You’ve Been Provoked Into Reactive Abuse: Protect Yourself From The Narcissistic Tactics That Can Harm You

couple fighting what is reactive abuse

Let’s talk about reactive abuse — or reactionary abuse. 

A form of gaslighting, reactive abuse is when one person intentionally provokes another into intense, adverse reactions. 

It can be emotional, psychological, or physical — and in many cases, reactive abuse is an unconscious, reflexive instinct

Is it harmful?

What types of people engage in the practice?

Why do they do it? How can you stop the cycle of reactive abuse?

Settle in — because we’re unpacking it all below.

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Do You Constantly Interrupt People? 11 Strategies To Stop This Rude Behavior

friends having afternoon coffee how to stop interrupting people

Being interrupted is among the most frustrating communication experiences. 

It is important to let others finish their thoughts completely unless you have something urgent to say. 

Interrupting expresses a lack of interest or respect and stops people from sharing the end of their story. 

Realizing you have an issue is a long way from a solution, but it’s a good start.

It provides you with an opportunity to learn how to stop interrupting and modify your behavior in able to better connect with others.

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Is Your Connection With Your Lover Off The Charts? 21 Signs Of Intense Chemistry Between Two People

sweet couple intense chemistry signs

The chemistry between two people can be very intense. 

You may feel your chemistry is off-the-charts but wonder if the other person agrees. 

Sometimes, you can feel something powerful only to realize later the chemistry was either manufactured or short-lived.

There are signs that the chemistry between people is solid, deep, and real. 

You should look for these signs to determine if your chemistry is genuine or if it is just wishful thinking.

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Are You Overthinking It, Or Is Your Guy Losing Interest? Here Are 17 Signs He’s Slipping Away

couple sad am I overthinking or is he losing interest

You met a guy, and things were going great for a while.

He made you laugh, you had plenty in common, and it seemed like he understood you. 

But lately, it feels like he’s slipping away.

You’re not sure if it’s in your head, but it feels like he isn’t as into you as he once was. 

This list will help with how to tell if a guy is losing interest or if you’re overthinking it. 

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Is Low Self-Esteem Obvious In Men? 13 Subtle Characteristics Of A Guy With Low Self-Esteem

man with a headache characteristics of a man with low self-esteem

Guys can sometimes be a little self-conscious, but that feeling can paralyze men with low self-esteem. 

If you’ve been wondering whether your guy has low self-esteem, there are subtle signs that can help you identify that he might. 

And if you’re concerned, act sooner rather than later to work on the problems together –  or decide to move on if necessary. 

Let’s explore the characteristics of guys with low self-esteem and how you can help them feel better about themselves.

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Do You Like Yourself? 9 Traits Of High And Low Self-Esteem

confident woman, characteristics of high self-esteem

Can you tell just by looking at someone that they have the characteristics of high self-esteem?

Or can you recognize self-esteem issues a mile away?

Healthy self-esteem does have a way of making itself known to others, by tell-tale signs or in ways your intuition is more likely to pick up.

Maybe you notice something different in the way a friend carries herself or you feel a certain something when your eyes meet with a confident stranger.

According to related research, those who know how to have high self-esteem are in the minority.

Before we discuss what we can do about that, we need to understand what self-esteem is and why so many of us struggle with it.

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So He Just Called You “Beautiful” Or “Cute”: 21 Things He Might Be Trying To Communicate

what does it mean when a guy calls you cute

He just told you he thinks you are cute or beautiful.

What could he mean? 

The fact is, men rarely have hidden agendas when they speak.

When a guy says you’re cute, it means he thinks you are cute

If he calls you beautiful, that’s likely all he meant to convey. 

However, when you dig much deeper, you will find that he may have different ideas about what those words actually mean.

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The Difference Between Sex and Making Love? 11 Distinctions You Need To Know

couple intimate difference between sex and making love

Sexual intimacy by any other name — (getting laid, knocking boots, doing the deed) — would still be foundational to the human experience.

After all, without sex, none of us would exist.

But not all sex is created equal.

Sometimes, people have sex; other times, they make love.

So what’s the difference? In a word: emotions.

Let’s look at 11 distinct behaviors that separate making love vs. sex.

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