21 Love Poems For Your Wife To Make Her Swoon

Sometimes, you want to say more than what a bouquet of flowers can convey.

When you want to remind your wife how you feel about her, consider sharing a love poem — written by yourself or by someone who says what you want to say.

If you’re looking for romantic poetry for your wife, you can’t go wrong with the selections in this post, as long as you remember this:

For your wife, the most meaningful part of getting a love poem is how you deliver it.

21 Love Poems for Your Wife

When You Are Old

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,

And nodding by the fire, take down this book,

And slowly read, and dream of the soft look

Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,

And loved your beauty with love false or true,

But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,

And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars,

Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled

And paced upon the mountains overhead

And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

— William Butler Yeats

I Can Only Hope

I can only hope for this loving grace,

To continue and never end.

You are more than I have ever deserved,

I cannot even comprehend.

I love you more than I probably share,

May you understand and see this truth.

I always have and always will,

Now in my prime, started in my youth.

— Anonymous

love poems for wife


I am yours as the summer air at evening is

Possessed by the scent of linden blossoms,

As the snowcap gleams with light

Lent it by the brimming moon.

Without you I’d be an unleafed tree

Blasted in a bleakness with no Spring.

Your love is the weather of my being.

What is an island without the sea?

— Daniel Hoffman

You’re Perfect

Your femininity attracts me;

Your steady strength supports me;

Your tenderness sustains me;

You’re the perfect love for me.

— Joanna Fuchs

From This Moment On

I have been blessed, I live only for your happiness, for you my love, I will give you my last breath.

— Shania Twain

She Had the Most Beautiful Thing

She had the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen

And it took only her laugh to realize

that beauty was the least of her.

— Atticus

love poems for wife

Looking for Your Face

From the beginning of my life

I have been looking for your face

but today I have seen it

Today I have seen

the charm, the beauty,

the unfathomable grace

of the face

that I was looking for

Today I have found you

and those who laughed

and scorned me yesterday

are sorry that they were not looking

as I did

I am bewildered by the magnificence

of your beauty

and wish to see you

with a hundred eyes

My heart has burned with passion

and has searched forever

for this wondrous beauty

that I now behold

I am ashamed

to call this love human

and afraid of God

to call it divine

Your fragrant breath

like the morning breeze

has come to the stillness of the garden

You have breathed new life into me

I have become your sunshine

and also your shadow

My soul is screaming in ecstasy

Every fiber of my being

is in love with you

Your effulgence

has lit a fire in my heart

and you have made radiant

for me

the earth and sky

My arrow of love

has arrived at the target

I am in the house of mercy

and my heart

is a place of prayer”

― Rumi

In Idle Dreams

In idle dreams of long ago,

I imagined my true love;

A perfect match, a soulmate,

An angel from above.

Now you’re here, and now I know

Our love will stay and thrive and grow.

― Joanna Fuchs


I love you

Not only for who you are

But for what I am when I am with you.

I love you

Not only for what you have made of yourself

But for what you are making of me.

I love you 

For the part of me 

That you bring out.

I love you

For putting your hand

Into my heaped-up heart

And passing over

All the foolish, weak things

That you can’t help

Dimly seeing there,

And for drawing out

Into the light

All the beautiful belongings

That no one else had looked

Quite far enough to find

I love you because you

Are helping me to make

Of the lumber of my life

Not a tavern

But a temple.

Out of the works

Of my every day

Not a reproach

But a song.

I love you

Because you have done

More than any creed

Could have done

To make me good.

And more than any fate

Could have done

To make me happy.

You have done it

Without a touch,

Without a word,

Without a sign.

You have done it

By being yourself.

Perhaps that is what

Being a friend means,

After all.

― Roy Croft

Unending Love

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times…

In life after life, in age after age, forever.

My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs,

That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms,

In life after life, in age after age, forever.

Whenever I hear old chronicles of love, its age-old pain,

Its ancient tale of being apart or together.

As I stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge,

Clad in the light of a pole-star piercing the darkness of time:

You become an image of what is remembered forever.

You and I have floated here on the stream that brings from the fount.

At the heart of time, love of one for another.

We have played along side millions of lovers, shared in the same

Shy sweetness of meeting, the same distressful tears of farewell-

Old love but in shapes that renew and renew forever.

Today it is heaped at your feet, it has found its end in you

The love of all man’s days both past and forever:

Universal joy, universal sorrow, universal life.

The memories of all loves merging with this one love of ours –

And the songs of every poet past and forever.

