Wondering If Your Taurus Guy Is Sexually Attracted to You? 19 Signs He Finds You Hotter Than Hot

Has that studly Taurus man caught your eye? 

While often steady and reliable, Taurus men have a hidden fiery side when it comes to romance. 

So how do you know if a Taurus guy's feeling frisky for you? 

Take note of these subtle signs. 

He may come across as laid back, but underneath that cool exterior, a lusty bull awaits. 

These men can be masters at concealing their attraction, but if you know what to look for, you can unlock the secrets of their passionate side. 

Watch for these clandestine clues that reveal when a Taurus man's desire is stirred.

What Sexually Turns On a Taurus Man

Taurus men are sensual creatures who crave touch, taste, and aroma.

couple snuggling on sofa Signs a Taurus Man is Sexually Attracted to You

They are aroused by anything that engages their senses.

  • Luxurious textures like silk or velvet
  • Sweet, rich flavors like chocolate or honey
  • Soft music and candlelight ambiance

Taurus men are also turned on by beauty and aesthetics. A beautiful woman, fine art, or exquisitely prepared food can stir their desire. 

Overall, Taurus men are looking for sensory pleasure and experiences.

Appeal to their appreciation of comfort, quality, and beauty if you want to ignite their sexual interest. The key is engaging their senses and helping them unwind into enjoyment.

19 Signs a Taurus Man is Sexually Attracted to You

Taurus men can be tough to read when it comes to attraction

However, if you pay close attention, you can spot the subtle signs that reveal when the Bull has the hots for you. 

Here are 19 telling behaviors that indicate a Taurus man's sensual interest is sparked. Get ready to decode the clues he's sending your way.

1. He initiates physical touch.

Don't be surprised if that Taurus guy finds innocent reasons to put his hands on you. An arm graze here, a knee touch there – he's trying to make physical contact to test the sparks. Taurus men love the feel of a woman, so if he goes out of his way to caress you, it's a sign he wants to get up close and personal. 

2. He gives you gifts.

Taurus men are providers by nature. If he starts showering you with little gifts, luxurious treats, or tokens of affection, he's trying to provide for you in his own way. This bull wants to pamper you with sensual delights. Saying it with flowers or jewelry means you've caught his eye.

3. He asks intimate questions. 

Taurus men don't just stick to surface-level small talk. If he's intrigued by you, he'll ask deep, probing questions to peel back your layers. Share your hopes, dreams, and vulnerabilities with this bull. He finds your soul sexy and wants to connect. 

4. He makes extended eye contact.

When a Taurus man is transfixed by you, he won't be able to take his eyes off you. His gaze will lock onto yours and hold with sensual intensity. Let yourself get lost in those deep, soulful Taurus eyes. Chances are, he's mentally undressing you.

5. He finds excuses to be near you.

A Taurus man who's feeling the chemistry will find reasons to be in your orbit. He'll linger after work or show up at your favorite hang-outs. You're like a magnet pulling him in. Follow his lead, getting cozy in close proximity. Something's definitely drawing this bull closer.

6. He puts on music to set the mood.

Taurus men love engaging their senses. If he slips on some Marvin Gaye or jazz with romantic saxophones around you, it's his way of surrounding you both in an ambiance made for love. Let the sensual sounds put you both in the mood. 

7. He talks about your future together. 

The Taurus bull likes to think long-term. If he talks about upcoming plans, trips you should take together, or generally refers to the future with you in it, it's a sign he's committed for the long haul. This bull is imagining a future of passion with you.

man kissing woman on forehead Signs a Taurus Man is Sexually Attracted to You

8. He finds excuses to touch your hair or face. 

Taurus men have a thing for lush locks and luminous skin. If he reaches out to caress your hair, stroke your cheek, or linger a bit too long with a lipstick wipe, he's dying to get his hands on you. Give him the green light by leaning into his touch. He loves the feel of you. 

9. He compliments your appearance often.

You'll never have to wonder if a Taurus man finds you attractive – he'll tell you outright with frequent compliments. Whether it's your eyes, smile, or general glow, this bull will verbally admire you every chance he gets. Bask in the praise – he can't get enough of you.

10. He invites you on romantic dates.

Taurus men have a penchant for wining and dining. If he takes you to dinner at a swanky restaurant with fine wine and candlelight, it's clear he wants some one-on-one time to romance you. Let him end the evening with a goodnight kiss.

11. He remembers all the details about you.

The Taurus man's devotion is in the details. He hangs on your every word and will recall little things like your favorite flower or foods you don't like. This shows you're always on his mind – and heart. 

12. He makes fixed eye contact in intimate situations.

A Taurus man won't be able to keep his eyes off you when passion heats up. Whether you're stealing a kiss or having an intimate chat, his gaze will be locked sensually onto you. Let those smoldering eyes ignite the fire.

