Does He Only Want You For Your Body? 19 Signs He Does

Are you in a new relationship and wondering if the guy only sees you as an object of physical attraction? 

No one likes to feel used or taken advantage of, and questioning whether or not your significant other is only in it for physical attraction can be a hard pill to swallow.

After all, compassion and mutual understanding are fundamental components of any relationship. 

So how can you tell if your partner is truly attracted to you or if they are just after your body?

Let’s look at signs indicating he may want you just for your body.

Armed with these signs, you can empower yourself to make the best choice for your happiness.

Tune in to figure out how to spot if someone’s intentions with you may not be as honorable as you thought!

What Type of Guys Only Want You for Your Body? 

Today's dating scene is flooded with guys who will say anything to get into your pants.

woman playing hard to get signs he only wants you for your body

From the smooth-talking to the commitment-phobes, here are five types of guys who are likely only to want you for your body:

  • The Casanova: He will sweet talk his way into your heart, shower you with compliments, and give you the impression that he really likes you. He will do all this to make a move on you. These are the most dangerous types of guys because they are excellent manipulators and know how to worm their way into your heart.
  • The Player: The player is the type of guy who will always be on the lookout for potential conquests and won't hesitate to move on as soon as he gets what he wants from you. Remember, he is just chasing the thrill of the hunt, and you are nothing more than a trophy to him.
  • The Commitment-Phobe: This guy is afraid of getting into a serious relationship and will try to avoid it as much as possible. He is the type of guy who won't even think twice about hooking up with someone, but when you try to bring up the subject of a real relationship, he won't hesitate to drop you. Being in a relationship means compromise and responsibility, which can ruin his fun.
  • The Emotional Vacuum: He is the type of guy who will make you believe he likes you and cares about you. He will listen to your problems and act like a shoulder for you to cry on, but ultimately, he is in it just for the physical rewards that come afterward.
  • The Selfish Lover: A selfish lover focuses entirely on himself and his own needs and desires. He is only interested in the physical aspect of the relationship and won't put any effort into ensuring your needs are met.

19 Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body 

Now that you know what type of guys may be interested in pursuing you for physical reasons, let's discuss signs he sees you as an object:

1. He Always Calls You to Hang Out Past 10 P.M.

If a guy always calls you to hang out past 10 P.M., it could be a sign that he's not interested in getting to know you beyond the superficial level. 

He might have a physical attraction to you but isn't interested enough to invest the time in building an emotional connection and getting to know your values.

Late nights are perfect for initiations of physical intimacy, and someone who frequently calls during these times is likely looking for just that and nothing more.

Be wary when late-night conversations begin, as it could indicate someone who does not value you beyond your body.

2. He Steers Conversations Toward Sexual Topics

When a guy is more interested in physical intimacy than getting to know your values, he might steer conversations toward sexual topics.

The topic may start innocently with simple questions about past relationships or experiences. But remember, this could indicate someone who does not want to get to know you deeply.

If all your conversations often turn to topics of physical intimacy or crude jokes, it’s likely a sign that the guy is only interested in you for your body.

3. He Pressures You to Do Things You Don’t Want To

When a guy pressures you to do things that make you uncomfortable or feel unsafe, it's a sure sign he does not respect your boundaries and values you only for sexual satisfaction. 

He might try to pressure you into participating in other physical activities even when signs indicate that it is not something you are interested in doing.

It can be tempting to give in to his pressures, but it's essential to remember that your body is yours, and you have the right to decide what happens with it. 

Respect yourself enough to say no when something doesn’t feel right.

4. He Never Remembers Your Birthday or Other Special Occasions

A relationship with someone should always be about more than just physical chemistry. Forgetting your birthday or other special occasions indicates that somebody isn't truly invested in you as a person. 

It shows that they are likely only interested in what you have to offer them on a physical level rather than an emotional one, which makes the whole thing seem sort of hollow and transactional

If they can't be bothered to remember the important dates in your life, it's usually because they just don't care enough about who you are as an individual.

They don’t value your presence enough to make sure to celebrate your existence with you.

5. He Refuses to Talk About a Future Together

If a guy is hesitant or unwilling to have a conversation about the future of your relationship, he may be interested in a physical connection and nothing more.

He's following the playbook—see you once or twice, keep things fun and light, possibly hook up, then move on.

This type of behavior should set off serious red flags and should be an immediate warning sign that he is not interested in taking things further with you relationship-wise.

