Ready To Say Those 3 Little Words? 57 Unique And Memorable Ways To Convey Your Feelings

how to tell someone you love them

You’ve been seeing each other for a while, and it’s happened.

You’re in love!

Shouting it from a rooftop may feel like a good idea.

But first, your partner — the object of your affection — deserves to know.

Telling someone you love them is a big step that takes a bit of preparation.

It’ll become a special memory on which you can look back if done right.

So today, we’re breaking down how to deploy the perfect first “I love you.”

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Do Guys Look At You From Head To Toe? 7 Likely Reasons He Scans Your Body

man checking out someone what does it mean when a guy scans your body?

Some women find it flattering; others deem it inappropriate and creepy. So today, we’re unpacking the highs and lows of a guy checking you out.

What does it mean when a guy scans you from top to bottom?

Is it always a sign that he’s sexually aroused?

Or could there be other reasons?

Is it always rude?

Or are there perfectly innocent explanations for a body scan?

Let’s dive in.

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How Many Dates Should You Have Before Having Sex? All Your Burning Questions Answered

couple hugging how many dates before sex

It’s a question as old as dating itself: When should you sleep with someone you’re seeing?

Truth be told, there’s no universal answer to: “How many dates before going to his place?” The only barometer you need to follow is you.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

But you should think it through.

So today, we’re exploring the question from all angles.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll better be able to wrap your head around the issue and do what’s comfortable for you.

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If Things Aren’t Going Your Way, Remember To Trust The Process With These 27 Quotes

trust in the process quotes

Has life served you up a big portion of the unexpected – and not the good kind? 

When you’re dealing with a setback in your plans, it’s hard not to throw your hands up in the air and wonder what you did wrong.

But perhaps you didn’t do anything wrong.

Maybe your plans were spot on and well-considered, but an outside interference knocked you off track.

Or you didn’t anticipate one hiccup in an otherwise perfect process. 

If this description sounds like your experience, we know you’ll relate to this list of quotes about trusting the process.

They may even give you that little boost to help you press forward. 

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99 Good Man Quotes For The Extraordinary Men In Your Life

good man quotes

Who are the men in your life that are more than just decent human beings – they are exceptionally good people?

Maybe you’re thinking of your husband, boyfriend, father, brother, co-worker, or close friend. 

Whoever it happens to be, you see him as a role model, both to you and others.

He is the type of man deserving of recognition and admiration.

You can do both with our list of quotes about a good man.

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The Exceptional People In Your Life Should Know How You Feel: 55 You Are Special Quotes To Remind Them

couple hugging you are special quotes

You can bring them to mind right now.

Maybe there are just one or two.

Perhaps several. 

No matter how many you have, the special people in your life mean the world to you.

They are the ones who love you unconditionally, support and believe in you, and understand you better than anyone else. 

Isn’t it time you let them know how you feel about them – how much you cherish and love them?

Putting your feelings into words can be challenging because the emotions are too complex and subtle to verbalize. 

That’s where our collection of “you are so special” quotes comes in – to help you articulate those feelings that can get stuck in your heart. 

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If You’re Trying To Be Friends With Your Ex, Remember These 11 Boundaries

man and woman having fun boundaries for being friends with an ex

It happens. You fell out of lust with your significant other.

Something extinguished the flame, but you still love and respect your former partner as a buddy.

So now you’re wondering how to stay friends after a breakup.

Is it even possible?

Fortunately, yes, it is.

But making a smooth transition from lovers to pals requires a bit of boundary setting.

So today, we’re unpacking the rules for being friends with an ex.

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If You Want To Know If Your Ex Is Miserable Without You, Look For These 21 Signs

man miserable over breakup signs your ex is miserable

Breakups naturally produce unhappiness for both people. 

You and your ex might have different reasons for being unhappy, but you can’t quite escape the fact that you want your ex to feel miserable about what happened. 

If you pay attention, you’ll find it easy to detect signs your ex is miserable without you.

Maybe you’ll want to use this information to figure out if you have a chance at getting back together

Or, maybe you’ll feel satisfied to see proof that losing you hurts.

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