions thousands of miles away..
      I dont think or concentrate on these ppl.. I will be in the middle of surfing the web for example and out of no where I will feel their sadness or see a flash pic in my mind. I use to ignore it… finally I started emailing or messaging these ppl when it happens and I’m finding that at that time they actually are in fact sad or troubled ..deeply… whats troubling is I feel that same emotion overcome me… in a way its a curse you cant turn off… I was asked if I’m psychic… I dont believe so…

    • why would you think it’s a curse? everything happens for a reson and you would never be given a gift that you could not handle! Finding your inner strength will open a whole new world for you and you will find that what you’re doing is the most important thing for these random lives you ARE changing!

    • @Joe, My son at a very early age could also “absorb” the physical pain of others. Me, the sceptic, the “you-have-to-hit-me-over-the-head-with-proof-before-I-believe” person was amazed that my 5-6 year old son could do this. Example: My daughter had a large bruise on the back of her thigh that was very sore for her. I told her it would feel better in a few days. A little later, out of the blue, my son said that the back of his thigh was hurting terribly. After saying automatically, “oh I’m sorry to hear that”, it was if I had just been hit with a bowling ball when it suddenly dawned on me: “Wait a minute!” I called both of my kids over and said “both of you point to exactly where it hurts.” They both pointed to the exact same spot on the back of their right thigh. I put 2 and 2 together. (There had been other instances in the past but now that it was happening more this was no coincidence). A short time later my daughter no longer felt one bit of pain. My son was hurting very much, asked for IBprofen, and went to bed early the pain was bothering his so much. So Joe, you are not alone. This is a real “ability” “gift” that exists. I see it as a gift from God.

    • You can turn it off. Just say to the one initiating it, “Hey, I’m busy right now.” There are other ways. Try sitting in a peaceful place with trees and other plants.

    • It can be validating to acknowledge your gifts. Learning more about them and some useful “psychic” tools can help you to feel good and not be run over by other peoples emotions or pain.
      I study at Psychic Awakenings Seattle, where we learn to ground ourselves, heal and clear energy. Every class I take I learn a new tool or technique. It is so much easier to handle energy when you have some tools, support and its so wonderful to see and know it’s OK to see. Ther is help, and you can even learn to use these gifts to heal yourself.

    • Hi Joe! I am definitely am Empath! I fit all the traits and I am on medication to dull my sensitivity. I work in the grocery industry and struggle with all of these things in the environment while on the job.

    • I don’t know how much of an empath I am…But when I was working some of the girls I was training that had problems with mean co workers at my job would come to me and talk because they didn’t feel they could go to the boss..They would cry and be upset…I am a good listener and I do feel what they are feeling and understand…Sometimes I will just look at someone and to me they look really sad and I will ask them what is wrong too…I don’t know if this has any relation at all, but my kids hate it when we watch movies or something and somehow I just know the ending or who did what kind of thing, lol..drives them nuts..I am a sensitive person, I do cry just thinking or feeling something…Or if see something about children especially I will get sensitive and cry…

    • I totally agree, I’m an empath.

      Also in san francisco we’re a little more progressive and ahead of the curve – we drive hybrids too since we can feel the atmosphere’s pain caused by all the carbon-producing gas guzzling cars.

    • Wow that is truly noble and very sensitive of you. I am sure Mother Earth appreciates your concern and touching tribute to her suffering. However I am a little confused as to your sensitivity to the atmosphere’s pain. You say you drive hybrids to ease her suffering but again, what part of the suffering are you easing and to which sufferings are you ignoring? Let me explain my little flower. You see, to make a hybrid you first have to strip mine precious metals in Canada using big nasty carbon belching diesel powered equipment to make those really cool battery packs you guys have shoved underneath your Prius’ body. Then they take all those precious metals stripped from Mother Earth which btw, I wonder how it feels to have stuff stripped from your belly like that? Anyway, they then take those metals and load them onto a big diesel powered cargo ship which then sets sail for China. When in China the precious metals are gouged upon low paid Chinese slave workers who manipulate all the material into a big battery pack made in factories powered by really, really big coal fired power plants. After the battery pack is made, it is then loaded upon another diesel powered cargo ship that sets sail for America so the battery can then be loaded into your little flower wagon of a car. The amount of carbon produced by just MAKING the Prius is so great that your little love powered chariot would have to live a thousand years without a battery replacement just to make up for all the carbon it produced. Since you are an empathy you must be projectile vomiting by now.

    • Yes, Melinda, knowing how a movie will go is really funny, and other people get annoyed. haha I just decided a long time ago that the ride and telling of the story was the most important, knowing the ending is fine. 🙂

    • So do i, I have an extremely tolerance for pain, however, emotional awareness caused many digestive issues, with my stomach and esophagus, I am not psychic, but I am completely in tune with, how I feel or others feel, intuition I get extremely ill and will tell my husband something is wrong very wrong, last time I had this feeling was a year ago, I called my husband at work to check on him, because this feeling would not go away, he informed me that my uncle was found unconscious, and was on life support, he passed away that day, I am extremely aware of my feelings at all times, which has been considerd anxiety, however these feelings have made me feel out of place, I notice body jesters, especially when someone sighs, I know when I was younger I would hum all the time, one day I just stopped, and that’s when this started to manifest, I’m a why person, and alot of this drives me nuts, anyone else have these issues ? I can go on and on, but I’m definitely a empath

    • I have about all of these but one. I am always evaluating myself too. I used to think I had a high tolerance for pain but not so. I have many digestive issues and Barrets esophagus. I don’t believe that this article is meant to say empaths are psychic, just extremely perceptive and understanding of others and situations, that is not to say that we do not sometimes have a sense that something may be wrong with others we love or care for. I think we try to put ourselves in others shoes to understand. Thus we are sensitive (perhaps overly so) which makes us more vulnerable in society in general. I do find myself avoiding some things that make me distressed, i.e. seeing a dead cat/dog/animal on the road by looking away or not coming back that way on return. This article is good to read for its positive side as anxiety can cause us to become depressed. I do know this, in the past when I was involved in a threatening situation I was able to take control and focus on what needed to be done.

    • Leanne,
      I agree about the strong sense of intuition. I also am a why person, I drive others crazy with why questions, which seem to be the hardest ones to answer. The thing is it’s not because I am doubting them as they may think, it is my curiosity and wanting to know more. I have to laugh at myself on this one. It’s always good to know you’re not alone on some things.

    • I too am very inquisitive.
      Best website for the deep ‘why’ questions is jw.org.
      This is the first time I’ve ever heard of empath. So interesting.

    • I have night mares before something happens n I can feel stuff about a person and sometimes I see things before they happen n I can see ghost what dose that make me I need someone to talk to about this

    • Hi avey,

      I think you have a gift. I am a highly sensitive person and beginning to believe I am an empath. I am one of many I’ve read about who dreamt about planes flying at or into skyscrapers in the weeks leading up to 9/11. Not all my dreams come true, but this one recurred again and again.
      I definitely feel things about people and it’s really hard for me, because I’m intellectual and just assumed something wrong with me. I’m only just at the beginning of the journey of coping and I’m 43 years old now. Always been told I’m too sensitive and emotional, I cry often at the sight of evil or violent things on TV. Heroes or heroic acts of sacrifice make me crazy emotional. Even music does it to me. I don’t know how to cope yet but I’m sure somehow we can all do it. I’ve heard others saying getting closer to nature outdoors is a good thing. Alone time is good too but I can vouch for the fact that too much alone time is not good. I always thought I didn’t belong here, that no one is like me. It’s nice to see I’m not alone.

    • I have never felt like I belong here either. When I was a little girl my mom once said, “you don’t like it here, do you” She meant this life. And I have never forgotten her acknowledgment of that. I look on it often to remember that there is a better world where we came from and which is coming. It’s nice to know that we can make this place a little better through the understanding and use of these gifts. Even though it’s still difficult to live in a turbulent world, I look forward to a glorious world someday!

    • This is definitely me. All my life, I’ve known I was over-sensitive and wondered why no one else felt things the way I did. I’ve learned that if someone comes to mind, it’s nearly always because they are in the area, and I will see them within an hour or so.

      I’ve also learned that when someone I haven’t heard from, or thought of them in years comes to mind for no reason, I’d better contact them and express love, because nearly always, I will learn quite quickly thereafter, that either they have had a lot of trouble in their life, or that they were dying.

    • I have experienced the same things. Although no one close to me has died I have always thought of people just before I see them, I am a exceptionally good judge of character, even at first sight, and I get super stressed from being in negative environments. I know what you mean about thinking about people you haven’t thought about in a while right before you see them too.

  1. I have a question.
    I have most of the traits listed above but not all. Most of the part that may be perceived as ‘weak’, I don’t have them. For example, no. 4, 6, 8, 11, 13. Mostly I am a out-going and very curious person with a introverted side (does that make sense?). I dive very deep into my own thoughts and emotions, but at the same time I am very curious in people, loves interacting with people and not that easy to startle.
    Am I an empath?

    • Well I’ve been trying to see if I am an empath or HSP and I’v tested well above the limit on every place. And most of the things fit me, except I’m not very emotional at all. I’ve even been described as emotionally cold (my Meyers Briggs is INTJ). I also have a normal pain tolerance and stuff like that. So I’m really not in tune with my emotions, but I still get the backlash emotion thing from other people. So I’m not quite sure?

    • I would assume you are an empty who has developed some defences for feeling so sensitive, since most of society trys to take advantage and degrade the sensitive ones. Over time some of the natural feelings we have fade due to the negative experiences we have by showing these sensitivities.

    • Brett, what you say makes so much sense. Just like Rachel I have normal pain tolerance and I’m not overly sensitive. I think I am an empath but has developed defenses over years.

    • I think it can go either way. If you are empathic to the point of being overwhelmed, and have other issues that complicate a situation, you may seem and be less responsive, even insensitive at times.- I just want to shut it all down –
      Or you may be come selective in what you choose to receive. I have learned some tools that have helped me immensely, like grounding. Staying in the body is healthy and I have also learned to run earth energy that heals and supports my body.
      Over time it’s helped me be more relaxed and able to cope with other peoples energy. There are also protective ways we can be that help. Learn as much as you can. It’s empowering.

