People Love These 67 Fun And Productive Rainy Day Things To Do

Rain is a lot of things: romantic, moody, cozy.

But it also has the power to ruin a day outside — if you let it.

Because, in truth, rainy days are pregnant with potential.

So today, we’re unpacking 67 rainy day activities for adults.

We hope you find the list helpful, so bookmark it, and come back the next time you think about what to do on a rainy day. 

67 Things to Do When It Rains 

Looking for things to do when it's raining? Well, lucky you landed in the right place.

No umbrella is needed for this list – just an open mind and the willingness to try something new.

1. Program an At-Home Film Festival

Are you an unabashed cinema lover? Why not program your own at-home movie festival using all your streaming services?

Don’t forget about cable if you still have a TV. There’s lots of great on-demand stuff available in the backend.  

2. Be a Dollar Store Picasso

Most dollar stores have a craft aisle and sell everything you need to create colorful masterpieces. Ten dollars will get you paint, brushes, and maybe even a canvas.

Go ahead. Nobody’s looking. Grab those rhinestone stickers and make an art piece of which Dolly Parton would be proud. 

3. Read a Book

Be honest: how long has it been since you read an entire book? If it’s been an embarrassingly long time, don’t worry.

You’re like most people. According to some studies, over 50% of Americans only read four books or less a year — emphasis on the “less.”

Break the mold and read a book. It’s great for your mental acuity and may help fend off dementia and Alzheimers down the road.

4. Clean Your Bathroom

When’s the last time you attacked your bathroom with the precision of a cleaning toothbrush?

There’s no better time than a rainy day. You’ll love how everything gleams when you’re done. And it will smell sensational too. 

Then, treat yourself to a bubble bath.

5. Binge Watch a Show

Have you been putting off that show everyone is talking about? Why not give it a shot on a rainy day? Who knows, it could become your favorite series of all time. Keep an open mind and dive in. 

6. Do the Tour De France on Your Stationary Bike

It may be wet outside, but it’s dry inside. So pull out your stationary bike and do some peddling. Go for a leisurely ride or push yourself like you’re Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (the GOAT of female cyclists.) 

exercising at home things to do when it rains

Want to challenge yourself? If you’re fit enough, try to bike through an entire movie.

Get in the mood with some old-timey cycling flicks, like Breaking Away, Quicksilver, or American Flyers. (If you’ve never seen a late-70s, early-80s cycling movie, you’re in for a B-movie treat.)

7. Try Rain Photography

Some of the best photography happens in the rain. Why not give it a try? Just make sure you have the proper gear and protection. You may need a helper to hold an umbrella. 

8. Bake Something

Baking makes a home smell delicious. Spice up your scents on a rainy day by making cookies, cakes, or other sweets. Try a new recipe or go with an old favorite.  

9. Color With Pencils

Coloring isn’t just for kids. The adult coloring book market is booming, and great options abound.

Grab a set of colored pencils and have at it. Some studies suggest that coloring may significantly reduce some types of stress and anxiety.

10. Go Through Your Mail

Do you have a pile of mail? Do you promise yourself that you’ll go through it every week? Well, a rainy day is as good as any to finally tackle your Leaning Tower of Postal.

11. Go to a Movie

When’s the last time you went to a movie in a theater?  Between the popcorn (that tastes like oily heaven) and the intoxicating smell of giant sodas and oversized candies, going to the movies is an all-consuming sensory experience. 

Pick a flick that will look cool on the big screen — whether a decedent period piece or a high-flying action film.

12. Play Laser Tag

Laser tag is a ball. There’s only about a 1% chance you won’t have a blast. Just try not to get too competitive. There are usually kids all around, and you don’t want to be the psycho adult who flips out because some 5-year-old got you. 

13. Head to a Coffee Shop

First, coffee shops are great places to people-watch. Second, professional baristas can make fancy coffees that are difficult to master at home. Third, they usually have a chill soundtrack playing.

So put on a cute sweater, grab your laptop, and head to the nearest java hangout. 