Unless he's willing to put effort into communicating his thoughts and feelings towards you and having an open dialogue about your expectations for the future, then it’s best not to waste your time hoping for something more with him.

6. His Words Don’t Match His Actions

Do you find yourself being promised the world yet getting nothing in return? Are his promises too good to be true?

When it comes to physical intimacy, does he usually lead by example, or does he make alligator arms and expect you to take the first step?

If the answer is yes, chances are he's only interested in taking from you and not giving anything back. It can be particularly disappointing and unsettling as you may feel taken advantage of or used just for his amusement and pleasure. 

Be wary of anyone who says one thing but does another – it's often a sign that they're not looking for a genuine connection.

7. When Complimenting You, He Only Talks About Specific Body Parts

When a guy only compliments you on specific physical aspects of your body, like your legs, hair, lips, breasts, or butt, instead of who you are, it might indicate that he's not interested in forming any meaningful bond with you.

This behavior can also indicate a lack of respect for your boundaries and privacy. If someone is only focused on physical traits, they're often not looking for a relationship in which love and mutual respect are present.

This signifies that he only cares about how you look to him instead of who you are. So trust your instincts – it may be time to move on.

8. He Prefers Meeting For Drinks Instead of Dinner

When a guy asks to meet for drinks instead of dinner, it’s often a sign that he’s only interested in one thing: getting you in bed.

Even if it's his idea to meet for drinks, chances are he's hoping the evening will lead to something more physical. 

Drinking is often closely associated with seduction since the lowered inhibitions can help relieve some of the tension or awkwardness that could get in the way of getting close to someone. 

9. He Cant Stop Touching You

It’s a huge red flag when a guy seems to have an excessive and inappropriate desire to touch you. He may put his arm around you, run his hands down your back, or simply brush up against you in passing. 

If all these intimate gestures are unwarranted and without permission, then it could mean that this guy is only interested in getting close to your body and taking advantage of whatever physical relationship he can with you. 

This behavior often leads to intense situations where you may feel exploited and powerless. You should never tolerate these unwelcome advances, so always make sure that any potential partners respect your physical boundaries.

10. He Doesn't Communicate With You

When a guy is only interested in you for your body, chances are he won't be interested in getting to know who you really are. He doesn’t take the time to communicate with you beyond the surface level.

He might appear insincere when asking about your life and fail to pick up on social cues that show he should be investing more effort into the conversation.

man smiling and touching a woman's face signs he only wants you for your body

That's not to say every guy who isn't big on talking is only looking to use you – there can be a lot of other reasons why someone may communicate less than others in different situations. 

But it's wise to examine his underlying intentions if this person isn't meeting you halfway, or they don't seem interested when you try to start meaningful conversations.

11. If There Is No Physical Intimacy, He Won’t Bother Showing Up for Your Date

If the man you're dating keeps making excuses whenever physical intimacy is off the table, it might be a sign that he's only interested in your body. 

His lack of effort to stick around if there's no promise of sex could mean that he has little to no interest in getting to know who you are as a person. Instead, all he wants is one thing—and one thing only.

If this is the case, it might be best to find someone who's genuinely interested in getting to know you and cherishing every moment with you—both inside and outside the bedroom.

12. He Despises the Word “No”

When someone is interested in you, take note of their attitude towards the word “no.”

If the man you’re seeing disregards any boundaries you set or pays no mind when you say “no” to something, he likely doesn't care about anything beyond a physical connection with you.

He won't consider how comfortable you are with his advances or respect how far you'd like to take things – because, let's face it, the word “no” means nothing to him.

When this behavior appears in a relationship, all that matters is what he wants and how he can get it – even if that means disregarding your wishes.

Make sure to keep yourself safe and only be with someone who values your opinion and respects you, even when it's a no.

13. You Only Hear From Him When He Needs Something From You

Does your guy only hit you up when he needs something? Whether it's a favor or a late-night booty call, that's usually a dead giveaway that he isn't interested in getting to know the real you.

He'll talk up how great you two are and how excited he is to spend time with you, but as soon as his needs are met, the conversation abruptly stops. It may take weeks or months for him to reach out again.

Soon, it will be clear that the guy isn't thinking about anything beyond what your body can provide him. 

If this has happened to you before, it's best not to get involved with someone like this – because if they don’t care enough to invest in more than just physical intimacy, they're not worth any of your time or energy!

14. He Never Allows You to Stay Over

If a guy you're dating never allows you to stay over at his place and always insists you go home at the end of the night without fail, it's probably a sign that he's only interested in one thing.