    • I’m a empath too. So many of those fit me to a tee, I can senese people’s true emotions and usally can see behind the mask people so desperately try go hide behind . I have new people , people I’ll be working with and total strangers tell me there deepest darkest issues and life stories all the time, to the point where I can’t even get a word out, it’s like I open some kind of floodgate to their pain.:@. Then they usally are horrified that they just told me all that . They say I could help myself . I could tell you where really listening and that you really care but most of all you wouldn’t judge me. But I’m truly am blessed as a empath to have a off swith and a auto one.;). So it clicks of when it’s to intense 99% of the time. Thank God. I’m not sure about the rest of you but i have a almost photographic memory and can recall just about everything . My 3 children could never lie jo me because I would catch them in it everytime. I also because of this make psychological profiles of everybody I know. Is that wrong? Also I can remeber my very early childhood even before i could walk being put on the kitchen table in my 1960 car seat, table was bright 60s yellow.,@. And thinking where is everybody I want to get down and explore not look at the cealing and count the Tiles again :@ very strange to me.:@lol.

    • Wow, that really struck me when you said you have memories that young! I too remember looking out from my crib and my dad rocking me to sleep and images from a couple of babysitters houses when I was 2! Vivid memories! I’ve always been sensitive and get strong feelings or foreboding feelings. My son is grown and married, and I regularly call them to make sure they are okay…feelings just wash over.me and I can’t shake them until I know they are okay. Once, just out of h.s. I asked a friend of mine if he’d ever rolled his 4th truck and he said no why, we’ll your rollback tape is ripped (did I mention I am super observant) & he said naw, that’s from the guys throwing their bikes back there. That night after work, he and another friend took a ride to So Cal and on the way back they were involved in a roll over accident and one of them, the driver, was killed. I’ve never gotten over it!

    • I fell upon this article unintentionally. However, I kept reading and reading became completely drawn to this. I always thought something was wrong with me and people do say I am highly sensitive. I have also had people say, “stop reading my feelings I would like to get my own out before you do!” It kind of puts a damper on relationships or even friendships. I can’t help it and it’s only for good intentions. But I understand that people want to express them selves on their own account. Otherwise, they sometimes feel offended by it. Others have admired me I can read into them and use it to help them. Other times a person doesn’t even have to get a word out I just know what they are feeling!!! I never knew why and wondered what is this? Why is it I can walk into a room and immediately feel the energies around which describe to me if it is worth staying or leaving. For example, a family I knew from baby sitting their kids. Sometimes their kids would stay with me on a weekend. Anyway, I always had this strong sense every time I was there they just didn’t like me-the parents that is. I sensed trouble and extremely bad energy flowing from the room coming from the rest of family shooting at me. The stares and waves of bad energy were to a point I couldn’t take it. I felt extremely awkward something wasn’t right. I even said to the step parents, “Hey, what is wrong? Is there a problem I am not aware of?” They said rudely, “NO!” I still sensed that wasn’t the truth. I leave the house with their step daughter feeling like all their nasty thoughts were stabbing me in the back. I had to get out of there!! Meanwhile I heard about it later through a 3rd party what I sensed was indeed accurate. They were very jealous of me and were jealous their kids took to me more than their step parents. At which time when I heard that I cut my ties immediately. It had trouble written all over it. Sure enough they were.

      I have often attracted abusive relationships and narcissists. *Sigh* I have learned to spot them and ensure I am not in those kind of relationships at all because they do know how to manipulate you. I thought this was a curse. After reading this article I fit all of this list and description to a tee! The problem lately is the empath in me is increasing, as if I am a sponge to the universe. I feel drained and overwhelmed at times. I do not have an on or off switch. Now if I am alone in my home I love the time alone so I can have me time- without the burden of the effects of empathy. I mean I am not saying it is a burden. It’s just tiring and I do help a lot of people through their problems. They flock to me for some reason even if they don’t know me well. They trust me! Does it ever become a way that you can control it?

    • Kate, might the negative zaps you feel be felt for one or more of the kids, not you? Maybe ask the kids age appropriate questions that are casual, not like an interrogation, to see if they pick it up, or feel it too. Do they seem relieved to be with you?

    • Jason,
      I have always wondered if I could touch the person to see if a spark would jump or shock me. That isn’t the case though, I sense that too at work. I’d walk into the office and everyone stops talking. I sense it and see it in their faces. They are afraid of me. Why? These are hardened street people. They fought tooth and nail, but I walk in….what are you trying to imply?

    • I also attract a lot of abusive people, the only thing I have different from you is that I can sense it pretty well and avoid them; therefore I haven’t dated at all.

      I offer my condolences with that family tho.

    • If you believe that’s weak how sensitive can you be Thats a very judgmental and hurtful statement. You are not sensitive to my thinking you make me laugh!

    • You sound like me Sarah…I said no to the exact same things…I have high physical pain tolerance and love going out,malls,parks…I’m Very musical…but despise booming base 🙂 …My mom had a heart attack last week and on that day I had the Worst bout of insomnia in yrs for no logical reason….I imagine not all Empaths are in the same level of intensity on all points.

    • Sarah and Lila,

      I said no to some of the more problematic things as well; I have high pain tolerance, but have extreme sensitivity. People in my family talk about turning the sensitivity on when you are are safe or need it. Block it when necessary. I’ve saved my life, and other people too, so many times by knowing exactly what to do, so we land just right.

      Perhaps you were just trained to block when needed, or how you need to, by your family. Don’t get me wrong, I need to spend hours alone in my backyard soaking in the trees, flowers and birdsong quietly, and I can’t stand football games, etc. usually. But when I need to go into crowds socially, it’s ok, and I have fun.

      Tell the emotion, image, that you are busy, that’s the easiest trick. There are other ways. Some take a lifetime and are rock-solid. Some are harder, fairly quick and fairly strong. My father used to say, “fear kills, panic kills”, when confronted with a difficult maneuver like crossing a log while fishing in the forest. Keep your wits about you, be aware of your surroundings, keep your balance.

    • Not sure why this post struck me, but it did so I am replying to it. I am 45 years old and have always been very sensitive from a very very young age. I was a quiet thoughtful child, who was an easy target for a frustrated and overwhelmed parent. I don’t and won’t call myself psychic, because to me it is just a natural thing to look at someone and just know, just feel what kind of person they are by what energy, facial expression or by the way they hold themselves. My childhood was not ideal for my sensitivities, because of abuse and the the death of my father at an early age I was constantly bombarded by the one thing my young fragile spirit couldn’t handle, Anger/frustration/bitterest sadness. I also suffer from PTSD due to an abusive relationship that went beyond conventional abuse. I almost died twice, only God knows why I survived. That being said, I am a huge believer in the sub-conscious mind and its ability to protect its self by partitioning off our more sensitive aspects. I had a friend tell me once that I seek out the broken people, the people that sap me of all that is me. I don’t do this on purpose, because honestly who the heck wants to be fatigued all the time or have stomach aches?

      I said yes to all the questions above, although it is proximity and the emotional relationship that opens me up to number 11. I also have a high pain tolerance, but that is ONLY because of the excruciating pain I have endured in my life. I don’t talk to my emotions so much as my wonderful ingenious sub-conscious mind allows me to shut down. I go inside my head which for me is sooo much better and there was a time when I disappeared for years. I walked around, I talked and I interacted, but the me that so wanted to come out and feel the warmth of the sun, to lay under a canopy of trees being lulled into a peaceful sleep by the sway of them was hiding. I do not recommend this however as a permanent solution, because to come back is beyond overwhelming and the world hasn’t changed in someways the negativity is so much worse.

      What I wouldn’t give to have a cabin in the woods/mountains, with a willow tree and a field of heather. That has been a dream of mine for many many years. There are not many people I would miss if I disappeared, I come from a world filled with negativity and such profound sadness. Thank you for this moment Josh to say what I haven’t said for a long time, I am very picky to whom I talk about this stuff too. What better place to do so though then this thread. Although not sure why your post won, perhaps the saving lives touched me? I probably won’t be back here to this Thread as I found it by accident, so take care and be well.

  2. that’s great.thanks
    i’m 22 years old and i’am an empathic and a good one too, all this time i’m wondering why am i like this? sensitive with all those traits that you mentioned,i’m social but i prefer to have time of my own and i love to work alone i feel more comfortable and i care about all people around me i feel sometimes tht i can sacrifice just to make someone smilng and i’m a great listner and counsilter too…now i understand that i’m unique and i”m not a psychooooo//looooool, thank you
    ps/ i looooooooove animals and i have a great relation with pats

  3. great article. I appreciate the list. very helpful. And except for #6, I resonate 21 of these traits. for some reason I have a high tolerance for pain.

    • Me too Maureen, 21 traits and high tolerance for pain. Was great to read this article, wondered why some didn’t understand me lol.

    • I have 21 out of the 22 traits. I too have a high tolerance for pain. I had three natural child births. I think we need to have this high tolerance for pain to absorb all that negativity and transmute it into positive energy.

    • I have a lot of the traits I’m also sensitive. Thinking back when I was young my mother would have to take me off somewhere to break the news that someone was dead – I would be in a panic if I saw an accident or someone being beat up on the streets. I was also in tune with my mother’s pain and body language. I’m still like that. But one thing has changed in the last couple of years and that is the ability to feel spirits and see partial apperitions and talk to them. I really don’t know how to develop these characterisitics but I would like to. My husband is in awe of when I do these things, what I’m sensing or seeing and also I’m starting to read photographs. I recently saw a photo of a missing woman. I knew in my heart she was gone. I totally forgot about it but a few weeks later it was announced she was found “dead”. It shook me somewhat badly. I don’t know just how much I’m able to do and would love to have someone mentor me.

    • I, also, have a high tolerance for pain. I think that comes from always trying to hide my pain whether it be physical or emotional. I’m not so much like that anymore, but as a child, I learned to hide. Coming out feels so much better. 🙂

    • Same for me. Everything hurts terribly EXCEPT physical pain. I’m pretty accident-prone, but grew up loving horses and outdoor activities — so I guess I just bounced around so much I got physically toughened up. I’m over 50 now and I still vastly prefer the company of animals and can usually feel what they’re feeling too. People, on the other hand, I try to “mute” … there are so many wants, needs and expectations I just can’t deal. I work in a really awful environment with a lot of miserable people, and the angst gets to me so badly some days I can hardly move.

  4. I love your blog on Empathy Traits. I grew up being described as a very caring, sensitive person. I knew very young that I could feel peoples emotions and how they were feeling inside themselves. I have always found it a gift. I thank you for raising peoples awareness so that they too can find this a gift. This gift can be used to further their creativity, working helping people or even studying situations and people and writing about it. Thank you!