14. Try a New Restaurant

Try that new restaurant you’ve been considering. They’ll probably appreciate the patronage on a less than stellar day when many people may choose to stay in. Invite a friend and enjoy some social time over a delicious meal.

15. Go to Your Favorite Bar

Do you have your own Cheers? Why not join the gang on a rainy day when nothing else is going on. But don’t drink and drive. Either bring along a designated driver or make use of Uber or Lyft.

16. Do Some Journaling

You’re always threatening to start journaling. Why not make good on it? Journaling can be a huge boon for your mental health. Many folks are surprised at how much better they feel after dumping their thoughts on a page.

17. Organize Your Closet

An organized closet feels great. When you get up in the morning, and everything is neatly hung and easy to access, mornings are so much more manageable. 

18. Copy Great Writing

Do you want to improve your writing? One of the best ways is to copy out great work by hand. It trains your brain.

eating with friends things to do when it rains

Many people find “copy practice” incredibly relaxing. In a way, it’s like adult coloring. It has the power to lull you into an elevated state of calm. 

19. Work on Your Vocabulary

Start keeping a vocabulary book, and on days you’re bored, go through it. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your vocabulary improves, which can be helpful in a host of ways, both professionally and personally.

20. Read a Fluff Magazine

Life is serious and stressful, and it’s OK to take mental breaks from all of that. Sometimes, the brain just needs to focus on what the latest celebrities are doing, saying, and dating.

It doesn’t mean you’re an easily distracted dummy — it means you respect that your brain needs a break, too. 

21. Practice an Instrument

Do you play an instrument? Use a rainy day to practice. Just make sure you blow or bow at respectful hours, especially if you live in an apartment or condo.

Your neighbor doesn’t need to be awakened at 6 a.m. with your trumpet rendition of the “Battle Hymn Republic.” (Fun Fact, it’s in 99.9% of woodwind and brass introductory lesson books.)

22. Clean Out Your Pantry

Have your kitchen cabinets become a place where spiders go to die?

Do the canned tomatoes you bought 24 months ago when you swore you would start eating healthier have a 2-inch-thick layer of dust on them? (Don’t worry; you’re not the only one.)

Rainy days are good for clearing out evidence of your good-intention pantry of shame. 

23. Knit Something

Do you knit? Why not pop in a silly comedy and go to town on a sweater, mittens, or pair of socks?

If you don’t know how, you’ll find plenty of online tutorials to teach you the basics.

24. Work on a Quilt

Or maybe quilting is your craft of choice. Whatever the case, dive into your favorite handy work when wet weather throws a wrench in your outdoor plans. 

25. Do Puzzles

Did you know that there are hundreds of online jigsaw puzzle sites? They’re addictive! If you’re a puzzle person, you may have a problem stopping.

But when it’s a rainy day when nothing else is doing, there’s nothing better than a puzzle binge.

26. Organize Your Inbox

Do you have 7,456 emails in your inbox? Even if you have 300, it’s too much. Use your rainy day to organize it. Make folders for things you must keep, but get them out of your inbox. A clean inbox leads to clear thinking.

27. Take a Nap

Sleep does a body good, and many of us don’t get enough of it. Use the next rainy day to catch up on some sleep. Try some sleepy time tea to get you in the mood.

28. Talk With a Friend From Bed

Have you not seen your BFF who lives on the other side of the country in a couple of weeks?

Why not fire up Zoom, Facetime, Meetup, or your video chat app of choice and have a virtual get-together. 

29. Invite Friends Over for Board Games

Are you one of those people with a group of friends that does everything together? If so, why not gather everyone at your place for board games on the next rainy day.  

30. Give Yourself a Mani-Pedi or Go Get One

Are you one of those people who feel a zillion times better if your nails look great? Then use the next rainy day to either give yourself a mani-pedi or go to the salon and have it done for you.

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31. Catch Up on a Blog / YouTuber

Is there a blog or YouTuber you like that you haven’t kept up with? Why not cuddle into your bed and do a content binge. It’s a lazy, amazing way to spend a day.

