What Is Your True Color Personality? Take The Test To Find Out

true color personality test

What’s your true colors personality

Or, to back up a bit, which of the four colors in the true colors test — blue, green, gold, and orange — do you gravitate to most? 

If you can acknowledge that one of those colors draws you in more quickly than the others, there’s a reason for that.

You’re about to find out why.

What will the true color personality test tell you about yourself

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9 Traits Of The Abstract Thinking Green Personality Type

green personality type

What are the main characteristics of the green ‘thinker’ personality type? 

If green is one of your favorite colors, the traits described below will probably sound familiar.

But what can a color say about your strengths and weaknesses? 

Plenty, it turns out.

And you’re about to learn what it means to have a green personality type

While you’re enjoying the list of deep thinker personality traits, give special attention to those that resonate with you most. 

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All You Need To Know About The Blue Personality Type

blue personality type

What is a blue personality?

Or what does it mean to have a blue personality type? 

Who knew your favorite color could say so much about you?

Even if you don’t wear blue all the time, you feel drawn to the color wherever you see it.

It echoes something in you. 

So, why not explore that?

Learning about the key personality traits of the blue type can help you better understand yourself and your connection to the color blue. 

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9 Characteristics Of The Orange Personality Type

orange personality type

What does it mean to have an orange personality type?

How does it relate to your strengths and weaknesses?

People who like orange enough to consider it a favorite color share some, if not all, the traits described in this post. 

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that everyone is unique.

You bring your own energy and experience to this color. 

So, what does it say about you that you don’t already know?

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Are You A Gold Personality Type? 9 Traits That Reveal You Are

gold personality type

According to the True Colors Personality Test, if you’re a gold personality type, what does that mean?

What does gold say about you and your particular strengths and weaknesses

If you’re at least a little curious, check out the list of gold characteristics further down.

Prepare to shine a light on some of your best qualities because you’re about to know yourself better than ever. 

And what you learn could change everything. 

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Are You A Shy Extrovert? 11 Signs You Are This Unique Personality Type

shy extrovert

“Shy extrovert” might strike you as an oxymoronic term.

You assume because extroverts thrive on social interaction that they can never be shy. 

But the conflict you feel in some social settings has too often left you wondering: can you be a shy extrovert?

The short answer is yes, you can. 

Shyness is a trait that can emerge among many personality types.

Many reasons could account for your reluctance in social situations, such as a lack of confidence, anxiety, or a heightened need for privacy.

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What Is A Bubbly Personality? And Is It A Good Thing?

what is a bubbly personality

Has anyone ever described you as a bubbly person?

And what does that even mean?

Maybe specific characteristics come to mind when you think of bubbly people, but you’re not 100% sure you understand this personality, even if you have it. 

Whether you have a bubbly character or you know someone who does, you want to know once and for all:  

Is it good to be bubbly?

And what aspects of this personality are worth emulating?

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19 Striking Alpha Female Characteristics That Set Her Apart

attractive woman, alpha female

There’s a lot of conflicting noise out there regarding what the words “alpha female” even mean. It’s taken us a hot minute to identify what real alpha traits actually are. 

And they have nothing to do with toxic masculinity or queen bee syndrome. 

After reading this post, you’ll be able to recognize key alpha female traits.

You’ll no doubt recognize them in the women you respect the most — those you look up to as examples to follow. 

These are traits every woman should cultivate to become the person she needs to be. 

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