21 Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Already Living Together

married couple, wedding gift ideas for couple already living together

Picking out a wedding gift for a couple living together can be challenging.

They might already have all of the basic possessions associated with sharing a household.

Even so, you can still succeed in finding a gift that says “Congratulations” and enriches the newlyweds’ life.

Many thoughtful and unique wedding gifts for a couple living together are not hard to find.

Try to choose a gift that fits the couple’s lifestyle and interests.

If you don’t know the people very well, then use your judgment about what might delight them.

These 21 wedding gift ideas offer an array of excellent options for life partners who are tying the knot.

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15 Of The Best Books On Emotional Intelligence

woman reading, best books on emotional intelligence

Do you want to improve your chances of success in your professional life and with your relationships? If so, boosting your emotional intelligence is the best place to start.

According to a study by Talent Smart, emotional intelligence is the biggest predictor of workplace success.

In the 1990s, psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer proposed that people with strong emotional intelligence abilities understood their emotions accurately and used the information to guide their decision making.

These people with a higher EQ also possessed an above-average ability to read other people’s emotions and influence them.

Unlike your IQ, which remains the same throughout your life, your EQ involves a more flexible set of skills that can be learned and improved with practice.

There are dozens of books on emotional intelligence (EQ) that provide methods for improving your skills in this arena.

By applying the advice of experts, you can improve your self-awareness, better manage your emotions, and improve your social skills.

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7 Of The Best Rebounder Trampolines For 2022

Mini Trampoline

Are you tired of doing the same old workout on the treadmill and feel like you may have hit a plateau?

This is where I was last year, and it was frustrating.

I was bored with running, and some issues with my knees and shin splints kept me from upping my game with it.

I felt like it was no longer doing anything for my body because I wasn’t challenging myself or using any new muscles.

This is when I discovered rebounders.

Rebounders are mini-trampolines made for adult use that are a surprisingly versatile and fun tool to use for working out.

Let’s go over some of the essential information you need to know about mini trampolines, and then I’ll review 7 of the best mini trampolines that are the top rated the market today.

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12 Of The Best Pens for Lefties

If you’re left-handed, you know how frustrating it can be to write with pens.

Your right-handed friends can enjoy the smooth fluidity of the ink without worrying that their hands will smudge and smear it as they write. 

But you? It’s hard to find a pen that won’t punish you for using it.

Inky hands aren’t a good look.

So, does this mean you’re doomed to write only with pencils?

Thank heavens, no. More than one genius out there designed pens for left-handed writers. 

Read on to learn more about the 12 best pens for lefties in 2021. 

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58 Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip in 2022

I don’t know about you, but I love going on road trips and listening to audiobooks.

A road trip feels like a true adventure — much more so than air travel, which involves so many tiresome steps before you even set foot on the plane.

There’s something about having the car packed, getting up early, and heading out on the open road that makes me feel giddy with excitement, just like I felt when I was a kid.

Behind the wheel, you’re in control of your destiny (and destination) in a way you can’t enjoy with other forms of travel.

A road trip is a great bonding experience for you and your significant other or family members.

You have time for deep talks, lots of laughter, and shared discovery.

For me, the smaller, off-the-beaten-path highways are preferable (rather than the interstate) even if it takes a bit longer. I’m drawn to the changing landscapes, the small towns, the farms, and quaint roadside stores.

Sometimes, though, there’s no escaping the interstate or long stretches on a lonely highway. You’re forced to take a route that offers little variety in scenery and nothing much to look at.

This is the time when you’ll be grateful you brought along an audiobook or two.

I love reading books on road trips, but reading a book is a solitary experience. You can’t share it with your fellow travelers. If you’re the driver, or if reading makes you car sick, audiobooks can make those long stretches of highway much more interesting.

Do you have a road trip planned for this year?

Why not take along some great audiobooks for your next excursion?

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7 Of The Best Card Games For Couples

With the growing number of couples card games out there, how do you know which ones to try first?

You know exactly how much spice you’re looking for, which is a good start.

And maybe you want a game that will make you both laugh a lot.

When it comes to fun card games for couples, though, it’s good to know what other couples have to say about the most popular options out there. 

After all, your partner and your relationship deserve the best. 

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8 Of The Best Online Therapy Websites

girl on computer, online therapy

With over 90 million Americans living with some type of mental health disorder, and many more dealing with chronic stress, the idea of hiring a therapist for your mental health is no longer the taboo it once was.

While some argue that mental health issues still have a stigma associated with them, others have embraced the truth that mental health disorders are common, and we all need to tend to our mental health as much as we do our physical health.

But due to our busy schedules and the possible pinch of shame, many of us don’t seek the treatment from a therapist that we need.

And, if you do look for treatment, you are likely to face barriers ranging from the exorbitant cost (even if you are able to get in with a therapist who works on a sliding fee scale) to the possibility that the therapist you see isn’t the right match for your needs.

If you are having trouble getting mental health help for whatever reason, using online counseling services is a convenient alternative to going into a therapist’s office.

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29 Of The Most Fun Games For Couples

couple playing game, games for couples

Are you getting tired of spending night after night watching television after dinner with your partner?

Flipping through television shows isn’t doing much to strengthen your relationship or allow you to interact with each other.

If you want to get to know your spouse on a deeper level while reaping some great health benefits, you might want to start playing games with your partner.

Not head games — but the old-fashioned kind where you sit down together or with another couple and have fun.

The Benefits of Games for Couples to Play

Let’s take a look at some of the ways playing games together can positively impact you both as individuals and as a couple.

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