32. Go Bowling

How long has it been since you’ve been bowling? Unless it’s your thing, it’s likely been a while. But bowling is a lot of fun, even if you’re terrible. Plus, it’s a great rainy day activity, no matter your age. 

33. Play Video Games

Break out the video games! Or go to the local arcade. We suggest the former because you don’t have to get showered and dressed.

34. Go to the Gym

Are you one of those people who is addicted to the dopamine that comes along with exercise? Then make the most of a wet day by heading to the gym.

35. Meditate

Have you ever tried to meditate? Studies conclude that it’s great for your body, mind, and mental health. It can be difficult at first, but rainy days are great for trying. 

36. Start Writing a Book

Have you always wanted to write a book? Maybe you have a secret dream to pen a best-selling romance series, or perhaps you’re shooting for that “great American novel” goalpost.

Whichever the case, it’ll never get done if you don’t start. Take advantage of a wet day to get the first 500 words out.  

37. Do a DIY Project 

DIY projects can be so very satisfying. It can be large or small. Make a mosaic or put together some shelves.

Whatever you do, expect to pat yourself on the back when it’s done and soak in that super feeling that rushes over you after completing a project.

38. Make a Collage 

Do you have a pile of magazines taking up space? Have you been keeping them for years under the auspices of one day reading them? 

Step away from the stack.

Make peace with the fact that you’ll never, never, ever read a single article in any of those dust collectors. Besides, they’re all way out of date by now.

Instead, do something creative and make a collage (or several). What else are you going to do on a rainy day?  

39. Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are fun whether you believe in their “magic” or not. Even skeptics make them as they help keep some people focused on their goals.

writing a journal things to do when it rains

It’s pouring outside, so why not give the vision board thing a shot?

40. Do an At-Home Spa Day

You may not be able to spend the day in the park, soaking in the sun. But you can do an at-home spa day. Look up what homemade facial masks you can whip up with what you already have in the pantry.

41. Go to a Museum

Spend the day absorbing great art or historical artifacts. And don’t forget about your local museums that may not have as much traffic and could use the patronage.

Generally speaking, you can’t buy art from a museum — but you can from a gallery.

Who knows: maybe the hot new artist in your area is bound to be the next Basquiat or Kahlo. Something you buy for $300 could end up being worth $3 million in 50 years. 

43. Wash Your Bedsheets

We’re not asking you to admit anything. All we’re saying is that sometimes bedsheets get overlooked. Rainy days are good days to give them a special wash. They’ll smell and feel fresh and clean when you hop in bed at night.

44. Paint a Room

Painting can elevate a room from weak to WOW! So why not do a spontaneous color shift. Don’t forget to do a coat of primer. Then stand back and enjoy your artistry.

45. Go for an Online Shopping Spree

It may be too yucky to traipse around outside, but you could easily go for an online shopping spree. Do some early holiday shopping or stock up on some of the basics you need.

46. Make Beaded Jewelry

Beading jewelry is another crafty stress reliever. It lulls you into a relaxing rhythm that’s perfect for a quiet, rainy day inside.

If jewelry isn’t your thing, why not start working on a beaded door? They’re very cool and can be chic if done tastefully.

47. Do the Laundry

Doing the laundry is a pain in the butt, but life is better when it’s done. Rifling through a pile of dirty clothes is never fun. Besides, do you really want to be wearing anything that’s been buried in that mound of sweat for days?

48. Vacuum Carpeted Rooms

Some people hate household cleaning scents. Others love them. If you fall into the latter category, spend your wet days using yummy smelling carpet deodorizer and vacuuming. Freshly vacuumed carpets can feel downright decadent. 

49. Try Origami

Origami is the ancient art of paper folding. Start off easy and work your way up. It’s a mindfulness activity that can be super relaxing.

50. Cook a Fancy Meal

Do you shove what’s ever around in your mouth most nights? Spend the next rainy day in your kitchen cooking up something on the fancier scale. Don’t worry. If it turns out awful, you can always order in.  