  5. I have everyone one of these traits, but i like to be in my own bubble, my hobbie is photography and use my cameras to hide behind, if i did not have a camera i would find it diffecult to talk to people.

    • I am the same way Tom. I have anxiety and digestive problems from all the connections I sense I. The world around me. My camera makes it all stop. The chaos of a crowd becomes manageable once my image is captured. Plus, I am always looking for an image that conveys a story, which requires me to watch people and see what hey are going to do next so I can be ready to capture it as it happens.

  6. I have all of the above traits and I was particularly taken by number 19. Both my mother and sister were/are full blown narcissists and I couldn’t tolerate either of them. They would both say that I was too sensitive for my own good for which I replied that they were too insensitive for me.

    My life has been a painful one because I always seemed to be around harsh and insensitive others who have caused me a lot of harm all levels: mind, body and spirit. Being around noisy people and loud noises grated on me to the extent that I have to escape from it. My social life has always been very limited and need to be alone so that I can calm down and breath without feeling overwhelmed.

    A very good article.

  7. thank you for this – all my life i’ve been ‘different’, even when i tried consciously not to be. i’m rethinking myself recently and finding things out about myself and was told to look up traits of an empath. i nearly welled up reading this – i’m not alone and that’s wonderful to know.

  8. I am definitely an empath. What stands out for me most are the memories of being told repeatedly I was too sensitive, while I suffered the pain of those around me as if it was my own. It brings a tear to my eye to even think about it. Like many of the comments above I also do not have a low tolerance for pain. hate is not even possible for me, because understanding emotionally how people get to where they are, my heart goes out to even the worst “types” of people. My extreme sensitivity made dealing with some things quite difficult. Addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts and simply being overwhelmed made it a rocky road. I went from pain to prison and I am back. Happy to understand and love myself for once. Have a beautiful day out there, wherever you may be!!

  9. Omg! I was crying as I read this aloud to my bf. I told him this EXPLAINS IT ALL! I have often felt as though something was wrong with me. I feel as though I read ppl and what they are thinking off the rip in almost any given situation. Because of this it causes me huge social anxiety. I have made many poor choices in my life and I carry my head in shame, making it very hard to face my family. I also have deal with post traumatic stress from all of this. I’m crying as I’m posting this. I am amazed at how every single sign so perfectly describes me. It is totally overwhelming sometimes to say the least. I am so honest and caring of others and so in touch with other people’s feelings that it’s hard to accept that I feel like I’ll never be able to have even a best friend that could be the best friend that I would be to someone. Sound silly, I know, but I truly desire just one person in my life that would cherish my friendship the way I would cherish someone that could be the true friend that I am to others. I have plenty of acquaintances in my life. I’m talking about that one in a lifetime best friend bond that I know exists but i just have such a hard time finding. Maybe I’m expecting too much.

    • I have this same thing..I guess a personal dilema because i have not heard any single person seek the friendship that I do..I expected people to naturally feel the same values, heart, trust etc. I was so disappointed and felt I was wrong., surely missing the drift, too emotional or something so I really met a lot of mean ppl in that path bc sadly p
      L seek us out to take advantage somewhere or bc they are weak and we carry their weight? But I would rather be the true person and have feelings any day over living in a numb or fake purpose.,but I often do find that I am blown away by people, lately my sister and wonder how they do what they do feeling 0000 shame or remorse

    • I am completely relating to this. All my relationships have been difficult in some form. Some because of my sensitivity and also the ability to see the truth in people and them not liking or accepting it. Also my standards I hold to people in my life that I’m always comparing myself to. Thank you for helping me understand and knowing I’m not alone.

  10. 1-5. 7-8. 13-22. Are true about me. The rest mostly are not. What can I do to worry less and not feel emotional pain so deeply?

    • Hi Lara,
      Worrying less is a good goal to have. Start by examining to worries you have to see if there’s really any truth to them. Most of the time they are projections that have little basis in reality. If there is any truth, what action can you take to deal with the problem (ie: if you worry about your health, you can go to the doctor)? If there isn’t any truth, every time the worry comes up remind yourself that it isn’t true and affirm a positive statement instead. Then do something else to distract yourself — something positive and useful that requires your thought and attention. The practice of meditation and other mindfulness practices can help you as well. Feeling emotional pain isn’t a bad thing. Rather than resisting it, which only prolongs suffering, sit with the pain non-judgmentally, and you’ll notice it passes in time. Don’t add more pain by feeling bad about yourself that you feel it. 🙂

  11. Great read! I have spent years not understanding my depression. Medications have not been helpful and I have been through a barrage of “labels” by mental health professionals but never felt as if they were even 100 percent sure of the diagnosis. I love the idea of shopping, but I am almost to the point to where shopping malls are out of the question. In a crowded situation I begin to feel as if I’m drowning or so overwhelmed I begin to sweat excessively and feel faint. I am very musically inclined and can find myself so engaged in lyrics and the musicality of a song that I feel that I can feel the writers emotions as he was writing the song. I do not like loud noises and they agitate me very much and in a lot of cases frightens me. I love to do random, out of the box research and get very obsessed with it. I may want to know the embalming process of a dead body, or know the stages of life of a particular animal….. Very random things that pop up. I avoid many many situations that I could possibly feel uncomfortable in. I do not seek out friendships actively but people seem to pop up in my life and usually it’s for me to help in some way. I have gained almost 20 pounds in two months with no change in my diet or exercise. My best friend and I strangely seem to gain and lose weight at the same time and we are several states away from each other…… This was extremely irritating during her pregnancy!! I’m new to figuring all this out but very interested because I feel this has provided many many answers of questions. I’ve been researching for about a week now and feel as if I have a better grasp on what’s going on. Anyone have any advice?

    • You describe my daughter. She, too, has suffered from difficult-to- treat depression. Meds do not help and only make it worse. She has found accupuncture to be the most helpful, especially during the most stressful times.

  12. Shocking, to see myself so accurately described!!! (21 out of 22 – my pain threshold is high). Things I’ve known about myself for so long, but not knowing that I was an empath or HSP, often made them a problem. I learned that what I had, had a name in 2011, when I was 53.

    I now share my life with a dog and three cats, and that is good. I have harmony in my home and after a 30-hour mindfulness course recently, I feel I have the tools to get equilibrium. Harmony and equilibrium, they’ve been always high on my goal list, and now I’m getting there. I know better what situations to avoid. I got royally emotionally traumatised after more than ten years of chronically stressful situations. It’s very tough to overcome that, but I was always a fighter…

    • I had to comment on this because lately I feel as though I need a psychotherapist or to move back home with my parents. Im married to a very unaffectionate man; whom I cant get a general hug from and feel as though I have failure to thrive sometimes.. I wear my heart openly and when I feel as though its not reciprocated; I hurt inside deeply. I find it hard to trust anyone, my husband tells me people are hersh evil etc yet i never thought that way in my life… Fearful yes, needing protection yes- hate? Never. But my similarities ring with just about ALL of these qualities. I am a RN but I struggle with all that I see.. I think its all going to happen to me.. Nutty? Yep.. I will dwell on horrific things Ive seen to the point of trying to explain them away, make sense to me something because it bothers me so much. Well the past 10 yrs have been an emotional disaster for me, my husband got arrested I did as well for allowing him to put my name on a club he opened that had poker- i was released but destroyed my name and it was living hell on earth then he topped it off witb an affair which devestated me beyond repair I believe- i still try to make sense of it; feel the pain so deeply sometimes I want to find some relief from it and cant so thanks to this forum I guess I will just keep crying when need be which has turned out to be daily- really question my own sanity at times because I get overwhelmed so quickly; but trauma will do that to you and being sensitive makes it a hravier burden. I find that I feel alone in this world and nobody understands me- and depression hits hard some days and Im looking for love and peace and to just be me again.. I thank all of you who have posted.

    • I feel your pain and some, for you can show comfort or at least you are open to giving comfort. I have been working on the streets, I can’t give any sort of comfort to those that are hurt – makes me FEEL hurt too. I cringe when I see someone or an animal getting hurt. I had been hurt by people in the past, I do not give hugs out too lightly or just can’t. The strongest is just holding their hand to give comfort.
      You are not alone, there are many of us. Please stay strong and look around you, find something out there that is calming, meditate on it and take a deep breath, now relax. Do this for about ten minutes or longer. It helps a little. You’ll find other things that may calm your anxieties and depression. You are not weak, you are not alone, and you are a beautiful person.
      Take care

  13. I feel like I just read my biography. So strange. It is exhausting! I need to learn how to stop absorbing and protect myself.

    • I have learned that, for me, the best defense or protection as an empath is to KNOW that you cannot heal anyone; THEY MUST heal themselves. When you feel their pain, know that it is THEIR pain, not yours. Bluntly–“not my circus, not my monkeys.” Develop your awareness while learning how to NOT absorb; the best you can do is to be supportive as a listener–maybe suggest options to real life problems. My goal as an empath is to provide safe space for a person to examine whatever is troubling them. safe mental space, safe spiritual space, safe physical space (former cop/bouncer/security supervisor). Started young and never really considered myself ‘different’ just more aware. Helped reading authors like Andre Norton and such…
      Do not allow yourself to become a victim, to be used and abused by those that know you will be drawn to what looks like a person in pain. Make strong choices based on your self knowledge and true assessment of your own strengths. Good luck and blessings, Dave

    • Let me know if you figure out how to stop absorbing your surroundings and all that is involved. I feel the same way you do.

  14. The trait list was great, very helpful. I always felt very different than those around me and have often wondered why a person like me was created, besides the obvious.

    So, how am I to use this information. Can this be further developed or is this as far as it goes? Any information would be great. Thank you.

    • Hi Tricia,
      So glad you liked the post. I think awareness is the first step in finding peace in yourself about being an empath — and not some overly-sensitive, emotional person. I’d use the info to communicate to friends and loved ones about empaths and why you are one. Also, you can create your own personal boundaries to help you stay calm, centered, and peaceful once you communicate to others. You may have find strategies for dealing with certain non-empath situations, like taking breaks from big groups, meditating, and trying to understand non-empath personalities.

  15. Don’t most people feel some of what others feel? Isn’t that just natural. I mean, sure I’m oversensative. I can relate to many of these traits. But I would like to think that a lot of people experience stuff like this. Or maybe I’m just crazy?

