105 Hot and Romantic Goodnight Quotes to Make Your Boyfriend Smile Before Bed

Looking for the perfect words to end each day with the man you love? 

While a simple “goodnight” will do, sending him off to dreamland with a heartfelt quote or message is so much better. 

Let these 105 hot, romantic goodnight quotes inspire you and help you say goodnight in a way that will keep him up thinking about you all night long. 

This extensive collection of flirty, sensual, and sweet goodnight messages for him ranges from sassy to sincere. 

Find plenty of steamy, butterflies-in-the-stomach quotes that will become your go-to goodnight texts and cards to send to your favorite guy every night.

105 Hot Romantic Goodnight Quotes for Your Boyfriend

1. I can’t wait to cuddle up next to you tonight and hold you in my arms, my love. Sleep well.

2. As you drift off to sleep, dream of me kissing every inch of your gorgeous body. Goodnight, sexy.

3. The bed feels so empty and cold without you here. I'll be counting down the minutes until we're together again. Sweet dreams.

man looking at phone while in bed Hot Romantic Goodnight Quotes

4. I hope you have the most peaceful, refreshing sleep. I'll be dreaming of our next adventure together. Goodnight, my heart.

5. Wherever you are, know that I'm sending you endless love and kisses as you rest tonight. See you in dreamland, babe.

6. Goodnight to the man who still takes my breath away. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be yours.

7. As you fall asleep tonight, remember that you have the key to my heart. It will always belong to you.

8. You're so hot you made me break a sweat. Now go cool off and have sexy dreams, lover boy.

9. This bed feels cold and empty without you in it. Hurry home to me soon, sexy man.

10. I hope you sleep well and wake up refreshed, even though I won't be there to tire you out again in the morning.

11. Let your dreams tonight be filled with thoughts of our passionate embrace. Goodnight, my king.

12. Sleep tight, my prince charming. I can't wait for more fairy tale moments with you.

13. You're the only one who makes my heart skip a beat. I can't wait to see you again in my dreams tonight.

14. As you drift off, know that you have a special place in my heart now and always. Sweet dreams, my love.

15. Rest up tonight, hot stuff. You're going to need your energy for what I have planned tomorrow.

16. Goodnight to the sexiest, most handsome man on this side of the Milky Way. I'm yours, now and forever.

17. I hope you have the most beautiful dreams tonight. But not as beautiful as you! Sleep tight, babe.

18. The only thing getting me through this lonely night is knowing I get to wake up next to you. Goodnight for now.

19. As you fall asleep, remember that with every breath I take, I'll be loving you, and you’ll be in my dreams.

20. I wish I could keep you up with sweet kisses, but you need your rest. I love you!

21. Each goodnight makes me long for the day I get to say goodnight and kiss you right next to me. Sleep well, love.

22. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I hope you dream of us dancing under the stars.

23. My heart belongs to you. Have the best sleep, and know I'm still dreaming of our future together.

24. Goodnight to the sweetest, most caring man I know. You have my whole heart.

25. Tonight, I'm dreaming about running into your strong arms and never letting go. I love you so much.

26. As you get cozy in bed tonight, know that you make me feel warm, protected, and loved.

27. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and be your pillow tonight. But this goodnight kiss will have to do for now.

28. Each night apart from you feels too long, yet we cherish each new day we get together. Goodnight, babe.

29. Have the sweetest dreams of adventures, laughter, and making more memories with me. I adore you.

30. May you feel how much you mean to me with this goodnight message full of love. Sleep tight.

31. As the moon shines bright, I think of you, my moon, and stars. Rest up, my love.

32. I long for the day that I never have to wish you goodnight from afar ever again. For now, sleep well and dream of me.

33. I hope you have the most peaceful, refreshing sleep, my prince. I'll be dreaming of you!

34. As you sleep, know that you are constantly in my thoughts and in my heart. Goodnight, sweet dreamer.

35. The distance between us disappears when I gaze at the same moon that shines above you. I send my love as you rest tonight.

36. No matter the miles between us, you'll always be my superhero. May you have the most rejuvenating sleep.

37. My hope is that your dreams are filled with as much joy, passion, and romance as you've brought into my life. Goodnight, my gem.

