It Hurts When Family Talk Behind Your Back: These 43 Quotes Will Validate Your Pain

woman whispering to someone family talking behind my back quotes

Someone in your family is throwing you shade behind your back, and you feel betrayed. 

Why would a family member, someone who is supposed to love you, want to spread unkind gossip about you?

We feel your pain.

Discovering that you’ve been disparaged or dissected is an atrocious feeling.

So we’re here to boost your spirits with a few dozen validation quotes to help you realize they’re the problem, not you. 

After all, gossiping about family members behind their backs is just mean.

If you have questions or concerns, be mature and talk it out instead.

You aren’t alone in this toxic situation because you wouldn’t believe the number of “fake family talking behind my back” quotes you can find online.

Others are hurting too.

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Are Your Texts Boring And Uninspired? 21 Ways To Avoid Being A Dry Texter

young gilr texting happily how to not be a dry texter

Did you know that over 6 billion texts are sent daily in the United States? 

What are we all saying to one another, and how do we find something interesting to say when we’re texting so often

Some people hate texting, finding it difficult to measure someone’s responses without the visual cues of being together physically. 

Other people find it provides valuable time and space to think about what to say. 

No matter your opinion, you have probably been in painfully boring text conversations before. 

To help liven up your messages, let’s look at the elements of a great text exchange and how to be a better texter.

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Is The Timing Right To Propose, Or Is It Too Soon? 7 Signs You’re Ready And 7 Signs You’re Not

man proposing to his girlfriend how soon is too soon to propose?

When it comes to marriage proposals, timing is everything. 

You don’t want to propose too soon and scare your partner away, but you also don’t want to wait so long that they lose interest. 

So how do you know when the timing is right?

How soon is too soon to get engaged?

There are plenty of signs to look for to see if you’re both ready for marriage, but there are also some red flags that indicate you may not be quite there yet.

If you’re thinking about proposing, you need to know these seven signs that the timing is right and seven signs that it’s best to wait a little longer.

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34 Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages For Adults For Your Heartthrob

woman coloring Valentines Day Coloring Pages for Adults

Looking for a personalized card or gift idea for February 14th to give your sweetie? 

Consider coloring pages for this day of love.

At first suggestion, it may sound childish.

But don’t dismiss coloring off-hand — because it does a body (and mind) good!

According to numerous studies, adult coloring exercises significantly reduce stress, improve cognitive functions, and serve as a great way to detach from everyday life. 

What better way to spend a few relaxing hours on this romantic day?

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Remember How Much You Deserve With These 11 Moving Self-Love Poems

woman in the mirror happy poems about self-love

Arguably, self-love is the mother of all personal development goals. 

Without it, humans tend to be miserable shells of themselves who plod through life in a fog of depression and displeasure.

It’s a remarkably unsatisfying way to live.

But when supported by self-love, we can care for ourselves and others, spread joy and compassion, and live up to our full potential.

Poems about loving yourself are an excellent reminder of how deserving you are of your own love. 

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It’s Not Selfish To Focus On Yourself: 13 Essential Ways You Should Put Yourself First

woman in smiling how to focus on yourself

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

It’s a popular metaphor that means you must take care of yourself before you can care for others. 

And it’s true – if you’re not feeling your best, you won’t be able to do your best work.

As much as you may need to put yourself first, it’s more complicated than you think. 

Is it selfish or wrong to focus on yourself? 

Society often suggests it is, but more often than not, you do yourself and those around you a favor by prioritizing your needs before those of others.

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Your Guide To The Omega Male And 17 Traits Of This Personality

man in skateboard what is an omega male?

While you may be familiar with the labels ‘alpha’ and ‘beta,’ are you familiar with the term ‘omega male’? 

He isn’t your average dude. He certainly isn’t an alpha male – far from it.

This guy follows the beat of his own particular drummer, who is banging out a tune that only he knows.

Understanding the omega male and his personality traits can help you gain better insight into yourself if you are one or someone you care about who may be one.

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It’s Time To Meet The Parents: 15 Thoughtful Gifts That Are Sure To Impress Them

girl giving gifts meeting the parents gifts

It’s nerve-wracking enough to meet your significant other’s parents, but figuring out what to bring when meeting his parents can put you on the brink of a panic attack. 

Rest assured, the gesture is what matters. 

Today, this considerate tradition allows you to get creative with the gift you bring. 

Whether you’re meeting future in-laws or coming in as a surprise guest, you can improve your chances of making a great first impression by bringing a unique and thoughtful gift. 

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