  16. I have always known that I was ‘different’ from others ever since I was a small child. I know virtually nothing of my family thus have no idea as to whom I inherited. I do know that part of my gifts come from events as a small boy. I also can do much more than just empath/sensetive.
    The vexing part to me becomes a bit complicated, I developed walls to contain myself from these abilities as I was driven to attempt to take my life on a few occasions, now within the past decade or so those walls have vanished. I’ve never researched anything with regards to these abilities for I felt no need. Now the need too understand the extent becomes important. My health has nosedive, I’ve virtually become a hermit. The first heart attack was another warning. I find it interesting to learn about back troubles in correlation, of which I have it in spades. It usually takes me a few days to recover from attending functions, busy places. Though hospitals are the worst, does anyone else deal with these things? Also surprised to find the connection between batteries as well as light bulbs and electronic items.
    Can one person exhibit traits of medium, psychic, scaring deaths of very close loved ones – namely pets, the touch sense with empath/sensetive being the strongest?
    I do meditate, alarmingly well. I’ve learned to travel as well. I question my sanity a lot. Case in point, on a rare occasion I saw the news of a missing youth, all that night throughout the next few days I saw pieces of where he was, I said nothing. In the end he was right where I saw him to be, the guilt ate me up – still does. How does one cope with that?

  17. I can’t believe it! My friend last night told me she thought I was empath and I looked it up…wow, this explains SO much.

    I have been going to therapy for a year. I had a really rough few years right out of college where I was so emotional and intense about the “worlds problems” that I dove straight into a job that emotionally was abusive and where I worked over an 80 hour week for a year. I was so distraught and stressed emotionally and physically that personal relationships started to crumble and when the year was up ( it was a training program) I really was in need of help.

    The weird part is that I was incredibly depressed when I started therapy a year ago. The last 4 months or so I felt like things were looking up- I moved to a city I loved out west where I always felt the vibes were good for me, I had a good group of friends and was always surrounded by them. Then the last few weeks I fell back into being depressed. But what I kept saying is that this didn’t make sense, and that when I was surrounded by the right people I felt amazing and I had a few good months…so how did this happen so suddenly? I know the last few weeks I have seen friends less, I have felt more disconnected from the people I am close with, work has been pretty overwhelming and negative ( I work for a non-profit that works on many negative issues) and I just dropped. My therapist thought it was time to look into taking anti-depressants. But now I am wondering if I am just an empath? I saw above that many people took anti-depressants that didn’t work? I would love to hear your stories and thoughts…before I get on medication.


  18. Humm…I Always just called my ability to just “READ” people.
    It gets Stronger the older I get or I just notice it more now that I’m older. I thought I was having a Nervous Breakdown, therefore I was put on Medication for 10 yrs to Calm my Emotions. Hense 2 yrs ago I stopped taking it because it was making me into someone I didn’t Recognize.
    I accept the fact that I’m different and am So Thankful I now know what it is!
    Thank You!!😊

  19. As an empath, some of these are true, some aren’t. HSP’s aren’t necessarily empaths, or vise versa. I’m an empath, but am not an HSP. I believe the ratio of HSP’s is 1 in 4. Empaths are 1 in 20. Also, being an empath does not necessarily mean you are intuitive, or psychic. Completely different gifts and therefore skill sets.
    Empaths, plain and simply, have the ability to know what it is like to be another person, animal, etc, emotionally, and yes can get overwhelmed without the skills to deal with their gifts.
    Tools like blocking, grounding, etc, only partially help an empath because they are not the skills that an empath needs.
    To date, the ONLY help I have found in this area, meaning no disrespect, is from Rose Rosetree, and her books on becoming a skilled empath. Skills that will make your life as an empath a joy, not a mixed blessing.
    It has revolutionized my life, and I hope it will help each of you who are empaths to become skilled empaths. thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope this helps add to all of our growing knowledge in this area.

  20. I was trying to figure out why I am the way I am, and found this. Thank you. I have all these traits and more which surprised me but helped me understand a little better. At the moment am going through a Bullying situation by neighbours since I bought my home and I feel nothing but extreme sickness all over all the time. My entire life I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, as I could immediately feel the good or bad energies off of people, but it always wore me out internally to the point I couldn’t be around anyone for days at a time. Now that I am older, I have started feeling energies in my surroundings that no one else seems to notice. So I started snapping pictures in the directions I would feel things and immediately started seeing things in the pictures that made me understand that I wasn’t nuts after all. So it seems I not only feel the good and bad energies off of live people, but I am very sure I am also feeling energys that aren’t really here any more. I am at a point now where I try not to sweat what I am feeling, knowing full well it too will pass.

  21. Wow good article on empaths. I am a mega empath lol. I have always wondered what was wrong with me. In my early twenties I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses. Ranging from agoraphobia (which all empaths clearly have also) . I was so terrified to just go to the grocery store. And now looking back I realize I would feel all kinds of mixed up energy and emotions. I was also diagnosed with depression, bipolar and borderline personality disorder. I mean I just thought I was nuts and a lost cause. Being shy and uncomfortable around people didn’t help my life out much either. Now that I know what I truly have I am so happy to finally have a condition which fits all of me. I do have one question for other empaths though. I have noticed a lot of times when someone has accused me of doing something wrong or lying and I answered honestly I would still have a hard time looking in the accusers eyes? And also actually feeling guilty and or embarrassed or ashamed over something I haven’t even done! Lol all I can figure is that the other person thinks I’m lying and that I’m sensing their distrust, in me? I don’t know just would appreciate feedback if this has ever happened to anyone else or even if, if you have an opinion? Thanks!

    • @ Anastasia ; I too have always felt the guilt of others even though I have no blame. I attribute it to the actual guilty person’s feelings and not from an accuser per say . ( Also growing up with 2 other siblings , we were all 3 punished for the deed of 1 …….why my parents did it this way is beyond me ) I have known for a long time that I have great empathy but didn’t know I was an empath until the last few years. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and to certain noises , (or certain pitch of things really bother me …..to the point of it being painful .) I am nauseated A LOT ! I have been told it is because that area is where my anxiety comes out ……so when I am nervous I get nauseated. The article was also accurate as to how I react to certain meds. I often react opposite of what the med should do by the 2nd or 3rd dose . The article was very enlightening for sure.

    • I am also diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline, OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, my list goes on. I am also the lines of either an introvert or ambivert.

      My whole life I have been misunderstood. People either really dislike me or they really love me. I have not been able to make REAL relationships with people, as they don’t give what I give them. This is very hard, and it usually ends. I am too loyal to people, even when the amount of times they have torn my heart to pieces are too numerous to count.

      I was abused as a little girl for years, I kept it in till I was fifteen years old. I did this to protect everybody from feeling like a failure, sad part is, if they had watched me the way they should of, my abuse would of been avoided all together. People who even ‘understand’ me always say my emotions are too intense. This will clear a room in seconds. I feel like nobody else feels. I feel very distraught when I hear of animal cruelty. I feel horrible because I know they have experimented on animals for the medicines I take each day. Plants make me extremely happy, even to the point of thinking of them as my own children.

      I have always been able to tell how a person is feeling within the first second of me seeing them. I always can read the eyes as well. I have even been able to diagnose people with just a few interactions, if that. I was right on too. This has made people extremely hurt or mad with me. I remember being a little girl, such as eight, grown women in their forties would come up to me and tell me the problems they were having with their husbands. This always made me confused and yes, very overwhelmed. I would always help them. Its funny but they would listen to my advice and it always worked. An eight year old dealing with marriage problems and I would help.

      My mom is an extreme narcissist. I just found this out. This makes me very sad, but I see why we never got along. I drive her crazy when I tell her about her tone of voice. She said I was crazy, but I guess not. I can also always tell when people are lying. This makes me mad that people have no heart these days.
      My dreams that I have are very real. sometimes I wake up and think they happened or I still feel the feelings that went along with that dream.

      Up until recently, I thought I might be some kind of mad angel. I didn’t think I was human as my life was way too coincidental. My therapist Monday just explained that I was an empath. This has actually made me very excited, as I have learned a great deal about me. I know understand why people don’t get me and why I have never fit in. it makes me sad that people do not find this unique but annoying. However I think all of us empaths see its beauty for what it truly is. My physical pain is pretty normal as well.

      I appreciate your post, as I did not see anyone else disclosing information on mental disorders. It makes me question about mine, although I do not feel I am miraculously healed all of a sudden. I just see why noises and scents may be of such a concern. I also am horrible when it comes to being artistic, but this never stops me from doing it. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  22. “Another OMG Moment!” I am 51 years old and have been treated for Depression and Anxiety for years by psychologists who knows nothing about HSP or Empathic attributes! I am learning that 20% of the population is Highly Sensitive, then I took a personality test which showed I was INFJ (only 2% of the population). I think it must be empathy part that narrows the field down. I am the most empathetic person ever – I can even feel animals pain! Draining! In search of enlightenment!

  23. OMG!!! This is amazing! I feel like you interviewed me and took this directly from my personality traits. Finding this website has been enlightening and I finally have an answer to what’s been going on with me forever! Over the years my emotions have gotten worse, to the point that I’m even starting to cry with the television on an abnormal basis. For example, I still cry every time I watch a documentary about Abraham Lincoln and I’ve known that outcome since I was 8 years old. I can feel the anxiety of the person on line behind me in the supermarket and, turn around to indeed, find an agitated person. I thought it was just me. I was beginning to worry about my mental health. Thank you!