51. Go Ice or Roller Skating

Do you have an ice or roller skating rink nearby? Chase away the rain by going for a spin. If you live somewhere in the north, think about a day at your local curling club, too. They often have open ice hours.

watching a movie things to do when it rains

52. Go to an Indoor Rock Climbing Facility

Rock climbing is a great workout — and many people think it’s a lot of fun. Have you ever tried it? If not, give it a shot the next rainy day. 

53. Teach Yourself How to Program

We live in a digital world. Why not enhance your skill set by learning how to code? There are plenty of online coding classes, and many of them are free. 

54. Start a Business

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Have you dreamed of starting a business?

There’s no better day than the next wet one to get started. Use a rainy day to write your business plan.

55. Go to the Local Theater

There’s a lot of hidden talent at local theaters. Check out what’s playing the next time a pluvial wave rolls into town. 

56. Go to the Library

Libraries can be relaxing places to spend a few hours, especially if there’s a great reading room. Or just check out some books. Many libraries host lectures and events that might interest you.

57. Go Shopping for New Podcasts

Have you turned into a podcast junkie like 75% of the country? Use the next rainy day to find some new ones. Or revisit an old favorite.

Whether you like true crime, comedy, politics, health and fitness, or any of the hundreds of podcast topics, you’ll find something to entertain you for hours.

58. Watch Love After Lockup Clips on YouTube

You’ve not lived until you’ve watched an episode of “Love After Lockup.” It’s one of those trainwrecks you can’t look away from — no matter who you are.

The WTF-quotient is too high to be denied. Plus, tons of free episodes are on YouTube, so there’s no need to shell out money for your 756th streaming service.  

59. Do Something You’ve Been Putting Off

Have you been putting something off for a while? Bite the bullet and get it done on the next rainy day if it’s an indoor activity. Procrastination can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, so improve your mental health while you’re at it.

60. Start Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is a great exercise for the brain, regardless of age. It keeps “the gray matter” nimble even if you don't become fluent.  

61. Detach Yourself From Social Media

Social media is a national epidemic. We’re addicted, but study after study suggests that we pull back a bit for the sake of our mental health.

So instead of scrolling the next time a rainy day rolls around, why not turn off your phone, tablet, or computer altogether and do something else. It may feel weird or first, but you’ll get into the swing of things.

People who take a break from social media — even for just 24 hours — almost always report feeling great afterward. 

62. Make a Floral Arrangement

Have you ever tried flowering arranging? To get in the mood, check out “Full Bloom” — the “Top Chef” of flower arranging on HBO Max.

If the rain has helped your flowers grow, you can grab your arrangement pieces from your garden.

63. Do a SkillShare or Great Courses Video

If you have Audible credits, download one of the Great Courses, or rent one on Amazon Prime. Another option is doing a SkillShare course if you have an account. Fill your mind inside while it pours outside.

64. Support Your Local PBS Station

Did you know that PBS Passport — the channel's streaming service — only costs $5 a month.

Having an account unlocks loads of fascinating documentaries, and Masterpiece shows going back decades. Plus, it feels good to support your local PBS station. 

65. Create a Spotify Playlist

Make a workout mix — or a study one. They even have music geared toward the tastes of cats and dogs. Why not make your four-pawed BFF a playlist for a while you’re at work.

66. Look Through GoFundMe for Worthwhile Projects

Do you have a bit of disposable income? Be a saint for a day and comb through GoFundMe to find people to help. 

67. Go on a Virtual Vacation

Want to go to Paris? Queue up a playlist of videos from the City of Lights. Then watch some French films, drink some French wine, and eat French cheese.

Or you could virtually travel to Tokyo, Cape Town, or Patagonia. The choice is yours in our AI-enabled world.

We hope you found our list of things to do on a rainy day helpful. Don’t just stare out the window, griping about the weather. Find one or two activities on this list and make the best of a wet weather day.

It's raining outside and you're stuck in your home with nothing to do. Read this post and see some things to do when it rains.