― Rabindranath Tagore

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We joined the dots

from A to B,

the line we drew

from you to me,

traced empty shores

across the sea,

over mountain top,

past forest tree,

along the roads

and walking tracks,

all bridges burned,

no looking back,

for the love

we have,

no gate can stop,

no barking dog

or bolted lock,

for what is real

is meant to be,

when two hearts


in proximity.

— Michael Faudet

In This Space

In this space right here 

that we have made for each other,

you can say anything

and I will not abandon you.

Unwrap the worst things you have done.

Watch me hold them up to the light

and not even flinch. 

—Trista Mateer

The Sun and The Moon

Aim for a love 

that reminds you

of the devotion

the sun has to the moon.

Whether she is in fractions

or she is whole,

he still shrouds his intense light

in the darkness of the night.

To give her the entire sky,

without judgment,

so she can shine in any way she wants to.

You deserve someone

who adores you

on the days you are

in broken fragments too.

You deserve someone

who lets you glow

in every way

you need to.

—Nikita Gill

love poems for wife


Understand, I’ll slip quietly

away from the noisy crowd

when I see the pale stars rising, blooming, over the oaks.

I’ll pursue solitary pathways

through the pale twilit meadows,

with only this one dream:

You come too.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

Beauty That Is Never Old

When buffeted and beaten by life’s storms,

When by the bitter cares of life oppressed,

I want no surer haven than your arms,

I want no sweeter heaven than your breast.

When over my life’s way there falls the blight

Of sunless days, and nights of starless skies;

Enough for me, the calm and steadfast light

That softly shines within your loving eyes.

The world, for me, and all the world can hold

Is circled by your arms; for me there lies,

Within the lights and shadows of your eyes,

The only beauty that is never old.

— James Weldon Johnson

What Greater Thing

What greater thing is there for two human souls

than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen

each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow,

to share with each other in all gladness,

to be one with each other in the

silent unspoken memories?

— George Eliot

I Love You For What You Are

I love you for what you are,

But I love you yet more for what you are going to be.

I love you not so much for your realities as for your ideals.

I pray for your desires that they may be great,

Rather than for your satisfactions, which may be so hazardously little.

A satisfied flower is one whose petals are about to fall.

The most beautiful rose is one hardly more than a bud

Wherein the pangs and ecstasies of desire are working for a larger and finer growth.

Not always shall you be what you are now.

You are going forward toward something great.

I am on the way with you and therefore I love you.

— Carl Sandburg

Whenever I Am Away from You

Whenever I am away from you,

The distance between us

A burdensome thing,

I always think of you in colors,

The smell of coffee as you so

Proudly make it for me,

The perfect sunlight spilling in through the window.

I miss you even when you are beside me.

I dream of your body even when you are sleeping in my arms.

The words I love you could never be enough.

I suppose we’ll have to invent new ones.

–  Christopher Poindexter

I Would Sleep

I would sleep with the thought of you,

With the silhouette of a single memory,

With the scent left hours after you’ve touched me.

I would lose myself in the folds of your dress,

The fabric of the shirt you wore

When you fell asleep leaned against my shoulder.

Paint me in the soft focus fog of your tenderness,

Pull me from myself.

–  Tyler Knott Gregson

love poems for wife


Marriage is not

A house, or even a tent

It is before that, and colder:

The edge of the forest, the edge of the desert

The unpainted stairs

At the back, where we squat

Outdoors, eating popcorn

Where painfully and with wonder

At having survived this far

We are learning to make fire

–  Margaret Atwood

Our Souls Are Mirrors

god must have kneaded you and i

from the same dough

rolled us out as one on the baking sheet

must have suddenly realized

how unfair it was

to put that much magic in one person

and sadly split that dough in two

how else is it that

when i look in the mirror

i am looking at you

when you breathe

my own lungs fill with air

that we just met but we

have known each other our whole lives

if we were not made as one to begin with

– Rupi Kaur

Which of these love poems for your wife stood out to you?

Now that you have some material for your “Short Love Poems for My Wife” folder, which poems stand out as your favorites?

Which will you modify to make them more personal? 

When you unleash your first choice of poetry for your wife, how will you present it to her? 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Send her a poem in text messages — a few lines at a time. 
  • Send her small gifts with parts of the poem attached to them. 
  • Compose a song with one, and sing it to her. 

The more fun you have with this, the more she’ll enjoy it, too. 

Looking for words to say to make your wife's heart flutter? Check out these love poems for your wife and tell them how much you love them through these.