38. Tonight, I'm whispering a prayer that our souls will meet in our dreams. Sleep well, my everything.

39. Across the miles, I hope this message wraps you in warmth and comfort. Sweet sleep to the man who has captured my heart.

40. As you drift off to sleep, dream of the endless ways I want to show you just how much you mean to me. With all my love, goodnight.

41. Even the softest pillow could never compare to your embrace. Hurry back to me, babe. I want to hold you all night long.

42. You are my world, my heart, my home. Sleep well, knowing just how cherished you are.

43. The best part of every day is coming home to your arms. I'll dream of that feeling tonight. Love you.

44. Every night we're apart, I hold you close in my heart and in my dreams. See you soon, my treasure.

45. I hope you have the most peaceful sleep with dreams as soothing as your love. Thinking of you tonight!

46. Goodnight to the man who has opened my heart in ways I never knew possible. You mean the world to me.

47. As you rest your head tonight, know that you have made my life complete in every way. All my love.

48. You are my lover, my best friend, my shoulder to lean on. May your dreams be as sweet as you. Good night, darling.

49. Thank you for filling my world with so much passion and romance. I’ll be dreaming of our next adventure.

50. As the stars come out tonight, I’ll be wishing on each one that our love lasts forever. Sweet dreams to my soulmate.

51. My heart overflows with love for you. I wish you a restful sleep, my king. See you in my dreams.

52. I hope sleep takes you gently in its arms tonight and ushers you into the most beautiful dreams. I’ll be dreaming of you!

53. Goodnight, my wonder. I hope your dreams are as soothing and peaceful as your presence in my life.

54. The ache in my heart tonight reveals just how much I miss you. Hurry back home and cuddle me soon.

55. As you drift off to sleep, think of how you make me feel like the luckiest girl alive. I adore you endlessly.

56. You have made me believe in fairytales. Goodnight, my prince. My heart is yours always.

57. Your love is the sweetest lullaby. It sings me to sleep and nurtures my soul. Goodnight, my darling love.

58. Sleep well, my heart and soul. Holding you in my dreams helps ease the sadness of being apart.

59. As you rest tonight, know that you are my happy place, my sanctuary, my home. I love you.

60. To the man who has stolen my heart – may you have the most blissful sleep. You deserve it.

61. May you have a night of deep, restorative sleep. You work so hard. Rest up, my star. Love you!

62. As you drift off into dreamland, think of waking up to my sweet kisses. Goodnight, gorgeous!

63. Thank you for being my safe haven in this crazy world. Sleep well, dear one. I cherish and adore you endlessly.

64. My favorite place is in your arms. Since I can't be there, I'll dream of our embrace. Goodnight, babe!

65. No matter where we are, know that my heart is yours as you rest tonight. See you in dreamland!

66. I’m sending you a tender kiss filled with all my love to say goodnight and sleep well, my treasure.

67. As you fall asleep with a smile on your face, remember that you put that smile in my heart. Love you!

68. Counting down the minutes until I’m back in your arms. But for now, the sweetest of dreams to you, darling!

69. I’ll be thinking of your warm hugs and strong arms as I fall asleep. Hurry home to me, my love.

70. My heart will ache until we’re reunited. Sweet dreams – I’ll be dreaming of our passionate reunion!

71. The moon keeps watch as you slumber, counting the hours ‘til we’re together again. Sleep well, my soulmate.

72. Tonight I’m dreaming of laughing, kissing, and holding each other until the sun comes up. Hurry back to me, sexy!

73. As you sleep, may your dreams reflect the joy and passion we’ve shared. I miss you and love you!

74. The miles between us tonight cannot separate our hearts that beat as one. Have the sweetest dreams, my darling.

75. Dream of our next slow dance under the stars, with the whole world fading away until it’s just you and me. Goodnight, my love.

76. My wish is for your dreams tonight to be as peaceful and comforting as your presence in my life. Sleep well, babe!

77. As you drift off, dream of our next romantic getaway and all the ways I plan to show you how much I love you!

78. Even in sleep, my heart refuses to stop longing for you. May your rest bring you joy and renewal, my darling one.

79. You’re the last thought on my mind before I sleep and the first when I wake. May the night angels take care of my soul’s other half!

80. Tonight I’ll kiss your pillow and hold it tight, wishing it was you here to keep me warm. Hurry back to me, my heart’s desire.