Allowing someone to stay over expresses deeper feelings, like trust and closeness.

If your guy isn't coming through with this kind of invitation, it's likely because he doesn't have anything more than physical attraction for you on his mind.

He may say all the right things, but if his actions don't match up, it's time for you to think about what he has to offer.

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15. All Your Dates Involve Hanging Out at His Place

“Netflix and chill” has been a popular date choice for some time now. While it's alright to go on a Netflix-and-chill date, if all your dates consist of you going over to his place and nothing else, then it's obvious he doesn't want to invest in getting to know you.

He may be too ”lazy” or uninterested in planning something special for the two of you – which is a huge red flag. It shows that he doesn't take you or your relationship seriously.

If he can't put in the effort to plan something special for you, it's likely that all he sees is an object – not someone with real feelings and emotions.

16. He Is Unreliable

It's not just about the little things, like him always being late or forgetting to call. It's about whether you can trust him regarding the important stuff, like your safety and emotional well-being.

When a guy is unreliable, it's a sign that he may only be in it for physical pleasure.

Not replying to messages, disappearing for days, and getting drunk too often all add up to a pattern of inconsistent behavior that suggests he isn't too concerned with your feelings.

If this is the case, then it's best to take a step back, take note of the warning signs and move on.

17. He Doesn't Respect You

Does your guy disrespect you? If so, this is a huge red flag. He may be rude or dismissive in public, talk down to you, and disparage your intelligence.

He may act like you're there solely for his physical pleasure and not much else. Respect is vital in any relationship; if it's not present, it's time to start looking for someone who values your presence and opinion.

18. He's Uninterested in Your Life

If you feel like you're dating a guy who isn't interested in learning more about your life – beyond what's necessary for a physical connection – then it might be because he only sees you as an object.

He may not ask questions about your career, hobbies, passions, or dreams and won't be interested in hearing about them either. If you bring up something significant that's happened in your life, and he doesn't seem to care, then you know it's time to move on.

19. He Will Flirt With Other Women Openly

Being in a relationship requires trust, but if your guy is openly flirting with other women, it's a sure sign that he isn't looking for a deep connection.

He may make excuses like “it was just harmless flirting,” but more often than not, it reflects how he regards you. 

man trying to corner a woman with his arms signs he only wants you for your body

If he is content to disrespect boundaries and disregard your feelings to make himself feel better, it shows his real intention – which isn't anything serious.

Remember, if your partner doesn't care about deviating from the comfort and security of your relationship by engaging with other women publicly, then this should tell you they are only in it for fun and physical gratification.

Signs He Likes You for More Than Your Body

Are you questioning whether a guy might like you for more than just your body?

Here are signs he's genuinely interested in getting to know you:

  • He puts time and effort into planning dates: When a guy is trying to create special memories with you, he will take the time to plan meaningful dates. Your dates will involve more than just Netflix and chill; he'll be willing to invest in getting to know you better.
  • He's interested in your opinion: A guy who is serious about a relationship won't just be interested in physical gratification but also want to know what you think and care about your opinions. He will show that he values your voice by discussing topics that are important to you and listening intently when you speak.
  • He makes an effort to know your family: If a guy likes you, he might want to meet the people who are most important to you. It's a sign that he wants the relationship to go beyond physical boundaries, so meeting your family is a big step.
  • He offers emotional support: A guy interested in you for more than just your body will offer emotional support when you need it. He won't shy away from the hard conversations and will be there to listen, give advice, and help you work through tough times.
  • He remembers minor details about your life: A guy who is sincere and wants to build a connection with you will pay attention to the things you tell him, like your favorite color or music genre. He will remember these details and bring them up in conversation.
  • He makes an effort to be around you: If he's making an effort to make more time for you in his schedule, it's a sign that he values the connection you two share. He won't just want to hang out when it's convenient for him but will move his plans around to spend quality time with you.

Final Thoughts

Do you wonder, “Is he using me for my body?” It can be hard to tell when a guy is genuinely interested in more than just physical gratification. 

Use the above signs as guidelines to determine whether your guy is worth investing in or if it's time to move on and find someone who will appreciate you for so much more. 

Remember to listen to your intuition and act as soon as the signs above appear in your relationship. That way, you can avoid wasting your time on someone who isn't worth it. 

You are dating this man but is unsure of his intentions. Know the signs he only wants you for your body in this post and see his true colors.