52 Uplifting Morning Mantras To Power Start Your Day

uplifting morning mantras

What are some good mantras to use in the morning to give your day an early boost?

And what exactly is a morning meditation mantra, anyway? 

You know the value of meditation as a daily habit.

But your mind wanders so much, from the beginning and throughout your meditation time, you’d like some help setting and maintaining your focus. 

Here’s where a mantra of the day can help.

Speak one of the morning chants in this post before and after meditation, and you’ll give your mind a rallying point

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The Best (and Worst) Things To Write To Someone On The Anniversary Of A Death

What do you say to someone on the anniversary of a death? You want them to know you’re thinking of them.

You want to offer them some comfort on this painful first death anniversary. You’re just not exactly sure what words to use.

We’ve been there.

So, we’re glad you’re here.

This post is all about helping you honor a death anniversary with words that bring real comfort to those who are grieving. 

It’s also about helping you steer clear of words that do the opposite. 

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29 Of The Most Interesting Questions To Ask People To Draw Them Out

two women talking, questions to ask people

Do you ever have trouble connecting with people and engaging with them on a deeper level? 

One of the best ways to draw someone out and get to know them is by asking interesting questions.

Asking the right questions can stimulate more exciting and fun conversations.

It can set the stage for discovering common interests, developing a more authentic connection, and fostering mutual empathy and understanding.

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10-Minute Holiday Stress Relief Using Mindfulness Practices


That’s the average amount of money U.S. consumers expect to spend on Christmas gifts this year.

107.3 billion.

This is the number of people glutting the highways for holiday travel — not to mention the increase in surface road traffic from frantic shoppers trying to get it all done before December 25th.

In addition to spending more than we really want to and fighting traffic and crowds, the holiday season can stress us out for a sleigh-full of reasons.

Our “to-do” lists and calendars explode with extra holiday tasks and obligations — attending parties and children’s events, holiday decorating, mailing out cards, wrapping gifts, hosting guests, and preparing festive meals. It’s enough to make you want to slap an elf.

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Your Inner Voice: Filtering Out Your Critical Voice to Find Your Loving Voice

Your Inner Voice

We all have an inner critic filling our heads with a negative commentary about our own behavior and worth.

The mean-spirited voice in your head can make you feel like your own worst enemy.

I wrote last time about how I lived with a toxic family member who frequently criticized, rejected, and called me names while I was growing up.

I learned the language of the critical voice early and often. Due in part to these experiences, I have struggled greatly with my own negative self-talk.

However, individuals who have had loving, supportive upbringings will find that they too still have a critical voice of varying degrees living inside of them.

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How To Journal To Uncover Your Passion

Mindfulness Journaling

Sometimes when we’re in a job we hate, a relationship that’s going south, or simply unhappy with one aspect of life, it taints our perspective on the entirety of our lives.

Life in general seems less than stellar because we are so focused on the one bad thing.

Pretty soon, other parts of our lives do start to tank because our foul mood and general unhappiness impact our work, relationships, and motivation to enjoy anything. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts. Life feels bad, life becomes bad.

Unfortunately, we are predisposed at birth to view things through our “life sucks” glasses because of something called the “negativity bias.”

The negativity bias, as defined by Wikipedia, “refers to the notion that, even when of equal intensity, things of a more negative nature (e.g. unpleasant thoughts, emotions, or social interactions; harmful/traumatic events) have a greater effect on one’s psychological state and processes than do neutral or positive things.”

Lovely. Even when we want to be happy, our brains are wired to see the glass half empty.

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10 Ways To Calm Your Mind

How to Relax Your Mind

Sometimes I just get worn out and stressed from thinking.

If I’m not paying attention, I tend to be an over-thinker — I ruminate and play out various scenarios in my head past the point of it being productive.

By not relaxing my mind I can get agitated and anxious, especially when an answer or solution doesn’t emerge from all of my thinking. In the past, I’d just plunge back in, believing I hadn’t given enough thought to the situation.

Of course, contemplating beyond what’s necessary for analysis and good judgment doesn’t usually offer enlightenment or peace of mind.

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How to Practice Gratitude When You Don’t Feel Like It

how to practice gratitude

I have recently been obsessed — well maybe obsessed is too strong a word — preoccupied with frustration and sadness about the physical effects of getting older.

It has really hit me that this aging thing is happening. The face and body I had in my youth are gone forever, and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it. I find myself looking in the mirror and thinking mean things about myself like it’s my fault that I’m getting older. Maybe you can relate.

The other night, I listened to an interview with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle on appearance and the impermanence of physical beauty.

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