Are You An INFJ Or INFP? How To Distinguish These Two Similar Personality Types

infp vs infj

The difference between INFJ and INFP is not a huge one, but it does make a difference in how you relate to the world. 

The goal for this post isn’t to compare the two in an INFJ vs. INFP showdown to see which one is better at life or at being in a relationship.

Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

After reading this post, we hope you’ll have a better sense of which of these MBTI types describes your personality better than any other.

Let’s dive in. 

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Do You Like Being Alone? 11 Reasons You Prefer Time By Yourself

why do I like being alone

You identify as “one of those people who prefer to be alone.”

But just when you feel yourself breaking free of societal expectations, you feel them dragging you back in. 

The thing is, the better you know yourself, the more you’re willing to fight for what you need.

You love being alone.

There’s no use pretending otherwise. 

So, why are you like this?

What makes solitude so attractive to you?

And should you be worried? 

Not a bit.

And we’ve found 11 reasons that shed some light on your love of solitude

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11 Heartbreaking Reasons Empaths Are Attracted To Narcissists

empaths and nacissists

When you read about empaths and narcissists, they’re mostly treated as complete opposites.

But it’s not as simple as that. 

Considering how many empaths end up in relationships with narcissists, it’s worth looking into why this happens.

And essential to that understanding is answering the question, “Can an empath be a narcissist?” 

Or, to put it another way, is it possible for a narcissist to feel empathy?

The answer might surprise you.

Or it might echo a feeling you’ve had for some time now. 

It’s time to get some answers.

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11 Not-So-Nice Things That Happen When Introverts Don’t Get Alone Time

what happens when introverts don't get alone time

If you’re an introvert, you know you’re not just “one of those people who like being alone.”  

If you feel overstimulated and can’t get away for some time alone,  bad things happen.  

And if you’re not an introvert — but you’re close to someone who is — you might not understand why.

If being around people energizes rather than drains you, it’s tempting to think introverts are just being “extra.”

They’re not. 

So, what could happen if they don’t get the alone time they need? 

Just remember — you asked. 

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Why ENFP And INFJ Personalities Make A Good Match

couple hugging, enfp and infj

Dating isn’t easy. You might think you’ve found the one, only to discover your personalities just don’t quite match up.

Often finding the right person begins with understanding more about yourself. The Myers Briggs personality test was created to do just that.

If you’ve ended up here, you may know already that you are either an ENFP or an INFJ personality type. So what does that mean exactly? 

ENFP (the Champion) represents extraverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving functions of personality.

ENFP’s are creative, outgoing, and highly perceptive. When looking for a partner, the dynamic ENFP often needs someone who can play on the same emotional field. 

INFJ (the Counselor), stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging.

He or she might be the perfect person to keep up with the vivacious energy of an ENFP. INFJ’s are the quiet counterpart to the more excitable ENFP. 

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21 Icy Traits Of A Cold-Hearted Person

cold-hearted person

Either you know someone whose behavior strikes you as cold, or you’ve become aware that people around you see you as a cold person. 

Maybe you’ve even asked yourself, “Why am I so cold-hearted?” or “Why am I numb when I should feel something?”

Whatever past trauma you may still be processing, you wonder if you’re missing something about yourself.

While some may be content to dismiss you as cold, you want to believe there’s more to you than that. 

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25 Of The Best Hobbies For INTJ Personality Type

Hobbies for INTJ Personality Type

What are the best hobbies for INTJ personality types?

These are thinking types, but that doesn’t limit their hobbies to puzzles, coding, and research.

INTJ hobbies and interests are as likely to be varied as anyone else’s, as you’ll see in the list below.

It’s time to let go of the stereotype that dismisses INTJs as the “coldest humans.”

Plenty of warmth is there for those willing to see it. 

It might hide behind layers of cool reserve, but it’s there. 

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I Like Being Alone: 15 Reasons You Like Your Own Company Best

15 Reasons I Like Being Alone

Is it healthy to enjoy being alone? 

No matter how many friends you’ve made or how well you get along with family, you’re just one of those people who prefer to be alone. 

And you feel perfectly healthy.

You’re content.

But were you always this way?

And if not, what reasons for your solitary nature come to mind?

We found 15 worth considering. 

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