How to End Your Love Letter + 99 Sweet and Creative Ways to Sign Off 

Ending a love letter is just as important as how you start it. 

You wouldn’t abruptly stop talking mid-conversation with your partner, would you? 

Similarly, your romantic missives deserve thoughtful, sweet closes that tug at the heartstrings instead of fizzling out. 

The closing is your last chance to reinforce your affection before signing your name. 

Whether you want to make them laugh or leave them craving more, the possibilities are endless. 

How to End a Heartfelt Letter

The closing lines of a meaningful letter deserve thought and care to perfectly encapsulate your message. 

The ending should complement the overall spirit of your writing with a paragraph or short series of lines that echo the sentiment you hope to leave with your special person

man reading letter How to End Your Love Letter

Aim to wrap up any loose threads while reaffirming the affectionate emotions conveyed throughout. 

Your sign-off should not introduce brand-new topics or feelings out of sync with the rest of the piece. 

Select a warm, intimate, or light-hearted farewell that flows naturally from the heartfelt expressions preceding it. 

With care and consistency, your final words will become a memorable, integral part of a letter written from the heart.

Why Love Letter Endings Are So Important

Just like a conversation, a love letter needs a proper closing.

An abrupt or thoughtless ending can leave your partner feeling disappointed, confused, or even doubtful of your feelings. 

On the other hand, a thoughtful, heartfelt sign-off reinforces your affection and keeps the romantic spark alive.

  • It's your last chance to drive home your message of love before signing your name. The ending should complement what you've already written.
  • A creative, personalized closing makes your letter more meaningful and genuine. It shows you put effort into the entire piece, not just the body paragraphs.
  • The closing sets the tone for potential future letters. A positive ending will make your partner excited to receive more notes from you.
  • Letters that just stop without a closing paragraph seem unfinished, like a conversation that ends mid-sentence. You need to wrap up your thoughts.
  • Well-crafted closings can be just as sweeping and romantic as the most emotive passages. End on a high note!

How to End a Love Letter: 21 Examples of Closing Paragraphs

Ending your love letter can be challenging. 

To inspire you, here are 21 examples of romantic, thoughtful ways to sign off—from short and poetic to funny and sweet paragraphs filled with affection.

Let these touching closes help you seal your love note perfectly.

Ending a Letter with Love

1. All My Love 

Babe, my heart is so full of love for you. Even this little letter can't contain it all. You mean everything to me, now and always. Can't wait to see you and give you all my love in person. XXXOOO!

2. Love That Lasts

Our bond is so strong and real—I just know we’re built to last. You still give me butterflies every time I see you! Through all of life’s ups and downs, I choose you. I can’t imagine not having your cute face to come home to. Love you to the moon and back!

3. My One and Only 

You’re my ride-or-die, my whole world, my person…and my only true love. What we have is so special, babe. Thanks for making every day an adventure, even after all this time! Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without you.  

4. Made to Love You

We just click so well in every way. It’s like the stars aligned when we met. Loving you comes so naturally. I can't imagine being this happy with anyone else. You just get me. I'm so glad I get to do life with my favorite person.    

5. The Best Part of Me  

Being with you makes me want to be the best version of myself. You inspire me and make me feel so cared for. I don't really know how I got so lucky, but I won the jackpot with you! Love doing this thing called life together.

image of pen and paper with letter How to End Your Love Letter

6. Signed With Love  

You know I'm not the mushiest, but you truly mean everything to me. Thanks for being my partner in crime and making every day fun. I love doing life with you by my side. Can't wait for more crazy adventures together!   

Cute Ways to End a Letter

7. XOXO to My Sweetie 

Where would I be without my darling man lighting up my days? Every moment we’re apart feels empty compared to when I’m wrapped up tight in your arms. I’m already counting down the moments until I can gaze into your eyes again and cover your adorable face in kisses! I’ll be dreaming of you, my one and only!

8. You Make My Heart Smile 

That adorable smile of yours makes me melt every single time! I light up whenever you walk in the room. Just knowing you exist makes my world a happier place. I can’t help but grin from ear to ear when I think of our next date night together. You make me bubbly and bright inside, and I’ll be waiting for you with the biggest kiss ever. 

9. All My Love 

My heart smiles every time I think of you. Just knowing you're in my life fills me with joy and comfort. I miss your face when we're apart and can't wait for more time together. Please keep a warm spot for me in your heart until I can throw my arms around you when I see you again.

10. I Can’t Wait

I don’t know how I can wait another minute until I get to wrap you in my arms and smother you with kisses. I love you so much that I think I might burst!  But I’m trying to hold myself together so you don’t have to pick up any bits and pieces when you get back. So please hurry because my body, mind, and heart are aching for you, my love.

11. I’m Just Smitten 

I don’t have a clue how it happened, but somehow you managed to rope me in, and now I’m head over heels, silly in love! I might need to get my head checked because all I do is daydream about your cute face. Here’s hoping you don’t come to your senses and realize what a goofball I am. Until then, I’ll be over here, fully obsessed with my amazing partner in crime.

12. Enchanted by You 

Well, you went and did it! You swooped in with your charm and good looks and put me under your magical spell. Now I’m a complete goner, grinning all starry-eyed just thinking about our next rendezvous. Just promise you won’t turn me into a frog or newt anytime soon! I’d miss all our fun adventures together, and these cute love notes would be rather tricky to write with webbed feet.

How to End a Letter Without Saying Love

13. You've Got My Heart 

You have all of my affection now and in the days ahead. Our connection continues to deepen, and my commitment grows stronger. I'm so thankful our lives are intertwined and that I get to keep learning new things about you every day.

