What Women Really Want: Uncover the 21 Traits That Make a Man Sexually Attractive

Let's be real: every guy wants to know how to be sexually attractive to women. 

But it's not as simple as bulking up at the gym or driving a nice car. 

True sex appeal comes from within, but don’t ignore some of the more superficial traits women adore.

From boosting your confidence to perfecting your kiss, we've got insider tips to transform you into the most desirable lover she's ever had. 

Get ready to unlock the secrets to becoming a total chick magnet!

What Does It Mean to be Sexually Attractive?

Being sexually attractive is about much more than physical appearance.

While looks certainly play a role, true sex appeal stems from confidence, charm, and an ability to make emotional connections. 

At its core, being sexually attractive means enticing potential partners through words, actions, body language, and other subtle cues.

couple walking outdoors what makes a man sexually attractive

It's about projecting an air of masculinity mixed with humor, compassion, and vulnerability at the right times. 

Sexual attractiveness comes from embracing your best self, honing your unique charisma, and learning to tune into a woman's deepest desires.

With self-assurance and emotional intelligence, any man can unlock that elusive magnetism.

What Makes a Man Sexually Attractive? 21 Traits and Behaviors That Drive Women Wild

Men, want to know how to ramp up your sex appeal and entice women?

Let’s look at 21 specific traits and behaviors scientifically proven to drive ladies crazy with desire.

Get ready to unlock your inner seducer.

1. Embrace Your Inner Bad Boy

Women are often drawn to a touch of youthful rebellion – the strong, silent type who plays by his own rules and can't be tamed. Tap into your inner bad boy through bold body language: relaxed, legs spread, holding strong eye contact. Avoid supplicating gestures like crossed legs. 

Add a touch of daring to your style with a leather jacket, untucked shirt, and mesh tank top under a blazer. Speak less, but slower and more deliberately. Be the guy who stays calm in any situation, but don't overdo it. You don't want to seem like a stereotypical jerk. Channel your inner bad boy in moderation to intrigue women.

2. Ignite Chemistry with Touch

Nothing cuts through the small talk faster than appropriate physical contact. A light touch on her arm when you make a point, briefly putting your hand on the small of her back, resting your legs against hers when seated side-by-side – innocent touches release bonding hormones and get her comfortable being physical with you. 

But read the room! Avoid lingering contact too soon. The goal is a lightning-quick spark – not grasping and groping. Perfect your touch technique to get those chemistry currents flowing.

3. Seduce Her with Your Eyes

Your eyes convey far more than words. Seduce her with intense eye contact, allowing your gaze to linger and slowly pull away. Throw in a playful wink when teasing. Hold eye contact a few beats longer than normal before speaking. 

And break the touch barrier with your gaze. Slowly and respectfully, let your eyes appreciate her beauty. Just don't leer! Invite her to intimately connect through eye contact versus merely exchanging glances. Let your gaze create a subtle, sensual tension.

4. Make Her Melt with Your Voice 

Your voice is an instant aphrodisiac when optimized. Speak clearly, slowly, and firmly, and deepen your vocal tone slightly. Whispering close to her ear ensures she feels every word. Share compliments, desires, and fantasies in your deepest, smoothest voice. 

couple hugging and smiling what makes a man sexually attractive

Practice speaking from your diaphragm. And be an exceptional listener – responding with “mmm” and other affirmations in THAT voice. Hone your vocal seduction power and watch her melt.

5. Show Off Your Social Intelligence

In any social situation – whether a bar, party, or networking event – adopt the role of informal social leader. Greet everyone with confidence, make introductions, and effortlessly interact with both sexes. 

Show you can command a room, tell amusing stories, and set the mood. Women are attracted to skilled conversationalists, so practice avoiding awkwardness or neediness. Develop social grace and the ability to fit in anywhere, and it will make you instantly more alluring.

6. Unleash Your Inner James Bond  

Oozing confidence, charm, and an air of mystery – the James Bond persona is universally attractive to women. Adopting some of 007's mannerisms shows you're self-assured and intriguing. 

Make strong eye contact, stand tall, speak slowly and clearly, and exude a vibe that you live life on your own terms. But don't come off as smug; be friendly and approachable while maintaining an element of enigma. Mastering the James Bond essence signals you're a high-value man worth pursuing.  