13. He finds excuses to be near you physically. 

If a Taurus guy starts getting handsy with back rubs, playful touches, or by sitting thigh-to-thigh, it’s his way of testing the physical chemistry between you. Let yourself indulge in the sensuality of his touch. He’s craving that skin-to-skin contact. Don’t pull away.

14. He brings you flowers or other romantic gifts. 

Taurus men love spoiling their object of affection. A bouquet of roses or a sweet treat is a sensual token of his budding desire. Savor the scents, textures, and flavors – he’s appealing to your senses. Romance is his language.

15. He takes you to art museums, craft fairs, or other aesthetically pleasing locations. 

This bull’s idea of romance involves surrounding you in beauty. If he brings you to an art gallery or craft fair, he wants to share cultural pleasures that stimulate the senses. Appreciate the artistry together. He’s setting a mood.

16. He texts you sensual or flirty messages. 

Taurus men build intimacy through words as much as actions. Flirty texts, complimentary DMs, or suggestive emojis are his way of verbally seducing you. Reciprocate by getting flirtatious with words. He’s putting it in writing. 

17. He finds excuses to be at your place. 

If that Taurus guy suddenly needs to drop things off, pick things up, or urgently stop by your place, it may be his attempt to spend time in your comfort zone. Let him get cozy and make himself at home. He wants to be let in.

couple kissing at table Signs a Taurus Man is Sexually Attracted to You

18. He shares his secret desires, fears, or vulnerabilities. 

When a Taurus man lets you in emotionally, it’s a clear sign he’s seriously invested. By confessing private thoughts, he’s revealing a sensual side few get to see. Nurture that inner bull. He’s opening up to you.

19. He asks what turns you on. 

Don’t be surprised if a Taurus man asks for tips to please you. He wants the inside scoop on how to hit your hot buttons. Tell him your fantasies and watch them become reality. He aims to satisfy.

What Does a Taurus Man Find Physically Attractive?

When it comes to appearances, Taurus men prize natural beauty, pleasure, and quality. This earth sign appreciates the physical world and wants a real woman with sensuality and substance. Here are some features that will catch a Taurus man’s eye:

  • Curvy, soft body – He likes full figures and womanly curves. Nothing excites a Taurus more than fertile hips and ample cleavage.
  • Smooth skin – Touch is key for the tactile Taurus. Flawless, touchable skin is a huge turn-on. Luxurious lotions and silkiness seduce him.
  • Pleasant natural scent – Taurus men have a fine sense of smell. Sweet, delicate natural fragrances entice them.
  • Full lips – As an oral sign, Taurus men fixate on mouths. Cushiony, kissable lips in rosy hues beckon.
  • Good posture and balance – Gracefulness and poise attract the Taurus bull. How a woman carries herself matters.
  • Healthy, thick hair – Tauruses equate lush locks with fertility. Shiny, bouncy, touchable hair entrances them.

Overall, the Taurus man seeks a real, sensual woman. Eye-catching curves, soft femininity, and natural beauty make his heart race. Quality beats quantity for the discerning Taurus.

What Does It Mean When a Taurus Man Hugs You?

When a Taurus man embraces you in his strong, enveloping arms, it’s a clear sign you mean a lot to him. Hugs are intimate for the sensual bull, not given lightly. 

A hug from this guy communicates devotion, care, and affection. He’s staking his claim and marking you as his territory. Let yourself melt into his chest and take in his earthy scent. 

Taurus men don’t waste time on frivolous hugs. When he pulls you close, it’s because you’ve found a special place in his heart he’s reserving just for you. Hug him back warmly to show it’s mutual.

How to Make a Taurus Man Sexually Addicted to You

Want to drive your Taurus man wild with desire? Seduce all his senses and tap into his romantic nature. Here are tips to make this sensual earth sign crave you.

Appeal to His Senses

Taurus men feel life deeply through their senses. Pamper him with sensual delights – candlelit ambiance, silk lingerie, delicious cooking. Entice every sense, and he'll be putty in your hands.

Give Him Physical Affection

Tactile Taurus loves skin-to-skin contact. Shower him with soft caresses, back rubs, and full-body embraces. Respond passionately when he touches you. He'll be addicted.

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Flattery and verbal seduction excite his imagination. Whisper flirty compliments and friskily tell him what you want to do to him. Your words will drive him wild.

Make Your Home a Romantic Oasis

Taurus men love nesting. Welcome him into your comfortable, aesthetically pleasing space. Creating a romantic vibe and making him feel at home fills his heart.

Fulfill His Desires

Ask what brings him pleasure – then do it with gusto. Taurus loves being pampered with their favorite things. Satisfy his senses fully, and he'll always leave wanting more.

Final Thoughts

Taurus men can be tough to read, but when you recognize the signs of their sensual desire, you'll see the bedroom eyes of the bull sizing you up. Use these tips to fully activate that hidden, passionate side. Soon, your Taurus man will only have eyes—and hands—for you. Unlock the romantic beast within the bull!