Help! I Have No Desire For My Husband: Here’s Why and 15 Ways to Reignite Your Mojo

Has your husband become just another roommate you share bills with instead of the lover who used to set your heart on fire? 

If you've noticed that your desire for your husband has diminished, you're not alone. 

Many long-term marriages go through periods where that spark seems to die. 

But don't panic! 

Reigniting intimacy in a marriage takes effort, but it is absolutely possible. 

You can rekindle physical and emotional closeness so you can fall in love with your husband all over again. 

There are many ways to reconnect and revive the passion, even after years of marriage.

I Have No Desire for My Husband: 15 Ways to Reignite Your Mojo

If you want to regain that loving feeling with your husband, there are many effective ways to boost intimacy and awaken your libido once more.

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We’re sharing 15 actions to help spark your sexual and emotional interest in your partner again. 

1. Schedule Intimacy

It may not sound very romantic, but setting aside regular intimate time can ensure you prioritize physical connection amidst busy schedules. Initiate sex during your designated time slots whether you feel “in the mood” or not, as arousal often follows action. 

Make your intimacy dates consistent yet spontaneous by trying new activities, locations, and techniques during your allotted time. 

2. Communicate Your Needs

Don't expect your husband to be a mind-reader! Have honest and specific conversations about what brings you pleasure and what's been lacking for you lately. Give positive feedback on what's working, too. 

Listen to understand his needs as well. Fostering open communication without blame is key to getting your sex life back on track together.

3. Flirt, Compliment, and Have Fun

When you first dated, you likely flirted, played, laughed, and enjoyed time together away from the bedroom. 

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Bring back that lighthearted emotional connection through text flirting, genuine compliments, cracking jokes, dancing in the kitchen, and having fun adventures together. Don't forget to kiss, hug, snuggle, and be affectionate without the expectation of sex. 

4. Work on Yourself First

Focus on your own self-care, hobbies, social life, passions, and growth. When you feel happy and confident as an individual, that inner fulfillment shines through. 

Do things that challenge you, build your skills, make you feel sexy, and boost your mood. Your relationship will benefit when you feel secure and good about yourself.

5. Give Yourself Permission 

Sometime, desire starts with giving yourself permission to want and enjoy sex. Let go of expectations, judgments, assumptions, and inhibitions. 

Prioritize your pleasure and intimacy. Don't overthink it – just let go. Talk to yourself lovingly, focus on sensations, and allow yourself to receive. You deserve to feel good sexually.

6. Romance Each Other

Plan regular romantic date nights together to reconnect emotionally and have fun. Dress up, change the location, try new activities, reminisce over memories, and engage in playful banter. 

Surprise each other with small, thoughtful gestures like love notes, flowers, a song, or planning their favorite dinner. Flirting, laughter, and romance build intimacy.

7. Work Out Together 

Physical activity can boost libido and confidence in your body. Try fun, bonding workouts like couples yoga classes, hiking, biking, kayaking, or taking a salsa dancing lesson. 

Staying active together gets you energized, lowers stress, and promotes a mind-body connection. Plus, exercise increases blood flow and releases endorphins!

8. Initiate Touch Outside the Bedroom

Don't just touch when you want sex. Initiate physical closeness through hugging, kissing, hand-holding, cuddling, back rubs, playing footsie, and stroking hair or face. 

Non-sexual touch promotes oxytocin, reduces stress, and builds physical connection. Being affectionate without expectation makes intimacy more natural.

9. Prioritize Quality Sleep

Fatigue is a huge libido killer. Make getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night a priority for both you and your husband. Optimize your sleep environment, wind down before bed, limit technology, and destress. 

You'll have more energy and desire for intimacy when you're both well-rested. Proper sleep is essential for optimal health.

10. Seek Professional Help 

If you've tried self-help tips without success, don't be afraid to seek counseling. Sex therapists can give tailored guidance. Marriage counselors facilitate important conversations to heal wounds and release resentments. 

Therapists also help address underlying issues like depression, trauma, or relationship dynamics hampering intimacy. You don't have to struggle alone.

11. Explore Mindful Intimacy

Rather than jumping straight into intercourse, try spending 20 minutes being mindfully intimate together. Go slowly, tune into your senses, and focus on pleasure and connection. Breathe in unison, gaze into each other's eyes, express gratitude and loving words. 

With no pressure for sex, just be present in sensual awareness. This can build anticipation and a positive association with intimacy.

12. Foster Emotional Intimacy 

Don't only focus on physical intimacy – also spend quality time bonding emotionally. Have open conversations, listen deeply, understand each other's feelings and needs, and share your dreams. 

Strengthening your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual connection builds stronger sexual chemistry.

13. Initiate with Confidence

You don't have to wait for your husband to initiate sex. Confidence is sexy – release any hesitation or shame and make the first move! 