7. Master the Art of Playful Banter

Nothing captivates a woman more than a man who can keep her on her toes with playful banter and witty repartee. Mixing things up with teasing, light sarcasm, humor, and being unpredictable avoids the boredom of predictable polite chit-chat. 

But be sure to read her signals; you want flirtatious banter, not insults. Keep it light to spark attraction, not irritation. And don't forget to let her tease you too – show you can take a joke instead of getting butt-hurt. Sharpen your improv skills and make verbal sparring a fun foreplay tradition.

8. Become an Active Listening Jedi

Just like you, women want to be heard and understood. And nothing makes a man more sexually magnetic than active listening skills. Like a counselor or trusted friend, give her your complete focus. Make eye contact, ask deeper questions about her views, paraphrase to confirm understanding, and don't just wait for your turn to talk. 

Listening increases intimacy and forges emotional bonds. And don't forget open body language – lean in, orient your body towards her, nod, and offer affirmations like “I see” and “Tell me more.” Let her know she has your full attention.

9. Reveal Your Vulnerabilities Strategically

Scrape away the figurative armor and carefully open up about your hopes, fears, and weaknesses. But don't trauma dump! Revealing you're not perfect at the right moments builds trust and helps her see the real you. 

Share an old regret, a weakness you've overcome, childhood insecurity – anything honest that won't freak her out. When paired with genuine confidence, some vulnerability can make you more relatable and human. Just keep it focused on the past, not constant complaining. A little goes a long way.

10. Channel Your Inner Guardian  

Make her feel safe and cared for through small gestures like walking curbside, casually putting a hand on the small of her back as you guide her through a crowd or into a building, grasping her hand to help her out of a car or up steps. 

man and woman holding hands what makes a man sexually attractive

Chivalrous actions release chemicals in her brain that say this man will protect me. But avoid going overboard. You want her to feel supported, not smothered or controlled. Sprinkle in protective gestures to show you're caring and chivalrous.

11. Have an Intriguing Hobby 

Don't be afraid to reveal a passion for something outside the mainstream, such as fencing, astronomy, exotic cuisine, or whatever genuinely interests you. Having an intriguing hobby shows you have depth beyond work, gym, and Netflix. 

It gives you something fascinating to discuss and makes you appear well-rounded. Just avoid pretentious or eccentric hobbies that feel intentionally quirky. Genuinely cultivate skills and interests that stimulate you and reflect your personality. Passion is magnetic.

12. Bring Out Her Adventurous Side

Women are drawn to men who bring out their spontaneous, playful side. Break free from routine with new adventures – salsa dancing lessons, hiking a new trail, checking out that funky hole-in-the-wall restaurant. 

Trying new things spikes excitement hormones and forges bonding memories. Avoid the standard dinner date on repeat. And don't just do things FOR her – make her an active participant. Attraction is often rooted in shared novel experiences. Be the catalyst for adventure.

13. Show Your Romantic Side 

In moderation, old-fashioned romance sweeps women off their feet. An occasional rose, her favorite treats waiting when she gets home, a handwritten love note, an impromptu slow dance in the kitchen, bringing her coffee in bed – thoughtfulness creates an emotional rush. 

But don't overdo grand gestures, especially early on. Thoughtful romance blended with masculine edge is irresistible. Make her feel special through occasional pampering surprises.

14. Display Your Sexual Confidence 

A man oozing with sexual self-confidence is like catnip. Make slightly risqué innuendos, hold strong eye contact, lick your lips occasionally, stand in powerful poses like hands on hips, move closer to her, then pull back playfully. 

Make her wonder about the passion beneath your self-control. Avoid lewdness or being too forward; you want to stoke anticipation. Flaunt your sexual confidence through words, body language, and teasing to drive her wild.

15. Have an Impressive Yet Practical Career

What's attractive to most women is being passionate about an impressive yet pragmatic career, like a doctor, lawyer, architect, engineer, or successful entrepreneur. Backbreaking labor jobs or jobs that have little opportunity for growth don't have the same magnetic pull. 

You want something that signals intelligence, ambition, competence, and the potential for stability should a family come into the picture. No need to brag – being focused and satisfied with a purpose-driven career gives off alpha energy.