  24. Sorry in advance, but I guess I needed to let it out.

    I have the fallowing Empath Traits: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22.
    1) My whole childhood my mother told me I was too sensitive.
    2) I avoid many things, because it can be too much for me to feel others emotions. So much so that I will go numb to avoid it or become physically ill, if I cannot.
    3) Is basically 2, but stronger. I am forced all the time by life’s demands to subject myself to people I know or strangers that are negative. Most of my life has been negative and has only made me more sensitive to avoiding negativity or people who bring no positives to my life.
    4) I cannot breath and I need ear plugs. If I cannot build a safety bubble and block everything out, then I will always be ready to leave or just not go, because I’ve made myself sick literally by dreading it. My sensitivity is so strong here that I will almost always be late for anything outside of my own home. Weather it be work or medical appointments. Nothing wins out and I feel like I let everyone down here or that I’m being selfish. I cannot even stand school functions for my children, because of there being to many little bodies of uncontrolled emotions. That and I have my own trauma from being a child in school and being misunderstood and forced to be something I wasn’t.
    5) Weather it is something silly or important, anyone who knows me knows this, but does that mean they will listen when I tell them? NO!!! So much so that I myself have conflict in trusting myself. Plus the people in my life have always forced me to do things I knew where not right or would not go well. All the while the pain was mine to feel in the end and still today it fallows me.
    6) Everything hurts, weather it is my pain or someone close to me. If you tell me a story about someone getting hurt, I feel it. I’ve even asked people to not tell me things and it never sinks in and I have to push them away. Now for Labor, though it was intense I went without any drugs. I knew I was ready and the nurses always said, oh you cannot be or no don’t push. I’m like I’m not my body is in convolutions and I cannot hold it in. I did always have to lay on my side in the fetal position too. Same with my first car wreck, I just let go turned sideways, put my knees up, covered my head and waited for it to be over. I knew I wasn’t going to die and I knew there was nothing I could do, but wait. When I broke my leg the EMT’s didn’t think it was broken, but I knew. I also knew I broke it, so I wouldn’t fall stomach first on a concrete floor with my second child. No sooner than I hit the floor I had flipped over, grabbed my leg and started scream crying. Not thought, just action and reaction.
    7) I need so much alone time it’s crazy. It seams like I’m being rude or that I don’t have fun, but if I don’t take the down time when I know I need it, I’ll have a melt down or become very ill. Not like a cold or something easy to get rid of, no that would be to easy. I mean like symptoms that require blood work and tests that never seam to find any reasons, but coast so much I should have my own hospital. It took me forever to find a Doctor that listened and understood me, but know I have no INS, so that’s over.
    8) I never liked watching the news, not at all. No matter if there is one good thing on there, it cannot change the bad. I always end up getting stuck with the perverts or rapists. I would start making blocking noises and covering my ears, while my husband would change the channel. Hard to explain at someone else’s house while changing their TV. People also have a weird habit of telling me about this kind of new too. Even if I keep telling them not to tell me anything bad about children. I have my own trauma, and telling me more only reminds me of mine, but adds to it the pain I know they went through. I can feel it. I’ve had my own regressed memories or flash backs and it feels the same. I’m there, I can see it, feel it and it’s too much.
    9) Yes lies are easy to spot and I find it so funny that people think that they are not noticeable. I’m not a one to tell lies, but I have outrageous stories, because that is my life. When other people lie and there isn’t anything I can do about it it makes me fume!!! I have to wait for the other person to catch on. I’ve found you cannot tell anyone anything they do not want to here or are not willing to believe even if time and time again you are right and they admit they should have listened to you. They still wont!!!
    10) Medications, just do not work and They have stated I have ADHD since I was in second grade. This is where all the testing , lab work and hospital trips started. Not to mention medications and special classes. None of which helped, it just made me feel like there was something wrong with me. Oh add the Dyslexia on top of it!!!
    11) I don’t show up with symptoms I have them for you. I have taken on so much from so many people, it took me years to figure it out and I still cannot control it. My pore girl s are the same and it suck to have 3 ladies in a house whom have cycles. We never know who’s actually starting, because it changes. That and before my oldest started I had surgery to stop mine, because they where so bad. I got 6 month of freedom and back they came, regular and everything.
    12) I’ve never not had this one.
    13) It’s like there is a neon sign above my head. People who just meat me tell me their deepest darkest secrets and whole life stories. My closest friends, that’s the only reason we talk!!! This is why I only have a few. It’s been like that my whole life. I had kids and adults spill their guts to me. Sure they felt better and where a little confused as to why they did it and how I could be so understanding at my age, but they felt better. It’s when there is someone that has passed that is harder for me to deal with. I never want to upset anyone, but if I have to tell them I have to tell them what I feel.
    14) I’m so tired all the time, yet I cannot sleep. Other times I feel like people think I’m on drugs, I’m not! When I finally do fall a sleep, I can sleep for 12 hrs. No 30 mins naps for me. If someone wakes me up, it’s as if I’m not really all here and I’m very groggy and swollen.
    15) I’m an artist, but I spend so much time in thought preparation. I also have a solution to most anything or some sort of invention that would make whatever I come into contact with much easier. Basically I think about everything and find the fastest most accurate way to get it done. By accurate I mean right. I do not like it when things are done incompletely. I have to put my sole into my work, so if I haven’t pushed myself to get it done, then I don’t deserve for people to praise me. If people around me do a half ass job and put in no effort, I cannot hear them complain or give excesses as to why they did’t have a finished piece to represent them. The point is that is the piece, that represents them. That’s why I push so hard at everything. I’m representing myself through my work.
    16) I cannot have anyone else change the sound on the radio in the car, it hurts my ears. If there is a loud sudden sound I scream and grab my ears. If my kids, which they all do come into the room I’m in singing it sends me into a clinching tissy. Not that they sound bad, but there is to much going on where there was not a moment ago. Tone change in a voice can make me cry or cause a negative response, which I do not like to be negative. I cannot be a family functions, because everyone talks all at once and its too much. I cannot breath.
    17) I love multitasking, but only to a point. It must be smooth and continuous, without interruptions or mistakes. After words I need a breather of nothing, but calmness. If it’s anything not planed or expected, no!!! My kids do this to me, my husband does this to me and my friends as well. I need to know ahead of time what to expect. Don’t change what I’m doing right before I’m doing it. Work too, never change my scheduled, without asking me. I’m a person with other responsibilities and I cannot just up and change things, because someone else needed to switch or forgot to ask off. I’m not a puppet.
    18) Ha ha, I try. However the world is not on my side here!!!
    19) No I do not!!!
    20) Yes I can.
    21) yes, but the ADHD get the best of me. I have so many thoughts I blurt them out. Then have them continue. I used to not, but then I would forget what it was I wanted to say.
    22) No I just don’t like to waist my time or energy where it is not helpful to me to do so. I’ve done that too much in my life and it’s coast me great pain. Now I’m more protective and understand whats important.

  25. I am researching about why I turned out like this and came across this site.
    I have all the symptoms except for 9,10 & 18 and it is getting real hard to be in control of my overwhelming sensitivity throughout my entire life. Almost everyone who knew me keeps telling me to quit being so sensitive and emotional..

  26. Today I cried for 2 hours straight after hearing a speech in class about a tragic incident. A student’s sister had just given birth to a baby boy and showed the class photos and he was just so beautiful, but when the boy was about to reach 2 he had died in his sleep. The student showed photos of the funeral with hung photos of the little boy. It was so tragic that I felt so much pain and couldn’t control myself. I cried so much harder than the speaker. I’m glad I found this article, I need to learn to control my emotions a bit more.

  27. 19 out of 22. I dont know much about caffeine since I am still 14 years old and I havent experienced the other 2. I tend to get always overwhelmed. I am like taken for granted by others because I am an understanding person towards them so.. I am really a dumping ground for them. When I go to a party filled with people or restaurants that are packed, I would bail but since my mom is a narcissist.. She doesnt fully care sometimes. Kind of a shocker. How can I express myself or how can I even let my parents understand that I am like this? They always tell me that I am just being overdramatic and it really hurts alot that they wont try and understand my state right now. They try to change me but i know it is not enough.
    I tend to get depressed when I am with other people, caught up by their emotions. I have recent emotional breakdowns, one time I had gone crazy and I REALLY WANTED TO HIDE and shout.
    Can someone tell me, how can I tell my parents? I already told them that I am a very sensitive but they wont really listen because they think I am still a YOUNG KID at the age of 14 that can still learn or process (i know I am different from my classmates or friends). I know there is something buried deep inside of me that they dont fully understand. I love them but.. How can I tell them?

    • Jeuel,
      I don’t think you can tell your parents. You stated your mom was narcissistic so it is doubtful that she would understand you or even believe you. Since you already have self-awareness of your situation, you’re going to have to develop coping mechanisms on your own. Read what some of the others have said about coping and see if it works for you. Also research meditation techniques to help you find your center and perhaps block out some of your sensitivity until you can older and are in control of your own life and not subject to the whims of your parents. But please always remember this, you are special and you should never be ashamed of your gift. I hope this helps somewhat.

  28. Maybe this is me, im the “Big softy” in my family, yet I am very strong, on the flipside to being a strong person I seem to feel every emotion bouncing off others and as I get older its taking it toll , I have been nauseas to the point of vomiting around some people, and just recently my daughter was getting picked on and the parents of the other child verbally attacked me, I cried and cried to my husband because as a person I wouldnt hurt a fly, and why are humans so nasty, it built up such negative that I had a stress seizure, this is why I dont go out without my husband, as I belive I feel to many emotions of other people and its hard to breath,I love most of all to be at home with my three girls my hubby, 2 dogs, 2cats, birds and fish (like a zoo here lol), but I need to find ways to cope with the emotions of others, its not to do with being shy though, as I am an extremely friendly, caring person, unless I get warning signals from not so good people, which I tend to avoid, but again not by being nasty its not how I am, this is very hard for me at this time in my life, I would love to find some coping tools so I can be out and about comfortably rather than at home so much

  29. I can honestly say I have a lot of the traits that you have mentioned in your article. I’ve always been told I am highly sensitive (too sensitive for a boy/man), I’ve been called special by relatives, highly sense! I knew I was different and I was somewhat effeminate. music had a special meaning for me I was very young. high school high school I was in major music but I had never touched the piano; parents bought my sister a piano i sat down and just started playing as if I had been taught piano for years.

    I’m not only sensitive I sort of known things, usually only occurs when I know the person was connected to that person emotionally such as a relative and I’m close to. it became more acute when I reached pubity.

