31 Positive And Motivating Things To Say About Yourself

If you took a snapshot of your thoughts about yourself on a given day, would most of them be positive or negative? 

We tend to focus on our negative qualities, letting them overshadow the good traits and behaviors we all possess.

The shaming voice in our heads can make us forget who we really are.

It’s high time, then, to find positive things to say about yourself.

You need some practice to change the way you see your true self.

We want to see you celebrating your wins because you have a right to be proud of yourself. 

So, how do you get there?

What's in this post:

31 Positive Things to Say About Yourself 

If you’re having difficulty identifying positive things about yourself (as we all sometimes do), look through the list below for ideas.

Make a shorter list of the ones that resonate with you. 

1. I treat people the way I want to be treated. 

Everyone should be able to say this and mean it. But we’re a work in progress. For now, it’s enough that this is important to you—and that you do your best to honor it. 

2. I care about my health and prioritize good nutrition and exercise. 

You take good care of yourself, even when it’s hard. And that’s something to be proud of. In doing so, you can inspire others to take better care of themselves, too — examples matter. 

woman outdoors taking selfie photo Positive Things to Say About Yourself

3. I’m always learning. 

Every mistake is a learning opportunity, and you recognize that. You’re also motivated to learn more about things that matter to you. You’re teachable. And that’s a gift. 

4. I care more about learning and growing than about being right. 

You’re slow to assume you’re right — or more right — about something since you know you still have a lot to learn, and your perspective, while broadened, is still your own. You’d prefer to learn something useful than win an argument. 

5. I know how it feels to be gut-wrenchingly, head-over-heels in love. 

It’s not quite the same as “better to have loved and lost,” but it’s close. You’ve been there, in the trenches, aching for someone who might never be yours. It’s excruciating, but they’re worth it. 

6. I’m determined to be both independent and appreciative of others. 

You’re not too proud to ask for help when you need it, but neither are you quick to ask for help when you can get something done yourself.

You value your independence and resourcefulness. 

7. I express gratitude every day and enjoy the beauty around me. 

You prioritize expressing gratitude for the people you love and for the good things in your life. You mindfully enjoy all the beauty you find and are happy to share it with others. 

8. I trust my instincts when something (or someone) doesn’t feel right. 

You can’t explain it, but you don’t brush off those instincts simply because your conscious mind can’t keep up. You trust that inner voice, even if no one else does. 

9. When someone needs my help, I’m there for them, and I do my best. 

When friends, families, or anyone you know needs your help with something, you do what you can for them without overextending yourself or sacrificing other commitments. 

10. I can always find something worthwhile to do or to explore. 

You can always think of satisfying or beneficial ways to spend your time because you’re resourceful and open to trying new things. If you’re ever bored, it’s not for long. 

11. I don’t hesitate to stand up for the people I love. 

When someone you care about becomes a target for verbal abuse, and you know it’s uncalled for, you speak up, even at the risk of taking a few arrows yourself. 

woman hugging herself sitting down Positive Things to Say About Yourself

12. I also know how to correct beliefs that aren’t serving me. 

When you learn better, you internalize the lesson and modify or discard beliefs holding you back or keeping you in the dark. You cherish those who challenge those beliefs. 

13. I take responsibility for my words and actions. 

You don’t blame your mistakes or failures on other people. You own up to and make amends for your mistakes. And you learn from your failures so that you can do better next time.

14. I am loved by some of the best people in the world.  

None of us are perfect, but the people in your life bring you joy when you least expect it. The one you love most is the best person you’ve ever known. 

15. I’ve forgiven those who’ve hurt me. 

You’ve hurt people, too, and you’re quick to forgive those who’ve hurt you, especially when they ask your forgiveness. It’s tougher when someone doesn’t acknowledge the pain they’ve caused, but you try anyway. 

16. I am resilient (more than I thought I was).

What you’ve been through has helped shape the person you are because you’ve learned to let go of the baggage you’ve been carrying—and to appreciate what you’ve learned. 

17. I love the way my mind works. 

Your mind is unique, with its store of knowledge, its habits that influence your learning process, and its way of interpreting new discoveries.

It’s not perfect, but it’s come a long way, and you’re proud of it. 

18. When I feel like crying, I look for something to smile about. I can always find something. 

You’ve found it helps to smile about something when you feel sad, lonely or overwhelmed. Being mindful of your surroundings makes it easier to find reasons to smile. 

19. I give great hugs. 

You don’t give them indiscriminately (or without first gaining consent), but your hugs are first-rate—warm, comforting, and as long as they need to be. You’ve learned from the best.

20. I can handle anything—one step and one moment at a time. 

You’re unsinkable. Nothing can keep you down for long. Whatever you’re struggling with, you trust that something good will come of it. So, you keep going. 

21. I have a vivid imagination. 

You can imagine scenes that have never happened — with enough detail, they fill your senses. It’s tempting to live in a world of your own making, but you’ve got enough to keep you anchored in reality. 

22. I forgive my younger self for not knowing what I know now. 

You’ve come a long way, but you know you still have a lot to learn. So, it makes no sense to beat yourself up for not being born with the knowledge you have now. 

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23. I can do hard (and scary) things. 

You’re driven forward, unwilling to live either in the past or in a comforting fantasy world. You’ve got a life to build, and the tools are all outside the comfort zone. 

24. I know who my friends are. And I cherish them. 

You’ve learned to recognize what true friendship is, and when you find a friend you can trust, you hold onto them and spend time and energy nurturing the relationship. 

25. I choose to focus on what I can control. 

You’re not interested in spinning your wheels or working yourself into a frenzy over the stuff you can’t control. You focus on what you can do, and you do it as well as you can. 

26. I choose to see the good in others—and to want good things for them. 

You want to see good in others, so you look for it. You know not everyone will be a friend, but you want good things for everyone you meet. Hope is your default setting.  

27. I can make a positive difference wherever I go. 

You want to leave the world better than you found it, so you do what you can with the corner of the world you occupy. You also enjoy visiting others and helping however you can. 

28. My past doesn’t define me—or decide my future. 

Your past does not limit you, and you know it. You see the good in the present and take action toward building the life you want, one day at a time. 

29. I do my best in everything I do. 

You’ve made it your aim to always do your best, even in little things. And while your track record may not be perfect, you keep working at it. You’re proud of a job well done. 

30. I have the power to control my reactions to everything that happens. 

You choose to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Often the most painful experiences carry the most significant lessons, and you don’t want to waste a single one. 

31. Everything will work out. And I have my own part to play in that. 

You know you’re responsible for making good use of your strengths and resources. You don’t take anything for granted (or at least you try not to). And you trust your life is taking shape as it should, as long as you’re doing your part. 

Positive Things to Say About Yourself

Now that you’ve looked through all 31 positive things to tell people about yourself (or things to tell yourself),  which ones stood out for you? And how will you use these positive words to change your mindset going forward?