16. Eat Clean and Train Hard

Displaying a fit physique makes a substantial difference in attractiveness. Broad shoulders and developed arms and chest paired with a narrow waist scream health and vitality. But don't just lift weights – make nutrition and cardio priorities, too. 

Women's eyes are naturally drawn to men exuding fitness and vigor. And pheromones in sweat can increase arousal. Eat, train, and live like the peak male you evolved to be.

17. Exude Mindfulness and Presence

In our distracted, busy world, be the rare man fully present in the moment by being engaged, positive, and attentive. Put phones away, make thoughtful eye contact, and don't check watches or think about the next obligation.

Be fully immersed in conversations and experiences with her. Mindfulness signals maturity, confidence, and the ability to make her feel she has your undivided attention. Presence fosters intimacy and connection that leads to attraction.

18. Find Your Signature Scent

Wearing an appealing cologne boosts attraction by making you more memorable. But avoid overpowering body sprays. Seek out more sophisticated, masculine scents – woody, lightly spiced, or fresh and clean. 

Let her get drawn into your scent bubble when near. And focus it on natural warmth spots like your chest, inner wrists, and behind your ears. Finding one signature scent you wear consistently creates an alluring olfactory experience she'll come to crave.  

19. Show Your Soft Spot for Animals

Highlighting your affection for animals reveals empathy and caring instincts. If you have a pet, bring it up in stories. When you encounter dogs or cats out and about, dote on them. This shows you can be gentle versus just stoic. 

Offer to help her care for a pet if she has one. But don't become that guy who wears shirts with kittens on them. A healthy appreciation for animals makes you well-rounded.  

20. Practice Thoughtful Kindness

Without being a pushover, go out of your way to treat all people, especially those in service roles, with patience and kindness. Make an extra effort to be considerate in daily interactions. 

Thoughtfulness and graciousness demonstrate high emotional intelligence and morality. But avoid self-sacrifice or people-pleasing. Balance strength of self with caring for others, and it becomes magnetic.  

21. Whisk Her Off Her Feet Dancing

At weddings, bars, or parties with dance floors, confidently whisk her onto the floor for a slow dance. Place your arms firmly around her, gaze into her eyes, and sync your movements. Slow dancing facilitates closeness, building tension. 

Avoid over-choreographed moves, and just keep it simple. Let the rhythm sway her into your strong frame as you fluidly move together. Master the art of dance floor seduction.

Why Are Some Women Sexually Attracted to Wealth?

Displays of wealth and generosity can increase sexual attraction in some women on an instinctual level. From an evolutionary perspective, a man with ample resources indicates an ability to provide and care for potential offspring. 

Wealth also suggests social status, competence, and ambition. Luxury possessions and experiences can ignite the female nesting instinct. However, attraction based solely on wealth is shallow and often fleeting. 

Genuine chemistry stems from confidence, personality, and shared values. While resources help, true connection springs from deeper human traits versus material displays.

How to Be the Most Attractive Man in the Room

Want to know how to instantly become the most seductive man in any social situation? It's possible for any guy to stand out as ultra-attractive with the right behaviors and attitude shifts. Here are tips to help you become irresistible:

  • Enter with quiet confidence – chest up, shoulders back, head high. Own the room.
  • Display social intelligence – work the room, introduce people, and tell amusing stories.
  • Flaunt an intriguing hobby – passion is magnetic.
  • Crack well-timed jokes and use playful humor. But avoid being the constant comedian.
  • Complement women sincerely – but on qualities beyond looks.
  • Maintain strong eye contact, especially when speaking or listening.
  • Touch women briefly, appropriately, and sparingly during interactions.
  • Reveal strategic vulnerabilities at the right moments.
  • Listen exceptionally well – focus, reflect, empathize.

Mastering these behaviors will transform you into the man women simply can't resist. Try them out next time you're looking to attract feminine attention!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, becoming truly sexually attractive stems from self-confidence, charisma, and emotional intelligence. By developing your unique magnetism and embracing these seductive traits, any man can unlock that elusive quality that drives women wild in the bedroom and beyond. Stop guessing about what women want – put these tips into action!