    Out of the clear blue sky sky I’ve just blurt something out totally totally to the conversation I was having. case in point: my uncle my mother’s brother was in the hospital for a heart attack. I was driving my mother but we were late and my mother turned to me and told me that we should turn around and see my uncle Bob the next day when he was home (he was being released from the hospital). I said to my mother, *If don’t see a Uncle Bob tonight, you will never see him again, alive”! this obviously upset my mother, especially since I had a similar episode, which I will relate later). we went to the hospital and my mother jokingly said to my aunt and uncle that even though we were late Harvey (my first me) insist we come this evening, even though we were extremely late. the next day my mother received a telephone call my uncle had passed out had a massive heart attack while sitting in a wheelchair as he was leaving the hospital!

    these when I call apisodes can be more intense closer relationship to me especially if I touch them. I sometimes feel I’m in an altered state where my emotional awareness is more acute/intense. two years prior to my uncles passing my grandfather whom I was extremely close to to put in a nursing homes hospital. when I went to hug my grandfather kisses cheek suddenly got pale and very cold. my grandfather was upset refuse to talk to my mother as a matter of fact he wouldn’t talk to any of the children only wanted to see me! my grandfather was highly agitated an animated. I grew more & more uneasy. after my mother and I left we were having a pleasant conversation in the car out of the clear blue sky I just blurted “Mom Pappa is going to die within 2 weeks”! my asking where did that come? what are you talking about? I couldn’t explain. I didn’t even know why I blurted out! two weeks later to the day my mother got a telephone call but you must come to the nursing home hospital that my grandfather was in the process of dying. my mother and I met my aunt and uncle the reception area & then walked into reward when my grandfather was lying down attached to a respirator. he had pneumonia and he was also in his mid to late 90s. my grandfather insisted the only person you wanted to see and be there with me. you see my grandfather was also highly sensitive. he gave me his blessing in Hebrew and I set with him. I was only 19 years old I had never seen anyone go through the process of dying, of course I had seen it on television but this was real life. I had to leave the room at once I couldn’t take it, especially when I held his had. I didn’t realize it he had died while I held his hand. The machine was still working the bunbles had stpprd l/started each time it took longer for the but bubble noise to start again. went downstairs to the cafeteria I told my mother. She didn’t want me there to see him she had told me to go home to take freezing my grandfather I didn’t like the fact that I was I was leaving my grandfather alone. 15 minutes later I was home and as I walked in the phone rang it was my mother my grandfather had passed.

    Throughout the years ahead minor experiences, I would feel uncomfortable in certain rooms or around certain people I just knew when people were talking about me in the head smiles on their faces. I chalked it up to my imagination. I always found it of a connection with animals snow makeupalley what they wanted.

    fast forward11 years. My mother was in the hospital with terminal cancer. I was divorced just moved out of my parents home I had a second job in a nightclub. I recently realized/admitting to myself that I am gay. I was suddenly free to be myself. I was in bed with someone I suddenly woke up gasping for air, the person I was with told me my face turning blue. within 5 minutes I was ok I went back to sleep my mother’s biggest fear while she was sick was suffixation. I was EXTREMLY CLOSE TO MY MOL. I was a confidant when my father wasn’t home he worked nights. at 530 in the morning I got a telephone call it was my father. He told me my mother passed exactly 5 a.m. same time I awoke and gasped for air! this was the first time, but not the last to steal someones DIE someone very close to me, but not the last!

    years later each time my father was in the hospital I was sent to the hospital, in the second incident I was extremely sick at home not only mentally but physically. as I was leaving to the emergency room to myself I got a call that my father just died ( BTW it was Fri. The 13). my brother and sister in law flew in from California came directly to the hospital but I were I was. the nurses the nurses station so my brother and sister in law touching goes well tonight that they only gave me originally a 30% of surviving that night. after coming out of the hospital I gain my weight back I looked normal again. looking at me would never know that I was that close to death.

    I have premonitions about people about them dying or getting sick but also about someone giving birth early even knowing the sex of a baby but in every case Andrew those people personally they were close to me in some way. they where is the close relatives/friends or some one I was in a relationship with. these feelings / premonitions more intense when I touch them

    Am now 68 years old, I have been in the hospital several times two of which I was near death. last time I had been misdiagnosed in a reality I had 5 bypasses. is exactly the same time of the year when my mother went into the hospital and when she died. I was told that I had to be resuscitated 7 times, techbically me dead 7 times! and what the miracle was there was no damage to my heart specially since I was misdiagnosed for nine years before that operation one of my arteries in the back of my heart was 95 to 97 percent blocks. 1 1/2 months I went back to substitute teaching as if nothing happened to me! all my doctors said it was a miracle, including one special doctor who is the grandson of my pediatrician you save my life when I was 3 months old. Talk about, karma & that there are “no accidents in life”!

  30. My 17 year old daughter fits almost ever one of these traits. She has seen more mental health professionals than I care to remember and has been diagnosed with OCD, anxiety and depression. Ten different medications have been tried and failed as she is highly sensitive. In fact, she had a severe systemic reaction to a drug cocktail, prescribed by a psychiatrist, that landed her in the hospital for a week. When she read this article, a light came to her eyes as she saw herself. Knowing you are not crazy and that others share your experience is huge. We have turned to acupuncture, which has helped tremendously with depression. Also, exposure response therapy, or learning to “sit with it”, was the answer to the OCD. Thank you for this article.

  31. I’m an empath and I can feel emotions good bad its normally its not. A good feeling I have neighbors and. There emotions are very bad feeling

  32. I have always been very sensitive to loud noises. I cannot stand balloons popping and I have to take the day off when they test the fire alarms at work. My anxiety level goes through the roof. As a child, I would close my eyes during photos because the flashbulb would startle me. My mother complained that I ruined every photo. I would cry so much during shots at school that I was called a sissy. I’ve noticed lately that I get extremely agitated and overwhelmed talking to people for more than a few minutes especially if they have a negative field of energy around them. I crave being alone. I also have many phobias surrounding gynecological medical procedures. I don’t want anything to do with them.

  33. I fit right in with all the afore mentioned categories. I’m so sensitive it doesn’t take much to hurt me deeply. I deeply feel for others when they are in pain and I just “know” when someone or a group of people are upset about something. I too have been accused of being to sensitive or emotional. (All my life) sometimes I sit and weep for what seems like nothing to anyone else. I have been fighting depression of and on for most of my life also. I have also been accused of being Anti-social because I do not care to go out and visit others. I’m even hard to get on the phone because I just don’t want to hear others complain about how bad life is, and yes I do need a lot of alone time. Crowds bother me terribly. Long story short, it sounds like I too am an Empath.

  34. I think this is me…. my mom lives 5 hours away and I called the other day and she didnt answer, I had a bad feeling that something wasnt right, so I called the next day and she answered and told me she was sick. also other times she will call me and I know before I answer that it is her calling me, pretty awesome

  35. Reading the 22 traits of an Empath was like reading my entire life I was first hospitalized at 15 weeks of treatment and medication did no good I spent years being a pharmaceutical guini pig because as u can guess the medicine I was being given was for only one of my many uncontrollable symptoms thanks to a wonderful therapist with a better understanding of the mind and emotional structure diagnosed me with B P D although I have an assortment of medications to accomidate the constant fluctuations of my hourly it seems at times emotional state I’m able to manage some resemblance of a normal adult life although alteration to many activities like grocery shopping happen in the middle of the night to avoid large crowds I’ve found I prefer the silence of night shopping and Im blessed to have understanding neighbors that accepted my unusual night time habits with no issue

  36. I also am a very empathetic person. I am also an actress. I am sensitive and have strong emotional instincts.
    I have often been told that I am too
    sensitive. This is usually by insensitive people.
    I miss my old friends and relatives who appreciated my special personality.
    I accept my special personality and try to respect myself and others.
    My late Aunt, Grandmother, Uncle and a good friend of mine always seemed to appreciate my special personality, and I theirs.
    Now that that are gone I have been having difficulty coping with a lot of things as they too were empathic and supportive.
    I am glad I came across this article.
    I have often been the target of other people’s negativity. I have come to the point where I really try to block that out for my own self preservation. I just try to be myself and let the others go their own way. I have heard people tell me to “not take it to heart” when people are mean to me. Well, if it a stranger it’s not so bad. If it is someone who is supposed to be a friend or a family member, I do take it to heart. If these people are not in my corner and complain that I am too sensitive, I just drop them. It has gotten a little worse over the years as I have lost my loved ones. I have not yet not married and have no kids. Still I will not be shamed for having an empathetic personality. It is not a bad thing, and much good has come of it. I have been particularly able to help the very sick and dying members of my family over the years. The others seem to feel that this is an isolated event, but it is part and parcel if my whole personality. If they reject the things that make them uncomfortable and only accept the things that make their life easier (taking care of others at their worst moments) then they are selectively using my special gifts when it is convenient for them and criticizing them when it makes them feel uncomfortable.
    I have come to the conclusion that I am comfortable in my own skin and if others are not comfortable with it, that is not my problem. I just avoid them. I have nice relationships with many of my neighbors and people in my community. They can see I am a bright and intuitive person with a good heart. So I embrace that. Sad that many in my own family don’t get it.
    I was very sick for 10 years and they did not even venture to help me, yet they all pass judgment on my “sensitivity”. I reject that. I only accept support and positivity from them. I have no energy for being ground down. I don’t do it to others and I don’t let others do it to me.
    Thank you for this very helpful article.

    • The highly senstive people make up only about 15 percent of population. It is not a lot. So, we are the minority. But we have to educate others about this trait. Use it as an asset, don’t underestimate, you have a lot to offer for this world. Of course it is very difficult for children, if they grow up with unaware parents. It is a job a parent to see through the eyes of the child. But that’s another topic.

  37. It is not true that empaths have a lower tolerance for pain. I’m practically Betazoid, I’m such an empath! and being a dancer, and profoundly gifted as well, I actually have a very HIGH tolerance for pain.

    This list suggests more then being empathic. It suggests being empathic and not knowing how to handle it.

    • There few books, I can recommend you to read. One is written by the Canadian author, who did the reasearch with highly senstive people by being herself senstive. Very helpful book. Ellen Arron: “Highly sensitive person” and “Highly sensitive person in love”.
      There is also another american author, her student, he made a practical recommendations for highly sensitive people, here it comes: Tedd Zeff: Highly senstive person’s survival guide.

      I do read these books from time to time, especially when I feel so overwhelmed and “abnormal”. They help a lot and I noticed to be absolutely normal and even value my sensitivity. The World is messed up, not me.

  38. I have been an empath since I can remember. I just didn’t realize I was one. Also had perfect future dreams. I am a healer now. My son is going through a rough time, because when your emphatic and a teenager, it can get too much sometimes. I am just glad that he has someone that knows about these things. I think my childhood would have been better if someone knew about my spiritual abilities.

    I don’t have friends,my son doesn’t have any either,he is 15. Because of this ability. Having this gift sometimes feel like its not a gift at all. The same goes for being telepathic, clairvoyant etc etc. Lonely road. But we embrace it for others.

  39. No big deal. Every live creature can be an empath. It’s just because we are so crowded in this world, live fast pace lives, strive for survival and so on… we become insensitive… We put the shield of ego around us… Eventually we do not feel ourselves anymore and get sick… cruel…
    Some people are born a little bit more sensitive then others and thus have a difficult times to adapt especially in childhood. But with time, self love and understanding that it is ok to be who you really are, it is possible to live the normal life.