Try sending flirty texts, wearing lingerie to bed, passionately greeting him when he gets home, or suggesting a steamy shower together. Take control by directly initiating in whatever way feels good to you.

14. Keep Your Relationship Growing

Don't allow your marriage to become stagnant. Continue dating, trying new activities together, traveling to new places, and sharing bucket list experiences. 

Build shared meaning through volunteering, taking couples workshops, or learning new skills together. Invest time, energy, and effort into your friendship and partnership. 

15. Focus on Pleasure, Not Expectations

Release expectations about how sex “should” look. Don't get preoccupied with goals like having an orgasm – stay present with pleasure in each moment, not perfect performance. 

Boost your mood, reduce stress, and have playful, intimate time focusing solely on sensation. The more sex is relaxing and positive, the more you'll crave that connection.

Why Am I Not Sexually Interested in My Husband? 9 Possible Reasons

Losing interest in sex with your husband can be confusing and concerning.

There are many potential reasons your desire may have diminished over time.

Let’s explore nine common causes for a lack of sexual interest in your hubby.

Understanding these reasons can help you pinpoint areas to focus on to revive that close and sexy bond you once enjoyed.

1. You Don’t Feel Emotionally Connected

It's hard to feel sexually attracted to someone you don't feel emotionally close to anymore. Over time, the constant busyness of life can cause you and your husband to drift apart. You may not share your feelings, go on dates, or really talk like you used to. 

Focusing on emotional reconnection through open communication, quality time together, and engaging in new experiences as a couple can help rebuild intimacy. 

2. You’re Stressed Out and Tired All the Time

When you're constantly stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted, sex is probably the last thing on your mind. Chronic stress from parenting, work, financial issues, or other pressures can zap your energy and desire. 

Making time to get enough rest, have fun together, and manage stress through healthy outlets can bring back your drive. Don't underestimate the power of a good night's sleep and some self-care!

3. You’re Experiencing Physical Changes

Shifts in your hormones, health issues, and the natural aging process can affect your libido. Things like menopause, thyroid problems, depression, cancer treatment, and medications can negatively impact sex drive

Rule out any medical reasons with your doctor. There are also lots of natural remedies like supplements, lifestyle changes, and connecting emotionally rather than just physically that can improve your sexual desire.

4. You Have a Poor Body Image

It's difficult to be vulnerable and intimate when you feel bad about your body. Weight gain, changes after pregnancy, or negative self-talk can all affect how you feel about yourself sexually. 

Focus on self-love, avoid comparison, do things that make you feel confident, and keep an open dialogue with your husband about your insecurities. Feeling desirable starts from within. 

5. You and Hubby Are Stuck in the Same Intimacy Routine

The same routine every time you're intimate can get boring over the years. Don't be afraid to mix things up and experiment together! 

Trying new positions, locations, toys, roleplaying, watching ethical porn together, reading erotica, or exploring your fantasies can breathe fresh passion into your sex life. Stepping outside your comfort zone and having fun can increase excitement and pleasure.

6. You’re Harboring Unresolved Resentment   

Built-up anger, disappointment, grudges, and pain from past issues can breed resentment. Feeling truly intimate is impossible when you harbor negative feelings towards your partner. 

Work through any grievances, communicate honestly, forgivie, let go of the past, and make a fresh start to help clear this relationship roadblock. Counseling provides a safe and healthy space to unpack resentment with a professional.

7. Your Husband Was Unfaithful

Infidelity, whether emotional or physical, can completely rupture trust and self-esteem. Recovering from an affair requires tremendous vulnerability, counseling, and reconciliation from both people. 

The cheater must take full responsibility, make amends, and prove their commitment to fidelity. The hurt partner needs to process deep wounds before they can open up sexually again. With time and intention, a marriage can heal stronger than before after infidelity.

8. He Watches Pornography Too Often

Pornography can distort perceptions about intimacy, desensitize people to real sex, and even be addictive. If your husband frequently views porn solo, it can make you feel unattractive, inadequate, and detached from him. 

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Having open, non-judgmental talks about porn use, seeking counseling, focusing on your specific relationship dynamics, and creating intimacy that meets both your needs can help overcome this issue. 

9. You’ve Fallen Out of Love

That spark and attraction you felt early on can dim over time if you don't feed the fire. When you've fallen out of love, you've lost your emotional, mental, and physical connection to your partner. 

Reigniting romance through dating again, trying new activities together, reminiscing about your history, going to therapy, and opening up can rekindle feelings of love. It takes effort, but you can revive the passion.

Final Thoughts

Although it takes effort, you can absolutely rekindle a loving sexual relationship with your husband. By understanding the common reasons for lost passion and actively working to reignite your bond through open communication, mindfulness, and intimacy building, you can rediscover new desire and connection. With mutual understanding and dedication, your marriage can thrive again.