81. As you sleep may you feel deeply loved, for that is how you make me feel every moment we’re together.

82. The moonlight kisses your face as you sleep soundly while I dream of kissing every inch of your perfect skin. Goodnight, handsome!

83. You are my world, my joy, my everything. I hope your dreams reflect how cherished you are by me. Sleep tight!

84. As you sleep, know that not even distance can diminish my love for you which grows deeper each moment we’re apart.

85. The sweetest of dreams to the man who has captured my mind, body, and soul. I’m counting the minutes until we’re together again!

86. Tonight I’m dreaming of our bodies intertwined in passion and waking up to your gorgeous smile. Hurry home to me, sexy!

87. My heart is yours eternally. May the blissful rest you deserve find you tonight, my king.

88. You’re the last one I think of before I fall asleep because the promise of seeing you in the morning keeps me going. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous face again tomorrow.

89. Sleep well, my heart. Holding you in my dreams helps ease the sadness of being apart.

90. As you drift off, dream of me kissing every inch of your gorgeous body when we're finally reunited. I miss you, lover!

91. My wish is that sleep blankets you in comfort, renewal, and happy dreams, my darling. See you soon.

92. You’re the sweet dream I never want to wake up from. Sleep well, my love – I’ll be dreaming of you too!

93. As you rest tonight, know that my heart will keep vigil until you are safely back in my arms. Rest easy, my only love.

94. You are my happy place, my home. As you sleep tonight, remember that I am with you always in spirit. Love you so much!

95. My love, may your dreams be as blissful and peaceful as your presence in my life. Sleep well, my heart’s delight!

96. As you drift off into slumber, dream of our passionate lips exploring each other. The night goes so slowly without you here, my sexy man.

97. As the day comes to an end, I’m sending you all my love across the miles between us. May you have the sweetest of dreams!

98. You have my whole heart, body, and soul. I hope sleep envelops you in warmth and happiness tonight, my darling.

99. As you fall asleep, think of how deeply you’re cherished. I cannot wait to be wrapped up in your strong arms again! Goodnight, my king!

100. My love, sleep well and know that you are constantly in my thoughts and in my heart. Happy dreams to my soulmate!

101. To the man who has my heart – may your dreams reflect the joy you bring me. I’ll be dreaming of you too!

102. As the day fades to night, I’m keeping you close in my heart. Sleep well, my treasure – see you in my dreams!

103. I’ll be dreaming of our passionate reunion all night long, my sexy man. Rest up and come back to me soon!

104. You are my home, my safe place, my heart’s desire. Fall asleep knowing you are loved beyond measure, my darling one.

105. As you drift off tonight, dream of all our tomorrows yet to come. You are my world – now and for all our days ahead. I love you fully and completely.

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How to Use These Sexy Romantic Quotes for Your Boyfriend

Sending your boyfriend a thoughtful quote before he falls asleep is one of the best ways to keep the spark alive, especially when you can't be together physically. While a simple “goodnight babe” is nice, taking things up a notch with a steamy, romantic quote or message shows him just how much he means to you.

Use these hot and sensual goodnight quotes to really make your man melt and let him know he's on your mind before bed. Here are some creative ways to put these romantic words of love to use:

  • Send flirty goodnight texts to heat things up before bedtime when you're apart. Choose a different quote each night to keep him guessing!
  • Write your favorite quotes in a handwritten love letter or a cute note to leave on his pillow.
  • Whisper a sexy quote in his ear as you cuddle in bed together for an intimate bedtime routine.
  • Share one of these quotes in a flirtatious voice message to get his heart racing before he goes to sleep.
  • Post a sweet quote on his social media pages for an unexpected public display of affection.
  • Print out the quotes and cut them into strips to pull from a jar for perfectly timed nightly inspiration.

No matter how you put these sensual “good night” quotes to use, they are sure to stir up all the butterflies and warm fuzzies to end each day on a high note!

Final Thoughts

Saying goodnight to your boyfriend is the perfect time to remind him how cherished he is. With these 105 hot and romantic quotes, you'll have endless inspiration for the best goodnight messages to send him off with a smile.

Let your creativity run wild to keep the spark alive and show him he's always on your mind!