  40. Some of these yes, some no, some yes to a major degree. 13. OMGosh 13. I have even sort of joked that I seem to be a magnet for everyone who wants to unload all their junk.

  41. I have known that I was an empath for a long time. But many of these just don’t apply to me.
    I’m not overly emotional, Unless I am feeling the emotions of other people, I feel no emotion at all.
    I definitely don’t have a pain intolerance. My threshold for pain is extremely high.
    I don’t have lower back or digestive problems
    I never get tired. and multitasking is easy for me.
    I also cannot “feel” the days of the week.

  42. my whole life I’ve been told I’m too sensitive. Even as a child I cried on the cartoon frosty the snowman when he melted. My mother laughed at me. Later in life my husband told me I was too sensitive. I am happy with who I am because I can relate to people’s life stories it makes it easy to engage with others. Being a sensitive person makes itspecial to others who come to me with problems.

    • Boy I relate to your comment! Not only did I cry at Frosty BUT my mother had to stop letting me watch Lassie at age 4 because I would get HYSTERICAL with worry of the DOG..To Hell with TIMMY in the well!! Save the DOG!!

      It is not an easy journey being this way. To feel EVERYTHING ALL OF THE TIME is just too much at times. Wears me out. But it is who I am, I just have to accept it.

      And by the way,

      I tear up still with Frosty and when the Grinchs heart melts. Oh well!! LOL

  43. All of these are so true. Especially detecting lies… I have a B.S. detector that is hairtrigger. I don’t necessarily recriminate those who lie to me, though; I would rather intuit what is the truth they daren’t express.

    I like to “parse” what people say…and don’t say… from the tone of their voices… Extract the “deep structure” as Milton Erickson put it.

    I also do not necessarily shy away from horrible images seen online; the empath in me wants to know what suffering feels like, too.

  44. i have always had over empathetic problems, ever since I was little. I don’t fit in anywhere but I am an artist and a musician so I can’t withdraw entirely if I want to make a living. Hypersensitivity is a daily battle and it makes you painfully aware how much can be hidden behind the surface you see. I am different and I don’t fit in anywhere so I stay in my woods as much as I can. My life is one day at a time but I hang in there . Art and music maintain my sanity but I need control of my world that I’ll never have. Doc says OCD, yeah! One day at a time and I don’t try to explain it to anyone. They wouldn’t understand.

  45. it made me cry it opens my eyes to see thing in a different light this just blew me away and scared the hell out of me at the same time dont know why in was drew me hear i am so glad to read this it give s me hope that im not losing my mind i know we are just starting to understand what goes on in the mind

  46. Great article!
    I know i’m Empath, actually highly empathetic person, highly sensitive, the whole package. I recently found out I’m an INFP type (based on Mayers MBTI test) and i always read the same 22 traits above (among others) also describing INFPs. I know INFPs are Empaths and highly senstive but i’ve always wondered if there is something more than that connecting both.

  47. Other than 6, 11, and 14, all the rest are pretty much on point for me. All the illness those, I don’t agree with, same with the pain threshold.

  48. I have 19/22 signs of an empath. 86.364% is pretty high to ignore. I’ve always considered myself to be an empathetic person since I was a kid. I’ve never felt others’ sicknesses, but I have felt their emotions as my own.

  49. This is so much crap! The indicators of empathy or as general as a horoscope and could apply to anyone and everyone in large part.

  50. I know someone who has all these traits….and she is called a freak because of it…what people dont understand should mind there own business or start doing some research…just sayin

  51. Thanks for publishing this, this is very affirming to me. I am all but about 2 of those on the list. I am 62 and re-owning that from my childhood I am an empath, I was criticized and so allowed myself to shut all that down the best I could to conform to the family and culture around me but as a spiritually awake and growing senior I’m finding that I can and want to no longer live that way … I am relearning to trust my intuition, manage and refresh myself in nature by getting away from the noise and negative messages around me. This is a good thing for out culture to understand and embrace.

  52. I had to quit my career as a Nurse because of this! I now stay home most day’s and spend time with my Animals and garden… this is enlightening for me. I always knew I was “Different” even as my Mom lay dying in her Hospital bed. I called my Brothers who were very angry with me when I told them that she was gone.. in Feb. of this Year. they are still angry with me and refuse to talk to me… also when my sister was dying I had the most awful pain, I even left work early and went straight to my Doctor who did a complete exam and noted some changes in my abdomen (it was distended ) I went home and got a call from my Niece. My sister had indeed Died. also I can see when women are pregnant before they know it. I can understand what Animals are saying and feeling. it is a Gift / burden. My Youngest Son also has this. also can see, hear, and feel spirits, often spend time with my Grandmother who has passed (I love that part). Husband has become aware of my Changes when “someone” is around from the spirit realm.

  53. I’ve known since 2000 that I was an Empath. Speaking to people and searching the Internet, I could find no information whatsoever. So now 15 years later to read that research has been done, I feel so happy. Obviously knowing other people are the same is always quite nice too.

    Ok, so first scary thing is that I look a little like the woman in the picture. After my initial “that’s me!” reaction I then go onto read the 22 traits, each time shocked and thinking “That’s Me!” Got to number 15 and started crying (because I’m travelling and miss the cats so much!)

    No.3 not true at all. No.10 I don’t drink Caffeinated drinks, so don’t really know. No.11 – It’s happened once or twice but I’ve refused it, because I knew it wasn’t mine. No.20 I know what you mean, but due to symptoms of ‘dyscalculia’ I no sense of what day it is.

    All the other points are so so true, it’s scary and I wouldn’t have linked them together necessarily. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and the ‘sound’ thing goes along with that, although I always had an element of it as a child. I was the kid at the birthday party who dreaded a balloon popping.

    Funnily enough I’d never linked avoiding negative media to it either. In our home we never wildlife programmes, as I become very distressed seeing one animal kill another. I always remember seeing a programme about Elephants being killed for their Ivory and upon seeing an elephant shot I was horrified and burst into tears even wailing. I was about 14 or 15 so my Mum was a bit surprised at the intensity of my reaction, but made sure to consider the content of TV shows from then on. Whereas my Dad gets quite angry and irritated at how over-sensitive I am. “Stop being such a big baby!”

    I’d like to hear how many empaths out there are also vegetarian. (Surprised that wasn’t one of the traits).

  54. I think I am because I was always called over sensitive and when someone tells me something and they say its just a joke it doesn’t feel like one to me and I get other emotions like when someone ones crying I just want to cry with them and I do have a really good connections with animals especially dogs and I am an ellecent listener because a lot of my friends come up to me when they have problems just to vent and when they get done they know what they have to do and before they leave they always tell me thanks for listening and being supported

  55. I have all the traits, except a very high pain tolerance. I’ve known I’m an empath for a very long time. I’ve struggled my entire life with being overwhelmed by the feelings and moods of others, even strangers. It made life extremely difficult for me and I’ve underperformed in every area of my life because it has been so crippling. Depression, addiction, unhealthy relationships… you name it. I knew I was different and couldn’t understand why I was a sponge, unable to block the negative energies around me from fusing with every fiber of my being. I was emotionally exhausted and drained all the time and just being around most people was very unenjoyable. I cared deeply about people, but was so overwhelmed by my own distress that I couldn’t see things clearly as they are. I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety since the age of 14, and later on bipolar disorder.

    A year ago I started therapy yet again in a desperate attempt to get a handle on my life and emotions. I’ve seen probably a dozen therapists throughout my life, none of whom seemed to “get” me, and I never felt helped no matter how hard I tried. This time it’s been a completely different experience. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Initially that was very distressing, but once I learned all about it it came as a huge relief and I felt new promise that I could get better. My therapist specializes in personality disorders and was very gentle and kind in explaining everything. He assured me that with some hard work I could overcome the symptoms that were destroying me.

    He was right! With intensive therapy over the past year, I believe I am fully recovered. I have learned new ways of coping and relating to my emotions that have changed me down to the core. It was a very hard struggle for quite a while, but eventually it all just clicked. I am still able to hold onto the “good” parts of this sensitivity, without feeling overcome by the “forces” around me. I feel grounded, with a strong sense of self. In my late 30s, I’m finally learning how to truly live and create a meaningful life for myself. If you read this and can at all relate to what I’m saying, please seek out a therapist who is qualified to deal with personality issues. Often we develop this profound sensitivity due to trauma like abuse or neglect in our childhoods. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a well-intending parent who doesn’t know how to effectively parent a sensitive child. Our perceptions of ourselves and others can become distorted and cause us great pain. I’m so thankful for this new life I’m creating for myself. I’ve never felt so kind toward myself or others, yet with none of the overwhelming emotions that were so stifling.

  56. I thought for the longest time, it was because of my sign or lifepath #. Ive looked into they a great deal trying to figure me out. As I’ve become more aware, it has helped me to let go.

  57. This article and the feed that follows has opened my heart! I am often the person EVERYONE else turns to when they are in need… be it emotional support in good or bad times, physical need such as help with a task, or just because they need someone and have no idea why. The pain tolerance seems to go one way or the other, extreme either way. I have a huge pain tolerance to the point of danger because I don’t realize when something may be serious (like having a kidney stone stuck and going into renal failure because I had No Idea at all). I grew up with a cancer patient for a dad that died when I was young and a mother who looked at me as competition. After he died she never really cared about my well-being and often beat (like broken bones) me during her more troubled times. Maybe that’s why my tolerance is so high… I have lived through so much pain already that the receptors shorted out? Either way I am an empath and have known that for decades. I am also the type that can take others pain from them… sometimes on purpose and other times it just suddenly happens. I live in a constant state of awareness that has been “diagnosed” as PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and even Agoraphobia. All I know is I wish it would ease up. I meditate and ground… both are huge parts of my religion. The moment I am in contact with another soul all of that calm is gone… it could be my kids or the neighbor 3 houses down out in their back yard. Perfect strangers are drawn to me and tell me all of their ills… the cancer that plagues them or their family, the disrespectful child, the cheating spouse, the broken down car, it doesn’t matter. I rarely even initiate contact, people just walk near me and start spilling information almost as if they had no idea they were going to speak at all. That is the main reason for the agoraphobia, I hate being confronted by so many things that should not be my burden to bear. It is the same saying that I bet everyone on here feels dramatically “Everyone always comes to me for help but when I need help no one is there”

    Glad to know I am not alone
    Blessed Be!!

