19 Secret Ways to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

Let's be real – we've all been there. 

You start dating a new guy, and everything seems perfect. 

The chemistry is off the charts; you can't keep your hands off each other, and you're basically joined at the hip. 

But then, for whatever reason, you feel him pulling away

The texts slow down. 

The “good morning” messages stop. 

You barely hear from him for days. 

Don't panic. We've got you covered with some psychological tricks and tips to make him miss you like crazy and come crawling back.

How to Make Him Miss You: 19 Secret Tips You Need to Know

Making a man miss you is part art and part science. 

While it's not an exact formula, there are certain techniques you can use to make yourself utterly unforgettable. 

man in dress suit looking at phone Make Him Miss You

We've compiled 19 psychological tricks to make a man miss you based on relationship research and expert advice to help make him obsessed with you. 

1. Leave Him Wanting More

Don't be available at his every beck and call. As hard as it is, let some of his calls and texts go unanswered for a few hours. Cut your date nights short before things get too intimate. 

The idea is to make him crave more time with you and keep him guessing about when he'll see you again. This builds anticipation and excitement. Just be careful not to play too many games. You want to create desire, not frustration.

2. Surprise Him 

Think back to your first dates. Chances are you spent time getting dolled up, picking fun spots, and planning sweet surprises to impress him. Don't let that spark fizzle out. Come up with unexpected date ideas to remind him how fun and spontaneous you can be. 

Treat him to concert tickets for his favorite band or cook him a romantic candlelit dinner out of the blue. The element of surprise triggers feelings of excitement and makes the time you spend together more meaningful.

3. Remind Him What He's Missing  

Find subtle ways to trigger his memories of your best times together. For example, wear a perfume you know he loves or cook him his favorite meal. This activates the emotions he felt during the experiences you shared and makes him nostalgic. 

Also, post cute couple pics on social media or share inside jokes over text. Moments like these make him realize how much he misses doing life with you.

4. Have a Life Outside the Relationship

Don't make your entire life about him. Keep up with your own hobbies, interests, and friendships. Go out with your girls and fill your calendar with fun activities. 

Staying busy and fulfilled outside the relationship will give you more to talk about and prevent you from smothering him. Having your own independent, vibrant life will remind him of everything that drew him to you in the first place. 

5. Make Him Work for Your Attention 

It's easy to drop everything to answer his call or spend all night texting. But that makes you too available. Don't reply immediately to every message. Take a few hours to get back to him and gradually take longer. 

This makes your time feel more valuable. When you finally do connect after periods of intentional silence, the conversation will feel more exciting. He'll realize he has to put in effort to have your undivided attention.

6. Show Confidence  

Don't let his withdrawal make you anxious or needy. Be your best self and exude confidence, even if you have to fake it at first. Post that hot selfie. Share your wins and plans for success. 

The more self-assured you appear, the more intrigued he'll be. He'll wonder how you stay so bold and beautiful without him. Your strength will remind him of your value and make you more desirable.

7. Leave Things “Open-Ended”

Don't try to lock your man down or define the relationship too soon. Let things unfold gradually and keep an air of mystery. After an amazing date, say, “See you soon!” instead of planning the next date. Let your goodbye kiss linger instead of inviting him in. 

This leaves him wanting more and creates anticipation about when he'll see you again. He'll obsess over the unfinished business between you.

8. Make Him Laugh

Laughter is one of the most powerful ways to bond with someone. Send him funny memes, tell silly stories, and don't be afraid to be goofy. Wrap his gift in awkward shapes or send him a ridiculous care package. 

Inside jokes and playfulness you share will make the spark between you grow. Your playful personality will remind him how much fun you have together that he can't experience with anyone else.

9. Get Dolled Up 

Chances are you looked amazing during the honeymoon phase. Don't just save the glam for special occasions. Get dressed up just because, and send him selfies even when you're apart. 

Seeing you look hot when he's not around will drive him wild. Doing your hair, makeup, and outfit up more often reminds him of your natural beauty that first drew him in. Looking your best also boosts your confidence. 

10. Flirt With Other Guys (a little)

A little jealousy goes a long way. Let him see you harmlessly flirting with male friends or getting attention when you go out. Stay appropriate, but laugh, flip your hair, and flash those smiles. 

Don't go overboard seeking revenge. The goal is to remind him that you're still desirable to others. Just a dash of jealousy will nudge him to step up his game and shower you with the attention you deserve.

11. Withdraw Emotionally

When he pulls away, your instinct may be to cling tighter. But that often backfires. Instead, match his emotional distance. Respond to texts casually without questions or emojis. Don't ask to see him or have deep talks. 

women smiling holding sparklers Make Him Miss You

Keep things light. He'll notice the contrast and wonder why you're not investing more emotionally. Your indifference will remind him of what he stands to lose if you detach entirely.

12. Let Him See You Having Fun Without Him

Refrain from telling him or posting depressing stuff about missing him. Instead, post highlights when you go out with friends or take a fun weekend trip. Seeing you happy and active without him will spark his FOMO. 