14. My Favorite Person 

Of all the people in the world, you're my favorite. Spending time together fills me with warmth and contentment. Your spirit lifts me up, even when we're miles apart. Know that you are special, valued, and adored. I think my heart is melting for you…

15. Counting Down

Counting down the moments until I get to be by your side again brings me such happiness and anticipation. I cherish our special bond and look forward to making it stronger as we spend many more amazing times together. Our next date can't come soon enough! I think you’ve wrapped me around your little finger…

16. You Make Life Sweeter 

Being with you adds a touch of sweetness to everything I do. Your presence makes the hard times easier and good times even better. Thanks for filling my world with joy and laughter. 

woman writing on paper How to End Your Love Letter

17. From My Heart to Yours 

I wanted to send some affection from my heart straight to yours. Keep a space for me amidst all the love that surrounds you. I'll be holding you in my heart until we meet again. 

18. Falling Hard

If this letter hasn’t made it clear, I think I’m falling hard for you. I can’t believe how similar we are and how comfortable I feel when I’m around you. I’m glad we are taking it slow because I want to savor every moment of getting to know each other and learning about the amazing person I see in you.

19. Needle in a Haystack

I feel so lucky to have met you and can’t wait to learn about everything that makes you…YOU! From what I’ve seen so far, you’re not only handsome, but you are smart, funny, kind, and a true gentleman. You might be my needle in a haystack! I can’t wait to see you next week. 

Romantic Ways to End a Letter

20. You Have My Heart 

My heart belongs to you, now and always. Though we may be apart, our bond connects us through it all. I look forward to our next chapter and all our special moments in between. Please know you are cherished.

21. Our Destiny 

We have something truly magical – I just feel it. When we're together, everything falls into place. I can't predict where this journey will take us, but I know it will be special as long as we're side by side.

22. My Whole World 

You mean everything to me. Your smile brightens even my darkest days. This distance is only temporary; soon, we'll be reunited to make new memories. Until then, know that you are always on my mind and in my heart.

23. Our Next Chapter 

I love what we've shared so far, but I’m so excited for what comes next. With you by my side, this adventure called life just keeps getting better. Our growing bond is a treasure. The best is yet to be written.

24. Time Stands Still 

Babe, time melts away when we're tangled up together. But the moments also feel suspended, bursting with deep feelings almost too much to bear. Soon, we’ll have more cozy memories, just you and me. For now, all my love.

25. Where My Heart Resides 

Please know wherever you wander, my heart remains steadfast by your side, filled with my affection for you alone. Our spirits are never far, despite the miles. I'll be holding you close in my heart until we meet again.

99 Love Letter Closings

You’ll want a touching, meaningful way to sign off when finishing your romantic missive. Use these 99 closing words and phrases to make your love letter endings more original and expressive. Let these options inspire your last loving lines.

1. Ever yours

2. Hugs and kisses 

3. Your adoring fan

4. Lovingly

5. Forever in my heart

6. Faithfully yours 

7. With all my affection

8. Tenderly yours

9. Enamored by you  

10. Unconditionally yours

11. Eternally together

12. Devotedly yours 

13. Besos y abrazos

14. With great fondness

15. Adoring you always

16. Yours affectionately

17. Love without end 

18. With amour 

19. Your fervent admirer

20. In my heart forever

21. Truly and deeply

22. Hopelessly enchanted 

23. From my heart to yours

24. With arms open wide  

25. My heart is yours

26. Yesterday, today, tomorrow

27. Your loving lady (or man)

28. Longing for you  

29. Your ardent suitor

30. Spellbound by you

31. Devoted heart  

32. Counting the days

33. Burning bright for you  

34. My beating heart 

35. Be mine always   

36. Your sympathetic soul

37. Through smiles and tears

38. My home and my heart

39. Beyond the stars

40. Mine, tenderly

41. For now and for always

42. Across the miles  

43. Ephemeral eternity  

44. My love abounds 

45. Until we meet again

46. Thou hast my heart

47. Love without measure

48. Completely in love

49. Dreaming of you

50. From my arms to yours

51. With caring thoughts

52. Yours faithfully   

53. Till my last breath 

54. Holding you near  

55. Through sun and rain  

56. Written in the stars   

57. My heart's compass   

58. From dusk till dawn

59. Yours tenderly    

60. Everlasting flame  

61. Destined together

62. All that I am   

63. With great affection  

64. Lost in your love  

65. My end and my beginning   

66. As the tides turn

67. Until we embrace  

68. With open arms

69. Love always finds a way

70. Beyond eternity   

71. My love abides 

72. As time goes on  

73. Cherishing you  

74. Undying devotion 

75. Infinite as the sea  

76. A token of my affection

77. My heart's true home

78. Bound by destiny  

79. Yours faithfully   

80. To the moon and back

81. With loving thoughts

82. Through joy and sorrow   

83. My guiding starlight  

84. Yours tenderly  

85. Heartstrings tugging

86. Through times of peace   

87. My love endures

88. As waves to shore  

89. My heartbeat booms  

90. Our time will come

91. Longing across the miles   

92. Soon, in your arms 

93. My heart awaits you   

94. Beyond all measure

95. Beyond earth and sky  

96. As Long as stars shine 

97. My home is with you  

98. Across time and space

99. My heart is set on you

Final Thoughts

Whether you want your love letter closing to be cute, funny, romantic, or heartfelt, choosing the perfect ending is vital. Let these creative ideas inspire your last lines while our tips guide you in crafting a thoughtful, consistent close. Most importantly, allow your sign-off to genuinely reflect the depth of affection in your own unique bond. With a meaningful ending, your love letter is sure to be cherished.