  58. While, I know I’m empathetic towards all living things, I dislike the mind powers connotation that goes along with it, there are no witches or ghosts or psychics, however, there are people who are naturally empathetic, this isn’t some mess about crystals and sage, it’s just people feeling for other people.

  59. Wow reading this article I can say yes to all of these statements. I remember when I was young I was told by my mom I’m too sensitive and need to grow some back bone and to stop taking things so personal! I am an Empath, I am certain. It explains why sometimes I feel like an emotional train wreck! I feel so much what others feel especially my daughter. We joke and say when is the umbilical cord going to be cut, cause much of what I feel is because of what she is going through or feeling. I get depressed, annoyed, anxious easily and it has made me feel like something is wrong with me, to the point where I just want to go away as far as I can away from everyone! Now I know it isn’t always me it is what I feel in others. This has helped me and I want to get the resources mentioned to further help me. A lot of this I wish I would have known when I was a teen it would have helped me a lot.

  60. I am very much an empath. It is a very lonely place to be in most of the time, but I know that others like me are out there now and I don’t feel so alone anymore. It doesn’t stop me from spreading love and light, but sometimes those who are negative, and where I can see their gray aura can drain me, but now I am aware and it has also strengthened my gift and determination to utilize my light. What I love about being an empath is that children and all animals recognize it and the interactions are so beautiful and so unforgettable. They recognize the light and can see and feel the love within my heart even when I’m not having a good day. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born with this gift because I have no idea what it’s like to live a mundane day, or a day just living within the 5 senses like I see so many people around me doing and are oblivious to the spiritual essence and connection of what I see and feel every moment in every day.

  61. I would say I’m an empath. I’m a highly sensitive, deep thinking, intense, layered person who has always been told I’m too sensitive. I’m noise & smell sensitive, a giver, a listener & I care deeply for those around me. I also value my privacy immensely & seem to want to stay alone in my room more & more. I take things to heart & often have no balance in emotional situations, so will take it to an extreme.

    When I meet someone & feel there’s something deeper than a mutual interest, I call it a connection. It’s not verbal or physical, it cannot & is never communicated through words or actions, since neither happen for it to be present. The only way I can describe it is that I see it as a subconsciously projected emotion. It is a sensitivity or vulnerability that some people seem to exhude (that they’re not even aware of) that I just seem to pick up on. It often draws me to them & it brings out the caring in me.

    Nearly all of those points relate to me, it’s like they were written for me! I love music, art, gentle sensory stumuli & can be very prolific. I’ve kept a diary since I was 13. I’m now 45. All my thoughts & feelings go into that & I do believe I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for that. My brain is very overactive with thoughts & emotions & I can spend quite a time dissecting a thought. I often scare people away because they can’t handle my intensity. Is it no wonder I feel like a basket case 99% of the time!

  62. I have just experienced a huge “Ah-Ha” moment by reading this article. I relate strongly to 20 of the 22 traits listed above. I want to show this to my friends and family that I am not CrAzY!!! When shopping or in public, I can pass by someone and feel their emotion, whether it by happy or sad. I have zero tolerance for violent images, and like to be alone, which is difficult for my husband to understand. I have been plagued with digestive issues for the past 30 years, and would love to know how to block the negative energy.
    Going to sleep is like going to the movies for me. I dream in color and things are so vivid that I can sometimes wonder if the dream was real after waking up. I am so glad I have company :@)

  63. Wow. I thought I just had some kind of sickness issue due to constantly feeling sick, or exhausted after being submerged in herds of people. Ugh. Department stores are my personal hell. I avoid those at all costs. The only places I can stand being in for prolonged periods of time is when all the people around me are in a rational state of mind. Which is rare, and still exhausting at the end of the night, but its tolerable, and relaxes me to some extent. I absolutely loath loud music playing or the TV going when I am trying to center myself after a long day. My family thinks its a nervous tick that I want to eat dinner without the TV on or music playing. It sounds so loud to me, my head feels like its going to explode. I do need to consider getting some kind of Crystal to help heal me or weaken the amount of energy intake I absorb. Does anyone know of such a thing? The empathy sickness is becoming worse and worse…and I can’t necessarily pop a Dramamine tablet every time I feel like I need to vomit in largely populated areas! Any advice will help!

  64. Your article is wonderful! Probably the best list of Empath qualities that I have read. I’m presently creating a coaching course for Empaths to help them Master this amazing sense. My goal is to help others embrace being an Empath and feel that it is a gift. I hear so many others that think it is more of a curse 🙁 Thank you for sharing such a quality list of traits.

  65. I’ve always been able to tell what people are thinking or how they are feeling. I can figure out things about people before they even tell me. In one case, my friend had been told a secret by someone and I knew the secret because I know the person and have been observing them. The guy had only told my friend and no one else.

    I thought it was funny that the article mentioned being unable to watch the news. I hate the news. I hate seeing how terrible the world can be. It makes me really uneasy to watch it.

    Anyway, I really want to develop this ‘ability’?? I’m not sure how. I guess I have to keep practicing!

    It’s great seeing other empaths and reading their incredible stories!

  66. Thank you so much for this information! I now know that what I am ,are not mere parculiarities but assets of connections far beyond others as a gift ,and rather than beat self over this, embrass it wholeheartedly !

  67. This explains a lot now. How can I control it? Is mediating the best way to have control of my thoughts/emotions?

  68. Interestingly enough I figured out at a very young age that I wasn’t like everyone else. I hung out with all the elderly some dying people in my grandfather’s nursing home – I was “drawn” to them and their “need” for company, a friend, etc. I was between the ages of 6 and 12. As I started getting into my teens when I would be in public at a concert, a ball game, a shopping mall I would literally pass out and drop on the floor. (My parents took me to several neurologists convinced I had a brain tumor (CT scans and MRIs later – no abnormalities). Mind you, I was also not drinking and not on drugs – not my thing. I still get “that feeling” to this day from crowds – too much energy and it swallows me up. In my 20’s I had several relationships where I was trying to save people from themselves which always turned out pretty darn horrible. I learned pretty early that you cannot save anyone, but you can surely try – as long as you don’t sacrifice bits and pieces of yourself trying. Often times I was left metaphorically bleeding myself dry. I was misunderstood by many people through the years and misunderstood myself as well. I have a hard time discerning my feelings from the feelings of others to this day and I am 46. I literally have to ask myself is this my feeling or someone else’s. Words come out wrong and sometimes I am an emotional buffet – picking up on the energy of everyone around me. I practice meditation, use visualization, am certified in alternative healing methods and still cannot totally control the empath characteristics. The worst relationship that I have is with my autistic child who I love more then life itself – due to their challenges in getting by in a cruel universe, their misunderstanding of many things, their emotional dysregulation, ADHD – I feel ALL of it…..it is so painful I cannot even put it into words, like my heart is getting ripped out of my chest. The problem is that I can’t fix them. There is so much more that I could say and so many more traits that I have that I deal with – fragrance sensitivities, anaphylactic allergies, prone to anxiety. I have the desire at times to crawl under a rock. LOL! Here is the GOOD NEWS. My desire for being creative and artistic helps me immensely – I have a jewelry business. I am an admin in a medical practice and I help people every day and make a difference which my soul loves. Since I am most happy in a controlled environment I was able to spend 5 years (in my personal time) searching for my biological family – which I did in fact find. Now, I am a search angel and help other adoptees find their biological family. How’s that for a “truth seeker.” My website for that is http://www.adopteesearchfriends.com. My issues turned my life into a mission where I am able to do the things that I love most – help people. In a round about way my determination for answers and truth has also helped me get my child the most amazing care and they are doing fabulous eventhough I can feel every single thing they do. All of the negative things I can get a handle on by meditation, alone time, etc. There are things that you can do to make things better. They will never go away and I have accepted that I will always feel the pain of others, but I can also feel their JOY – and that is a beautiful thing. <3

  69. I not to long ago discovered that I to am an empath. Everything and I mean everything except the physical pain part I can relate to. With the physical pain I have endured a lot of pain being born at 6 months and throughout my life almost lost my life several times so physical pain I’m strong with it but it’s my pain. Now seeing and feeling and hearing someone else’s pain is exhausting. My mom have always said you are to sensitive but I feel everything a person goes through as if I’m them and I never understood why. I grew up the quiet and shy girl never ever felt like I fit in anywhere. Even as a young child walking into a classroom in elementary school I would feel something and I can’t explain the feeling but it was every single day through out school I remember because I still experience those things. Vibes and energy that I automatically pick up from a person and the ones I’m close to I would always say this, I can tell if I like a person before they say anything and I was around the age of 12 and I was always right. I think so much about why I’m this way. I had a hard time saying no and tried to make everyone happy please everyone only to now find out that I took away from my happiness. I would get used and mentally abused for the way I was and I thought it was normal but it wasn’t. Last year I experienced a narcissist and got into a relationship with this person that to me was nothing but the devil. He did things that were evil and selfish to me that I cannot even believe I tolerated. We would fight and argue but one day I woke up a different person. I no longer could share his pain I didn’t want to be in his presence and it was to the point of it’s either him or me. I began to see things that I didn’t before and the evil eyes that would get in my face and stare me right in my eyes no longer terrified me if anything it had awakened me. God began to prepare me for what was to come. Later that night I told him he had to leave and would always use this so you giving up on me and you don’t love me yelling and screaming it I’m telling you this day was so intense that I just needed to get away. He wouldn’t let me go by myself he was drunk and high things he knew he wasn’t supposed to do because he had health issues. I’m in my car and he’s talking but as he’s talking I felt that something was going to happen I had hair scissors with me because I didn’t feel safe at all we got into an argument because I was forced to be around him and he wouldn’t get out my car he snatched my keys and wouldn’t give them to me. We got into an actual fight and he pulled a knife out on me I took the scissors without knowing it and cut him above his eye and before I knew it I was at his neck with them. He tried to take over my life and I had to get out of that and I did. Unfortunately narcissist are very persistent people but they have no feelings or heart or love for anyone and have to try to tear down someone else to feel like someone. I ended up having to take out a restraining order because he depended on me to live. I had to put myself first. Prior to this I had did some research on his character and personality traits and knew what I had come up against. I feel that I am special and blessed because I followed my intuition and I’m learning to embrace the things that are different about me and ways of not letting the fact that I feel as hard as I do make sure I take time to myself I love music, I write poems and that’s my escape and also church is so important to me. I feel like I’m on a spiritual journey and discovering things I never knew.

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