He'll not only miss you but also the adventures, laughs, and joy you bring to his life. This motivates him to be present with you more often so he doesn't feel left out. 

13. Stimulate His Senses 

Trigger his senses of sight, smell, sound, and touch to create strong sensory memories. Send photos highlighting your best assets. Gift him his favorite cologne or perfume so he'll think of you when he wears it. 

Make him a romantic playlist to enjoy. Give him a massage or thoughtfully touch his arm, face, or leg during conversation. Activating his senses creates powerful nostalgic recall when you're apart.

14. Be Positive When You Connect 

When you do talk or get together, be upbeat. Avoid drill sergeant questions about why he's been distant. Instead, smile, keep things light, and focus on positive memories. 

Your optimism is contagious and makes him associate warm fuzzy feelings with you. He'll begin to crave more of your sunshine. If you sulk or nag, it will just push him farther away.

15. Take Sexy Trips Down Memory Lane  

Use nostalgia to your advantage by reminiscing about your hottest or most romantic moments together. Say something like, “Remember our vacation in Hawaii? I'll never forget that night on the beach…” 

Let your words fade, making his mind wander. Dropping hints about the passion you've shared in the past triggers all those feelings again. He'll be aching to create new steamy memories with you.

16. Treat Yourself

Focus time and energy on self-care and pampering yourself when you're apart. Plan a spa day with girlfriends. Check out that hip new restaurant. Invest in your passions. 

couple hugging in kitchen make him miss you

When you redirect your attention inward, it fills up your cup so you don't feel clingy or anxious. Feeling content in your own skin radiates confidence. He'll find you even more interesting and alluring.

17. Make Expensive Plans

Talk about an exciting trip, concert, or event you've got on the calendar, even if it's weeks or months away. This shows that you're doing fun things with or without him. 

The fantasy of enjoying luxurious, exclusive plans together in the future provides motivation for him to lock it down. He won't want to miss out on the high life with you. Exciting plans also demonstrate you're a woman with interests and status. 

18. Give Him a Taste of Being Without You 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You don't have to play mind games, but spending time apart regularly keeps the spark alive. 

Occasional space prevents smothering each other and gives you things to talk about later. Let him experience days or weekends without you so he appreciates the times you're together. Just a short break is enough for him to miss your presence.

19. Stay Mysterious

The less he knows, the more curious he'll be. Keep some aspects of yourself private to maintain a little mystery. Don't overshare personal details, insecurities, or emotional baggage. 

Remaining somewhat enigmatic means he'll never take you for granted or get bored. He'll obsess over learning new things about you and crave peeling back all your intriguing layers.

Does Absence Make a Man Miss You?

Look, we get it. After an amazing start, it's tough when you feel him pulling back and spending less time together. Your first instinct might be to cling tighter or demand answers. But take it from us; that will only push him farther away. Instead, creating space might be just what he needs to realize what he's missing. 

We're not saying play games or purposely ignore him. Simply let him experience life without your light for a bit. If your connection is meant to be, a dose of distance could make his heart grow fonder and rekindle that spark between you. In fact, sometimes, a break is the best thing for reviving romance and commitment.

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Does Silence Make a Man Miss You?

We get how tempting it is to bombard him with texts or calls when you feel him pulling away. But resist the urge! Giving him space to miss you is key. Being less available shows you have a full, fulfilling life outside of him. 

Taking hours or days to respond to messages keeps him on his toes and makes your time feel more valuable. Remaining mysteriously silent also builds anticipation and sets the stage for an exciting reconnection later. With the right balance, intentional silence can make your interactions feel more meaningful and remind him how much he thrives off your energy.

Texts to Make a Man Miss You

What should you text when you want him to miss you like crazy? The key is to be flirty and fun, not needy or demanding. Send texts that create positive memories, show you’re thinking of him, and leave him wanting more. Here are some ideas to spark romantic nostalgia and get him missing you:

  • “Saw this meme and instantly thought of you, lol.”
  • “I still think about our hike last week. The view was amazing, but the company was better ;).”
  • “Just baked cookies from that recipe we found. I swear they taste better when you're here to steal the dough with me.”
  • “Listening to our playlist. Dance parties just aren't the same without you and your goofy moves!”
  • “Woke up smiling this morning remembering how last night ended…”
  • “Caught a whiff of your cologne on my sweater. Now I can't stop thinking about our last date.”
  • “You're always there to cheer me up when I'm stressed. Hope you're having a better day than me.”
  • “I must be dreaming because thoughts of you kept me up all night.”
  • “Miss that look in your eyes whenever we say goodbye. Counting the minutes…”
  • “Nothing beats your cuddles on lazy mornings like this.”
  • “Thinking of you. Hope I can see that smile soon.”
  • “Just saw the moon and thought of our moonlit walks. Can't wait for more.”

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, you want your man to miss you because he genuinely enjoys your company, not because you played games. Use these psychological techniques in moderation to rekindle that spark. If your bond is meant to be, a bit of absence will leave him longing for your presence. And if it doesn't, you'll know he's not the one for you. Trust your connection and have faith that true love always finds its way back.